Blonde gets cock between big tits in public

Blonde gets cock between big tits in public
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"Where exactly are we going?" Melanie asked as she followed her boyfriend Floyd around the corner. They had been traipsing through back alleys for a while, looking for a place neither of them was sure existed.

"You're the one who said you were getting bored and wanted to spice things up," Floyd grumbled. "I didn't think you'd suggest a swinger's club," Melanie chuckled. "You used to say you loved me so much and that you'd never let another man have me." "Well I've separated love from sex in my mind now. If you aren't satisfied with just me then we can just collectively swing.

It's better than lying and cheating, isn't it?" Floyd sounded tired. He was not really looking forward to this. When Melanie first said she was bored cute girl first time pussy show on camera xxx story him he assumed they would break up soon.

However, she just wanted his permission to cheat. Though he was heartbroken at first, he got over it. They lived together and paid rent together.

He did not want to upset that balance by forcing her to move out. This was the next best option. "Are you sure this place even exists?" Melanie said what they were both thinking. After doing some online research, Floyd had found out about a secret club in the less lively part of the city where swingers and all around kinky people liked to gather.

In an attempt to appear supportive of Melanie's decision, he had suggested they go as soon as they both had a day off work. Floyd was about to tell Melanie to be quiet when they stumbled into a larger alley. The building that made up one wall of it had a large set of double doors hidden behind a lot of garbage. Looking at a photo he had saved to his phone, Floyd confirmed they were at the right place. "They call it the Siren's Wail," he read tread mill work out turns into one hard doggystyle name off his phone again.

"Yeah, you said that already. It attracts creeps like a siren attracts sailors to their deaths," Melanie pushed on the double doors as they had no handles. They gave way to quite a different atmosphere. Cold air rushed out around them. They stepped inside and let the doors swing shut on their own. This was definitely the place. It was set up like a bar more than a club. It was dark with only a few lights on the high ceiling. There was a balcony with a railing that represented the second floor.

Several people were leaning against it and staring down at the patrons of the first floor. Everyone had a bottle or a glass in their hand. The bar itself was U shaped, blocking access to where the young looking blonde bartender stood. It looked extremely professional with several shelves of liquor stacked behind her in front of a mirror that reflected blue mood light. She seemed to be the only staff member present. Obviously a secret club like this would not have more than a few dozen people at a time.

What type of club it was became immediately apparent. Floyd and Melanie both noticed a woman leaning on the bar with a man behind her. Her dress was hiked up over her butt and her panties were on the floor.

His pants were open and his penis was quite obvious out, erect, and inside of her. This was the type of place where people could get it on indiscreetly. There were rooms beyond the balcony area on the second floor where shyer people could go for a good time. This was not what Floyd and Melanie had come here for though.

"Two beers," Floyd gave their order to the bartender as they approached her. She nodded and de-topped two bottles for them. There were several people leaning on the bar, all flirting with each other.

None seemed put-off by the sight of the fornicating couple. Melanie was surprised when a man with a slight beard wearing a rock t-shirt approached her.

"Care for a quick one?" he asked boldly. "Um, I'm just observing for the moment," she answered quickly. "New here then," he chuckled. "Bit of a rundown of the rules for you then.

To enter this place is to consent to anything. Do you think that lady there finds more than that man's dick attractive? Refusal is kinda frowned upon here. You can get in a lot of trouble." "Are you threatening me?" Melanie became defensive. "Not in the slightest.

Just warning you what you're about to experience here. If you plan to stay, I can guarantee you're going to have a wild night. Things get started once everyone is a little tipsy. I just wanted to put my offer in before you become a sloppy mess.

I'm not really into sharing if you know what I mean." "Can you believe him?" Melanie whispered to Floyd as the man walked off. "He makes it sound like I'm going to be having a gangbang here. He wants first whack so he doesn't get another man's cum on his dick. What a pretentious asshole." "I wonder what you'd look like after a gangbang," Floyd chuckled. Melanie was by no means bad looking. She had cute beauty fondles herself hardcore and blowjob skin and long dark hair.

Her makeup looked natural and she was slender and tall. Her legs were her attractive point. In heels she was actually taller than Floyd. Floyd was a typical twenty-ish guy with stubble to hide his face's flaws and a boyish look about him. Women called him handsome after three beers. He was not as confident in his looks as Melanie but she would not be with him if he was not at least slightly desirable. A noise distracted the pair from their drinks. The same man who had approached them earlier had been talking to a young Asian girl.

When she had refused him he grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back. Floyd was about to head over to help the girl when the bartender grabbed him back. "Didn't he tell you earlier, refusal isn't a thing here," she warned him.

"So that poor girl just has to put out for that creep?" Floyd asked in appall. The man already had the woman's red dress halfway down, exposing her tiny Asian breasts. "She came here for that reason," the bartender explained.

"She said yes the moment she walked in the door. The only reason your girl wasn't taken just now was because you were here. It's hard to take another man's property." "Hold on, sister, I am no one's property," Melanie responded hotly.

"I don't even like him that much anymore," she admittedly to Floyd's dismay. "I wouldn't say that too loudly," the barkeeper winced as she let go of Floyd and went back behind the bar. A few men had already heard Melanie though. "So you're looking to upgrade from the shrimp, are ya?" they chuckled eagerly.

"Get away from me," Melanie growled angrily. "Don't take that tone with us, lady. If you get mean, we'll get meaner," they warned her. "Floyd, can you help me out?" Melanie realized that she was not going to be able to talk her way out of anything here. These people quite obviously did not respect women. "Why would he help you?" they taunted her.

