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Round and big ass tastes a vibrator
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I've written a couple of stories about things that happened when I was running wild with a young guy called Jodi Malenger. I guess a lot of people doubt they're true and I'm not about to argue the point -- why bother? But since there's been quite a few readers who seem to enjoy them I'll recount another one.

The scene is England, more years ago than I care to remember now. And again we'd gone wandering well away from our local area in Jodi's van. Well, the van that belonged to Jodi's Dad and that Jodi often borrowed.

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So, it was another town we were in, on a working day, and about as boring as you could imagine. Apart from everything else the sun was beating down out of a cloudless blue sky and everybody was as grumpy as hell.

The English expect bad weather like New Yorkers expect rudeness -- it goes with the territory and anything else messes with their minds. Still, Jodi had put a shoulder bag inside the van and winked at us when he'd done it.

The other four of us figured he must have something interesting planned, though we didn't know what it was. Anyway, while Jodi was driving Jacko opened up the bag and showed us what was stowed in it.

And the contents of that bag had us scratching our heads alright. There were two paint brushes, brand new but cut off so there was only about an inch of hairs left on each handle. There were two identical copies of a newspaper -- well, 'The News Of The World', if you can call that a newspaper, and a net. Yes, a net. Made of very fine nylon cord, about eight feet by four feet, with mesh big enough for us to easily put our hands through the holes.

Oh, and just to make everything clearer, when we opened up one of the big newspapers we found that around the sides of the center pages were long dressmakers' pins. There must have been a dozen of them in each paper, pinning all the pages together so it was impossible to turn them over. And, finally, there was a polaroid camera and three film packs. I guess Sherlock Holmes would have worked out straight away policewoman latoya have a wild sex on public with a stranger Jodi was planning to do; none of us could though.

"Jodi, what the hell is this lot for?" Jacko asked. "For fishing with; what else?" That's all he'd say though, not another word until we got to the town. A fair sized East Midlands market town. He parked the van at a supermarket car park. The car park was at one side of the building and the town center on the other side.

But we didn't walk that way. Instead Jodi picked up his bag and went over a pedestrian bridge at the far end of the car park. The bridge was over a river which ran through the town. I guess it doesn't make much difference to the story but maybe I'd better mention that what might be called a river in the UK could hardly get a mention as a creek in the States.

This river you could have spat across given a good following wind. Anyway we looked at Jodi's bag, thought about the net, looked down at the river and then at each other in bewilderment. We were a bunch that had never had any interest in hunting fur, fin or feathers.

Big tits and juicy cunts were the only things we caught. What the hell was Jodi up to this time? On the other side of the river was a park. A nice one. About half a mile long with lots of trees and bushes on a grassy, gently rolling slope, with the river flowing along the bottom of the slope.

The only buildings we could see at the top of the slope were some changing rooms next to a fence around a couple of tennis courts. It was a nice place to come on a hot day to get away from the crowds and the traffic.

Mind you any day which is warm enough to melt ice cream is a hot day for the UK, but this was a genuine scorcher. It was about midday because the blazing sun was directly overhead and a whole slew of the town's workers were doing all kinds of crazy continental things in their lunch hour -- things like taking off their ties and pullovers and then lying down in the shade underneath the trees in the park.

People with thermos flasks full of hot tea and paper bags of sandwiches were trying to convince themselves that to be seen eating outdoors wasn't a hot stepmom seduced her stepson part watch part on hdmilfcamcom disgrace.

And, of course, there were the wild teenagers openly sunbathing in swimming costumes, up to and including a couple of hussies in bikinis. A few more days of this brain cooking weather and the English would be lapping up rum out of hot blonde loves his big black cock other's belly buttons and Conga dancing in the bus queues.

Mind you, with what Jodi was carrying around with him it looked as if we had one case of sun struck insanity on our hands already. "Jodi, mate, what's hatching in your mind?" Micky asked him.

And he told us. And then he told us again, very slowly and clearly, because we thought fella sold his lovely girlfriend homemade and hardcore sure he'd been joking the first time around. Now it wasn't our way of doing things to have big debates about one of Jodi's ideas.

We went out and did them and scarcely ever did they go wrong, mainly because most people's reactions just freeze up when something absolutely surprising happens. There's hardly one in a hundred who are quick witted enough to react straight off to the totally unexpected.

Mind you, it's only one in a thousand who can think up those kind of surprising ideas, and only one in ten thousand who'll go through with them. Jodi was the one in ten thousand. This time though even Jodi had to work hard in selling us his plan. But Jodi was Jodi and trying to stop him doing what he wanted to do was like asking Hitler to maybe postpone invading Russia. So eventually we agreed to give it a go.

"OK, spread out. Keep in sight of each other. You know what we're looking for. If anybody finds a good situation just sit down on the grass and the rest of us will come over and have a look." Looking around was the easy part.

We moved out amongst the trees and the bushes like sharks prowling around in a swimming hole. Each of us knew what Jodi wanted and I hadn't gone too far at all when I found a scene which seemed to fit the bill pretty well. So, I sat down and kept on looking. I was about three quarters of the way up the slope, and able to see far enough over the crest for an occasional head to bob up into view behind the tennis court fence.

I don't know where the players got the energy from in that heat. On my left was a clear area of grass horny rachel roxxx sucks a fucks a hard cock stretched about a hundred yards or so to the next cluster of trees.

On my right was a pathway which went up the slope towards the tennis court. The pathway was about forty or fifty yards away but nobody was bothering to use it with the grass being dry enough to walk on.

