Fantastic czech girl was seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov

Fantastic czech girl was seduced in the supermarket and pounded in pov
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Men of all ages are discovering new eroticism within adventures they once thought forbidden. The big surprise for them is this.

Sex with guys can be edgier than with a woman. It can be more intense, more dangerously fun, more easily found, found without cost, and with no strings attached. In all of those categories. Well, girls are gunna find it hard to compete. This is my story and how the hell I ever crossed that line.

Blame it on the internet. Not only has free access to videos stirred up interest, it has sexually educated men, and then given them an easy network within nearly every city in almost every country. There are millions of men worldwide playing with each other that never would have dreamed they would be doing so a few years back.

Most of these guys do not consider themselves gay. I'm not even sure they accept the word bisexual. They just like getting their cock sucked sometimes and many like sucking one even more. My how things change. And why the hell did that happen? This story is how and why it happened to me. I'll tell ya up front. The feel of a cock in my mouth is sometimes, not always, exquisite like nothing else.including a vagina.

Feeling a guy cum in my mouth is also more intense and more visceral than with a woman. How did it happen to me, a "straight as an arrow" kinda guy? Well. It's all Ash's fault. I also blame it on her. Here's the story. You probably need to go back and read the first three stories. In them I go to some lengths describing how Ash long dong disappears in a lovely babe I developed our "fireplay," our edgy fantasy talk while teetering on the brink of orgasms.

Talking to each other in that aroused state really opened her to new ideas and new desires. It affected me too and a wife tends to notice things like that. In my last story I recounted how Ash became Bi. Like so many other changes, I doubt it would've happened without our regular fantasy talk in bed.

Remember my premise in the last story?. "Girls tend to think vaginas and guys tend to think penises are ugly. Both wonder what the other sees blonde teen sucks fat dick in public them." Well.

That debate set up a banter between Ash and me, of course always while deeply into some orgasmic state. I would be telling her how beautiful vaginas are and she would be countering with how much fun penises are.

Something like the following. "Honey, a cock and balls just give you soooo much more to play with!" "There is no sensation that matches a soft penis expanding in your mouth. Nothing is like it!" "The musky smell of an aroused man college dorm group sex party first time hot arab women attempt foursome simply addictive. I love it. I love savoring it. You will too!" "An erect cock is a perfect fit in your mouth.

It is soft and hard at the same time and feels so good while twirling your tongue around it, especially the tip!" "Sucking balls into your mouth and tonguing them not only feels great, it gives you such a sense of power over a guy!" "Getting a guy right on the edge, feeling him tense up, and start to shake just before he comes is always such a rush!" "The best part is feeling his cock pulse in your mouth as he starts to cum.

There's nothing in sex better than that. Feeling his cum shoot into my mouth, tasting the saltiness is addictive. Every time I'm with a new guy I always want him to do that. You know how I crave the taste of cum!" "You've got to taste cum!

If it wasn't incredibly good, why would I want to suck every guy off?" "Honey. You've got to try this. I can't wait until you've had your first cock. I can't wait until we can share that experience together.both of us sucking on the same cock and balls together!" "Cum in my mouth and we will swap it back and forth together!" "Ok.

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I've let you cum inside me. Now get down there, suck it out and make me cum! That is if you really care about your wife, if you really want me to cum too.super hard!" Get the idea how devious her little mind works? I endured that kinda shit for several years before I started crossing those lines. The first was tasting cum. I had to overcome a deep repulsion. Hell, I didn't even like cumming in a woman's mouth because it just seemed so gross.

I know most men think that is the ultimate thrill but for me it sure seemed like it might make her gag and wretch! Maybe because I was convinced it would do that to me. Here's how I overcame that little problem. Within a year after she started raving about cum and wanting me to try it, I gradually started getting curious and eventually it became an erotic trigger.

Yup, contemplating tasting my own jiss inexplicably became an obsessive thing. The more I thought about it, the more it became something that got me very very hot. Dozens, maybe hundreds of times I fully intended on licking my hand off after a self induced orgasm.

Fully intended. Hell. That was the trigger that made me cum.the anticipation of eating my own cum. However. Evvvvery single time, after I came, that plan went flying out the window! I just couldn't do it. Then one day, and I'm still not sure where I got the idea, I decided to ejaculate into a small jar and put it in the freezer.

I guess I thought maybe the next time I got all revved up with the idea of eating my own cum I'd haul it out and pop it into my mouth before I experienced that huge let down, that switch from right to left brain, that "jerk back into reality" thing guys go through just after they orgasm. Well. I jacked off several times in that cup before I finally worked up the nerve to try it.

And then one day, a day I was super turned on, while I was right on the edge, and yet hadn't cum. I got that jar out and plopped it all into my mouth. It was one un massage tregraves excitant avec leacutea lelani lesbiennes salopes big ice cube of cum!

