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Milf and teen lesbosex and threesome action on the bed brunette and lesbian
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Chapter 2 >The Demon >  >She opened her eyes some time later and found the sun had set. Perfect. 'Time to put the spell together and cast it'. she thought smiling. She put on her cloak and grabbed the things, putting them in a bag.

She left for the small meadow on her mare. She tied her mare to a low branch and went to the small fire pit. She lit the small fire and pulled out the things for the spell. Hopefuly this spell would work and she would have eather a man or woman to do the things she could not.

She put the ingreadients together and cast the spell. Unlike before it worked. The small fire blazed bright, making vilen cover her eyes with her arm. A few seconds later a man appeared in front of her. She smiled and removed her cloak, wrapping it around him.

She smiled and looked at his eyes. They where blood red. His hair was black as night. She sat him down on the ground next to her and started to pick to things up when he said. "Where am i?" >She gasped and looked at him. His voice was beautiful like a dark angel speaking to her in a dream. She smiled and continued to pack the things up not speaking. >Which only made him agitaited. "Where am I?" He asked her again. He put his hand on her shoulder and tried to make her look at him.

>She pulled her shoulder away and glared at him. She imeadiatly calmed herself. She sighed and went back to packing the stuff. When she was done she put the bag on her shoulder and stood up. She looked at him and held her hands out to help him stand up.

>He looked scared. 'Probably cause i glared at him.' Vilen thought reaching down to grab his hands. He let her stand him up, but didn't move anymore than that. He was scared of her.

Yes. She could see it in his eyes. "You have no need to be afraid of me." She said calmly moving her hands to her sides. She smiled weakly and grabbed his hand. "Come. I'll take you home with me." She pulled him to her black mare and watched him climb onto the horse.

He held his hand out to help her. Making her smile big and true. She climbed on the horse and felt him wrap his arms around her waist. >The horse, as if knowing what to do, started to walk twords the house. >She said nothing. Wondering if he was scared still or if he had calmed down and was simply looking at the forest. Had he seen a forest before?

'probably not.' She thought. >It was silent the ride to her home. So when she put he horse in the stable he asked him. "Do you want something to eat?" >He looked at her, a shadow of a smile on his lips, but didn't answer. Vilen sighed. "I'll make you something." She said opening the door. "Here you can sit here." She said bringing him to the black chair. She smiled before going into the small kichen next to her bedroom. She went to the cabnet and grabbed a loaf of bread and broke it in two and grabbed a plate from the cabnet next to it.

She poured some water in to a cup and brought it to the man. >"Here. You should eat." vilen put the food on his lap and handed him the drink. >She stepped asside, yawning. "Oh my. It must be late." Smiling she walked to her room. Stopping at the door she said. "Since theres only one bed you can sleep with me when your done eating. Is horny sweet chick taylor reed loves a hard dick alright?" He nodded, not touching his food or drink.

>Smiling she walked into her room. She pulled out a nightgown and put it on. A deep blue colored one. she opened the curtain alowing the moons light to wash over her room.

Laying in her bed she closed her eyes. >The fullmoon shone brightly in the sky. Vilens room was alight from the moons glow. Making everything appear white and pale. Opening her eyes she frown. She had slept only a few minutes. It would be hours till the sun comes up. She turned and felt someone else in the bed. >At first she was curious as to who it was but remembered it was the man she created.

He moved to face her and she noticed he was awake. She looked at him and said nothing. >But it was him who spoke. "You can't sleep either?" >She nodded.

>He smiled and sat up, turning to face her. "I have an idea, since we're both up and can't sleep." >She was curious. "What?" >He leaned over her, smiling. "Promise you won't get mad?" >She hesitated. "I promise." What the hell is he going to do? She wondered.

>He put his hand on the bed next to her shoulder. He smiled and leaned down and kissed her. >She wanted to push him away and smack him, but wasn't shore if she was realy asleep and this was a dream or not.

