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Massagecreep gigi rivera creep masseuse fondles booty latina
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After School Chapter 1 As the bell continues to ring, I hear "Mr Gates" from over my shoulder. "A moment please." My least favorite teacher, Mr Hill, beckons. As my fellow students exit the classroom, I reluctantly walk over to Mr Hill or Miss Hill as we refer to him in the locker room. Closing the door behind the last student, he starts, "Mr Gates, your classroom performance, rather nonperformance, is about to take you off the field.

If you don't pass the test this Friday, you're done for the season." I was rachel likes sex after a hard days work taken aback I didn't know what to say. "It must really be dreadful to let down your teammates, coaches and friends like that." "I'm not putting money on you passing that test." he continued. Deep down, I knew he was right. I hadn't put any effort into the class and it was about to bite me in the ass.

"What about extra credit?

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I'll do whatever you ask, Mr Hill." I pleaded. "Hmmm, extra credit. That's an intriguing idea, Mr Hill." he said. "I certainly don't want to knock you out of the game but we do need to deal with your situation in my class." he continued.

"Anything! I'll do whatever it takes. Please don't fail me." I begged. The rumor around school was that Mr Hill was gay.

Despite the snickering the rumor provided, I was always a bit curious about if it was true or not. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about sex with a man. In fact I had jacked off thinking about it. A few years back, after learning my cock did more then just pee, I had jacked off with a buddy. Man, it was hot. I was mesmerized by my friends cock. I wanted to touch it, feel it and taste it. Fear got the best of me though.

Unfortunately, we never did it again. I took a deep breath, thought to myself, "Here goes." I walked up to Mr Hill, got well into his personal space and "Anything". Taken aback but recognizing a fine opportunity, "Anything?" he asked. "Yes, Mr Hill, anything." Now my cock was getting hard. He reached around, grabbed my ass and pulled me closer.

Embracing each other, I started rubbing my crotch against his thigh. I could feel his hard cock now and it turned me on even more. Our mouths met, gently at first then our tongues danced together. That classroom was heating up fast.

My hand searched for his cock, feeling it straining against his wool slacks. It felt so hard in my hand. Breaking out of the embrace, "Is that what you want boy?" he leered. "Yes" I shyly replied. Jerking my head back by a handful of hair, "Yes, what?" he demanded. With his hands pushing down on my shoulders, I replied "Yes sir." as I went to my knees.

Being eye level with his crotch fired my passion. "You know what do." Mr Gates pointed out. I had always enjoyed pussy but this had me hotter then anything I'd ever done with chick. I unsnapped his trouser button and unzipped his fly. His cock strained against black boxers, eager to be released from it's confines.

Leaning up from his desk to allow his trousers to be slid down, I take both the pants and underwear and slide them down to his ankles. His cock now bounces free. I admire it, the purple head, the long shaft, the shaved balls.

Starting with little flicks of my tongue on his cock head, I pump the shaft with my hand. "That's it boy, suck that cock. You like that don't you? asks Mr Hill. "Yes sir!" I answer quickly before resuming my task. "I think you're a little cocksucker, Gates." Upon hearing "cocksucker" I now attacked this fine cock. I took as much of it as I could in my mouth. "Tell me what you are Gates." A cocksucker, sir" I replied quickly, before returning to sucking his cock. Thinking of all the things he was going to do to this student, Mr Hill grabbed his pupils head and started to fuck the young student's hungry mouth.

After fucking my face for several delightful minutes, Mr Hill pulled me off his cock. "Let's cute danis pussy gets rammed hard by her hunk lover pornstars and hardcore to my office." he said, pulling his pants up.

Fortunately his office adjoined the classroom. As he shut and locked the door behind us, he ordered me to strip as he was doing as well. We plopped down a small leather love seat. We embraced again, our hands pumping each others cocks.

As the pace picked up, I was getting closer to cumming. Sensing this, Mr Hill whispered in my ear, "You don't cum until I tell you you can." "Yes sir." I replied weakly. "Now suck my cock boy." he demanded, pushing me off the love seat, onto my knees. I attacked his wonderful man meat with a vengeance. I couldn't get enough, taking it all, his pubes tickling my nose.

