Taylor and angelina share two big rods brunette and big tits

Taylor and angelina share two big rods brunette and big tits
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Ohope Beach Chapter Three About 4:30pm Allison arrived back, she was visibly annoyed and upset. She nodded to me and tore into Hayley about being so selfish and not travelling over to Rotorua with her.

We both tried to calm her down and after a double lund porn sex story she told us why she was so upset. It had all been a set-up, Uncle Fred leaving his wallet behind; he had her meet him at their home, and he took her to lunch in his car. Once there he tried to get her drunk, by ordering lots of wine and having her drink with him glass for glass.

She resisted as much as she could, as she knew she had to drive back to Xxx sex free vidos com, and she managed to tip a couple of glasses into a pot plant while he wasn't looking. But when they got back to the house around 2:00, she realised that his wife would not be there as she played tennis on Thursday afternoons and never got home until about 5:30 6:00 pm.

As soon as they got in the house he put the hard word on her and tried to lure her into the bedroom. She resisted and he started to get quite physical with her, managing to get her top half over her head, before she kneed him in the balls.

She said he went really berserk then and she knew she was going to be raped. She had struggled free and got to the kitchen where flirty cutie is taken in anal hole asylum for awkward treatment grabbed a knife and held him at bay. Allison looked at Hayley and apologised for taking it out on her a few minutes ago.

"It got really bad Hayley. I told him I would tell his wife, and was certainly going to tell your father. But he reckoned that Bob had told him to try; it was OK with him. And he said it would be just my word against his with his wife, as she always though I was pretty loose anyway." Hayley moved over and hugged Allison, and said she was sorry, that she should have gone with her.

"I don't think it would have made much difference Hayley, he may have just done something silly around you anyway. I finally told him if he came to his senses straight away, I would leave things where they stood and not tell anyone, but if he tried anything more, I would do as much damaged to him as I could with the knife and would go to the police." Evidently he then said some pretty nasty things to her and called her a few names, but she managed to get out of the house and into the car, and then drive back.

She even had the carving knife still, which got me thinking how he was going to explain to his wife where the carving knife had gone. Allison poured out her heart to Hayley, who also backed me up, by telling her mother she should leave her father. I was feeling pretty bad about what had gone down this afternoon, and so when I got a chance I mentioned about my leaving.

"Don't you even think about it." said Allison. "I need plenty of company; I will bounce back out of this, just bear with me for a bit." Hayley said she would go and make her mother a cup of tea, and disappeared into the caravan.

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Allison asked me how long I had been there, so I told her that Phil and I arrived around lunchtime. She asked if I had behaved myself, so I told her I had, and that Hayley had looked after me and we had a walked down the beach talking.

Allison then said she wanted that ride on my bike that I had promised her, she said it may be just what she needed to take her mind off things. So when Hayley returned with the tea, Allison told her we were going for a ride on my bike, would she be OK on her own for a bit.

Hayley gave me a snide look and assured her mother she could look after herself. Allison was wearing a skirt and blouse, so I said she would need a jacket or something and some shoes. She ducked into the caravan and came back out wearing an old jacket that I guessed she used going out on the boat, but she still had the skirt on and sandals. I thought what the hell we are not going to fall off.

When we got to the bike, the the spider caught himself a sexy latin sweetheart hardcore and blowjob from the house on the other side of the reserve came over. I thought he was going to have a go at me about something. But it turned out he had owned lots of bikes and was interested in my Matchless. You no longer got to see many G45 twins around. He said that Phil and I could park the bikes around the back of his house, as long as we did not start them up late at night or too early in the morning.

He must have wondered about Allison hanging out with me, so I told him that she and her family were friends of my family and I was taking her for a ride and would pop the bike over to his place when we got back. He was cool and wandered off, saying he would see us later. Remembering Hayley not leaning into the corners, I told Allison how she had to hold onto me and lean every way that I did.

"Sounds like something you tell all the girls you get on the bike with you." She said. "OK, but the first few corners you will probably feel strange as we lean down towards the road, just trust me and don't panic." I started it up and Allison got on behind me, threw her arms oo111groupb 8989 hairy retro group orgy wmv tube porn me and whispered in my ear.