A few yards further up from where I was sitting were the two trees nearest to the top of the slope, a pair of elms side by side. The trees were twenty feet apart and the furthest one from the pathway was straight up the slope from where I was. Underneath the elm tree on the right was a courting couple with their arms wrapped each other and apparently trying to get into the Guiness book of records for the longest sustained kiss in history. I couldn't see much of their faces but she looked pretty good.

They weren't my concern though, except in as much as neither of them were at all interested in anything else going on around them. It was the scene underneath the second tree which I was carefully studying. There were two girls there, lying side by side, shoes off and bare feet pointing down the slope. Both of them were wearing blue overalls with buttons up the front -- shop or factory uniforms. There was a coke can on the grass on either side of them and paper bags as well. Yeah, two shop girls who'd come into the park for their lunch break, and were now lying in the shade underneath the tree with their shoes off.

One was rolled over on her stomach, apparently dozing, with her hands spread flat underneath her chin, so all I could really see of her were her legs and her hair. The hair was an eye catching feature because it was a reddish brown mass which looked tangled, as if pulling a comb through it every day was more work than was worth doing.

Her legs seemed pretty good and I could see halfway up her thighs because that was where the hem of her overall was pulled up to. The overall sleeves were short ones and I could make out a lot of freckles on her white skinned arms.

No wonder she was keeping well out of the sun with a complexion like hers. The other one was as different as chalk to cheese -- or maybe, I should say Spanish to Irish. Because she looked as if she belonged out in the sun, a real Mediterranean type. Dark complexioned with hair as black as a coal cellar at midnight, done up in bun behind her head, and wearing sun glasses that made her look as if she was a Mafia gangster's girl friend. Not that she wasn't presentable, even if she did have a nose on her like Shylock's daughter -- that was more than made up for by the size of the boobs underneath her tightly stretched overall buttons.

Even lying flat on her back they were a fine, fine sight. As for her legs, they were the sort that make you feel that if God ever created anything better to look at he must have kept it for himself. Unfortunately the bottom of her overalls were pulled down lower than her friend's, around her knees, so I couldn't give her underpinnings the attention they fully deserved.

In normal circumstances I would have moved around to have a better viewpoint up the slope and up her legs, especially as she was holding a magazine up over her face.

As it was I didn't take any sneaky looks, I didn't move closer, I didn't do anything which might wake the girls up or show an interest in them. Instead, I waited for the rest of the lads to arrive. The only thing which happened while I was waiting was that big tits put down the magazine and rolled over onto her stomach like her friend, resting her cheek on her hands in the same way.

"Thank you, God," I said quietly but with genuine gratitude. It was starting to look as if he was with us on this one. The other guys drifted over and sat around, except Jodi. He stood and looked at the girls and grinned until we were all together. As usual he didn't seem the slightest bit nervous about things -- personally, I could feel my palms getting damp and it wasn't from the heat. I guess the truth was that if I'd been as clever as Jodi it wouldn't have done me much good because I'd never have the nerve to follow up on my ideas the way he did.

Oh, I'd do what he told me, like the others did what he told them to. The hard part was in not finding an excuse to keep on waiting for a better chance until there was no chance left and being secretly relieved.

But not Jodi: he had the incredibly rare ability to just go ahead and do whatever he wanted when he wanted, without thinking twice about it. Anyway, as soon as we were all sitting there he knelt down, unzipped the top of the bag and took out the net. He spread it out with one of the long sides uppermost and gave one end of the net to Will.

"Andy, you grab the other side. Stand up, stretch it out, then do it. I want the top of the net across their shoulder blades." So Will and I did. We stood up, moved apart until the eight foot net was taut and walked towards the girls, Jodi following up and handing out the paint brushes to Micky and Jacko. "Go!" We went for them as if we were trying to pin down a pair of leopards that could tear us apart if they got free. We threw the net over both of beauty plays with sex toys softcore amateur, across their backs and down to their calves, and then I dropped down flat alongside the copper nob, enough of the net underneath me so I was lying completely on top of it and stopping it from moving.

Will did the same thing on the other side and the net was anchored over both girls so tightly that neither could do anymore than wriggle around. "What the fuck?" copper nob snapped, and then went into a fit of hysteria as Jacko tickled the sole of one of her bare feet with the scratchy hairs of the cut off paintbrush.

If that reaction was impressive, it was nothing compared to how big tits threw herself around when Micky did the same thing to one of her feet. It was instantly clear how susceptible she was to that sort of stimulation. The way she was twisting and giggling, I thought sure she was going to wet herself. "OK, that's enough," Jodi said. I was looking over to the other tree and saw the couple underneath it break their clinch for a moment and glance over at us, both of them grinning. They'd heard the girls having their bouts of hysteria, they could see us lying down around them and I guess they must have thought we were teenpies big booty lucy tyler takes a fresh cream pie bunch of friends meeting up and having a joke together.

It would have been very hard charming slut haley reed gets fucked so hard in the car them to see the thin corded net, even if Will's body hadn't been in the way. So they didn't twig what was really happening and went straight back to their marathon kissing session. "What the fuck are you doing?

Get this off us or I'll start screaming," copper nob said loudly. The next second she was writhing around underneath the net again as Micky and Jacko both went for her soles with their brushes. Then Jodi told them to stop it, pointed at both pairs of feet and waggled his thumbs. The guys began massaging the girls' soles instead of tickling them, digging their thumbs into their insteps just enough to make it pleasant rather than painful.

I heard another kind of gasp from the redhead, one of surprise, and I tried to see around her mass of hair to the face underneath it. At the same moment she twisted her head around in my direction and I was looking she wants to fuck in threesome so bad her greeny colored eyes above a snub nose and pert mouth.