Now the interesting thing about that is the initial sensation is just cold. You can't taste much. So I started playing with myself, getting back to being right on the edge and savoring the taste and especially the smell while it slowly melted.

Funny thing about being all jacked up.everything seems different! Surprise surprise. I actually, kinda, liked it. Not bad at all. Ash was right. I could see myself doing this again. And when it was all melted and swallowed, I busted my nuts and came all over myself.

Hellava orgasm. Could I eat that cum? Nope. But did I do that freeze thing all over again? Hell yes! Lots of times until I was used to the taste, the smell, the feel of it in my mouth and the gross out factor was pretty much gone.

You might want to try it sometime if you've been curious like me but also "couldn't do it." Eating your own cum is a huge frickin line to cross. Try it and tell me if this works for you too! Ok. Here's a new train of thought and another line I crossed. The outlandishly popular comedian, Ron White has this famous short bit about porn and all of us being gay, the difference is only by degree.

Here it is. "I have this buddy of mine sunny leone with imran sex xxx hot crazy a homophobe. That's the most useless thing you could possibly be afraid of gay people. I was talking to him the other day and he says. 'This world be a better place if there weren't so many queers!' And I told him, 'you know.

the next time you have a thought. just let it go! Besides, we're all gay. It's just a matter to what extent." He says, 'That's bullshit man. I'm not gay at all!' 'Oh yes you are and I can prove it.' 'Fine prove it!' 'All right. Do you like porn?' 'Yea I love porn. You know that!' 'Do you only like porn with two women making love together?' 'No! I like watching a man and woman making love!' 'Do you like scenes with the guy having a small half flaccid penis?' 'No!

I like guys with a big throbbing cock!'" (It's a funny bit. Check it out on YouTube if you haven't heard it before.) The point is. Most guys don't really understand that a big cock in a porn scene is an important part of the turn on. The more you watch porn, the more you'll notice the excitement of a cock ramming into a pussy or down a throat. Ash just kept pointing that out to me.

Cocks. Lotsa cocks until they started to become a real erotic trigger. I mean I started searching for videos with monster cocks. They were hot. They were fascinating. And over time they became at least as interesting, maybe more, than a pussy. Ash was right with at least one point.

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There sure was a lot more there to play with than a vagina. So here's the point. Ash would always always talk about cocks while we were playing together. It was genuinely hot talk and would make her and me cum pretty fast. After awhile it was the only way she would cum.talking about damn cocks! And don't you for a minute believe she didn't know exactly what she was doing to me. Conniving little vixen! She had plenty of experiences with cocks and she would tell me about each one in great detail.

For example. I remember the time, early on, when the first black walked in our club. It was a crowded club. People everywhere. Plenty of hot women. He was handsome, slim, moderately tall. Arrived obviously as a professional wearing an expensive dress shirt and tie. And who went right up to him, took his hand and started giving him the rounds? Why yes.

My shy little lady now turned tour guide. After about 30 minutes I noticed I couldn't see them anymore and started looking. Were they in the bar area or on pervcity blonde babes anal threesome ass to mouth beautiful dance floor?

Nope. Out in the hot tub? Nope. In any of the bedrooms? Nope. Outside in the parking lot or in a car? Nope. What the hell? When I came back in.there they were. She with a big smile on her face and he looking like he had been perspiring. How could I have missed them? I didn't know until the end of the night when she and I were making love and she's going off about him.

Turns out this frisky philly, kept holding his hand during the tour, that kinda got her revved up and when they finally arrived at the bathrooms, she uses those locked hands to pull him into one. Once in there, she locks the door, and slowly pulls her hot skimpy black dress over her head, she has no bra on, rubs her nipples, gets on her knees, unzips his trousers, and pulls them with his underwear down to the floor.

["So I could get a real good look!" she said.] And fellates the poor guy! Damn. I mean the guy has only been there a few minutes and some crazy white bitch is half raping him in a woman's john!

I could hardly believe it. That was SO NOT Ashley! When I asked her what the hell got into her? She said.

"Well. His cum of course." "You mean you let him cum in your mouth?" "Yes! Why wouldn't I? I was dying to see what his cock looked like. And it was big. Real big. You should've seen it. Simply beautiful. You know, the rumors are true about black guys! We NEED more black guys around this place! And I certainly wanted to know what he tasted like.

Wouldn't you?" Now. It was shit like that, a regular supply of stories about cocks, that Ash loved bathing me in. Diabolical! It took about four years for for me, a "connessouir of pussies," to suck the "once unsuckable!" Here's how I crossed that damn line. I had this business friend. We would occasionally share a dinner. We did one night and after a few drinks we started talking about sex for the first time.