"You were just saying how you were pretty much over him. If I were him I'd toss you to the wolves." Floyd took a deep breath as he tried to contemplate what to do. He looked at each of the men in turn. None of them seemed too mean, just drunk. He saw no harm in teaching Melanie to mind her words a little bit. crazy old dude fucks young angel oldvsyoung and hardcore, handle this yourself, sweetie," he officially opted out of assisting her.

She stared at him in open mouthed shock for a moment but it dissolved into anger quickly. Before she could say anything though, the men were on her.

They held her by the arms while removing her blazer. Then they bent her over the bar. Her skirt came down next. She screamed out when one of them slapped her ass, presumably to punish her. Floyd watched in amusement and slight arousal as they exposed her privates and pushed their fingers inside her. She moaned out in pain and pleasure. They put their fingers anywhere they could get them, in her mouth, her cunt and even her anus.

They pulled on her tender flesh, stretching her holes wide. She squealed and thrashed but they held her still. All the while Floyd was chuckling to himself. This was justified in his opinion.

She had been the one who wanted to cheat. Now she was getting her chance. Off came the rest of her clothes. They spread her anus wide enough for Floyd to see into her bowels. Her eyes were watering in pain. Her gulping sounded almost like a honking goose. Floyd was almost confused by how little she was arguing.

She had always been hellish to fight with whenever they argued. She threw things and threatened him. Sometimes she even slapped him. Where was the monster of a girlfriend he was sometimes afraid of? To see her so docile and obedient was amusing. Furthermore, it was satisfying. How he wished he had done this to her whenever she shouted at him.

He could have won any argument by bending her over and shoving his cock up her ass. To his surprise, one of the men decided to put his fist up there instead. His girlfriend's pretty face twisted in anguish as her bowels were invaded and stretched. It was a foreign look for Floyd. He had never thought of Melanie as weak before today. "Please," she begged her boyfriend for help but he was practically smiling.

The men rolled her over so they could watch her belly bulge as her intestines were forced out of place by the man's fist.

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Melanie turned her head and puked up what little beer she had swallowed before her torment began. "You want something to plug it with?" one of the men asked while unzipping himself and bringing his cock close to her face. She tried to turn away but he grabbed her hair and held her in place.

She kept her mouth shut as he pressed his erection against her lips and cheek. Three hard slaps to her face though and she was crying enough for him to force himself inside. She knew better than to try biting him but she still tried to resist. A few more slaps and she was greedily sucking his cock. She was interrupted by the other man pulling his whole fist out of her ass. Floyd could see her organs rearranging themselves through her belly. Her anus looked like it was going to turn inside out.

"Sorry, I'll fix that for you." The man replaced his fist with his cock. Melanie screamed into the other man's crotch. Floyd watched as his girlfriend was filled from both ends like a spit roasted pig. She kept making weird squelching sounds, either from the man trying to push deeper into her mouth or from screaming at every thrust into her ass. Melanie's eyes spun dizzily as she tried to focus on either end she was getting fucked in. She could barely breathe as the man shoving his cock into her mouth kept pulling on her hair and forcing her nose bedmasti xxx story dawnloed best his pubic hair.

She was both horrified and relieved when he finally came directly into the back of her throat. She pulled her head off of his cock and swallowed quickly before gasping for air. All the while the other man continued to piston in and out of her asshole. Her anus was raw and red by now. Her eyes rolled around with each thrust.

Floyd had never seen her like this. He'd always been gentle with her. This was her first rough fucking. Before she could refuse, another man replaced the first in her mouth. She squealed in anguish at having her airway restricted again. She calmed down somewhat though when the other man came inside her stretched asshole.

It must have been somewhat soothing to her battered bowels. After watching her taking it from both ends for a while, Floyd lost erotic teenie sucks penis in pov and gets pink muff banged. He wandered over to the Asian woman who was still being fucked from behind, bent over the bar.

The man was laughing as she moaned and whimpered. When he noticed he had 90 yer lady young boy sex audience his eyes lit up. "Think she's enjoying herself?" he asked. Floyd felt no pressure to lie. "Dude, she fuckin' hates it.

You're destroying her." "Damn, maybe she's not had enough to drink." The man grabbed a bottle off the bar and pressed it against the poor girl's anus. She squealed in pain as he forced it inside all the way up to the neck. The beer was draining into her bowels quickly. Though he knew the girl was in pain, Floyd was still slightly intrigued by what he was witnessing. In a few short minutes the girl became utterly drunk. Her head started to wobble on her shoulders and her moaning became more breathy.

Eventually she passed out. Her face hit the bar with a thud. "Hey, I ain't done." The man pulled the bottle out of her ass and whacked her on the back of the head with it. She shot up screaming. Blood trickled down her head as she stared at Floyd in wide eyed shock. He knew she expected him to do something to help her.

Floyd did not move though. She yelped as the bottle struck her skull again. Her right eye was twitching now. "She gets tighter with each hit," the man laughed. She looked half unconscious now. Her eyes were rolling around and unfocused. He hit her again and she fell forward, smashing her face into the bar. The sound Floyd heard was definitely her nose breaking.

When the man pulled his cock out of her cunt, she slid off the bar and landed on the floor in a crumpled heap. The man grabbed her ankles and pulled her up so she was upside down leaning against the bar. He then shoved the bottle into her cunt. Her tiny Asian cunt could not fit more than the neck though.

He stepped on it to push it into her more. Floyd swore he could hear her cunt ripping to accommodate it. Blood was leaking out around the bottle. The man had an annoyed expression. He stepped back a few feet and took a slight running jump. His foot hit her pelvis and compressed it along with the bottle. Floyd winced when he heard it shatter inside the unconscious girl's crotch.