Aye, and if looks could have killed I'd have soon been in an even warmer place. She'd got her left elbow caught up in one of the net holes and was desperately trying to get it further out but wasn't doing anything more than leaving red impression lines on that lovely white skin. She started kicking around with her feet as well, as much as she could, then went into another fit of giggles as she was tickled again. There was a lot of things I could have said but this was the time for Jodi to do the talking.

Which he did as soon as we let the copper nob alone long enough to gasp for breath. "It's OK girls, it's OK. We just want to talk to you for a while and we didn't want you getting up and walking away from us because it was time to go back to work. Relax, we're not going to hurt you." "You're absolutely mad, you can't do this," big tits said.

"Come on, get this net off us, or else . " "Or else what? Nobody can see it unless they get really, really close nasty blonde deep fucked in mouth and pussy every time you start making a noise we'll start tickling your feet again.

So why not talk about things first before you get all upset? You like having your feet massaged, don't you?" The red head was still spitting chips: "You're mad, you're fucking mad!

Get this thing off us!" "No. Nice day though, isn't it?" The pair of them made a concerted effort to sit up. With my weight on one side of the net and Will's on the other they were only wasting their energy. Jodi let them struggle for a while, until copper nob started calling out.

Instantly Micky and Jacko used the brushes again. I saw the couple underneath the next tree separate their lips and grin at us again as red hair and big tits made noises like a pair of mating cats. Then the pair went back to their own mating habits again. To them it was still all just larking around by a bunch of guys and a couple of chicks.

"We can keep this up as long as you like, ladies," Jodi said calmly. "You want some more tickling or would you rather lie still and have your feet rubbed?" "What the hell do you want?" the red head asked between gasps. She was clearly baffled about what was going on or how to deal with it. "Ah, well, you have to understand that we're a bunch of perverts who get our kicks out of touching girls' feet.

You wouldn't deny us that little pleasure, would you?" Jodi's voice was light and jokey. "After all it's a nice feeling having your soles stroked, isn't it?" "But somebody might come along," big tits protested. "So what? Nobody is going to arrest us for obscene foot stroking in a public place, are they?" He nodded to Micky and Jacko and they set to work again with busy hands on the bare feet in front of them.

The big dark girl gave a little hiss of pleasure and we grinned at each other. The first crack in the defenses. Red hair was still whining though and it wasn't because she was feeling happy. "Our lunch break is over. We've got to go back to work now." "Oh no you dad and daughter xxx story com. That's why we've netted you -- because we couldn't bear to see you both get up and walk away.

Just tell your boss it was so hot you both fell asleep in the park and didn't wake up until it was too late to be worth going back." "You're mad; we'll get the sack!" Her voice was rising in anger and Jodi made a painting gesture at Jacko. He immediately stopped massaging her soles and scratched her with the brush until she was laughing and begging for mercy at the same time. Jodi finally relented. "Look, as long as you talk quietly and sensibly nothing like that is going to happen.

So how about telling us your names? You with the red hair, what's yours?" "Maureen," she answered, in between gasps as she tried to get her breath back from her latest encounter with the brush. "Maureen, hey. And what's your friend's name?" Big tits answered for herself: "Sandra -- what's yours?" Jodi grinned at her challenging response. "Elvis. It's a big coincidence, that is. Not only is my name Elvis, but all these other guys are also called Elvis.

You can have our autographs by and by." "You're mad; raving bloody mad. Somebody is watching this, for sure." Jodi leaned back on his heels and made a big performance of holding his hand flat over his eyes, pretending to scan the horizon like a cowboy on the films.

"Hmmm . Well, there's the County Police Pipe Band over there . Mary Whitehouse has got her binoculars on us . Two Bishops and an Archdeacon next to her . oh yeah, and a TV camera from the BBC outside broadcast unit. Yes, you're right, we're the absolute center of attention." "There's a guy and a girl under the next tree, I know that," Sandra answered back. "True -- very true," Jodi conceded. "Only they seem to be in a world of their own right now. And I wouldn't be at all surprised if they don't soon go back to work and leave you with us for the afternoon." "Look, you've had your joke," Sandra said, clearly trying to sound calm and reasonable.

"Now you have to take this net off us." "Why?" Jodi asked just as reasonably. "Because this is crazy," Maureen piped up. "If you don't let us go we'll scream .

" "Go ahead. Next time you'll get a tickling that will really drive you crazy." There was a silence then as both of them tried to figure their way past that threat. Jodi only sat there and grinned at us as he let them come to terms with the way things were turning out.

Maureen put her right hand down her side and clutched at the net. A total waste of time because as long as Will's weight and mine was still resting on top of it she'd cut her fingers off on the thin nylon cords long before she could lift it up.

I noticed she was wearing an engagement ring on the other hand. At the same time Sandra was still talking. "Look, seriously, what do you lot want?" "I told you, we just want to rub your feet. No harm in that, is there?" Maureen said: "Fuck off, you mad bastard!" "Oh dear, I hate foul mouthed girls.

Both brushes for Maureen. Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear: one step, two step, tickle under there!" The poor red head tried kicking her feet around and much good 8age girls sex xxx story did her as Mark and Jacko held her ankles and then started flicking the scratchy bristles up and down her soles.

Will leaned over and dabbled his fingers behind one of her knees and I put my right hand over her back and tickled underneath her armpit. She hadn't had too much breath left in her to start with, so all she could do was to wriggle around helplessly and suck in air in desperate gulps.

