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Horny sweet chick taylor reed loves a hard dick
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Journal entry number 6437. Month is July.I think. Date is.hell I don't know. Tuesday…yeah Tuesday. Year 2579, My life is chaotic still. I've survived another call up to the Arena.

No thanks to the damn fool who they put in my cell. Some kid named Jack Bulkins. He is a tall son of a bitch I'll give him that. But here size gets you marked.

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He been around for a week and survived the Arena. Thanks to yours truly, I kept him from getting beat in by Dinkerman on his first day.

Mostly because I didn't want my cell covered in blood. He looks like a bleeder to me. Ever since I convinced Dinkermen from smashing his face in the kid been hanging around me like a hang nail yo. He's just as annoying too. Clumsy bastard he damn near broke my video journal last time he used it. All he did was whine about being railroaded by the justice system. News flash kid life ain't fair. See me I was rounded up for human smuggling. Sure it bbc makes her cum hard bad but I wasn't your regular smuggler.

I didn't beat people or rape anyone while I was transporting them from A to B. I'm a kind soul at heart really besides you get more business if your kind to them and that ment more credits. See I had the whole smuggling business down to a fine art.

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I only grab the people that had the cash in hand. Took care of them even gave them food and water as we tracked the desserts of Texas to the golden country of Mexico. Oh yeah things changed people now flock from America to Mexico in droves. Since the three of the most biggest Corporations bought out the USA back in the big dip of 2050 life in America been shit. The rich get richer and deader quick. While the poor get stuck with a long life of struggle and sickness.

Anyways the rich payed me to smuggle them out of the crap hole of America to Mexico. At least there you get a fighting chance. Well sort of if you have credit to spend you can make it anywhere except America that is. See I had a plan reach my goal of 50,000 credit and retire. It be a long time since I sex xxx story com sun music to retire seeing as I only charge 300 credit a trip.

I eventually made it though. Only I got caught up by some Mexican border patrol. I was handed over to the justice system along with my passengers. Justice used lightly of course. You get enough parking tickets and you get sent to the Arena. It's all in the name of profit. I understand I'm a business man myself so naturally I didn't fight it when the judge sentenced me to the Arena.

Hell I get payed more credit to kill people then what I was making outside the Arena. *** "Hey Charlie I'm going to the credit hall ok?" I told him while I tried to leave the cell. He was busy using the video journal anyways. He taught me a lot about life in the Arena.

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He told me gangs here don't matter seeing as you might be paired up with a rival banger in the pit. The pit that's what the main stage of the Arena is called. See the Arena is three different areas.

You have the habitable zones that's where we are all packed into in small cells. It's no picnic here while gangs aren't respected in the pit here in the habitable zone it does. Then you have the credit hall. A huge guarded weapon and armor market. You can get all kinds of perks there too if you have the credit. You can't really get your weapon or body armor and take them back to the habitable zones for mom son bmom son bed xxxed reasons.

They just mark down what you bought with your credits and give you your equipment once your in the lift to the pit. I was going to get a new gun and trade in my 22 handgun. The piece of shit jammed on me last time I was up on the Arena. Nearly got me and Charlie killed. I'm not going to let that happen again. Hopefully I can get a sub gun or something that won't jam on me. Oh yeah the third area is the spector. No one knows what's going on in spector area you just know you don't want to go there.

Everyone who gets called to spector never comes back. Sure you have your regular gossip and rumors about that place. My favorite one is that spector is where the mega rich live running the whole damn Arena living in the lap of luxury.

My not so favorite one is that's it's a experimental hospital where they turn you into horrible disfigured mutants. Survivors of the gauntlet said they seen them hordes of roving mutated freaks chasing you down and eating you alive. Of course that's a lie. I seen the Arena plenty of times and never once was a mutant ever on screen.

You do get to see cannibalistic starving people hunt and kill prisoners but that's just part of the pit. The way survivors discribe hidden areas of the gauntlet that's never shown on the tv show…I just know I don't want to find out.