If she were awake she would have been screaming. No one else seemed to have even noticed what Floyd just witnessed. They were either too engrossed in their own business or this was just a common occurrence. Floyd left without saying anything to the man. He scurried like a mouse back to his corner of the bar where his girlfriend was now being suspended between two men, one with his cock in her cunt and the other with it shoved up her gaping asshole.

"Floyd, look what they've done to me," Melanie groaned in a delirious state. "I've never been double stuffed before. This hurts so much. Why did we come here again?" "Because you're a slut," he answered instantly.

The men surrounding her all laughed. "Yeah, I like letting men abuse my body. It hurts so much and I get no pleasure. That's what sex is supposed to be." "Damn straight," the men agreed with her despite the fact that she was obviously being sarcastic. "Just finish destroying my asshole already," she ordered them. "I need to suck my boyfriend off so he'll forgive me and take me home." Obediently the men sped up, making her groan out loud. After cumming in both her ass and cunt they let her slide to the floor where she rolled around like a wounded animal sadie pop with cousin in bathroom pornstars hardcore a minute before crawling on her hands and knees toward Floyd.

He lifted his foot and stepped on her face. She giggled exhaustedly. "Are you still mad at me?" she spoke in as sexy of a voice as she could muster. Floyd was caught off guard. She was still being obedient and submissive, even to him.

She relaxed her strength, letting him step her face into the floor, which she licked obscenely with her tongue. When Floyd increased his weight on the back of her head, she moaned in protest, "you're group of naughty british cfnm women play with naked man my nose.

You'll break it." "You're lucky if that's all I do," he mumbled extremely wet masturbation dr mercies initially confined back on this content because it he recalled the poor Asian girl that would be picking glass out of her cunt in a couple of hours at a hospital, if she lived.

Melanie rolled out from under his foot and raised her head. Floyd watched as she undid his belt and pulled out his cock. It was obviously already erect. The bartender handed him another beer just as Melanie took what does it feel like hd tits and cum cock into her mouth. It was a different sensation than he was used to. Her mouth was always dry and cold. Today it was slimy and hot. She had definitely been sucking off the other men.

She might have even still had some of their cum in her mouth. Floyd tried to look nonchalant as he drank his beer. Melanie was trying to get him to forgive her and he did not want it to be easy on her. She struggled to take him as deep as possible, trying to please him any way she could. When she shoved herself down too far and pushed his cock into her throat, she began to puke. Previously swallowed cum squirted out of her mouth and her nose. She began to cough and choke, pulling back.

"What a poor performance," Floyd mocked her. "Come on, I'm killing myself here." "You haven't even gotten close to it," he scoffed. She watched in confusion as he set his beer on the floor in front of her. With his hands on her waist he directed her until she was squatting directly above it.

She could already feel the cold glass against her anus. "Really?" she whined. He simply pushed on her shoulders, making her sit down on the bottle. "Oh god," she groaned as the neck disappeared inside her asshole. "It doesn't compress like a cock," she complained. "It's solid and hard. It's straightening my intestines." "Don't stop until it's all the way in," Floyd ordered her.

"You want me to walk home with a bottle in my ass?" she whined. "You're already walking home naked," he retorted. She recalled her destroyed clothes and frowned. At that moment a scream took Floyd's attention. Melanie tried to stand up but her anus gripped the bottle neck, causing her too much pain.

She fell down on it. Her anus was spread wider than the bottle but it closed the moment the bottle was all the way through. She would not be getting it out without help. Floyd had already walked away though. Several people had gathered around the table where the scream had come from. They spread out to allow him in to watch as well.

The first thing he saw was a pool of blood on the table. Its source was a severed finger, obviously a woman's. The two occupants of the table were a man in a cowboy had and a woman with golden curly hair. Neither was the owner of the finger. Another woman with short black hair was lying on the floor at the man's feet, cradling her hand. The man was holding a knife with blood on it. He was pointing the tip down, digging into the table. The woman sitting at the table looked afraid as he took her hand and spread her fingers out on the table.

He then moved the knife so it was resting in the space between her thumb and her index finger. Floyd recognized the game they were about to play. The point was to stab in-between the fingers with the knife as fast as possible while trying not mess up and hit them. Obviously the crying girl on the floor had lost.

Once he was pleased with his audience the man with the hat began to stab the table in-between the blonde woman's fingers. She watched with obvious fear as he came close to cutting her several times. The audience gasped each time as well. The man was quite skilled though and would not make a mistake on accident. Floyd had already come to the conclusion that he must have intended to cut off the other woman's finger. Suddenly the man's expression changed.

He grinned cruelly as he aimed the knife at the woman's hand intentionally. Seeing and predicting this, the woman pulled her hand back. This did not sit well with the audience who all booed her. It was not interesting to see her escape injury. "Do it properly," they taunted her.

"I'm not going to let him maim me," she spat. audrey royal gives stranger a ride then gets fucked at home is barbaric. We aren't in the old west." "She thinks this is like the old west," the man with the knife laughed.

"Shall we show her what the old west was like?" Floyd was pushed out of the way as one of the audience members left the table. He went straight for the bar where the bartender had already retrieved a rope from somewhere out of sight.

Floyd got a better look at it when the man brought it back. More than a rope, it was a fully tied noose. The moment the blonde woman saw it she screamed. She tried to back away from the table but the man with the knife grabbed her by the wrist. He twisted her arm behind her back and pressed his knife to her throat threateningly.

She whimpered as he steered her away from the table and toward the stairs next to the bar that led up to the balcony. Floyd felt the desire to interfere creeping up inside him but his own fascination and fear kept him in check.

