Jordon ei ninstripmom allfull story

Jordon ei ninstripmom allfull story
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I had finally gotten over the traditional 8 weeks with no pussy sex after giving birth to my ex husbands Commander's baby. He and his wife could not have children and my ex could not make Capt. so we had a deal, I bear his baby and my ex got his bars. Well, I stayed nursing the baby for a long time and my tits were huge with milk and it was always great to have the baby feed plus the Commander and his wife suck them and play with me until my 8 weeks was up after having the baby.

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He asked me what else I wanted besides the payment they had given me and so I said, "I want an orgy and I want to be right in the middle of it all." He smiled and said, "No problem, this weekend soon enough?" and I laughed, "Well, today is Thursday." and so arrangements were made with a friend he had that had a private lake cabin and invitations given.

Friday evening came and I had on next to nothing on the drive to the cabin. No bra or panties and just a long wrap dress that was very thin. Mt nipples were leaking and the top almost soaked. "How many will be there?" I asked. "Well, we only had 20 or so respond that they could make it but there may be more." he said. I pulled of the dress, "Well, I will not need this at all." and we drove he last 10 miles with me naked in the back seat.

We turned down a gravel road and a couple more miles then through a gate and to a cabin. There were so many cars there that we had to park about 20 or so years. I got out and walked between the commander and day with a pornstar pornstars fucked hard clip wife and felt wet as hell.

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The door opened and a man standing there naked and hard brought us into a room that had a central space that had been vacated of the furniture and mats laid down. There were men and women standing or lounging around the room, some drinking some smoking weed but all semi naked or naked.

I took a few hits of weed and swallowed several drinks and then laid in the middle of the room. "Okay everyone, I am ready. I want every hole filled as long as they can be and I want pussy too as much as you want to give to me. I heard a bark out back and it sounded like a large dog, "And when no one wants to fuck bring the dog in too." and everyone laughed. "How do you want it" one man said with a nice sized cock getting between my legs. "As hard and deep and as much as you have and as many at one time as you can give me and I want all the cum in me and on me so get to it." I said and the cock sank into me and he began fucking me.

It felt so good, I sprayed his cock with my first orgasm of the weekend and he had just barely begun fucking me. Now there was another cock at my mouth and I began sucking it deep. Someone lifted me up and another slipped into my ass so that the first thing I was being fucked three cocks at a time. I began having orgasms like crazy and was going nuts. After the first filled my throat another filled it and I was sucking like crazy and it shot off quickly.

The two in my pussy and ass rammed me hard and kept fucking me good.

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It took a while but they filled me too and I moved around to better see the ones that were around me. Hands and mouths were all over my body and my full tits were spraying and woman gasped, "Oh let me feed." and she began sucking them both.

Massaging them to make more milk and sucking more. All the time cocks were filling me and pumping me hard as they could. My orgasms slowed a little but still kept going and each shattered my mind with intensity. I was lost in sex, the smells, the cum, the cocks and a pussy was over my face a few times. "I gotta piss" a man said and he slipped into my pussy and let go a long hard golden stream inside my pussy. I had orgasm after orgasm while it felt like someone cumming in me like a stream.

After he filled me with piss and cum he pulled out and the stream of piss sprayed out of me. Everyone gasped and clapped and I felt still in need. I started taking cocks in my mouth and again. "Come on everyone, I still need it." I almost yelled.

"Do it to me, as crazy as you can as much as you can." Several men were around me and lifted me off the mat. Two women were there and I was in the air. Suddenly a cock was in my ass and one in my pussy.

"Oh yes." I moaned and a woman said, "That is not all baby." Sure enough another cock pushed into my pussy and I gave out a yell, "Oh yeah, fuck me good." and someone said, "Oh we will slut." and somehow another cock joined the one in my ass and I screamed in pleasure and sprayed them with several orgasms. They kept lifting me up and down on the four cocks and they filled me finally with loads with cum. "Do it again." I begged and so they did.

Lifting me up spread out and cocks slipped into my ass and pussy until there were 4 in me again and they moved me up and down. They did this several times and laid me down.

One of the women came and gave me a drink of vodka and a few hits on a bowl. MY head was spinning and I saw several women around me with strap on cocks and they began fucking me and pussy all over my face was steady. I was eating more pussy in that night big tit brunette teen sucks a big cock pov I had in my life.

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The women laid on the side, sweating as I was too.We all laid there gasping and I felt something furry at my legs and a tongue taking advantage of my gushing pussy.

The mixed breed was licking the cum from my pussy and sending shock waves through my body and making me jump. His tongue sank into my pussy cleaning it out. Someone turned me on my stomach and put cushions under my hips making my ass exposed in the air and then slapped my ass and the dog mounted me.

He pushed a few times and his cock found my pussy and sank in. His humping began and his knot soon filled me. I was screaming loud, "Oh yes, of yes, fuck me." and everyone was clapping. Over a half hour later the dog's knot slipped out and he was licking his cock clean when i moved his head and did it for him. Licking and sucking and he l;aid back and I sucked him off which took a lot longer but his cock finally filled my throat.

I rolled back over and was spread out on the mat and some people were sleeping and some still watching and a few men came to me and laid between my legs again and sank half hard cocks into me.

A woman had a huge dildo and shoved it into my pussy and rammed me hard and I was begging me for harder. I do not know when but I passed out and as I came to a few times I was being fucked with me passed out. It was awesome and what I needed to stay sane. If I had not been gang bang I really think I would have lost my mind. When I am such need I am really not right. As I have written in other stories, I was diagnosed as bi-polar with nymphomanic tendecies at a young age.

So, one thing that was important for me was to get well laid every few days. A week at most. Well folks, that should do for now. Hope it made everyone hot.

Love Susan