"OK big boy, am I holding on tight enough?" I didn't answer, but took off in a shower of stones, leaned it down to the left and shot out onto the main road. Allison just held on for dear life, I could feel that she had gotten a shock at how quickly we had moved. After about a mile the road veers right and heads away into the country. I opened it up and started laying us low into the corners. After about 5 or 6 corners I felt Allison start to relax and go with the flow of the bike.

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It is like surfing or maybe skiing, when you get the right road. I like it better than both, as there is also the sense of power between your legs and on the straights we were hitting 75 to 80 mph. Soon we came to the school I had taken Hayley to earlier in the afternoon. But I didn't stop, as it didn't feel right to take her mother to the same place.

Instead I carried on past and took the next road to the left and after a mile or so; we came to the end of the road. There was a grassed area on the banks of the estuary, a lovely spot where I am sure the locals that knew of the place would have come for picnics. I got my blanket out of the saddle bags and lay down with Allison on the bank. "Just hold me for a bit." said Allison; "I am absolutely buzzing from that ride. Now I understand why girls go out with Biker's, it always puzzled me they seem such a greasy lot." We cuddled for a while, then I tentatively kissed her, wondering how quickly to move, after her experience with her brother in law.

I was also feeling as guilty as hell about having been with Hayley only two nice ass cam babe is horny and playful masturbation sweetcams ago and hadn't even washed, so was just waiting for Allison to say she could smell sex on me. But I didn't seem to have anything to worry about, as she responded very passionately, gripping my head and probing my mouth with her tongue.

This got me aroused and I walked my hand down her back, kneading the muscles and looking for sensitive areas. This caused Allison to thrust her mound onto my leg and she moved it around, leaving me in no doubt that her bad experience had not put her off sex in any way. When my hand got down to her arse, I found her skirt had ridden up to her waist, as she thrust into me and my hand met with bare skin.

I broke free of her kiss, looked down and saw she didn't have on any knickers. "Shit Allison! You aren't wearing any panties." "I know; I have always fantasised about riding on a motorbike bareback, then making passionate love out in the open." As I moved down to nuzzle her between her thighs, she dragged my shirt up over my shoulders and threw it to the side. So I stopped and unbuttoned her blouse and pushed that back from her shoulders, she lifted up and allowed me to remove it, then reached back and unfastened her bra and let me remove that as well.

She then started dragging my jeans down over my arse. I resisted. "Shit Allison, someone may come down the road." "That's alright. We will hear them coming. The other part of my fantasy in to be naked outdoors, so I'm not letting this opportunity go to waste." What could I do?. but start wrestling with her skirt while I kicked of my sneakers and let her pull the jeans off.

Now both naked we fell into an embrace and started kissing and grabbing one another. Allison pulled me on top of her, we were still kissing and I was conscious of my very hard member lying between her closed legs.

I slowly started thrusting along her legs so that my knob was running up and over her mound. Then she spread her legs apart and my dick just slid into her, neither of us had to guide it or anything.

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It just seemed to know exactly where to go. I stopped moving and just lay there relishing the feeling of being totally immersed in her warm, slithery box. Then I felt her cunt start to grip my shaft. She seemed to be scrunching up her arse and flattening her stomach which made her vagina ripple and tighten around me.

I immediately started to thrust into her, it felt so good. "Stay still," said Allison. "My doctor gave me these exercises to do after having Hayley and there have been times doing them that I have brought myself of almost totally, just doing this." She did it again, pushing her arse down into the grass and gripping my dick with her mussels.

It felt like I was being milked. "I want to see if I can bring you off by doing this." I kept my arse still, but nuzzled her ear and around her neck. She said it felt nice, but to be bloody sure I did not emotionally unstable stepmom fucks with teen couple a mark or we would both be dead.

After a bit the feeling was just too good and I had to move, so I very slowly thrust into her as she released one of her spasms and then as she started to tighten on me again I pulled back against her efforts to tighten and hold me in her.

She whispered in my ear, that I was not meant to be moving. But I ignored that and kept thrusting hard as she relaxed, and then eased back as she griped my shaft and tried to hold me still.

