Kelly nasty babe sucked cock deep in her throat penetration and brunette

Kelly nasty babe sucked cock deep in her throat penetration and brunette
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Two naked bodies' caress&hellip. I on top and you below. Your dick is hard and I long for it&hellip.

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My pussy; wet, dripping with liquids of passion. I sit down on you and I feel it touch the spot.

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I scream out loud, your name, cause the feeling, I can't contain. You throw me to the bed and then&hellip.

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I spread my legs. You drive your dick into me and I grab the sheets, Only to realize my hands are shaking&hellip. You thrust into me, all nine inches in.

You bend me over, and then kiss my lips. You start going faster again.

The sun is set and night has come But we aren't through as yet&hellip. You turn me over for more fun And propel your dick back in.

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You feel an orgasm rushing through But promise never to stop. This love we have, we can't contain.

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As our passion began to rise, All repulsion that we have felt before Is lost in the darkness&hellip. Our lives we made as one that night As our feelings slowly settle My body begins to shake and yours also trembles.

As in unison our orgasms again rise and then subside, We collapses unto the bed, and cuddle through the night. You take my hand and kiss it, and place a little ring So we'll live together forever more, to love and to hold as one&hellip.