Redhead has threesome in exchange for cash

Redhead has threesome in exchange for cash
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I was 11 and in the bath playing with my pussy when my big brother walked in and caught me. He laughed and said you are pretty young to be doing that and left me. I horny hot booty black babe cynthia hardcore fucked by white bf no idea what masturbating was.

A couple of days later a friend and I were swimming in the local stream and we both were nude. It was something we all did when we went there. Girls and boys always undressed and we thought nothing of it. We saw each other's cocks and pussies but apart from noticing some boys had longer cocks.

Sometimes the older kids went into the bush together and when they came back they just jumped into the water and appeared to be washing stuff off themselves. As we were just young kids they kept apart from us and didn't really talk to us but they joked amongst themselves.

One day I was down there alone to sun tan and this boy came down he was one of the older boys who came at times and there was just the two of us. As normal we had both undressed and were nude. While he and I talked about stuff I noticed his cock was different from the other boys it didn't have skin over the top of it.

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I asked him why and when I did I noticed it began to get bigger and harder and I was fascinated I had never seen that happen before not even to my brother. He laughed and could see I was fascinated and particularly when I said what is it doing? He then said how much do you know about boys and girls and having babies?

I said not much teacher pussy licked and fucked whitney westgate but I know they come out of me down there but you have to be much older to have babies. Do you know how they get into you to grow like they do.? No. Would you like to learn?

I don't know do you know. He said yes and I have done it to a few girls but they didn't have babies. I said tell me. He said if I do can I show you how it's done.

I said I don't know what happens if you do it and I have a baby. You are far too young he said do you know what a period is?

My mother has them but I don't know she calls it the curse. One day I heard her telling her friend that she was so happy the curse had arrived and she wasn't pregnant I won't be doing that again she said not with him he didn't pull out in time.

Then her friend said I won't let him do it to me without a skin on she said. I had no idea what they were talking about. Ok he said let me show you how nice it is to touch that little slit of yours.

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I don't know that's wrong to do that isn't it. I have been told never to let anybody touch me there. That's because they don't want you know how good it is - they do it when nobody is looking and dads do it to moms and they love it. I guess your parents shut the bedroom door sometimes because they are doing it to each other. Do men do it too? Yes I can show you how I do it if you like. OK but why is it so hard and long now - a minute ago it was all soft like.

It does that because it knows what is going to happen to it and it gets ready for me to do it. Then he put this slut can not stop to suck cock hand around his penis and began to stroke it up and down and he really looked like it he was enjoying it. After a few minutes he said now let me show you how girls do it.

I was curious and I wanted to know more and I said OK but don't hurt me. He said if it hurts let me know and I will stop I promise. He got me to open my legs and licked his finger and rubbed his finger along my pussy like I do but he made it feel better and after a minute or two I opened my legs wider to let him do it better.

You like it don't you he said and I said .yes. Then he said don't worry this won't hurt and he put his finger into me a little way and said does that hurt. No .but how far do you put your ava addams with xander corvus into me it feels funny like that.

That's where my pee comes out wont you get it covered in pee. No he said and then slid it a little bit further into me and then he rubbed the top of my slit and that made me jump. Ouch I said that tickled. He laughed and said let me do it a little longer and you will really like the feeling it gives you and without another word he did just that and he was right it felt beautiful. Golly I said that feels good, Why is supposed to be wrong. Because girls your age are not supposed to know about that yet most girls are about 14 before they realise how good it is they are all told its wrong and really not for girls to do.

Most girls who do it don't want anybody else to know. It's something you usually do alone in your bedroom but some boys know girls like it and teach them like I am teaching you. When you go home you can try and do it to yourself. There is a it more to it and now I will show you how to really enjoy what happens.

When it starts to happen you will get this funny feeling down there like it's the most amazing feeling you have ever had and it goes up into your tummy and often you shake because it feels so amazing and then like a bubble it blurts and its all over but nothing has happened to you and you are still the same as before only having had a real exciting time.

Now don't get frightened as I do it a bit longer you will start to get that funny feeling so don't try and stop it let it happen to you and you will tell me after that nothing as good as that has ever happened to you before. Now to get the best feeling lay down and I will do it to you. I lay back as he told me to and he used his finger to rub my slit then put it inside me to excite me and it did.

I didn't know what to do he was making me feel really good but I knew he shouldn't do it but I didn't want him to stop. For a few minutes he rubbed the top of my slit and that really got touchy and I sort began to feel funny and I couldn't do anything and then this amazing rough anal gang and muscle that was the starting of her rude slobbery face fucking started to go through me and I could feel it start down where he rubbed me and then go right up into my tummy then I could feel it in my nipples even and he hadn't touched them and I could even feel it in my head and I couldn't do anything.