>Last time she slept she dreampt of the sorceress, she was kissing her then she poured acid on her and killed her. Was this also a dream? Was he going to kill her when he had her distracted? Or maybe this wasn't a dream and she was awake. She kissed him back taking her chances. >He moved his arm to her waist and wrapped his arms around her waist. and pulled her close to him. Laying on his back he pulled her on top of him.

>She gasped and pulled away, looking at him. He simply smiled. Hesitently, She wrapped her arms around his neck, all the while looking at his face, searching for a sign.

But what? That he was going to kill her when she kissed him? He just smiled and kissed her hard and long. His left hand found her thigh. He started to slowly lift her nightgown up. Vilen let him. If it was a dream she'd just end up dead again. Right? No need to worry. >He lifted the teens friends become lesbians for each other over her thighs and past her stomach. Pulling away from the kiss, Vilen sat on his thighs and pulled the nightgown off compleatly.

He smiled and pulled her down in to another long deep kiss. >Soon he was naked with her and she found that she was awake. >She wasn't asleep. She was fully and truly awake. She closed her eyes. She wanted to cry. Why?

She couldn't figure out why. Was it becuase she just had sex thinking she was dreaming? Or was it because She was just sleepy and couldn't think or act srait?

She tunned to lay on her side, so he was behind her. She silently let the tears flow from her eyes as she cried herself to sleep.

>Opening her eyes she found the sun was up. Sitting up she found she was naked aswell. She gasped and pulled the blanket over her. She looked at the bed next to her and saw that the man was still there, Asleep.

She covered him with the blanket and got up. She dressed in a tight black corset dress and thigh high black boots. She smiled and went to get the spell book. "Time to put you to work." She said looking at the sleeping man. >She left the room and went outside for some fresh air and to see what plants she needed to get for the spell. >She wandered not far from the house when she heard the faint aproch of a horse coming her way.

>She braced herself not knowing if it was friend or foe. >She saw the horse before she saw the rider. A white horse. But she was unshore of what type it was.

Next she saw the rider, and smiled. >"Hello Sorceress. What do I owe to this visit?" Vilen said. She noticed she sounded happy. Happier then she's ever been. >The sorceress smiled.

Her long brown cloak tugged tightly around her. Hello, Vilen. You may call me Elisa. Granny mom sex son penis your spell work? Have you controled someone to use for summoning the Dragon?" She staied on her horse, and did not move. >Vilen smiled. "Not exactly." She said. Making Elisa frown. >"What do you mean by 'not eaxactly'?" Elisa asked, Looking Vilen in the eyes.

>Vilen sighed. "Well." She sighed starting to walked on ahead to look for hearbs as she spoke. Elisa got off her horse and followed Vilen. She didn't need to tie her horse up, For all she had to do was whisle and her horse would come running to her. "Well. I didn't exactly contol someone. I made some one. You see no one lives here so it was easier to make one. So I--" >"Vilen!" Elisa, shreaked. "What have you done?" She stopped walking and leaned against a near by oak tree.

>Vilen stopped and turnned to look at her. "What do you mean?" Vilen asked worried she'd done something wrong. >"you can't create a person. If you where to old man fucks his younger milf wife that they wouldn't be human anymore. Theyed a Sex Demon." She said almost glaring at vilen. Vilen looked at her confussed. >What do you mean?" Vilen asked, already not liking where this was going.

>"I mean that by supposidly making a person you've broght a demon to earth to roam around and xxx cxc storys sex stories 2019 rape woman or lure them with his charm and seduce them. Witch will create more Sex Demons." Elisa threw her hands in the air and sighed. "What have you done?" She said again.

>"Well how do i kill him?" Vilen asked. >Elisa sighed and thought a moment. "You have to kill him while he's making love. It would kill him and every little Demon bustard aswell." >Vilen looked at the floor realizing what she had done. She had realesed a demon among the world. Yes the wanted to destroy it, but letting a demon free to do it was not what she had planed.

And the fact that he had made love to her last night. Did that mean she was carrying a Demon basterd in her? Woould he seduce her again tonight? If he did would that mean she was not yet carrying his his basterd demon child?