I honestly thought she was going to faint. "That's enough," I said. "Enough!" "I don't know what it is with you girls," Jodi remarked casually. "All we're trying to do is put a little fun in your lives and you call us all kinds of dirty names. Why not relax for a while and enjoy the sensation?" "Go away -- leave us alone!" Sandra protested. "I'm beginning to feel like a door to door salesmen here," Jodi told her.

"Only I'm not selling anything, I'm just trying to give away a little happiness. Let's see if some more massaging puts you in a better mood." Both of the girls made futile little efforts to keep their feet away from the busy fingers behind them, but they weren't going anywhere, not with six hands to four feet.

And despite all the outrage it was soon clear that both of them were finding it an interesting experience to have their soles continually stroked and massaged.

Not that Maureen was going to admit it. "If you think you're going to get us in the mood for any hanky-panky, you're wrong." Hanky-panky! I nearly bust a gut holding in my laughter and I could see the other guys were in the same way. Jodi's chin was trembling with self control: "Hanky-panky?" he drawled in an upper class voice. "My dear girl, I haven't hanked my pank in an absolute age." Then we all did burst out laughing, and nobody was laughing more than Sandra. Mind you, I'm not sure if it was because of what Jodi had said or because Jodi had started to run his fingernails lightly up and down her soles.

Meantime I was looking around the park. The courting couple under the next tree were finally picking up their possessions and getting a lot of fun out of brushing bits of grass off each other's clothes. Further down the slope it was like an army reluctantly continuing a route march after a rest break: men and women, teenage boys and girls, all slowly getting back to their feet and walking towards the bridge.

It was time to go back to the stuffy offices and busty leslie masturbates after a hot interview bustyamateurs masturbation, time to begin a hot afternoon of dreary work. All of them were in total boredom mode with their thumbs up their bums and their minds in neutral. Nobody seemed to have the slightest interest in us or the girls. But there was a woman walking towards us on the grass, middle aged, white blouse, long dark skirt, silly straw hat with flowers on it.

She was cutting across the slope towards the top of the pathway and it looked as if she was going to pass close to us. The real bother was that a couple of kids, maybe seven or eight years old, were scampering around her. I realized why Jodi had started tickling Sandra again when he put his other hand over to one of Maureen's feet and got her gasping again as well.

Not as uncontrollably as before, but enough to stop her from being able to shout out anything. "You guys next to the girls, put your arms around them." I put my arm across Maureen's shoulders and pressed myself against her as she unwillingly wriggled and giggled. I heard the kids laughing as well, thinking it was great fun to see grownups behaving like kids themselves. I took a swift glance up at exactly the same time as the woman's gaze turned on us. She saw what she thought was some kind of horseplay going on and immediately looked away.

Or maybe she was terrified that it might be foreplay. The kids lingered for a second or two, happily watching Jodi scratching the girls' feet before they reluctantly scampered away in response to urgent calls of "Rodger, Asian slut teases the dude with her dark round ass Rodger, Laurel." The middle class must have been passing us by.

Well, God bless the English habit of minding your own business. Once again it had saved the day and I relaxed as I watched the woman, the kids and the courting couple all leaving the area. Will grinned: "Magic," he said, and Jodi laughed out loud.

"Well, girls, it looks like it's just you and us here now." he said cheerfully. "Everybody else has gone back to work and left you here in our evil clutches." "I don't know anything about what's going on inside your mad brain," Sandra protested. "But I know you'd better piss off now before you get into real trouble." "From where I'm sitting, you two seem to be the ones having all the trouble," Jodi pointed out.

"You don't even know how many of us there are yet, do you?" Which was true. Both of them were almost breaking their necks trying to see above and behind them. I noticed how the dappled rays of sunlight coming through the branches were lighting up Maureen's hair into pools of deeper red.

"I'll save you the effort of looking, ladies. There's five of us and we don't live in this town, so you'll never see us again. Which means that it doesn't really matter what you do for us because nobody else in this place will ever get to hear about it." Maureen grunted as Jacko rubbed his thumbs deep into the bottoms of her feet. Mark was massaging Sandra's feet just as forcefully and I could see that her calves were trembling as if she was cold. "What are you talking about?" Maureen asked.

"At the moment I'm still trying to explain the situation," Jodi said. "Your friend here was talking about trouble. Maybe it's time I showed you pair what real trouble looks like.

What we need first though is some privacy. You two guys leave their feet alone now and sit up lesbian models love cunnilingus after a photoshoot to the girls, one on each side. Hold the papers open as if you were reading them. You two lying on the net stay where you are" As Mark and Jacko collected their newspapers Jodi sat down cross legged between the girls' head and the tree, then leaned back against the trunk.

"OK, girls, look around you. As much as you can, anyway. Nobody can see us from behind me because of the tree and nobody on either side will be able to see anything because of the open newspapers. I say newspapers but it's only the News of the Screws -- you know what they publish in that, all the stories about what the Vicar did with the choirboys in the vestry.

I bet you two never thought you'd be appearing in the middle of that paper with your own little sex scandal, did you?" "Fuck off!" Maureen said again, though not very loudly.

He ignored her. "Now, since you can't see behind you, you'll both have to take my word on this but there's nobody between us and the river so you can commit whatever lewd acts you like without any worries about embarrassing some poor innocent onlooker.

Of course I've still got to persuade you to do what I want but I think I can make some good points as to why you should do as you're told. You see, the News has real big pages which is why it's good for keeping things private in a public park. But that can be a real nuisance when the wind's blowing and ruffling them up. So, guys, have you noticed anything unusual about those papers?" "Yes," Mark said. "The pages are all pinned together at the sides. The very long kind of pins with a little plastic knob at one end." "That's right," Jodi agreed.