I had never felt like this ever before and it frightened me a bit because I couldn't stop him I wanted him to stop and end it but then again it felt so good I couldn't. I even lifted by bottom of the ground to get the feeling of his finger on me to press harder and I lifted my legs up and spread them really wide so he could rub it even stronger. It was going on and on for a while and I was getting worried as he kept doing it and I was having the most amazing feelings and then finally they stopped.

I just went all limp and I was gasping for breath some how he got me to feel like I had run a mile I had no idea of what had happened but now it felt good after it stopped but not as good as it did when he was making it happen. I lay there and he stopped and licked his finger and said that was good wasn't it did you enjoy that. I just nodded I was exhausted and my heart was racing and I was out of breath. Whatever he did was amazing to make me feel like that and hardly do anything to me.

Hs sat there watching me for a minute and had begun to stroke his penis again. I watched and he said when you are ready you can do this for me like I did it for you and I will show you what happens to boys when that happens. I said what happens. He said I have a feeling like you did but this time the baby stuff comes out of my cock.

What is it I asked. It's a white liquid not like pee it's a bit like cream. How does that happen I asked. It's like I did to you you stroke your cock and after a while I get that feeling like you but instead of going into me like you're feeling did, the baby stuff spurts out of my cock in spurts like it dose when its inside a girl and make the baby. Is that called fucking. Yes how do you know. I heard my brother talking to a friend of his and he asked him if he had fucked this girl.

What did he say. You lucky bastard I wouldn't mind fucking her myself. Then he said we had better show you what fucking is hadn't we. You are pretty young but I think we can try and see how we go.

What about making it do you know.make that stuff come out. I am going to show you what fucking is and that makes me cum like I can do with my hand only my cock is inside your pussy and instead of my hand doing what it is sexy cougar spreads her legs amp opens her perfect pussy your pussy does it for me.

You want to put your penis inside my pussy how. I will show you, now lie down and open your legs and lift them up so I can see your pussy really well.

I did that and he got between my legs with his penis all hard and pointed it at my pussy.

Now he said watch what I do you are lucky that you are doing this now a lot of girls wait too long and it can really hurt them when you are young like you it doesn't hurt as much. What do you mean hurt. Well when I put it in to you my penis goes in so far then it has a bit of skin growing over the tunnel inside you and that has to be broken to let me get all the way into you.

It's like getting needle at the doctors it hurts for a moment then it stops. Don't worry a moment after it happens you start to feel how good it is and you forget the little bit of pain. Every girl in your school will envy you after this I bet you will be the first to have this happen but you must never tell anybody who I am and what we did.

Why are we doing it then? Because it's a very special day for the girl.

Its the best day of your life. You never forget this day. Then he put his penis into me and let it stay there for a few seconds and then pushed it in a bit further. God I had never felt anything like this before it was amazing I didn't think it was right but I didn't want to stop him. Then he said that's it I can feel it now I am going to push and then you might feel a bit of pain and it will be all over.

Ready. I said yes but I didn't know what I was ready for. His big cock inside me felt good so I said ok. He pushed and shit did it hurt I almost sat straight up and tried to pull my legs up but he was on top of me and I couldn't get right up and my legs were kicking his back it hurt that much.

Lay still he said just for a minute then it will feel better. I lay there for quite a while and the pain inside me started to get weaker and weaker and I could now feel his big cock right up in me almost to my tummy, it felt strange.

He didn't move he just kept still inside me until I started to feel better then he said how is it now. I said still sore a bit but it's much better than it was. What happened? I will tell you later now tell me how this feels and he got up a bit and then pushed his cock back into me a few times then he stopped and said how as that.

I said it feels better now but gee your cock feels big inside me. He said you feel beautiful you are so tight around my cock I have never had a girl this tight before it feels fantastic. Girls at the club enjoy some boners soon it will feel that good inside you too. Then he began to pump his cock up and down and the longer he did it the better it felt.

Then pulled his cock out a bit and looked at it and said you are my first virgin we are the luckiest couple alive you lost your virginity and gave it to me. What's that I asked? That's something else I can explain later. Girls often worry about giving their virginity to boys for months sometimes you will never have to worry I have it now. Then he fucked me for about 20 minutes and the longer he did the more I liked it. I was really enjoying things now and he and I were talking about how it felt and what we could do in future.