She was never going to win this one, she was so wet and slippery, I had never felt anything so good. Allison started to let out little grunts as I thrust into her and she upped the tempo of her contractions around my shaft, which meant that I pounded into her harder and faster.

This only ever had one conclusion, and that was fast approaching, I could feel my sperm building and my cock seemed to have swelled to twice its size.

"Ooooooh Fuuuucckk I'm cumming," cried Allison. And she wrapped her legs around my arse her body writhing against me as she came. I lifted up onto my elbows to watch all this. Her nipples were erect, standing out at least half an inch, so I leant down and took one in my mouth and kneaded it between my lips as I also came in a shuddering climax.

After a few minutes she pushed my head away from her nipple, laughing and giggling at the sensitivity of it. I rolled onto my side, and she rolled with me, flinging a hand down onto my arse to hold me inside her. Old Willie was shrinking fast though and she looked into my eyes as it slipped out. "That's a shame; I didn't want that to go yet. I am still way up there." I didn't understand, so she explained that women took a lot longer to get going than men did most of the time, but that they came down much slower and that she wanted some stimulation down there still.

So I reached down between us and slipped two fingers back into her and let my thumb run little circles around her clit. "Just go very gently," she explained. "It is quite sensitive." She lifted a leg over my hip and positioned herself back from me a little to give me room to work. Then wrapped her arms around behind my neck and kissed me hard, slipping her tongue into my mouth and lapping up my saliva.

I slowly kept manipulating her clit and pressing my fingers as deep as Fierce babe adriana chechik gets her anal nailed deep could get them.

She was so, so wet, I had marveled at how tight she was before, especially after having children, but now she was wide open to me, I felt I could get my whole hand inside her.

This got my excited and so I inserted a third finger and then a forth. But I could not get the four fingers in very far, so I went back to using three. It didn't take long at all before Allison came again. We lay there for a bit talking and then decided we had better get back to the camp and get some dinner on. As we sat up, we both became aware that there were a couple of guys only about 200 yards away fishing from a little dingy.

I was mortified and raced to get my cloths back on, but Allison just took her time and I am certain she was giving these guys a show as she first put on her bra, then her blouse and last of all she bent over (away from them), picked up her skirt and pulled that seductively over her hips.

By this stage I had the bike started and was ready to go. As she climbed on the back, I glanced back at the guys in the boat and saw that they were both standing and clapping busty hairy laney gets licked and fingered off.

I have no idea how long they had been there, ebony girl big boobs porn they were not there when we arrived on the bike. I'm sure they had had a real eyeful, and looked to be very happy about it as well. When we got tammy love chocolate models private storys to the camp, Phil was there having a beer with Hayley, Jenny and a couple of the other girls from the camp.

Hayley asked her mother if she enjoyed her ride, I thought she was a bit obvious with the innuendo, but the other girls did not seem to pick up on it. She informed us that she was going to have dinner with Jenny and they would come back for some music later on.

So it wasn't long before Allison, Phil and I were left watching the sun go down as we had drinks and cooked dinner. The night passed in a bit of a blur, I know we danced and talked, before finally getting to bed about 11:00pm. While Allison and Hayley were down at the shower block, I fixed the curtain on the window at the foot of the bed, there had been plenty of awkward moments that evening, without my worrying about Hayley outside that window.

I knew Jenny was going to sneak back and stay most of the night with Phil. When we got to bed, Allison asked me if I thought Jenny had been a bit strange. I didn't have a clue how to get around that one, so I just said "It must be a bit strange for her knowing I was staying here, you will need to talk with her about us tomorrow". I realised that I needed to get the hell out of there in the morning before they got talking. There is not a lot to say about the sex that night; I do remember it was good, but not as exciting as all that had gone before.

I was bloody tired and really just wanted to roll over and go to sleep, but did not dare, Allison would have been so disappointed in me. The morning was awkward, Phil and I had to get up about 5:30am and sneak down the beach and sit around swapping stories etc.

until about 8:30am when we pretended to turn up for breakfast. Old Mrs Nosey Parker next door was up with her husband and taking it all in.

Jenny turned up for breakfast and as soon as we had finished, Hayley took off with her girlfriends and said she may not be back for lunch. So we cleaned up and got ready to leave. Phil went off with Jenny, I knew he was going to take her somewhere for the day, before riding back to the Mount that evening.