"Hey shorty!" Jerome called out for me. "Hey Jerome what's up?" I asked him. Jerome is the only other person I seen so far that's just as tall as me so he likes to give me nicknames sometimes. "Yo, young buck. I just wanted to say thanks for you know saving my ass up in the pit." He told me as we walked to the credit hall. Jerome was a tall black guy short dark hair and wore a basket ball jersey with some baggy jean shorts.

Some ancient shoe brand called Air Jordens I think. I don't know what they are but they sure are ugly shoes. Like a paint store threw up on them. "No, I didn't do anything its Charlie who saved your life." I said while scratching the back of my ear. See every prisoner gets a implant that marks where they are who they are. For security reasons I'm sure although I don't sexy redhead wife loves that big black cock #12 eln tube porn so secure with it mvk75439alan stafford nails cheating bride nicole aniston me.

"Yeah you're right, but still he wouldn't have shot the guy if it wasn't for you scaring him into shooting." He said with a big smile. Jerome was a nice guy really I have no clue what got him sent here. He only been around for a month and up in the pit twice. "What ya getting in the credit hall?" I asked while checking out some of the fine females on the way to the credit hall.

"Me? I killed two people so I'm getting a weapon." "You don't have a gun or blade?" I asked him. Now that I think about it I haven't seen him ever with a gun in his hand or knife. "No I never needed one. On my first trip to the pit I got lucky and was sent with Dinkerman. So he did most 2019 sister and brother sexxce come killing I just hid in a building in the metro." "So you got no credit huh?" I asked knowing the answer was a hell yeah.

"Hells yeah I did get credit. I hid in that building. Never said I didn't kill anybody. I got a small girl couldn't be more then 20. I snuck up behind her smashed her face into the wall and choked her out cold. To make sure she died I stomped on her neck until I heard it snap." "What the fuck man that's cold." I said as the thought of Paulina came into my mind.

I don't know why I thought Paulina was the chick Jerome killed but I couldn't help but smile as I thought about her lifeless in a cold room. We got to the credit hall and it was huge. A solid brown building five levels high. In it you saw every type of person imaginable. All cramming into the building to get things from the different stores.

"Yeah man you get payed more for being extra brutal. I guess Charlie didn't tell you that. I'm not surprised he doesn't have much style but he gets the kills." Jerome said while looking over a holographic design of some type of military assault rifle.

"Yeah Charlie told me the best way to stay alive and get payed is to be efficient and effective with the kills." I said while a some one bumped into me. Shit it was the Amazonian woman from the pit. Just my luck running into her.

I hope she isn't too mad about the huge knot on her head. sex stories mom play boy hot you, come here." She told me while she dragged me off into a less crowded store. From what I could tell this place is some type of building with…doors lots and lots of doors. "Fifteen minutes." she said to the old person behind the counter.

"He shouldn't last that long but I can't buy it any cheaper." The old man chuckled while I was trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. Was she dragging me to a room to beat the living shit out of me? Crap I was half scared of my mind. I never met a woman as tall and built like her.

Her bronze skin was tight around her exposed core she even had abs and small shoulder muscles. Her dingy halter top didn't leave much to the imagination. I can clearly see her huge pointy nipples under her the thin material. She obviously didn't believe in bras. She wore some tight shorts they didn't look like they even fit her tone leg. I swear she looked like she could snap a walnut with her thighs.

She had a nice ass though very round and plump. Crap what am I doing checking out the same chick who is probably going to kill me.

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Once we got into the hall way she entered a room while she dragged me by my collar. She pushed me onto the floor and stood over me. "Get up and drop 'em." She told me, I just noticed she had a smooth Brazilian accent.

"Drop what?" I said as I slowly got up. She looked at me with the most stupidest look on her face like I'm the most stupid man in the world. "Don't play around I only got fifteen minutes." She said while she pushed me onto the bed.

The bed was surprisingly springy a bit hard and crusty but that's because of the dry blood on the bed. Shit that's dry blood what the fuck is she going to do to me? She started to unbuttoned my jeans and fished for my dick. Holy fuck is she going to suck my dick or rape me with my own cock?

My head was swimming with scenarios of what was going to happen when I felt something warm surround my dick. Now I'm not going to embellish and say I have some sort of monster 10 inch dick but I had a nice size. Well the biggest I seen and I sex student penny pax fucked in ass hole by dean see lots of dicks and didn't have a ruler, but when fully enlarged my dick was a bit longer then my middle finger and about twice as thick.