She almost wepped lauren phillips alexa nova in crushing on my girls stepmom the thought. But if Elisa knew he had seduced her what would she do? Kill her? She hold the tears back.

Later, She thought. Later i will cry and hope that i am not carrying his bastered demon child. She looked at Elisa. "I need to get back and." She trailed off unshore of what to say. She sighed and ran back to her house. Back to the place he lay sleeping. >She opened the door and slammed it shut behind her, hoping she didn't wake him. She walked into the bedroom. He remained asleep. She sighed and sat in her black chair. She placed her hand on her stomach and and felt the tear finally escape her eye.

>She didn't want to have a child. Especially not a Sex demons child. It wasn't right. It can't be real. "But it is real." she muttered to herself. >"But what is real?" Came a voice from behind her. She jumped at his voice and stoood to face the man--No the demon--she had broght to earth. She took her hand from her stomach and let it fall to her side.

>"Oh. Nothing. Just thinking out loud." She said. looking away from his piercing red gaze. She walked past him to the bedroom and started to fix the bed. >His voice came from behind her. There was worry in it. "Whats wrong with your stomach? It looked like it was hurting you." He said stepping closer to her. She moved out of his reach and and continued to fiddle with the bed.

"I'm alright." She said then lied by saying, "I want to have a chiled soon." She sighed. "I was just hoping one day before i die i could have a child and teach them the things i know so one day when i no longer roam the earth they could take over my studies and continue the long line of the Vile family." She smiled like a fool.

"Its silly i know, but--" Sht turned and found herself trapped. He grabbed her waist and held her close. >"Its not silly." He said kissing her forehead. "It a wonderfull thought to have when your so young." He smiled and snaked his arms around her waist. She tried to move out of his arms but he stopped her with a kiss. >She wanted to kiss him back but pulled away. "I can't." She said. "I have wwe parsonal sex stories porn fucking story only i need to do." But even though she spoke she staied in his arms.

He smiled kissed her hard and long. She didn't pullaway this time. She kissed him back. But when he tried to untie her dress she pulled away from his grasp and walked into the other room. He followed her and stood behind her, Saying nothing.

Frisky nymphos pound the biggest belt cocks and spray ejaculate all over wrapped his arms around her waist. She turned to face him. "I need to go into the forest and pick a few herbs. So i'll be gone a while. You need to stay here and not leave.

Alright?" >He smiled. "Will i get a reward when you get back?" He asked. She smiled as if someone was making her. "You'll have to wait and see." She turned and left his embrace.

Grabbing a basket near the door and one of her spell books, she left the house. >She didn't need to pick any herbs but needed an excuse to leave the house.

She walked to the small meadow and sat on the ground. She pulled out the spell book and looked for a spell to fix this. To send him back or something. She looked throught the book but found nothing. She set the book in the basket and sat there. She didn't want to leave just yet. She looked at the sky. It was the evening. The sun sat on top of the hills on the distance. She smiled and looked at the trees. Birds laying on there nest to keep there eggs war, or to sleep. The animals in the forest had all gone to.

It was quiet. She Put the book on the ground next to her and stood up. She walked away from the house, which was farther then she'd ever gone. She looked at the trees and smiled. She saw thick apples and pears. She reached up and grabbed one from a low branch. She bit into it and smiled.

It was ripe and juciy, She picked a few more and placed them into the basket. She noticed > that latly she'd been acting different. She'd been happy more then usual, sunny leone xxx story 1998 also smiled more and felt more like she was trying to rid the world of evil.

Could this be because she might be carrying the Demons child? Or was she just simply changing sides? No. She can't change sides. She was evil. It wasn't possible, Was it?She walked over to the pear tree and found a few on the ground. She knelt down and pick one up and looked at it to make shore it was edable.

She continued to pick apples and pears for what seemed like hours. All the while thinking what might have been wrong with her. She sorry sorry ebony sex story almost always happy.

Why was that?

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She wondered. She couldn't think of a reason as to why she was always happy and smiling. She looked at the sky and sighed.

The sun hacd set and it was getting dark. She retraced her steps and went to the small meadow to get her spell book. From there she walked back to her house. She stopped at the stables and brought her mare > a few apples.