I said am I now your girlfriend. He said one of them do you know how to French Kiss. What's that? I have never kissed a boy only my mom and dad and brother. Well he said after I have cum we can talk about what we have done and then I can gorgeous babes knows how to get banged smalltits hardcore you how to kiss properly. What do you mean cum?

Like you did when you had that orgasm. You know back then when it all happened. Did I cum is that what you call it. Cum - Orgasm whatever that's what happened to you. When will you cum? Very shortly it beginning to feel like I am any minute.

Do you have periods yet? No. Why? Because it's safe to cum inside you and I want to do that. When you have periods you can have a baby and it's not wise to do it inside a girl unless she is on the pill or I use a condom. My mom talks about the pill what's a condom. It's a covering you put on a man's cock to catch the cum and stop it going into a girl so they can't get pregnant but you are ok, you can't have a baby until you have periods. You and I have a lot to talk about if e are going to do this again.

I would like to how about you. I wouldn't mind it's fun now the pain has gone and I like the feeling inside me and down there around my pussy it does feel good now. Will it hurt next time if we do it. No its only the first time and each time it gets better and better I think after a few goes you will be wanting every boy in the district to do it with you.

Do I have to kiss them first? Not if you don't roxy jezel gets dp ed hard and deep to but it always makes it feel better before you start and it gets you into the right mood and then you can't stop. Now hang on I am about to cum get ready. Before I could say for what? He was grunting and pumping his cock into me hard and fast and moaning like I had hurt him.

Did I do something I asked and he didn't reply he was grunting still and the sweat was dripping off his face onto my titties. Oh God he said a few times that was amazing you are my best fuck ever. He seemed pleased and I don't know what I did but he enjoyed it. After he took his cock out of me I could feel all this stuff inside me and it was leaking out. I looked down and it was all white stuff and some blood leaking out of my pussy.

Shit I said what you have done to me. Fucked you my little girl and taken your virginity and had the best time of my life you are the best fuck I have ever had. We lay there for ages and more and more of his cum ran out of me and even though I washed my pussy it still ran out but it there was no more blood.

We talked about sex and he told me so much and how he and I would be friends and do this some more but I was never to tell anybody who I was. Then he showed me how to kiss French style and this made me feel all good inside again and believe it or not I wanted to do it with him again. I said can we and he didn't hesitate and he got on top of me and we started all over again only as he said it didn't hurt this time. One of the best things though was he said because he had cum once it would take longer for him to cum again and this time I might cum too.

He had to explain that's what I did when he used his finger and sure enough after a bit of encouragement and a bit of advice about feeling my clit I did. It was better than the first one and having his cock inside me made it feel all the better and he was so happy he made me cum he came again a short while later and he put more cum inside me.

We talked for hours about sex and how good it was and how much I liked it and how I wanted him to do it with me some more. He was happy about that. Then he said I will teach you how to do oral next time. I had no idea what he meant but if it was sex I wanted to do it. Three months later we had been having sex a couple of times a week and the more I did it the more I wanted to. We always go to the same private place and we get nude and we had sex all day sometimes over seven or eight times.

He showed me how to suck him off or do oral as he called it and then did it to me the same way like with his mouth and we sucked each other and had some of the best orgasms ever. I didn't like the taste of his cum at first but he always wanted to cum in my mouth and I let him but washed it out with coke a few times then I got used to it and now I just swallow it no problem.

He fucks me and sucks me and I love that too. I was almost 13 when I had my first period and by then I had fucked him and a few other boys I guess about a hundred times.

After that I had to be careful and while they son force mom suck cock like using condoms I wouldn't let them cum in me. A few promised to pull it out before they came but one didn't so I said no more and was lucky I didn't get pregnant.

I managed to talk my mother into getting me the pill to stabilise my periods. Shit I had only had a few when I asked and she gave me a lecture on how not to have sex and let boys do things to me I shouldn't it was supposed to be my first sex education lecture but if she had known what I knew and what I had done like suck and fuck she would have killed me I am sure. As I grew up my tits did too and became a regular part of my sex pleasures. I love my tities and my pussy like nothing else.

My brother found out about me too from one of the big mouths that had fucked me and he was pretty sore about that.

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Six months later he and I were home together for a weekend and I encouraged him to actually fuck me while prancing about the place naked. I had heard from another girl they had done it together so I tried blackmail and it worked or maybe he was more willing than I thought.

He had done it with girls himself but said he had never had such a great fuck ever. The two of us spent the whole weekend fucking and sucking like the end of the world was coming. How do you tell your brother you love him . In the middle of cumming together. so he got told as few times.