Bootylicious jenny receives a messy facial cumshots and big tits

Bootylicious jenny receives a messy facial cumshots and big tits
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I stood up panting, my hands shaking and my whole body sweating. No, it wasn't a nightmare; but it has shook me nonetheless. I looked around for my water bottle and found it.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp! The water slid down my throat into my stomach, relaxing my nerves and clearing my head. It was just a dream, Tom. Just a dream. I tried to calm myself down. But i knew, it was not JUST a dream. I've been obsessed with Sam's girlfriend for a while. Dreaming about ravaging her naked body and fucking her brains out was a recurring thing now.

Sam's my best friend and Sally is his girlfriend of 6 years. Please, don't get me wrong i love Sam; he's my best friend since decades. And i hate that i feel this way for her girl. He loves her a lot, I've seen it when they're together. But what I've seen more is Sally, the way Sally's hair flow over her shoulders, the way her lips curl up when she smiles, The way her ample bosom sticks out of her chest and the way her juicy round plum ass bounces sideways when she walks.

Oh please, i am not in love with her, I am sure of that. My girlfriend Anny makes sure of that. I love her. But Sally, something animalistic inside me awakes at her sight, the moment i see her, half of my mind is imagining different ways to tear her clothes apart and devour her naked beauty, to rub my body against her and to fuck her senseless into the night, to claw at her breasts and chew her lips till they bleed.

Oh god how i wanted to fuck her!

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I've never wanted anything so bad. Anny moaned and moved around sleepily besides me, breaking my chain of horny thoughts. She yawned and turned to the other side, her butt protruding outwards at me, those bums held together by a pair of thin flimsy panties.

Well this ain't Sally, but something would have to do. I need something to get rid of the raging hard-on i had, thanks to Sally's images flashing before my eyes. I slipped out of my boxers and t-shirt and slipped inside the sheets, spooning Anny from behind.

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I started kissing her neck and licking it, tasting her, she moaned unconsciously, still asleep. I started moving my hand on her stomach, going downwards towards her navel and towards her pussy while eating her right earlobe.

That woke her up; She giggled and tried to resist my attempts halfheartedly, trying to push my hands away, but lust had overcome me and all her attempts were futile as I found her snatch and pushed two fingers inside. She gasped and moaned, moving her pelvis so that my fingers drove even deep inside of her. I could feel her warm insides as i started fingering her, she moved her lips closer to mine and kissed me.

I moaned into her mouth and started kissing her back, exchanging saliva and rubbing tongues with her. "Mmmm! Ohh! Ouch! What has gotten into you so late Tom?", she whispered in between smooches and i smothered her and climbed upon her. "Just the sight of your panty clad bottom made me so hard, Tom junior wants a taste of what's down there." I barked as i pulled her panties down and rubbed my tool on her entrance.

she gasped and started breathing rapidly as i pushed it inside her, slowly rubbing against her vaginal walls, separating them, digging it's way inside. She bit her lower lip and looked into my eyes. Her eyes crazed with lust. Her nipples poking upwards through her thin t-shirt.

But all i could see was Sally. Sally flattened out under me as i pushed Tom junior inside her pussy. Sally's nipples poking out at me. Sally's stomach and belly button glistening with sweat. "OMG! I wanna fuck you senseless !! Unngh!", I shouted as i pushed it inside Anny in a single blow, making her squeal and cry, "Yes, Unngh!?" But i couldn't see Anny as i was pistoning away inside her pussy furiously with my eyes clenched closed as I imagined Sally shaking like a rag doll beneath me.

I continued to pound away, my balls slapping on her ass. My tool expanding her pussy and rubbing dika tous png sex story her walls, getting soaked in her fluids and feeling her heat. I could hear her moans but I dare not open my eyes as I would then know it wasn't Sally but Anny below me, lying naked and getting fucked like a whore.

"Ungh! Ungh! Oh! Aah! Mmm!", She moaned in pleasure beneath me, forgetting my mistake in the moment. Moving to and for along my thrusts and holding my sides for support.

"Yes baby!, Yes, feel it. You're meant to be fucked like that! Unngh! Unngh! Unngh!" I whisphered as I continued to fuck her pussy raw. "Oh!

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My god! Unngh! I'm cumming Tom.

I'm cumming!", Anny screamed. "Unnnghh, I'm cumming too Sally, I'm cumming inside you! Take it! Unngh!", I screamed as I could feel it moving upwards from my balls and towards my piss hole.

I clenched Anny's boobs and squeezed them hard, making her squeal as i pumped inside her. Creaming her walls with my semen. I pumped one, two, three, four shots inside her pussy before I was empty. Feeling her heat and wetness.

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Then i crashed on her, kissing her nipples while my dick deflated inside her slowly. "Did you just call me Sally, you asshole?" To be Continued.