She smiled as her happy mare ate the apples. She kissed her mares head and walked back to the house with the basket and spell book. Opening the door she gasped and almost dropped the basket.

>Her spell books had been alphabetized and placed on there proper shelves, the table that was covered with them was visible. She touched the red wood, as jesse jane behind the scenes loaded unable to believe it was realy there.

the room was clean and everything was put in there proper places. She smiled big and bright, unable to believe it was clean. >Who? She thought but then knew of only one person who could have done it. But where was he? She walked to one of the shelves and put her spell book with the rest, Then walked to the small kitchen and put the apples on the counter, then walked into her room.

She found him on the bed. She walked over to the bed, wondering if he was asleep. She sat on the bed and reached her hand out to touch his shoulder, but he turned to face hermaking her jump and pull her hand back, as if he was a snake going to bite her. >"Hey! Your back." He said sleepily. >"Yeah. I'm back." She said smiling, laying next to him. >He turned to face her.

"I listened to you when you said that i had to stay her. Do i get a rewared?" He asked putting his hand on her waist and lowering it to her thigh and going even lower to the hem of the dress.

>She grabbed his hand, then kissed him. When she pulled away she smiled and placed his hand on her breast and smiled. >He looked at her and asked, like an idiot. "Is that a yes?" >She smiled and kissed him again, showing him she did in fact mean yes.

>Laying next to him she frown. It was the middle of the night. The moon was gone for tonight, leaving only the stars to light the night.

Vilen was frowning cause no matter how hard she had tried to keep from him she failed. She had given him the one thing that he wanted--needed. Sex. She had lost her mind and surrendered to him. She couldn't cry. It was her fault, yes but his charm also had to do with it. >His red eyes made vilen feel wanted, like he was for her and her only.

She felt used and unwantable after he made love to her as if her job for now have been fufilled. >Hell. She felt stupid now. >She'd set a Sex demon free, into the a world and now she was giving him what he needed.

She felt used and usless. >She got off the bed and grabbed her black cloak and pulled it around her, leaving the room.

she sat in her chair in the other room, wanting so bad to cry but couldn't. Her eyes where dry from crying earlier. She put her hand on her stomach. She didn't know if she was carrying his child and it scared her not knowing if life was inside her or not. >She closed her eyes and thought of what Elisa said. "you can't create a person. If you where to do that they wouldn't be human anymore." Elisa was right.

Humans can't be made by magic. She Let her mind wander. Hoping that that could get her mind off the current thoughts racing through her head. >She felt herself drifting off to sleep and msde a small smile. She'd been able to push the other thoughts away and fall asleep in peace.

>But soon her dreams became nightmares. >She was in the forest again but this time it was warm and dark. She was in nothing but the cloak. She herd him coming, though he was quiet and quick, like a cat chasing its pray. She searched for him but found nothing. >He found her first. He jumped from the shadows and landed silently behind her.

He wrapped his arms, snake-like around her waist. He felt her catch her breath in a gasp, and try to flee from his grasp.

But his hold did not losen, he held her tightly and smiled at his catch. She turned in his arms to face him. She saw him smile. Before she could say to realise her he jumped back into the forest and began to run. She wanted to ask where he was taking her but couldn't.

She was to scared to even move her head from his chest. He stopped sometime later and she took the chance to look at her surroundings. She was back at Elisas house. >"Why did you bring me here?" Vilen asked scared. >He looked at her and smiled, but said nothing.

>He walked to the door and kicked it open. No one seemed to be home, which only pov clip of a blonde getting pounded vilen more. He crossed skinny blonde woman along with brunette babe pounded room and walked through the curtain to the bedroom. >The Skinny stacey rides a thick black cock where vilen died last time she dreampt.

>The Bedroom where Elisa poured acid on her and laughed as she died a slow painful death. She looked at him, and could see how scared she was in his eyes. "What are you going to do to me?" She asked in barely a whisper. He smiled, but still said nothing. He placed her on the bed and leaned down to kiss her forehead. Finally he spoke. "Don't move." Was all he said to her. He stood up. She noticed he wore a cloak aswell.

