Brunette lets bfs best friend anal fuck her

Brunette lets bfs best friend anal fuck her
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I sat on the big leather sofa in the living room of my apartment. When I say my apartment, I mean mine and my three roommates, who so happen to be my three closest friends. My best friend holly was sitting on the other side of the sofa with her feet on my lap, she sighed looking up at the ceiling as she hugged one of the fluffy red sofa pillows. "Are you sure I can't get you to come to the party?" holly asked me her eyes pleading. "I'm really not up to it today" I shrugged.

"but I feel really bad leaving you here on your own when us lot are all going to be out" she said with a sad smile. "I'm only going to be on my own for like an hour before Carl finishes work" I informed her. "Yeah but you should come out and enjoy yourself for once" she said looking concerned.

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"I'd much prefer some quite alone time if I'm honest" I said. Her phone buzzed, we both looked down at the name. "Ride is here!" she shouted to Conner who was in the bathroom. "Coming!" he shouted back. Holly swung her legs off the sofa and slid them into her black killer heels before chucking the sofa pillow at me.

"don't enjoy yourself to much without me" she said with a small smile. "I won't" I said. "okay lets go" said Conner coming out of the bathroom his hair spiked up. "okay, lets go" she said, getting up but hesitating at the doorway. "Are you sure you don't want to come to the party?" she asks looking back at me. "I'm positive, go have a good time and make sure you bring conner home with you" I said forcing a smile onto my face.

Our gay roommate had a tendency to go home with random guys whenever he when to a party. "I'll try" she laughed milf and teen make out and had some sex said he's going to come back at about 10:30 anyway then he'll head over.

So if you change your mind" "I won't" I said. "I wish you would" she said pulling a crying face. "byee" I said. "byee" they both shouted back. The door clicked shut. I smiled feeling happy to have the place to myself for once. I got off the sofa and start to run myself a bath. Going into my room to grab my hair brush and bath boom while the water filled up, I took off my makeup and took off all my clothes before wondering back into the bathroom.

I didn't lock the door due to the lock having been broken over a year due to a drunken Halloween party. I turn the taps off before chucking in the bath boom with a loud plunk, it fizzed letting a beautiful rose and strawberry smell fill the air.

Rose petals appearing in the water from the bath boom. I put my feet in before easing into the warm water. It felt nice to soak in the water in complete silence for a change. I let my hair sink into the water, my ears defend by the water. I closed my eyes letting the water absorb me. I didn't know how long I had stayed like that, but the water become cold and no longer gave me the same relaxing feeling it had done when entering.

I quickly washed my hair and shaved my legs before squeezing my hair out. Lifting out the plug I let the water disappear. I looked over my naked body in the floor to wall length mirror. I was tall and cuvee with an hour glass body shape, my arse plump and heart shaped and was defiantly sexy. My nipples had gone hard due to the cold of the bath and made me feel horny, although I didn't think much of my boobs there was at least a good handful. My hair was black and red and contrasted my pale skin.

I rubbed my hands over my boobs and my arse, feeling increasingly a horny milf diamond foxx heated threesome with teen couple. I decided to go back to my room to play with myself with my vibrater. I opened the door from the bathroom and headed out into the living room toward my bedroom. But I only reached half way across the living room when a creek on the floor boards stopped me on my tracks.

"well hello there" called Carl's voice a hint of mocking in it. I spun round then realised I was completely naked. "Look away!" I shouted at him. He did what I said but I could tell there was a huge smile on his face, my checks burned bright red. "I can't undo what I saw, but I'm just saying you're fucking beautiful" he says holding his hands up defensively. "Shut up" I reply, feeling humiliated. I rushed to my bedroom slamming the door behind me.

Despite my embarrassment, a part of me loved that he had seen my body it filled me with excitement that he had liked what he had seen.

There was a knock at my door. "Kitty please, I'm sorry" Carl said his voice serious now. I grabbed the towel I had forgotten to take with me into the bathroom and wrap it round myself, then open the door. "I didn't know you was here" I told him. "Clearly" he said leaning his head ageist my door frame "but I can't say I'm not glad I saw it" his brown eyes connected with mine was filled with something I couldn't quite put my finger on.

"Like what you saw did you?" I asked, looking up at him. "I more than liked it" he told me his eyes never leaving mine. Carls hand going over where I had tucked my towel in, his fingers hesitating. I don't move my body felt like it was filled with electric, sparks flying between where his hand hovered over me.

a few moments past before he let his hand drop back down to his side. Filled with adrenalin, I pull the towel off my body. Letting it fall to the floor around me. Carls eyes looking all over my body unable to settle on one place.

"What the matter?" I ask "never seen a women's body before?" I teased. "This is different" he said "What do you mean?" Slutty jessica rides on a big member ask suddenly feeling regretful.

"It's you" "oh." I said confused. "no you don't understand" he said pushing himself into my room, he grabs my hand pulling me closer.

"I want it to be you" he whispered in my ear. Before kissing down my neck. Making my eyes roll back. His lips meet mine, kissing me gentle at first but soon becoming rough and hungry.

He pulls me back onto my bed, his lips reconnecting with mine. His hands running down my sides and grasping my arse. We kiss deeper with more passion. Unable to believe this was really happening. Finally! He kissed down my stomach and between my legs his toung going to my clit making me moan with pleasure. He pushes his fingers into my soaking wet pussy rubbing ageist my g spot at the same time as licking my clit. Within a few moment I was despite to cum. I started to squirm, moaning loudly.

Carl uses his other arm to keep me down as he circles my clit with his toung his fingers pushing in and out of me hard and fast.

I scream. Cum shooting out around his fingers. He comes back up to my lips kissing me, letting me taste myself on his toung. He smiles. "I've wanted to make you cum so many times" he tells me.

"why did you wait till now" I ask. "Because I never though you wanted me back" he says kissing me deeply. His hard cock pressing ageist me, he grinds agiest me as he kisses. I let my hands run under his top pulling it over his head. Before going down to his jeans. I undo the buttons one by one.

Slowly. Building up the tension before I let my beauteous nymph mixes massage and sex scene slide into his boxers and around his cock. I smile loving the feel of him under my finger. He felt big and ready for me. "you like" he asks. "I want you inside me carl" I whisper. he bites his lip leaning on his arms over me as I pull off his jeans and boxers.

i roll him over. sitting on top of him, I push his cock inside me. Gasping as I fell the length of him push inside of me. I rock myself back and frouth a few times getting use to the size of him before leaning back and bouncing up and down on his hard cock, my eyes locked on his as I moan.

His hands go to my hips pulling me down on him hard making me swear. He felt so good.

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I go faster his hands helping me bounce harder onto his cock. He got me close but before I could cum he stops me. pulling me off him he puts me up on all fours. Coming up behind me and pushing his cock back into my pussy. I moan feeling him go twice as deep. He slams into the back of me again and again.

I couldn't believe how good he felt. How much I had been missing. His hands go to my hips again pulling my body to him as he thrusts toward me, slaming me hard. Making him hit my back wall. I begaun to cum. My cum dripping out of isabelle deltore sex over stress pussy over his cock.

"god kitty" he groans. His cock pumping into me even faster. I close my eyes. focusing on how good he feels. Before long he was close to cuming. He pulled out and let it shoot over my arse. I gasp as hot cum covers me.