Slutty cj rides on a bbc interracial and cumshot

Slutty cj rides on a bbc interracial and cumshot
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When I was young my Dad got married to the coldest bitch I've ever known on the planet. Things were not looking good for me, but I didn't care too much because I didn't live with them. In fact, I considered it a net positive because I gained a step-brother named Rhett.

He was 2 years younger than me. By the time my Dad and Joy, the ironically joyless soul-sucking bitch, got married I had already figured out that Rhett was gay and by the time of this story I had already been introduced to sex at Rhett's hands. (and mouth) Rhett was not a bad first and it set me off on that sexual journey all humans embark upon! I was, and still am, eternally grateful.

A short 4 years later my life took an unexpected turn. My biological Mother was always sexual and wanton bang hardcore and reality life of the party.

She was amazing. I loved her dearly. She talked frankly with me about life and only ever gave me a wink and a nod because of my proclivities that included boys and girls and, on occasion, both at the same time. Every child should be le pedi un viveo con otro a mi esposa y esto me video completo to grow up in such a sex positive environment.

The cancer came on fast. She was always so strong, so alive. We got the diagnosis and a short 3 weeks later she was bedridden. 2 weeks later she was gone. Of all days, on the anniversary of my Dad's most terrible life decision.

7 days later I found myself moved from my tiny hometown of Shiner, Texas (home of some amazing beer) and removed to Encino, California. Talk about some culture shock. The only person I had in my life that knew anything about me was Rhett. We picked up right where we left off with the odd blowjob here, feeling each other up there.

The thing about it was we had to be extremely careful. Rhett had not come out to his Mom yet because she was a super religious woman from a sect of Pentecostalism that was super conservative.

When Dad had married her she was a Christian, sure, but more of your run of the mill, slightly holier than thou type. By the time I moved in, she had gone off the deep end. Sex xxx sxe qi story suffered too, but I don't think anyone knew how bad this made things for Rhett. One weekend, Dad went away on business and Joy went off on some spiritual retreat. I had expected her to insist we come along or to get her sister to watch Rhett and I, but to our surprise she said she trusted us, don't have a party, and I'll see you on Monday.

This meant we finally could let our guard down and have a little fun! We invited this girl that Rhett had introduced me to, a Freshman named Leslie, who was entirely into kinky shit like us and proceeded to have a wonderful weekend. I was a Junior in High School. I had been a linebacker for the football team back in Shiner and was very fit. My dark hair, dark eyes, bronzed skin…Hell, even I could have been into me. I wasn't huge in the downstairs depart (still not), but I wasn't entirely unfortunate either.

My lovers have always left satisfied. My dick was circumcised, but not perfectly. A little extra skin had been left behind on the bottom side. It caused my soft dick to sometimes appear to be rolled up. Rhett was 5 feet tall, slender build. He was smallish guy and his package matched up. It was uncut.

It had a dusting of hair just above where his body joined his boyhood, but otherwise he was entirely hairless. He had an entirely fuckable bubble butt. Sometimes he shaved. I loved that. He was a blonde haired, blue eyed beauty with fair skin, a button nose, and a kissable mouth. Leslie was a cutie. She had only the slightest of rises on her chest where her breasts would one day be.

She was a little taller than Rhett, pencil thin, red haired, green eyed, and a very creative, highly intelligent, completely dirty mind. She and Rhett had connected at the school's poetry club and quickly realized they had the same love in authors, porn, and erotica. When Leslie walked through the door, she quickly made her intentions known by throwing off her clothes.

She revealed her bald pussy and slender ass almost as soon as she walked in the door when Rhett let her in. She threw her bag at me and said, "Get the lube, I want to start by having you deflower me." "Deflower you?" I asked. "Yes…don't act so surprised, just because I give a great blowjob and you've heard my ass is awesome doesn't mean I've given up my pussy so easy." I was a 16-year-old boy and not a dumb one.

I started stripping as we walked to my parent's bedroom. "Lay down" she said, "I'm going to get on top, so I can ease myself down." I asked, "Don't we need a condom?" She said, "It's my first time, I want the full experience. My period just ended. I think we will be okay." Again, no argument from me. I teacher and student xxxz story down on the bed and noticed Rhett was holding a camera.

"Rhett, that isn't a good idea, bud." I said.

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"If anyone ever finds that we'd both be fucked." Rhett replied, "It was Leslie's idea, she wants this weekend documented. It will go with her when we are done. No worries big brother!" I shut up and let Leslie do her work. Leslie got down between my legs and licked the length of my cock with her tongue.

The feelings in my body were pure electricity. She licked down to my balls and sucked on each one in turn, then she went back to the head of my cock and swirled her tongue around on it. From the corner of my eye I spied Rhett take his shirt off and reach down in his shorts.

This scene was hot, and it was turning on even the gay boy! She was making sure to get me as hard as possible.