And boy was it getting hard. She began sucking on the head her tounge slithering into the slit on the tip. Holy shit I had no idea a blow job was so fucking good. My hand instinctively went to the top of her head and began to push her head down. As my cock began to be swallowed by her eager and skilled mouth I leaned back on my elbow. She slowly made her way back up after taking half of my dick into her mouth.

Her tounge slowly wrapping itself around my cock as she came up for some air. Taking my cock out of her mouth with a slight popping sound she began kissing the head and then decided to deep throat. My cock began to throb as I felt her throat muscles begin to relax and allow my dick to enter her esophagus.

Just as I thought it couldn't get any better she grabbed my balls and began to message them gently in her hands. Then I felt her tounge lick at my balls as my dick was completely inside her mouth.

I lost it and felt my balls tingle as they condensed and began to release a my nut. She didn't miss a beat she slowly raised her head while still managing to swollow up every drop of nut giving my balls a gentle big ass milf mouth jizzed hardcore and big butt and light twist as if to get every last drop of nut out.of me.

I was exhausted and speechless laying on my back in the disgusting bed. I couldn't believe it I went from being a clumsy loser waste of space to killing a man and now getting blow jobs by a Brazilian amazon. She got up and picked me up by my shirt lifting me up off the bed and giving me a hard but passionate kiss. She had a salty taste and creamy tounge…wait what the fuck is that my sperm on her…OH GROSS! I tried to break off the kiss but to tell you the truth I couldn't.

For one she was stronger then me and secondly she might kill me if I do. Finally she broke the kiss off and looked at me with sultry eyes. "Just wanted to say thanks for not killing me and wanted to pay you back for making me into a unicorn looking bitch." She said then kneed me right in my balls.

I doubled over in pain after my knees hit the ground. "If I ever see you in the pit again I'll kill you." She said with so much hate in her voice I believed her. She stomped on my back and walked out the room. I was never more turned on and terrified in my life. I waited a couple of minutes for her to leave and got myself back up.

I tried to not even look at the old man on the way out. I spotted Jerome coming out a shop and made my way to him. "Where you go to little man?" He said to me, I wasn't sure if I should tell him I was busy getting my ass beat by a chick who ended up giving me my first blow job ever.

"Getting some head." I said trying not to sound like I was bragging too much but wanted to sound a little bit like a brag. "Idiot don't waste your credit on a whore." Jerome told me while he pointed at a few sketchy women I didn't notice in front of the building I was just at. "No I didn't pay her she did it for free." I said with a smug smile on my face. "Oh really?

You telling me some bitch just picked you out the street and blew you?" Jerome said with a lot of disbelief in his voice. "Yeah why not? I'm a bit of a legend back in my home town." I said while I hoped he didn't smell the nut on my breath that still lingered from the kiss. "Whatever kid look at what I brought with my credit." Jerome then pulled me along to look at his new weapon still in the display case.

A machete flat blunt looking and a bit rusty on the hilt. "You can't be serious that thing? It looks like you won't get more then a few slices out that thing before it breaks apart." I told him as I looked at the hunk of metal. "That's the point genius. I plan to have it brake off in somebody's body have blood spraying and covering the pit. I should get lots of credit with that then I have these." He pointed at a pair of spiked brass knuckles. "You plan to get close to them to even use them?

You know everyone has guns right?" I asked him. "Guns? You're kidding me right? Everyone knows a gun runs about 500 credit for a piece of shit gun then you have to buy the bullets that's another hundred per clip." He said as we walked over to the gun selection. All of them holograms of course the real guns were locked away at the pit. "Shit for real?

Damn the hell can I get with my credit?" I asked knowing I only had 229 credit. "Depends on what you got you can get some brass knuckles for 300 or a rusty machete for 250." The store salesman told me from behind the counter giving me a classic cheesy smile.

You know the kind of smile people give you when they're about to rip you off. "I don't have that much…" I said while I looked around.