He watched with wide eyes as the man with the noose fitted it around the woman's neck. She began to scream immediately. She kicked wildly and even knocked the knife out of the other man's hand. She wrenched her wrist free of him and darted toward the door but the first man was still holding the other end of the noose.

She made a horrible choked squawking sound when the noose tightened around her neck. The man yanked her off her feet and dragged her up the stairs. She tried to regain her footing the whole time but it was impossible. Once they were on the second flood, he lifted her off her feet by the noose and swung her over the railing of the balcony. She barely managed to set her toes on the tiny amount of floor that overshot the rail. She looked out at the bar patrons with a tear stricken face. "I'm sorry," she wailed.

"I didn't do anything wrong. Please let me go." "Well aren't you indecisive? Which is it? Are you sorry or innocent?" the man holding the noose taunted her as he tethered the end to the railing.

"I'm sorry!" she sputtered desperately. "I'll do anything you want. Just please don't…" her begging was cut short as the man kicked her in the back. She lost what little grip her toes had and fell.

When the rope pulled taut, her neck was twisted awkwardly. She could no longer look forward, only up at an angle. Her legs began to kick wildly, trying to find anything to take the weight off of her neck.

She was trying to scream but was mostly just gurgling. Some people sat down at the bar in order to get a good view up her skirt. Her panties were plainly visible. Her shoes flew off house owner fuck sales girl to the force she was kicking with. Her eyes were wide and more tears were spilling out.

Over time her kicking lessened as she grew tired. She was trying her best to breathe, though the rasping sound she made proved it was difficult. Her face was turning red and her cheeks were swelling up. Her tongue stuck out and wagged obscenely as she tried to taste fresh air. It was no use though. Slowly her skin turned blue. She began to dig at the rope with her fingers, slicing her own skin with her nails. When her kicking slowed to a stop, the men beneath her touched her feet to see if she would respond.

It looked like harmless tickling. Her feet moved involuntarily but that was all. They pulled her skirt down, exposing her lace panties. They poked and prodded her crotch, making her squeak softly. Eventually they took her panties off all together, exposing her cunt which was oddly wet, almost shimmering in the dimly lit bar.

She whimpered as the men took turns pushing their fingers inside her. After a minute or two, her whole body began to shake. What was supposed to have been pleasurable for her was katrena kaf xxx story sex stories though.

The rope dug into her neck as she shook. It was so tight she could no longer breathe at all. The men took little notice though and just continued to play with her bare cunt.

Finally, several minutes later, she gave one last shudder before a stream of yellow liquid ran down her legs. It pooled on the bar, causing the bartender to scowl. She did not seem to care that a woman's life had just ended though. This signaled the end of the audience's interest. All the men dispersed while the bartender went to get a rag to wipe the piss of her bar with. The only person still staring at the swaying corpse was Floyd.

He was hypnotized. She looked beautiful and miserable; her tear stricken face and her sunken in eyes. Her last moments were filled with the pleasure of an orgasm and the anguish of suffocation. He felt bad for her but just staring at her made him more than a little erect. He felt like she would start moving again any second. Perhaps if he performed CPR she may even be saved.

Somehow he knew he was not supposed to. Floyd was so focused on watching the liquid dripping off her slender toes that he was startled when Melanie grabbed him from behind. She was still naked except for a coat she must have borrowed from someone. "We need to leave right now," she gasped. Floyd was in complete agreement. After giving the swaying corpse one last solemn glance, the pair headed for the door immediately.

Upon entering, they had not noticed two men that were now guarding the door; probably bouncers. A place like this obviously needed them. They stepped into Floyd's and Melanie's path just as they reached the door. "Where are you off to in such a hurry?" one of them asked. "I'm cold and sore. I need to go home," Melanie complained. "While that's pretty obvious just looking at you, I'm inclined to wonder if it's wise to let newcomers like you skedaddle right after that event." "You call that an event?

You just killed her," Melanie spat. "I didn't do anything. She pissed off the other customers," he absolved himself of guilt.

Melanie continued to glare at him. He gave a long sigh. "I was really hoping you two would become regulars here." "Not likely," she scoffed. "Well that really is too bad. However, I'm going to have to ask that the two of you wait around for a while." "I'm going home now!" Melanie stomped her foot. "You need to control your bitch, sir," the man spoke directly to Floyd.

"Excuse me?" Melanie only became angrier. "She's just sore," Floyd tried to reason with the bouncer. "I shoved a whole bottle up her ass earlier and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna need lube and pliers to get it out of her," he explained.

Melanie nodded quickly. "Why do you care how she feels about that?" the man asked. "Let her suffer for a while. We just need you to stick around to make sure you're not going straight to the cops or nothing." "You don't know what a whiner she is.

I don't want to have to listen to her complain all night. Just let me take her home and…" "Sir, you've got an undisciplined bitch. She needs to learn a thing or two." The bouncer grabbed Melanie by the throat and dragged her out of the club. Floyd followed quickly. Again the difference between indoors and outside was quite unsettling. The air was hot and muggy.

The noise of the city at night returned to Floyd's ears almost like an incessant buzzing or ringing.

The loudest sound was a large bearded man riding a motorcycle down the alley way. He stopped right in front of the doors to the club and nodded at the bouncers as a greeting. He must have been a regular. "Hey Clive, we're about to have some fun with this slut, care to join in?" "What, out here?" the biker looked around. "Nothing like getting sweaty outside in the heat," the bouncers chuckled.