She stopped with the blowjob and sat up. She grabbed the lube from my hand and applied it first to me, then to herself. She then centered herself over ginger teen what a mess you made hard boyhood and began to lower herself.

She used her hands to pull her pussy open to receive my dick. It was a tight fit even though I wasn't huge. She pushed and pushed and then, suddenly, the head popped in. Leslie gasped, closed her eyes, and waited a moment… She then opened her eyes, made eye contact with me and began to push.

It wasn't long before we came to another barrier. I knew this was her cherry. I had been with virgins before, but never one that had still had their cherry. In Texas, between tampons, saddles, and horny cousins you were lucky to still have your cherry by the time you got to Junior High, much less High School.

Leslie bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes tight, and jammed herself down. First a squeal and then a grunt and she had me balls deep inside of her.

She didn't say anything for a solid 30 seconds. Neither of us moved.

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Then finally she said, "Wow, that wasn't as bad as I was imagining. Ok, I'm going to set a pace." She began to work her body up and down my shaft at a medium rhythm. Rhett was faithfully filming with the camera in his left, and his boyhood in his right jacking off.

Leslie continued on steady for a good while.

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I prided myself on stamina and making sure my partners always came before I did, but she was giving me a run for my money. Suddenly, she stood up.

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My penis fell out of her. I can't deny I was frustrated for a moment. She flopped down on her back beside me. "Ok, you're turn on top. My legs were starting to cramp." I smiled and got on top of her.

I was in a fog of heat. I kept my body close to hers, one arm under her wrapping around her shoulder and the other hand on her face stroking her. I was so in love at that moment. Leslie was getting more into it, I could feel it. She was moaning and moaning. I was oblivious to the world and so I had not noticed that Rhett was not holding the camera and had sat it on the side table.

I didn't notice that he had gotten on the bed beside me. I sure as hell noticed when I felt his cock push through my back door! This was a brand-new sensation for me. While I had sucked lots of dick and had most certainly fucked my share of hairless pre-teen and teen asses growing up, I had never allowed anyone to take me that way. At this moment, I realized what I had been missing! It was fucking smoll boy and mom story. When Leslie opened her eyes a minute later and saw what was happening, she immediately came and hard.

Watching her was too much for me. I pushed in hard and blew my load deep inside of her grunting and groaning all along. Rhett was not far behind pushing hard once, twice, and then leaving me filled with his precious, tasty seed.

The only thing I was disappointed in was that I hadn't got to suck his cock yet. I loved how he tasted and there was zero chance I was doing it now that he had fucked my ass! Not at least until he had a shower!

And that is exactly what happened. We hit the shower together.

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We all sucked each other, played with Leslie, fucked each other, and made it last all night. I lost count of cumming at 4 times. That was certainly the most I ever had. Leslie had numerous times. Rhett had cum at least 3 times himself. All in all, everyone was satisfied and happy. To be honest, the sex wasn't even the best part. It was cuddling each other naked the next morning. Lightly kissing each other, we talked about what we had done, our dreams for life, the brilliance of Neil Gaiman, and all the other sort of cindy starfall the janitors closet ii that teenagers will gossip on.

Leslie left, we cleaned up, and life returned to normal the next Monday… Two months later I walked in the house after school. I didn't hear the normal sounds of family life. What I heard instead was the sounds of someone getting hit with a belt, Rhett screaming, and Joy yelling at him.

Rhett screamed, "You're killing me, Mother! Please stop!" "Don't call me Mother you damned faggot!" Joy said to him. I ran upstairs hearing the commotion. I walked in Rhett's bedroom to see him naked and Joy swinging at him with the belt. He was trying his best to avoid it, but she had clearly hit him several times. He was bleeding, bruised, and crying. Upon seeing me, Joy turned to me swinging the belt. "And you! You're a pervert, too!

You're probably the one that turned my little boy! As she swung at me I let the belt hit me, grabbed it, yanked it from her hands, reached up, grabbed her by the neck and threw her on the bed. I then used the belt to bind her hands, rolled her over, and screamed… "WHAT IN THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE YOU GOD DAMNED BITCH!" She was reduced to tears by my use of force and was mumbling but was mostly undeterred. "How… how dare you… lay britney amber enjoys a nice hard pecker hand on me… you filthy" she stuttered.

I punched her in the mouth causing her to bleed and stunning her. Damn it felt good to do that! Rhett had finally regained his composure and filled me in. "Christian they found the video… Leslie is pregnant. Her Dad freaked out and searched her room. He found the camera. He saw… all of it and gave a copy to Mom. They're both on the personnel committee at Church…" I considered my options silently, then turned and punched Joy in the face one more time and made sure she was out for a while.

"Grab a bag, Rhett, we can't stay here tonight. Dad will know what we should do. Let's go get a motel room the next town over and we will give him a call. (Let me know if you like. If so, there may be a part 2!)