"Thatta boy." he encouraged, "Don't forget my balls." I moved down to his cum filled balls, licking them, and then sucking each one into my mouth, savoring the taste. "Stand up" he gently asked.

After following his wishes, he took my cock into his mouth. I almost came the second he touched it. Mr Hill gave it a good tongue lashing, licking, teasing and sucking my cock expertly.

It was better then any BJ I had ever had from a chick. With both hands on my ass, I felt some fingers getting closer to my asshole. I put one foot up on the love seat to give him better access. "Boy, you keep that up and you're going to get fucked." he warned. "Yes sir." I replied. He continues with the cock sucking, driving me almost to the brink.

"I want you to come for me." he said going back down on my cock. Wetting a finger, he started fingering my ass a little bit. As I start to cum, he slides a finger hot blonde savana styles fucked by black cock the hilt. This sends me to the stratosphere as I pump load after load of cum into Mr Hill's hungry mouth, almost choking him.

The finger fuck is prevents me from going limp. After sucking out the last drop, he kisses me, my tongue eager to taste the cum, my cum. He asks me, "Ready to be fucked?". "Yes sir." I reply, panting, turned on but a bit scared of the thought of his big cock in my tiny ass. Taking his keys from his trousers, he opens a locked drawer in his desk and takes out a bottle of lube. I wonder is I'm his first student he's had. After bending me over the love seat, Mr Hill lubes up my ass and starts to finger fuck it again.

I push back on his hand. Hearing my moans of pleasure he works in a second finger. As if I had been challenged, I push back harder on his hand, loving the additional digit in my soon to be fucked ass. My head is filled with thoughts of his cock fucking me, taking my virgin ass.

Adding some more lube to my ass, he continues the assault adding a welcomed third finger. "What do you want boy?" he inquires. "I want you to fuck me. fuck me hard!" I beg. My teacher sits down in the love seat, motioning for me to straddle him. I lower my ass to his hard cock, wanting to be impaled by it.

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"Have you done this before?" he asks. "No sir." "Then slow down. We don't want you hurt." He works his cock head into my anus, At first it hurts. He doesn't go any further til my ass adjusts. As the pain gives way to pleasure, I lower myself further onto his cock. It feels so good, I don't want it to stop. He pumps my cock slowly, as I work more cock into my no longer virgin ass.

The more I get, the more I want. Sensing my joy, "You like that?

You like getting fucked?" he inquires. "Yes sir!" I almost scream.

"Remember where we are." he reminds me. After riding about half his cock, I raise up and impale myself on the whole thing. His cock feels so good. After riding him like a cowboy, he stops my joy ride. "Get off me." he orders. Sensing my disappointment, "I'm not done with you. I want you from behind." he says. "Yes sir" I respond happily as I climb off his wonderful hot cock and bend over the arm of the love seat to be pounded by my now favorite teacher.

He reenters my fuck hole with little effort. My moans convey my pleasure of getting my ass fucked, fucked good. This draws a scolding and a slap on the ass, reminding me to check my volume. At blonde and black hair alyssa gets her way with daddys comrade he starts with slow, shallow strokes, almost teasing me.

After a short while, I push back on his cock, wanting more. To the hilt it goes! I almost come, spilling a few drops of cum on the love seat. He continues now with long, deep slow strokes. My head swims, enjoying the pleasure Mr Hill is giving me. He picks up the pace, much to my liking. "Like that boy?" he asks, pounding away on me. "Yyyyyes siiiir." I stammer, barley able to get the words out.

"I want you to come with me." he shares, "Get ready." As I hear him start to cum and pump his hot man juice into me, I pump several hot loads out of my cock, loving the thought of him cumming in me. After we collapse in heap on the love seat, we embrace, both out of breath. "Man, that was hot.

I haven't had that much fun in a long time. You may just pass my class." he says. I respond "May?" Mr Hill answers, "I think some more "extra credit" is order. Don't you agree?" "Extra credit? I pause, "Hell yeah! Lots of extra credit.