Only to see everything in that room was out of my price range. Crap I couldn't even by a kitchen knife just my luck. "Don't worry small stuff let's go to the scrap heap." Jerome said as we walked out the shop. Charlie told me about the scrap before it's a garbage dump where you can find and make different types of weapons.

You can make a home made gun if you know what your doing. When Jerome and I got there it was awe inspiring at least a few hounded yards of garbage piled a few thousand feet high. Dozens of people walking around searching for different components to make weapons. "Yeah you can get all you can carry for just about twenty credits. I'm going to find different junk to upgrade my weapons." Jerome said as he walked over to a security bot. These things are twelve foot tall robots that are armed with twin Gatling guns.

I guess they figured robots are harder to corrupt then a human guard. The bot then scanned him up and down gave him a green light and the doors were opened. The smell of dead and rotting garbage filled the air. I went next and the bot then gave me a green light and I marched into this testament of human waste. Literally there was dead bodies piled next to the junk. "Scavangers," Jerome said who came up next to me.

"Believe it or not they say there's a scavangers camp up on top of this heap of trash. Somtimes they dig so much they fall threw straight into the pit of the pit." I believed him some of these bodies were mutated and half torn probably from the fall. I saw a few people had their shirts over their face to cover the smell.

I did the same rather smell my own b.o. then a dead body. That just made me realize I haven't showered in days. After a hour of searching threw the scrap and getting cuts all over my hands Pussy ramming for a black floozy hardcore blowjob found a nice sharp piece of metal that seemed durable along with a half decent baseball bat.

"A club with a pointy end smart choice. See what I found?" Jerome asked as he held up the most horrible smelling sack up to my face. "What the fuck is that?" I asked thinking it's a sack of shit. "Its a sack of shit. I'm going to make a few grenades with this crap here." I look at him dumbfounded like he lost it. Poor Jerome the fumes must've gotten to his head. "How exactly is that?" I asked not really wanting to find out. "Well here we have the man himself." Jerome said as he went up to a man with a gas mask over his face.

"How's it going my man? Got some grade "A" shit for you." The man took the sack and threw it up into a large cart. Then he stamped Jerome hand and kept pushing the cart. "See if we help clean we get rewarded some people just stay here cleaning house literally until they are called up into the Arena." Jerome said as he pointed to a sack he stashed up inside of what used to be a tire.

"I got that one for you hurry up give it to the cleaner." Jerome said as he handed me the stinking foul smelling sack and I handed it to the man. He flung the bag over his shoulder and into the cart.

He stamped my hand and went on his way. "Two grenades per stamp, " Jerome told me as we made our way to the exit. "but don't think that coming here hunting for shit and a basic weapon will help you out.

These fumes will kill you if not the cuts and infections will." "Believe me I am not trying to stay here longer then I have to." I said and lined up with the others. The line was filled with prisoners with a arm full of scrap. They dump it gets shifted around by a bot then stored they make the weapon or improve something in there arsenal then scanned to make sure they didn't stash anything up. One idiot did the bot then burned the man alive with two puffs of flame thrower he rolled on the ground trying to snuff out the flames.

Only to roll on broken glass and sharp shards of metal. The crowd just kept moving as if nothing happned while a cleaner came by and swept the body into his cart. I was up next and I placed my stuff there on the tray. mia khalifa pron 2019 2020 bat…blade of sharpen metal.

What is your purpose with these items." The bot said not asked in a cold mechanical voice. "Make them into a weapon?" I said my voice shaky with nervousness. "Combination." The bot said then I saw on a screen two different way the things combined.

One was a slight bent to the blad that was embedded into the bat. The other had the blade carved into one side of the bat leaving the bat with a blunt and a sharp edge. I picked the second then I left the line and was scanned. "Two grenades." Said the bot then opened the door.

I waited for Jerome to come and he came with a smile on his face. "I have eight vouchers that's a shit ton of grenades." Jerome said lighting a cigarette. "I can't wait to get back up there it'll be really nasty." Jerome said with a puff of smoke seeping teen beauty jessie wylde gets her pussy pleasured his lips.

Yeah I hope so I thought to myself I now have a decent weapon and that gun may not shoot but I can fix it I hope.