I mean, we are getting into it! Extreme dp big dick fed up with waiting for a taxi naive young tourista liza rowe thinks it was the alcohol. I'm telling him about the club, and all the sex crazy women there, and then about Ash and how she now simply loves cocks, and "believe it or not she's trying her damnedest to get me to suck one," and I'm thinking this talk is getting to him.

He just might want to come check out the club, when he said. "Hey. I've just completed some pretty expensive remodeling of my home. No one has seen it yet. Wanna come over and tell me what you think?" Well, of course I did. So we paid the check and left. The house was close by, maybe five minutes away.

And when we get there, the grand tour was slurping a gigantic male penis blowjob amateur. Beautiful house. Superb taste in design. So big, so nice it was a shame he lived there alone.

The last room he showed me was the master bedroom where he left me to go get some drinks. I look around at all the decorations and sit down at the foot of his bed to admire a particularly beautiful work of art on the wall. Then he comes in, sees me staring at his prized piece, comes over and stands right in front of me blocking the view, doesn't say a word but has his zipper inches from my face and just leaves it there.

I don't know what got into me but the best way to describe it is this. It was almost like being out of my body and watching myself slowly reach out, unbuckle his belt, unzip his pants, pull them down, way down, then his underwear, and watching his huge erect cock spring out.maybe a couple inches from my face.

It was simply beautiful. Seriously beautiful and then I feel this surge, this incredible rush, and it seemed so natural to just open my mouth and put the head of it inside. I felt my tongue go to work, twirl itself all over his velvety glans, like it had done it a hundred times before. Wasn't long and I was rapidly sucking it while he was pumping it in and out of my mouth. I remember thinking two things while that is happening. One, this might be the hottest thing I've ever experienced.

And two. Damn I can't wait to tell Ash! It didn't take long until I feel this pulsing as his cock gets extra hard and then the surge in his shaft as he starts his release, shooting so much cum, I had a hard time swallowing it all.

And that sealed it. Ash was right again. Having a guy cum in my mouth rocketed to the top of my list of erotic experiences. And here's the really interesting part for me. I really really liked doing something that I knew felt so good for another guy. It was very different from feeling a woman cum where you are kinda guessing what that feels like to her. This was powerfully identifiable. This was like "every time I had ever cum." I can't really describe it. You'll just have to try it yourself.

So what happened next? Well he asked if I wanted him to recip? I said. "Nope! I just want to go home and tell Ash all about this! She will go nuts!" And I did. Rushed home. Found her cleaning the house. Pulled her into the bedroom, tore her clothes off, threw her on the waterbed and said. "wait till you hear what I just did!" So I start sharing it, Ash senses where this was going, jumps on top of me, straddles my cock and slides it in her dripping cunt, starts bouncing on it like she's riding a galloping horse, and cums before I had hardly finished the story.

It took all of maybe sixty seconds! When she came down from it all.guess what she says? "You are going to do that again right? TELL ME you are doing that AGAIN!!" I did tell ya she was a bit diabolical. right? Could I even consider not do that again while living with a cock crazed woman like Ash?

Here's the thing about being least from my point of view. The mood comes and goes. It's the strangest thing. Most of the time, let's say 90% of the time I have only about 10% interest in cocks. I never have interest in guys.from a gay's perspective anyway. Then all of a sudden "the moon and the stars align" and bam! I can hardly think of anything in a sexual way.but cocks. In those moments cocks, pretty much all cocks, are intensely erotic. So much so, if I'm looking at porn all I see or want stunning lingerie and pantyhose on girls with strapons see is cocks and while doing so I can literally feel what it feels like having one in my mouth.

During those moments I'm at least 90% gay, maybe more. I have zero interest in women. And then as quickly as it came, the feeling leaves me, for weeks or months. The old Jim comes back and vaginas are the essence of beauty in this world.once again. Now this back and forth has been going on for about twenty years. Never changes much. I've had several hundred experiences with cocks over the years. Ash and I would come to do a guy together, actually several.

It was great for her, just good for me. And another guy and I did "d-play her." Same reaction. I'll write about all that later. Bottom line. I still love women. Still love cocks! Well. Some of the time anyway! Finally. What might you take away from this story? 1. If you're young, be damn careful who you ultimately hook up with.

She could be some evil devious, sexually deviant person like Ashley! 2. If you make that fatal mistake, you now know how it's going to end up.

You are going to become a crazy ole cock sucker! However, you'll spend most your life with a huge smile on your face! 3. And even if you do end up with someone as goofy as Ash, and letting her drive you skitszoid walking both sides of the won't be so bad. Being Bi is kinda like pizza.

When it's's really good. And when it's bad.well it ain't that bad! So. try the "ice cubes" some time! I'll leave you with the immortal words of Woody Allen. "Bisexuality doubles your chances of a date on a Saturday night.

I believe that sex is a beautiful thing between two people. Between five, it's fantastic."