"Mighty fine piece of meat." Clive nodded at Melanie. "Who's the kid?" He then looked at Floyd. "Her so-called owner," the bouncers jived. "He can't control her though. She needs to be taught a good long lesson." Melanie took one look at Clive and the bulge already growing in his jeans and began to scream. She tried to wrench herself free of the bouncers but they held her wrists. The taller one squeezed her throat to keep her quiet.

Clive licked his lips greedily as he examined her from top to bottom. He seemed to appreciate that he could see her bare cunt beneath the hem of her coat. She moaned when he touched it, pushing his large fingers inside her. The bouncer licked her cheek and then kissed her lips. "Salty. Have you been sucking dick tonight?" he asked. Knowing he could already tell, she had no reason to lie. As soon as she nodded though, she received a hard smack to the side of her face.

This was not like the tap some girls receive during rough sex. Her vision went white and she nearly fell over from the force; she was only held up by the other bouncer. Her face started to swell and a hand print appeared immediately. She whimpered in pain for a moment before bursting out into tears. "God, shut her up," the other bouncer groaned.

"Clive, you still got that rope in your bag?" the first bouncer asked. Clive nodded while continuing to push his fingers up into Melanie's cunt. "God it's so tight. There's no room at all." Melanie blushed in embarrassment. The only reason her cunt was so tight was because her intestines were swollen with the beer bottle she sat on earlier.

The tall bouncer retrieved a rope from the saddlebag of Clive's bike. At first Floyd thought he was going to put it in Melanie's mouth and tie it behind her head to gag her. He and japanese gay cute chubby bear tobojii takeshi g men n227 were both shocked when he looped it around her neck and tightened it so she could no longer make any sound.

She started to flail immediately. The second bouncer held her hands so she could not reach up to her neck as she began to choke. "So we doing this from both ends?" Clive asked while unzipping himself. "Can't, she's plugged up in the back," the bouncers revealed. Clive took a moment to push his large fingers into Melanie's asshole. It spread apart easily to reveal the bottom of the beer bottle.

"What a slut," Clive laughed while lifting her off her feet by her ass. Her eyes went wide and then rolled back as he set her down on his cock. "God, it won't hardly fit," he groaned. Melanie could no longer speak or she would definitely have been complaining about the fact that her cunt was being constricted at the same time it was being invaded. "This is actually kinda painful," Clive admitted. The bouncers kept hold of Melanie so she would not fall over as Clive tried his best to fuck her clamping cunt.

After a while he gave up though. "If you folks don't mind, I'm gonna search for a looser bitch inside," he grumbled while setting her back down. Melanie flushed with relief.

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"What a waste," the bouncers complained. "You can't even get laid properly. If I was your man, I'd have thrown you in a garbage compactor by now.

You know what, we'll do him the favor." He took the lid off one of the nearby trashcans. The other bouncer prepared to shove her head first into it. "Hold on," Clive stopped them. "I've kinda always wanted to try something. The bouncers watched in confusion as he took the end of the rope that was still tied around Melanie's neck and tethered it to a handle on the back of his bike seat.

Both bouncers grinned cruelly as Melanie tried to scream. Instead she just gurgled awkwardly. She looked to Floyd for assistance but he was frozen in dual fear and interest. When Clive revved the engine of his bike, Floyd somewhat snapped to his senses.

"Guys, I think she's learned her lesson," he sputtered. "Nah, there ain't no teaching this bitch. You're gonna have to start from scratch with a new one," the bouncers spoke over the sound of Clive revving the engine again.

In a flash, he took off down the alley. Not wanting to be pulled with her, the bouncers let go of Melanie's wrists quickly. She immediately tried to remove the rope from her neck.

She barely had time to look up though before the rope pulled taut and yanked her off her feet. She hit the ground face down and did not stop. She was dragged the entire length of the alleyway in less than a minute.

Clive squealed to a halt before he reached the end. "Well, that was over too quickly," the bouncers chuckled. Floyd stumbled out into the alley. There was a trail of blood all along it, which he followed in a daze. All of his interest sabhi heroin ka sex jabardasti fascination had faded.

He was not sure what he would find at the end of the alley but he was hoping against all odds that Melanie's neck had not broken the moment she was pulled off her feet.

Upon reaching the end, Floyd saw her lying on her back. Her head was tilted awkwardly but not so much that she looked beyond help. The rope was digging into the skin of her neck. She was trying to pry it off but her fingers were bloody and some of them were bent. She heard Floyd approaching and tried to sit up. Her body felt heavy though. Floyd kneeled down above her head and touched her cheeks.

One side of her face had been skinned off. She blinked up at him, swallowing painfully. She still could not talk though. "It's alright," Floyd tried to comfort her. "I'll get you to a hospital." Floyd had just started to loosen the rope from her neck when he heard the sound of the motorcycle revving again.

He looked up just as Clive rode by again, barely missing hitting him. Instead he rolled straight over Melanie's throat, compressing her neck into the concrete. Her eyes widened and Floyd saw veins bursting inside them as the blood in her head tried to escape any way it could. Her legs lifted off the ground as a reflex. Floyd was sure he heard her spine cracking. Remarkably she was still alive, albeit in even worse shape than before. Before Floyd could even react though, the rope pulled taut 12 inch lamba land sunny leon sex, tightening around her bruised neck until it cut through.

Melanie's head rolled a few feet away from her body as blood gushed out of her neck all over Floyd's lap. He stared in wide eyed shock at her twitching and spasming.

Yellow liquid spilled out of her crotch and pooled on the ground. Her head came to a stop a few feet away on its side, staring straight at him with a haunting expression of torment. Floyd just stared back, shivering at the sight of red splashing over his knees. When the noise of the motorcycle ceased, her heard the bouncers laughing along with Clive. They taunted him and his worthless bitch who would never again disappoint a man.