Allison did not put up any objections when I said I needed to go, I think she was aware that we were pushing the limits with the neighbor and probably her husband returning that day. She did get my address and phone number back in Auckland though, and said she would call me in a few weeks.

I very much doubted I was going to see her again. And so by about 10:00 am I was on the road again, heading back to Mount Maunganui, with very mixed feelings. Uppermost was the regret that I had no chance with Hayley, I really thought I had a chance there, and she had shot me down.

Life's a real bitch sometimes. Then I would think about the rest that had happened and think how the fuck can you be down when you have had that experience. Epilogue: In February, about six weeks after our holiday was over, I got home one evening and found my flatmate had taken a message for me that day. He said a woman calling herself Ally had phoned when he was home for lunch and said to tell me to stay at home the next day, as she was in town and would call after lunch sometime.

I didn't know if he meant she would phone or actually call in. But the next day I threw a sickie from work, and spent the morning cleaning our flat, just in case.

Around 1:30pm Allison turned up in her blue Falcon. She looked stunning, dressed in a dark blue suit over a white blouse hubby has to watch while she fucks nex man with high heal navy shoes. The suit skirt came down just above her knees and she had dark shear stockings on.

"Hi". Said Allison, "I tried to call you last month when I came into town, but could not catch you". "Oh! I'm around most evenings, from about 5:30".

"I can't phone in the evenings, we need to sort our way around that one. Aren't you going to invite me in"? I realised I was standing there with my mouth open. "Yes, shit, come on in the place is probably a bit messy though". I lead her into the lounge and asked if she wanted a coffee or something.

"Hell no! You're a bit formal aren't you? Come on show me your bedroom, I haven't got all day". "Fuck, I'm not very good at this sort of thing. You look too perfect to touch". "Yes, I have to come into the accountant for a couple of hours each month and then I do some shopping around Queen St normally.

I have to dress up and look professional, but it is still me under all this do you remember"? Yes I did remember, and as it dawned on me that I was going to fuck this immaculate, attractive woman, I went as hard as a rock. In fact I could have punched a hole through my bedroom door with my dick, it got so hard.

We walked into my bedroom and Allison turned her back to me and shrugged her shoulders back letting me take of her jacket. I threw it on a chair then put my arms around her and started undoing the buttons on her blouse, while taking every opportunity to fondle her beautiful tits. Then I got a wicked idea in my head about bending her over my dresser and watching us fuck in the full length mirror that was on the wall next to the dresser.

I manoeuvred her around to the dresser, bent her over it and lifted her skirt. This exposed her beautiful bare arse, encased in only a pair of black suspenders holding up her stockings. "Oh!

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You haven't any knickers on". "You're very observant today". She said. "I took them off at the accountants when I used their toilet, I remembered that you like it when I don't wear any".

I nearly came right then, what a sight. I've not seen much better since, I can tell you. So standing behind her, I grabbed Willie calls bf then i film her pussy getting touched my hand and ran him up and down her slit a few times, then plunged straight in. So much for foreplay etc. no way could I mess around with that.

I did try to go slow and hold my impending orgasm, but if you can imagine the sight I was seeing two glorious arse cheeks framed with black suspenders holding up black stockings that finished about 2 inches below those same said arse cheeks.

My rigid prick disappearing between them, looking twice its normal size it was that hard. The dark blue skirt bunched up around Allison's tiny waist, while she leant forward over my dresser, and anything I may not be seeing, I just had to look in the full sized mirror on the wall in front of me, to the left of the dresser.

I couldn't hold back, I may have only got in 10 strokes, before I felt the familiar feelings in my groin. I leant forward and flicked the catch on her bra undone, then moved my hands around and grabbed each breast, feeling the hard nipples between my fingers.

"Ooooohhh I going to come, Sorrrryyyyy" I blurted out. "Go on, it's OK". So I plunged ahead, feeling the hot surge of spunk coming from way back inside me and rushing up my shaft. I was racked with spasms and my knees got shaky, I was struggling to keep standing up it was that intense.

Allison was bucking back into me and I felt that she had come also. After a couple of minutes I pulled Allison over onto the bed with me and we removed the rest of our cloths and got under the covers.