"Spot on, Mr Elvis, you've got sharp eyes. A little plastic knob at one end and a unprepared realtor pussylicked and fucked landlord and reality sharp point at the other end. Would you pass one of them over here, please." Mark gave him one of the pins and Jodi held it between his knees, where both of the girls could see it.

He was like a magician getting ready to demonstrate a trick. "OK, Maureen and Sandra, I'd just like you both to imagine what would happen if I held your noses while my mates jabbed these into your arses. In fact, I can tell you what would happen, you'd honk like seals at feeding time and you'd be the only ones in the park who knew how much you were hurting.

So maybe you'd like to think about that for a while." Jodi looked around at us. "You two with the papers, give a pin each to the guys on the net. Guys who get the pins, you stick them where'll they do the most good. Not deep enough to hurt, mind, just enough so the ladies can feel them pricking." Will snorted with laughter as he took a pin from Jacko. I guess he must have pushed it too hard into Sandra's backside though because she yipped like a puppy having its tail trodden on.

Maureen kept on twisting her head around to try and see behind her until she felt my pin being pressed against one of the cheeks of her arse and then she gasped and lay still, mouth hanging open and staring down at the grass. "Yeah, now they're starting to get the message. You guys keep those pins there but don't push them in any harder unless I tell you to." Jodi jabbed the pin he was holding into a surfaced root.

"We'll leave this one here within reach in case I need it later on. Now, girls, seeing that we've saved you from having to work all afternoon, I thought it might be a nice gesture in return for you to play a little game with us. Are you ready?" "A . a game?" Maureen slowly asked. "That's right; a game. It's called the question and answer game. And before we start I want to make sure you completely understand the rules. I ask each of you a question in turn. If I don't get an answer or I get the wrong answer you both get a pin jammed up your arse hole.

So if you try to get smart you won't be hurting just yourself, but your friend as well. So, Sandra, here's your first question.

What do you think is the next thing that you're going to put into your mouth? Here's a clue." Jodi rubbed his hand over his crotch. "And remember what happens to both of you ladies if you guess wrong." Sandra's dark skin had flushed to the color of bruised tomatoes and I saw her buttocks instinctively tightening as Will moved the pin down a millimeter.

"Oh God, it's your cock!" "No, not God's but you can think of me as your own personal lord and master for the time being. And because I'm a nice master and you've said the right thing you don't get hurt.

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OK, next question, what's the next thing that Maureen's going to suck on?" I gave Maureen a tiny little prod with one of the pins and she quacked like a duck landing on a barbed wire fence: "It's your cock.

I'm going to suck your cock as well." And that was it, at least as far as the first part of the business was concerned. If either of them had been in a mood to put up an argument Jodi had - as always - found a very effective way of changing their minds.

I'd never had much doubt that Sandra would do it, if only for the experience, but I'd thought that Maureen might be more of a problem. Still, what would have been the sense in trying to refuse? We could hurt her as much as we liked and we would have kept on doing it until she surrendered.

So I guess she was smart enough to realize that Jodi was holding all the trump cards. He was certainly pleased enough with himself. "I don't know why everybody says women are so hard to get along with. Ask them in the right way and there's nothing they won't do for you. Sexy cougar spreads her legs amp opens her perfect pussy that right, Maureen?" "Yes." "Ah, now we come to the next part of the game.

This is something you'll have to concentrate very hard on. From now on whenever you talk to anybody with a cock you call them 'sir'. Is that clear, Maureen?" "Yes, sir," she answered -- quickly. "Is that clear, Sandra?" "Yes, sir." Again, no hesitation at all. Sandra was well and truly broken in. Trembling and nervous as hell, but ready to do her best. Jacko and Mark grinned at each other over the tops of their newspapers and Will winked at me across the girls' backs.

The message was that we'd found ourselves two willing slaves. I lifted my head up and had a quick look around. A few people walking around or still lying under the trees but none near enough to matter. Yippee! Jodi reached forward and grabbed Sandra's big nose, then pinched Maureen's between his thumb and forefinger. "OK, lads, wake them up." His description of the noise that the girls made when Will and I jabbed them was spot on -- they did honk like seals.

But I guess Jodi had already done big tits couch fuck amateur first time big jug latina is a biotch for some cash field trials in applied pinology as a quick and easy way of getting around arguments.

He took his hands off the girls' faces and made a big show about wiping them on the sides of his jeans. Maureen and Sandra were moaning with pain.

"OK, ladies, just to recap on the discussion. Each one of us is a sir to you and both of you are going to take turns at sucking whatever prick is put in front of you. Otherwise you get pricked yourselves, no exceptions. So here's your next question and it's for you, Sandra. Are you going to give me a blow job?" She gulped like a frog catching a fly: "Yes, sir, I am." "And are you going to give me a blow job, Maureen?" Her voice was high pitched, almost a squeal: "Yes, sir, yes!" Jodi winked at us.

"OK, then, let's get started. You guys with the papers, keep us covered from view as well as you can. If anybody looks as if they're going to come close to us, you say so, nice and loud, because I might be a bit distracted soon. You guys with the pins, don't ever prick a girl while she's got a cock in her mouth. If she doesn't perform properly I'll tell you what to do and when. So, let's try it and see how we get on." Our leader glanced around, spread his legs out on either side of Sandra's head, the left one resting on Maureen's back, undid his belt, his jeans, and then his zip.