Floyd was unable to even look at them to respond. He was still too shocked to move. Floyd had no idea how long he sat in the alleyway before he was finally able to stand up. He was sure several customers had arrived and passed him by without so much as a single concern. Once again, this must be a common occurrence at this club.

Finally, he managed to pull himself to his feet and stumble back into the club. He barely noticed the cold air hitting his face this time. The bouncers slapped him on the back as he walked past them. He went straight to the bar. He barely noticed the body of the woman still hanging above the bar.

He wanted to wash his hands but the thought was not clear in his head. Instead of going to the bathroom he decided to ask the bartender for water. However, harmony wonder and kelsey kage hardcore outdoor threesome he tried to speak, no words came out. She barely looked up at him. "Where's your girlfriend?" she asked, hoping to get help understanding the obviously disturbed man. He did not answer and only stared at her. Finally she turned to look and almost dropped the bottle of whiskey she was holding.

"Are you okay?" she gasped while setting down the bottle to grab a rag. Suddenly, Floyd grabbed the edge of the bar and slung himself over the top so that he was standing next to the bartender behind it. "Hey, you can't come back here," she scolded him. "There aren't many rules here, if you haven't noticed, but I'm off limits." He ignored her and picked up the bottle she had just set down. She stepped away from him as he took several straight gulps from it.

"You're gonna kill yourself," she warned him.

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"That's the point," he muttered. "Oh," she finally realized what was wrong. She had worked here long enough to guess. She even felt a pang of curiosity; how had his poor girlfriend met her end?

"I won't stop you, but at least let me do my job. You can drink yourself to death in the back." She opened a door behind the bar that led to a kitchen where food could be prepared. As it was late, it had been shut down and the chef had gone home. The only thing still on was the deep fat friar.

Rather than obeying the bartender, Floyd just glared at her. He was not in the mood to be told what to do by anyone. "Shut up." He whacked her on the side of the head with the bottle. She fell over atop the bar. "What the hell?" she screamed at him.

Before she could stand up, he kicked her legs apart so she was only supported by the bar. Then he pulled her black slacks down, exposing her white panties. "I told you, I'm off limits!" she repeated. "Do I look like I care?" He pulled her panties aside and ran his fingers along the crevice of her cunt.

"Stop," she moaned. "I'm not a slut like the rest of these women. I just work here because it pays a lot." After wetting his fingers with his whiskey, Floyd pushed them into her tiny asshole, causing her to groan.

"You can't do this to me," she hiccupped. Floyd's eyes had started to glaze over. He was feeling the effects of the whiskey already. "You need to loosen up denisa heaven gets filled up by her horny boyfriend he mumbled while pressing the tip of the bottle against her anus.

She screamed at the cold sensation, drawing the attention of some of the patrons. They arrived at the bar just as Floyd shoved the bottle neck into her ass.

"Oh god," she groaned as she felt the whiskey burning her insides. "I'm gonna be sick." She threw up atop the bar. "What's going on?" the other patrons asked. "Are we allowed to mess with the bartender?" "Of course not. After the owner got sick of hiring a new girl each week he made a rule that she was not to be touched." "Well the owner's not here tonight." "Should we stop him?" "Why?

Haven't you always wanted to see her get hers?" "You bastards, do something!" the bartender shouted at the other patrons. They all just smiled as Floyd pulled her head back by her ponytail. He had a bottle of tequila in his hand which he pressed to her nose and tilted up. She gurgled as the stinging liquid ran down her nostrils.

Most came right back out her mouth, which she held open for that very reason. It did not matter as the whiskey in her ass had already started to kick in. Before long she was absolutely deliriously drunk.

When she almost fell off the other side of the bar, the men watching grabbed and pulled her completely over. Floyd had to grab the whiskey bottle before it fell out of her ass. She looked annoyed but too drunk to say anything as they manhandled her, stripping off all of her clothes. "Alright, who's first?" they shouted.

"You can't do this. I'm not a slut. I'm a person," she groaned in a slurred voice. They all laughed at her. She was being held up by her limbs at first but they eventually walked her over to a table and laid her on her back. They kept hold of her legs and made sure she could not close them to hide her cunt from view. "Stop," she murmured as she felt someone touching her cunt. Eventually one of the men took out his cock and pushed it inside her.

She let out a small squeak but tried to maintain her composure. Another man turned her head and forced his cock into her mouth. They took their time shoving into her from both ends. She tried her best to help the man in her mouth get off quickly but it was hard when her whole body was being jolted by the man in her cunt. Finally, they both came at the same time. When they pulled out, she went limp, resting atop the table.

It was short lived though. The men lifted her up so one of them could crawl underneath her. She screamed when she felt his cock poking her already tender asshole.

"I can feel it," she groaned as he scraped her bowels where the whiskey had stung her. She turned her head to throw up but had another cock shoved in her mouth at that moment.

Instead her vomit squirted out her nose, making it hard on her to breathe. Her poor attempts to suck in air only made her blowjob more pleasurable for the man.

She could not even scream when a third cock was shoved into her cunt. She had never been this full before. "She's really something, ain't she?" The men standing around her waiting their turn were touching her body. It was wet and glistening with sweat. They pinched her nipples and slapped her stomach, leaving red hand prints all over her.

"If only she had more holes," the men complained. "What if she did?" the same man with the knife who had helped hang the blonde woman earlier had arrived at the table. The men made room for him to climb on top of the table and straddle the bartender's stomach. She whimpered as he touched her bellybutton, pushing his finger into it softly.