February in Auckland is our hottest month, so after a few minutes we threw the covers of and just lay there talking. "Did you come", I asked her.

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"I was so dam fast I guess you didn't". "I did, just a little one. Having you come so hard and fast was a pretty big turn on for me as well. But don't think you are just getting away with that". Asking where the bathroom was, Allison hopped out of bed and walked out of the room totally nude. What a sight, I had not seen that many nudes at this stage of my life. When Allison came back, she told me she had had a good wash down there, and she eased my head down towards her crotch, making it pretty plane what she expected of me.

So I slipped down the mom big boobs big tits and sonbig coock sexstory com, off the end and knelt on the floor. Allison manoeuvred herself down, lifted her legs up over my back and settled back as I stuck my nose into her blond bush and run my tongue over the top of her slit. I love cunnilingus, I did then and I still do today. I ran my tongue down each side, over the sensitive area between her anus and fanny, nibbled at the lips, then straight up the centre and hummed on her clitoris.

I tried to get my tongue as deep into her as I could and even tried to insert my nose. Allison moaned and wriggled when I hit certain spots and it didn't take long to find which techniques were working.

As she got more vocal and moved her hips onto me, I inserted a couple of fingers and moved these in and around as I paid attention to her clit with my lips and tongue. Her legs parted as wide as she could get them and she pulled her heals up behind my head and used them to press me onto her.

I glanced up and saw she had pulled the pillows under her head so she could watch me, and she was kneading her nipples between her fingers.

Seeing me glance up, she said "You are very good at that, you have about half an hour to stop it". After a while of this, I could tell Allison was getting close.

This turned me on and Xnxx mom and san jabardasti started to get hard again, so I hopped up from the end of the bed ready to get between her legs. But as I leaned over her, she rolled me onto my back and got on top of me; I watched as she positioned herself over my dick and slowly eased herself down onto it.

The she leaned forward and kissed me before snuggling around into my neck and proceeded to slowly rotate her hips up and down my cock. I'm sure I have mentioned it before, but once I have come the first time, I can last a good while when making love the second time. Allison only took about 5 minutes before she had a massive orgasm, I just wrapped my arms around her and held on tight, but although it felt fantastic, I did not cum.

As she came down from her high, I kept slowly stroking into her. I had moved my hands down to her bum and pulled her firmly onto my mound every time I bottomed outthis I figured would be putting pressure onto her clitoris. Sure enough, it was not long before I felt her pushing herself hard onto me at the bottom of each stroke as well. "You a naughty boy, you didn't cum, did you". "No, now you owe me one". I said. "Oh, I think I can settle that debt pretty quickly".

And she proceeded to move up and down whilst doing those pelvic floor exercises on me. And for good measure she stuck her tongue in my ear and nibbled at my ears. Didn't take very long before I felt the familiar urges again, and I sensed that Allison knew she had me on the verge as well, as she straightened her legs then moved one then the other between mine.

I opened my legs to allow her in between them, then hooked my ankles up onto her arse and pulled her onto my shaft every time she thrust onto me. "I feel like you are fucking me, granny close up milf anal I'm going to cum".

I said as I squeezed my ankles around her butt. Allison really started fucking me then and it was obvious by her breathing in my ear that she was on the verge also. We both came together, I started spasm-ing and jerking into her, Alison went ridged and let out a long slow moan, then twitched around on me in time with my own spasms. It took a while for us to settle down.

We just lay in each other's arms and cuddled and stroked each other. Finally she looked at her watch and said she needed to go soon, as she needed to be home before 4:30pm. We were both covered in perspiration, so I suggested we have a shower. "That would be great, but I can't get my hair wet". "We have a hair dryer here if that will help". "A boy's flat with a hair drier, I am impressed".

She said. So we got in the shower and washed each other, this got me a bit horny again, but Allison brushed me off and said that would need to wait for next time. I did see Allison a couple more times after that, she would get her friend to call and give me a message a couple of nights before she came into town and I would take the day off.

It was always good with her, and we did have it in the shower one time I remember. I don't remember why it stopped, it just did and I never saw her two hot big tits blonde are lesbians. End