He put his hands in the side of the jeans and pushed them down his thighs and over Sandra's bun of black hair. As he never wore anything under his jeans that left her almost brushing noses with a three quarter erect cock. And even at only three quarter stretch Jodi's cock was some sight.

It certainly made Sandra gasp. "Come on, let's get the show on the road," Jodi ordered. "Grab hold and start sucking." She did. She put her right hand up between his thighs and obediently bent her head forward to lick the tip of his cock. It reared up like an animal smelling food and Jodi laughed. Maureen couldn't see what was happening because her face was close up against Jodi's leg but she could hear everything, including the snorts of laughter from all the guys at the sight of Sandra slowly pressing her lips down around Jodi's shaft.

He patted her on the back of the head, on top of the bun, then put his hand on top of Maureen's frizzy mass of hair. "Your friend's making a pretty good start, Maureen. She'll have to do better than this though, otherwise she'll get a pin all the way up her arse before long.

It's not a decent blow job until she's got every inch of it between her teeth. I'll give her a chance to improve though. Tell her to lick my balls now." "Yes, sir!" Maureen squealed. "Sandra, lick his balls!" God, but it was funny. Sandra instantly did as she was told to. It was kind of hard for Mark and Jacko because they couldn't watch the action all the time but had to keep looking up over their newspapers and around to make sure nobody was watching -- nobody in a uniform, anyway, which was the main thing.

Myself, I was pressing up against Maureen's side and giving her a chance to feel another projection she was going to meet sooner or later. And I sure hoped it was going to be sooner because I was already desperate for my turn. The thing was, I couldn't see any reason why we couldn't take this pair down to the van later on -- and I knew what was going to happen then, in every sweaty, pounding detail.

"Mmmm . " Jodi murmured happily as we all looked down at Sandra lapping away with her tongue like a thirsty bitch at a bowl of water "Not bad, Sandra.

But what we all want to see now is how much cock you can get down your gullet when you really try. And I don't want to alarm you but the pins will be waiting if I'm not convinced you've done your very, very best." In a moment that hair bun was lifting up and down as if it was a buoy on a gently rolling sea, with the waves quickly getting bigger.

We could all hear the snorting sounds coming from her nose like a steam train pulling out of a station as she tried to find room in her throat for Jodi's cock.

"Maureen, why don't you encourage her on a bit," Jodi suggested. "If you can't think of anything to say perhaps we can jab something loose with the pin." I pressed the point home, as you might say, and Maureen was instantly inspired: "Suck him, Sandra, you slut! They're all watching you do it, all the boys. They're waiting to see him shoot a load of spunk right into your big mouth because you're a slave and we've got to do every fucking thing they tell us to, understand?" I guess she didn't have much choice in what she had to say but I had to give her full marks for the enthusiastic way she said it.

What made it most exciting was that she had no idea at all yet of what being a slave was really all about. She was going to learn though, and I guess Jodi was thinking the same way I was. He was starting to grunt with pleasure as Sandra's mouth slid up and down his blonde likes to play with her toys pussy twice a day with her cheeks puckered in to prove how much she was trying.

I could see her eyes tilted up to look at his face as she tried to judge how much she was pleasuring him -- and whether it was enough to avoid getting her bum punctured afterwards. "Somebody coming," Jacko warned, anger in his voice. "Nobody else look, keep your eyes down." Jodi snapped. I could understand why he would be peeved about the interruption. "How many, how far, which direction?" "Three kids, boys, about a hundred yards away, going up the slope, cutting across it.

Probably coming within about twenty yards of us, the way they're heading." "OK, Sandra, slow steady sucks for the time being but don't stop." It seemed to take a long time before those bloody kids went past. They wandered past without taking a second look though, while Sandra kept on steadily bobbing her head over Jodi's shaft.

She was probably wondering whether she was going to become the biggest public attraction ever seen in the park. Or maybe having some of the pressure taken off her for a while was a help because she seemed to be getting all the way down with her slow strokes. Down far enough to have her lips touching Jodi's hairs at any rate. "All clear," Jacko reported. "Good," Jodi said. "Maureen, get Sandra going again." She did: "Sandra, you cock sucking bitch, you get that prick down your throat like you do for Mitch!

Get it really hot, nice czech sweeties open up their butts with butt plug and big dildos way Mitch wants it before he fucks you in his car.

Suck it, you cock hungry slut!" Oh, she was getting into the party spirit alright, no doubt about it. So was Jodi. He was holding Sandra's coiled hair with both hands and forcing her up and down on his horn as she spluttered like a two stroke engine trying to fire up.

"Oh, I'm going to fuck you later on, Sandra. If you only knew what we're going to do to you two." It was a promise, a genuine promise. When we'd finished up here we'd march the pair of them down to the van. Then we'd put them in the back with the big mattress and lock a length of thin chain around their necks, with the chain running through a ring welded to the front wall.

With that ahead and a piece of cane from behind they'd soon find themselves posing in ways they'd never even imagined, not yet. Yeah, Jodi was bursting at the seams at the prospect of getting Sandra and Maureen into the van and so were the rest of us. But unlike us he had a girl desperately working to get him to blow his load into her throat. So it was no surprise at all when he erupted like a volcano; from the noise he made I thought Sandra might have spunk flying out of her ears as well as her mouth.

She was coughing and wheezing for so long she must have swallowed a fair amount of it. Not that Jodi cared. He pulled his jeans back up, re-zipped them and stood up. Now he'd had his turn it was on for the rest of us. Will made the dark haired girl gasp with another touch of the pin. "Shall I jab her?" "No, I think she did pretty well for an amateur. Did you enjoy that, Sandra?" "Yes, sir, it was great. I loved doing it for you." She was still coughing up gobs of white ooze onto the grass as she answered.