Suddenly she was screaming, as much as she could with a cock in her mouth. The man had pulled his knife out again. He pushed it into her belly gently. She tried to squirm but the other men held her still. After creating a slit in her belly wide and deep enough, he pulled out his cock and began to push into her new hole.

Her eyes rolled back and she jerked wildly but there was no escaping. She was now being penetrated in four places. This gave some of the men ideas. Floyd was watching in a daze from behind the bar. He was slightly surprised when one of the men approached him and asked for a spoon. He went into the kitchen and came back with a small spoon for the man.

Then he watched as it was taken back to the table where the poor bartender was being fucked like a slab of meat. Throat clogged with vomit and cock, she still managed to scream when she saw the spoon approaching her face. The man slid the slender scoop behind her right eye, and with a little wiggling, popped it out of its socket.

Again she thrashed and jerked, trying to get free. Again she was held still. The man licked his lips in anticipation as he pushed his cock into the hole he had just created. White pain filled her head as she felt his cock stabbing where her eye should have been. She could no longer focus on the other four cocks inside her at all.

By now everyone in the bar had noticed what was happening to her. The men watched in interest while the women began to panic. One of them, a woman in a green dress with short brown hair, began to creep toward the doors. Of course, the bouncers blocked off her path. She began to scream as they dragged her back to the center of the club.

They threw her onto a table that had a hole in the middle of it. Before long the reason became apparent. Flipping a switch on the side of the table caused a pneumatic stripper pole to rise out of the floor and presumably the basement below. Mom washes milf and gets pussy ate xxx becoming a man than letting it go up to the ceiling though, the bouncer turned the switch off when it was about six feet high.

Again the reason for this outdoor jaclyn taylor filmed drone sucks big dick apparent quickly. The two bouncers waited until they had a little bit of an audience, those not able to get close enough to the bartender as she was fucked in five holes including her eye socket.

The bouncers lifted the woman in the green dress up on their shoulders and hoisted her above the top of the pole. Realizing what they were doing, the patrons clamored onto the table and lifted the woman's dress.

She flailed and complained as they tore her panties off and spread her asshole. Her voice went silent when the bouncers pulled her down, impaling her asshole on the pole. She stared at each of them in turn with wide eyes. She could not even speak for the pain she was in. They held onto her legs and pulled with their full weight, forcing the pole even further up her asshole. The patrons began to help as well. Slowly they forced it up into her stomach.

Even from behind the bar, Floyd could see the bulge of her organs being pushed out of place. She opened her mouth but only blood trickled out. Flipping the switch again, the bouncers lowered the pole until her feet reached the table.

"Alright, how about a dance?" they taunted her. She stared at them in confusion. The taller bouncer punched her in the face, breaking her nose. "Dance!" he screamed in her ear, making her shudder. Liquid ran down the pole as she pissed herself in fear. She struggled to touch the table with the tips of her toes and to move them in a rhythm akin to dancing. The bouncers and the patrons cheered as she did her best to perform. Eventually they grabbed her ankles and spun her around on the pole.

"Oh god," she groaned as she felt her intestines twisting as they clung to the pole. She coughed and spat up more blood. "Please," she began to beg. "Can't you just fuck me? I'll let you do anything you want, just get me off this pole." "You're in no position to bargain," the bouncers laughed at her.

"Besides, who wants to fit in your ruined ass anyway? Your insides after being tempted attractive babe gets nailed been turned to mush by now." He flipped the switch on the table again. "Please, don't!" she screamed as she started to rise off the table.

Her toes had only been keeping some of her weight off of her insides but it was enough. Now she was in excruciating pain. The patrons grabbed her ankles and tried to hold her down. "No, let go!" she wailed as the pole slid further up inside her. When it reached her ribs, it spread them outward, causing them to crack. She wheezed as she lost the ability to expand her lungs.

When the pole slid into her esophagus from below, she had to lean her head back to give it a straight path. Her neck bulged as the pole blowjob real teen pompini reali della teen italian and amateur her throat. Finally the blood coated tip protruded from her mouth and rose to the ceiling. The patrons continued to pull on her legs until her feet touched the table again.

She was now standing perfectly still, save for a slight twitching in her legs and a curling of her toes. She was completely helpless, skewered from her ass to her mouth, all the way through. Tears rolled down her cheeks as blood leaked from her mouth. It was not apparent how long she would last but even if they retracted the pole now, it would be too late to save her.

Within minutes, the men had grown bored and were looking for their next target. None of the women moved, for fear of being chosen by default. It was not methodical at all. The men just trotted around the room, glancing at each of the terrified women once before moving on until they found the one they liked the most.

A young looking girl, no older than nineteen; wearing a reddish pink dress styled slightly like a bar maid's. It was backless and sleeveless. Her high ponytail left the nape of her neck fully exposed. The man that approached her touched her neck and ran his hand down her bare back.

He slid it into the waist of her dress and poked her asshole to make her yelp. That was the sign that she had been chosen. Her boyfriend, a young man about Floyd's age, began to protest immediately. He was shoved out of the way without concern. When he tried to grab one of the men off of his girlfriend, he was hit over the head with a bottle by another man. He fell and smashed his face into the bar. Floyd unlatched and lifted the section that is used for entry and came out to help the poor man.

Seeing their chance, the rest of the patrons dragged the now screaming and kicking girl behind the bar and further into the kitchen. After getting kicked by her several times, the men pulled off her shoes to make her easier to handle. Two of them held her still while another searched the kitchen for anything interesting to use on her. What they found was a rolling pin.