His was a blood red. She watched him take it off his shoulders then turn to her and smile. She looked at him and finally knew why he had brought her here for. >Sex. >He smiled and leaned down to kiss her. Vilen backed away from him but he cought her shoulders. He was going to win. She could see it in his eyes.

She gasped, as he smiled and laid on top of her. "You will be mine." he said grabbing her cloak and ripping it off of her. She lay naked under him, He smiled and made her his. He listened to her screams of pain. >He didn't care that he was forcing her to give him what he needed. If he needed it, he'd take it. Simple as that. He smiled and filled her. >She screamed in pain as he rapped her.

She did not want to have his child but it seemed he was in control now, she was just along to give him what he wanted, then when he did have the child in his arms, he'd look at her and kill her or worse keep her tied to the bed so she couldn't leave the house. >He finished rapping her and stood up from the bed. "Now I will have what I want. And you? You will be my sex slave. When I need another child I will come to you and make one." He smiled evilly and laughed. >"You're a monster!" Vilen yelled, pulling the blanket up to her shoulders.

He slammed his fist on the bed next to her shoulders. His red eyes looking at her in a red angry gaze. "You will not say such things to your master!" He said through clenched teeth. >Vilen closed her eyes, but said nothing to him. What else was there to say? He rapped and called her his sex slave. She was only to amuse him and nothing more. He didn't love her he only wanted her body to mate with her and make his children. She felt hot tears pool her eyes, and fall down her cheek.

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She felt him wipe away the tears and kiss her cheek in there place. She turned her head and opened her eyes. >"Don't touch me." Vilen said filling her voice with enough venom that he slightly jumped at her words. >"Fine then. I Will leave you here. But I will be back to have more of your sweetness." He said pulling the cloak around his shoulders and left the room. She closed her eyes and heard him slam the front door closed behind him as he left the still empty house.

>She let the tears spill out now. Like a waterfall. She felt tired and sore but didn't care. She just wanted to wake up and leave this nightmare. But why couldn't she wake up? She was still asleep, why was that? Would Elisa come to tell her something that would help her kill him?

Or would she simply tell her something knowledgeable? >She sighed. She was going to stay asleep for a long time, probably for another hour or so.

Or until the demon man came back and rapped her again. She opened her eyes and sat up. Thank evil. I'm not tied up or nothing.

She thought smiling a smile with relief. She got off the bed and pulled the cloak around her cold sore body. She walked to the entry to the door and looked into the other room to make shore filthy cunt receives fully gratified smalltits homemade left and wasn't hiding in the shadows to make shore she stayed put.

She smiled when she saw no one in the other room, and slowly made her way to the door. She was a few feet from the door when she heard a low but pained moan. She stopped and looked around for the source of the noise. But couldn't find it. She stepped to the side of the room and looked into the shadows. >She found the sores and gasped. Elisa lay there on the floor bruised and bloody. Covered in only a rutty old cloak.

She put her hand on Elisa's arm, carful of her bruises. "Who did this to you?" She asked her softly. >Elisa couldn't answer. She only moaned in pain. >Vilen felt sorry for what had happened to Elisa.

Even if she didn't know who did this. >Or did she? >Was it him? The man--demon--that had rapped her? >She shook the thought fro her mind first she needed to help Elisa and then she'd get some answers. >She walked to the small kitchen and grabbed some cloth from one of the drawers and wet it in the sink. >She walked back to Elisa but found him holding her by the neck.

Gasping vilen dropped the cloth and ran to get her friend from his hands. >She grabbed her and pulled her away from him, though he let her take her. >He smiled. "Aw. Are you worried about your whore?" He said with a luagh. >Vilen looked at him with A black glare. "Shut up!" She yelled at him. He smiled and kneeled down to touch her cheek. She pulled away and looked at Elisa. >"Elisa. please wake up!" She said but Elisa didn't move and sheo.

She felt her friends weight slipping away from her grasp. >"Elisa!"