Still she was certainly trying to do her best, customer service-wise. "Look on the bright side, girl, at least it's got the taste of coke out of your mouth. Now, who's going to give Maureen something to play with?" I reckon we all have preferred Sandra to her friend. On the other hand nobody cared as much about that as they did about getting blown out as soon as possible. Anyway Jodi gave me the nod and took my place on the net so I could get up against the tree.

It seemed as strange as hell to be pulling down my pants out in the open. Jodi was right though, with the tree behind and the newspapers held open on either side it didn't seem as if anybody could see us. Not that I was paying fat german anal rough assfuck orgy for lexy banderas birthday attention after a while because Maureen turned out to be a fantastic little slurper, all lips and tongue and bright eyes, especially with Sandra telling her to blow me like a cock bandit -- or else.

In fact I got the net pulled back far enough for Sandra to be able to lean over and hold Maureen's hair up so I could take a couple of clear shots of her with the polaroid.

Nothing like it: nice sunny afternoon, plenty of fresh air and having a girl help you take some souvenir snaps of her friend with her lips around your cock. Then I got them to change places so Maureen could take off Sandra's dark glasses before I got her in the view finder.

While that was developing I leaned back against the tree and watched Sandra swallowing my cock with the picture of Maureen doing the same thing still wet in my hand. Later on again Sandra grabbed Maureen's tangle of hair and helped me give her mate a real face fucking. Can anybody wonder why I still remember Jodie with such respect? I mean, we're talking a seriously misspent youth here. Maybe the most amazing thing about the whole deal was that we had maybe an hour at the girls without hardly any need to delay the round robin rocks off.

Sure, a couple of people went past, but never long enough to hold things up by more than a minute or two. By that stage Sandra had got a taste of my come as well, though I suppose it wouldn't have had any different flavor to the five varieties she'd already sampled on her tongue.

I guess maybe she was more concerned about her aching jawbone.

Saucy harlot rides on a monster cock

Maureen was having the same problem, made worse when she found herself trying to gargle with Will's XXL sized cock. Watching her taking Will on was like watching a hunter trying to haul in a giant marlin: she was game but struggling. In the end we let Maureen take his bottom half corncob style while Sandra swallowed his helmet. Will was as happy as a daisy on a dunghill until we saw somebody else coming straight towards us.

A woman, and what rang the alarm bells was that she was wearing exactly the same kind of overalls as Maureen and Sandra; same style, same color. "Hey, girls, we've got a woman coming towards us, dressed like you. Tall, close cut silvery hair, mid forties maybe, big hips and a set of tits big enough to ski down.

Do you know her?" "Oh God!" Sandra sounded desperate. "It's Martha -- our leading hand. The boss must have sent her from the packing department to look for us. We said we were going into the park for our crib break." "Packing department, hey? What's she packing on her chest deserves an entire department to herself. OK, guys, knives out and open but hidden. Let her come right up.

Wherever she stops, I want a blade behind each knee straightaway. Hey, and girls, smile and say cheese." The girls couldn't seem to believe what they were hearing. "For fuck's sake, she can't see us like this!" Sandra protested. It was all too late by then, far too late. The woman had seen Sandra's legs and Maureen's legs, and the bottoms of their overalls. She came straight towards us, walking across the slope but still looking hot, tired and totally pissed off about the whole deal.

Especially when she thought her two missing workers had stayed on in the park to talk to a bunch of boys. She came right up, looked down over the newspapers and the expressions that appeared on her face afterwards -- well, if any actor could repeat them, she'd be bloody good one. Good enough for an Oscar as far as I'm concerned.

First it was anger at being put to so much trouble. Then open mouthed astonishment at the sight of Will's bared cock rearing up with Maureen's and Sandra's fingers holding it. Blushing embarrassment at disturbing a thriving little orgy, wide eyed and looking around in astonishment that this could be going on in the middle of the park. But it was when she felt a knife blade touch her behind each knee that she began to comprehend what was really happening.

Her eyes shot around, at Jacko, at me and then down at our knives against her legs. Finally, she looked at the girls again and saw the net. It's not often you find a woman without a word to say but this was one of those rare times. "Throw the newspapers over their heads," Jodi said.

Mark grabbed the papers we'd been reading and threw them across Will's lap and on top of the girls' heads. "OK, ladies, back to work, otherwise we'll have to do something you'll regret." With the pins still held against their arses neither of them were prepared to argue the point -- or the points. Martha saw the pins as well and looked even more like a cow with concussion, especially when the newspapers began rustling and sliding around.

The leading hand sounded like distressed life stock as well, her breathing still heavy from quick walking in the hot sun. Well, there was a lot of her to move around. Like Jodi had said, she had more front than Selfridges and hips you'd need a county surveyor to measure off.

He was right about her age as well, forty plus. But Martha was no ruin, not by a long chalk. The building might be settling now and over extended in places but the original architecture had been a fine piece of work and was still worth looking at. I reckoned she might have been a swimmer -- still might be -- her legs were well muscled with hardly any hint of a belly underneath her overalls.

No sign of popped veins in the soft skin my knife edge was leveled against. As for her face, apart from being flushed with exercise and shock, it was . well, older women, what words can you use? Not beautiful, not this one -- not beautiful now and never had been.

Good looking maybe once, even with her big nose and heavy jaw line. But always strong, you knew that with one look, always a strong person and made stronger with age, like fermenting liquor. Maybe surprised and a bit bewildered right now, yet not for long. Yes, I admit it. Even back la descubre el padre masturbandoae I had a thing about older women, especially those with any sort of class.

Screwing them to me was sex plus -- sex plus a chance that maybe I could get some of their sophistication to rub off on me. And if I had my time over again I'd still think exactly the same way: a girl is a fuck, a woman is an experience. And that was about Jodie's philosophy as well. "Hello, Martha," he said cheerfully. "You've come looking for your missing girls, have you?

I'm sorry we detained them but they're learning a new trade to fall back on in case you ever fire them. Tits nailed tboard bdsm porn movies, talking about falling back, have you ever heard about a horse being hamstrung? It was the way the peasantry in the middle ages dealt with the rich knights in their fancy armor. They'd slash the knight's horses behind the knees with their sickles and the horses would fall down.

Bad news for the knight because he ended up like your girls here, with sharp points in all the worse places. It was bad news for the horse as well because it could never walk again. You've no interest in being hamstrung, have you?" Martha looked down again, to either side, at Jacko and me, and at the knifes rubbing against the back of her own knees. She was still trying to catch up on things and I couldn't blame her, not having walked into what was virtually a rape scene and then getting a lesson in ancient history.

Coupled of course, with a threat of immediate grievous bodily harm which would leave her crippled for life. It was all too much for one walk in the park. Still, say what you will, Jodi was always a prime example of the really useful things you can learn from a government run education system.

"Come on, Martha, say something, even if it's only 'hello'," Jodi continued. "Better still, sit down and talk to us. It's a lovely day for a chat." Maureen's mouth opened and closed a couple of times like a goldfish that has suddenly realized its bowl is round and it's spent a lifetime going nowhere. Until I stood up and pushed down on her shoulder. Again she looked as if she was trying to say something but then got down on her knees.

She touched the net and plucked at it as if reassuring herself it was actually there. "Who are you?" "Oh, just strangers passing through: ships in the night," Jodi answered casually. "You might say we've forcibly detained Maureen and Sandra so it's not their fault they were late back for work. It won't be yours either, so I guess you'll have to think up some explanation. Maybe you could say the girls found a lost kid in the park and were trying to find who it belonged to. I'll let you make up the rest of the story." Will grunted and lifted up one of the papers as if to check who was doing what.

Then he lifted up one side so Martha could see Sandra and Maureen sharing his cock. Martha giggled, her fingertips touching her heavily lipsticked lips as she watched the girls giving Will the business. "Your friend is a big lad." She sounded remarkably calm. "We all are," Jodi came back. "That's why we need a big girl like you south heroin all xxx story give us our daily exercise.

How about it, Will, do you think you could work up a sweat shagging Martha?" "Fucking right," Will said happily. "Get the old bitch on her back with her legs wide open and I'll fuck her until her false teeth rattle." Martha's cheeks flushed a shade deeper than they already were but she rallied well: "No you won't. I don't have any false teeth." Then she stretched out her right hand.

There were gaudy rings on each finger and the long nails were painted as red as her lips: "Excuse me." I watched -- as surprised, I guess, as the carnal and untamed lovemaking hardcore and blowjob guys -- as she reached under the papers. I couldn't see what she was doing but there was a kind of absorbed look on her face, like a housewife checking out the firmness of a piece of fruit on a market stall.

Will grinned at her, stuck out his tongue and waggled the tip as a promise of what he'd like to do to her in return. Martha's eyes lit up with the brilliance of a lighthouse's windows on a moonless night. "At least your cock is in better shape than your face, young man.

But nobody is fucking me in the middle of a park. Isn't there anywhere else we can go?" Will looked at Jodi for an answer. Maybe he was stunned at Martha's self spoken eagerness to be screwed at the earliest possible chance.

The real rape hot sex girls fucking might be shining in a clear blue sky but it seemed to be raining women. Jodi smiled at our latest female acquisition. "Now you mention it, we do have a Bedford van down there at the car park.

And laying teen cable keira croft full scene on just so happens there's a double sized mattress in the back. I guess we could let Maureen and Sandra take you down there." She let go of Will's cock: "Maureen and Sandra?" "Oh, we'll come along as well.

But if you try to get away and they let you, we'll take these rather naughty polaroid pics of the girls and pin them up on a church notice board somewhere before we leave town. I bet that would get plenty of people lifting up their eyes to the Lord." It was a statement which sure lifted up Maureen and Sandra's eyes -- and made them squeal in shock. Sandra's head came up out of the sliding newspapers to protest and got her a smack on the ear from Will for neglect of duty: "Keep sucking, bitch!" "No need for alarm, ladies," Jodi said reassuringly.

"All you've got to do is to finish off Will and then take Martha down to the van. Getting us all inside will be a bit of a squeeze but I guess we'll manage. Then we'll go for a little ride to a nice shady spot I know that's not far away. We've got some pies and pop in the van so we can all have a nice little picnic and then go home." The girls seemed content to settle down to blowing Will again as Martha watched them with eyes as prominent as a dead cod's.

Jacko still had his knife on the back of her knee but Mark was holding her right hand and tracing circles in her palm with his fingertip. I guess my impression of Martha was that she was about as likely to try to run away from us as the average pools winner would be to return a winning check.

Jodi beckoned me with his finger and spoke quietly: "Get down to the van. When you see us coming open the doors and put a piece of sacking over the license plate. Hide the chains and the cane underneath the mattress for the time being." He grinned. "I like to keep the best for last." "OK." I stood up. "Yeah, and pick up these bloody coke cans and paper bags and put them in a rubbish bin. I can't stand people with dirty habits." THE END