They hiked up the skirt of her dress and pressed the handle of the pin against the crotch of her panties, forcing the cloth up into her. "Stop, what did I do to you?" she wailed. They ignored her and continued to prod her. When they got sick of her sobbing, they whacked her stomach with the rolling pin, causing her to vomit.

She did not complain again until they pulled her panties off and shoved the handle of the pin into her actual cunt. "You can't put something like that inside me. You'll tear my insides," she whined. "If you haven't noticed, what happens to you or your body isn't really our top concern right now," they simply laughed at her. Floyd was still helping her injured boyfriend. His head was bleeding and he was mumbling incoherently.

Eventually he was able to stand up and walk. Not knowing what else to do, Floyd helped him get behind the bar. Just as they were entering the kitchen, a loud shriek emanated from behind them. Floyd turned and saw that a few other men had dragged another girl over to the bar. Following her horrified gaze, he saw that her hand was being pinched between the bar and the liftable slat. They had slammed it down on her hand intentionally. "These guys are really sick," the still stumbling boyfriend muttered as he continued on into the kitchen.

Floyd continued to stare behind him where the men had lifted the slat again. The girl was whimpering as they pulled her other hand down to rest on the edge of the bar. Le metel pene a lafuerza en la boca a mi hermana bit her lip in anticipation but still screamed when they slammed the slat down.

Her hand was definitely broken. She was crying too much to scream anymore when they lifted the slat a third time. The men pushed her down, bending her over until her face was resting on the bar. Floyd winced as the slat fell. She jolted when it hit her skull. The loud cracking sound was horrifying. When the slat was lifted, she was just lying on the edge of the bar. Her eyes were wide and unfocused. Again the slat fell. This time the edge cut her head and blood began to run down her face.

She slumped backwards and fell to the floor, either unconscious or dead. It took Floyd a moment to shake himself from the daze of watching the woman go from conscious enough to scream over her broken hand to silent sobbing and eventual stillness. He quickly entered the kitchen to see how the injured boyfriend was fairing.

He was being held back by one of the other patrons so he could not approach his girlfriend. She was standing near the stove groaning as another man worked the handle of the rolling pin in and out of her now bruised cunt. Her eyes were rolling in her head and she was muttering something about how she would never be able to have children.

The men ignored her and pulled on the front of her dress, exposing her bare breasts. She was not wearing a bra so as to complete the backless dress image. Her chest could almost be described as dismal. Her breasts barely extended past her ribs. Her nipples were tiny, even though they were fully erect. "You call yourself a woman?" the men taunted her. "What kind of fetish does you man have? He must be into little boys." "You shut your mouth!" her boyfriend shouted while trying to break free of his captor's grip.

His girlfriend was unresponsive though. Her eyes were glazed over and she was still muttering to herself. The pain of having a rolling pin shoved up inside her was too much. "She's worthless," the men scoffed. Floyd flinched as he recalled the bouncers using the same word to describe Melanie before letting their friend drag her naked down an alley by her neck and then run her over.

They make it sound like it is somehow the woman's fault. If she were more attractive they would want to have sex with her rather than harm her. "What are you doing?" her boyfriend asked when the men led her toward the stove. "These tiny things can't be all that sensitive," the men responded cruelly. "We'll see how much she can actually feel them." Finally the boyfriend realized what they were doing. They were bending her over the deep fat friar.

"It's too hot in here," she moaned. Her eyes were still unfocused. "Stop!" her boyfriend shouted. The men pushed on her back, forcing her chest down into the bubbling oil.

An earsplitting shriek filled the room, along with the sound of fat popping. She struggled to stand up but they held her down for a whole minute. When they finally pulled her up, her whole chest was red with burns. Part of her skin had cracked and receded, exposing yellow fat beneath. It was sizzling and melting, dripping out of her breasts and running down her stomach.

Her eyes focused enough for her to look at her boyfriend. "Tony?" she gasped. "Am… am I okay?" "You're cum twice on tits and cumshot collection vinyl queen, sweetie.

It's just a slight burn," he lied to her. "We just need to get you to the hospital." "He says she's fine," the men laughed. "If she's fine, then she can go again." They shoved her back into the friar. More screams and popping followed. When they pulled her up a second time, the skin on her breasts was gone. It had crisped up and peeled off, leaving nothing but melting fat behind. "Is she still fine?" the men asked Tony again. He shook his head. "Please let me take her to the hospital," college dorm party playgirl and teen squirt ballerinas pleaded.

"I don't think it'll matter much at this point," they argued. "You're better off just getting yourself a new one." "I've known her since we were kids. I've been in love with her since high school. She turned me down so many times. I can hardly believe she finally said yes last year. I don't want anyone else but her," Tony poured his heart out to the cruel men.

"Then what the hell did you bring her here for?" they asked coldly. Tony and Floyd both watched as they pushed her back down toward the friar. Rather than dipping her chest in again, they backed her up slightly so she was staring straight down into the bubbling liquid.

She tried to turn her head but they just shoved her in. Tony could not even say anything. Her screams were muffled by the oil. A full minute later they pulled her up. Her face was red and swollen. Her tongue was sticking out and charred black to the point she could not speak.

When she opened her eye lids, her eye sockets were hollow. Her eyes had melted right out of her head. She tried to speak but all that came was indiscernible mumbling. "Here, you can have this back." They shoved her toward Tony. She stumbled and fell. He barely caught her. "I give her five minutes tops." The men all laughed as they left the kitchen.

Tony sat on the floor cradling his girlfriend as she struggled to even breathe. Floyd could not bear to watch. He had gone through the same thing less than an couple talk when they met before sex ago. Instead he shuffled back out of the kitchen and sat down on the floor of the bar. To his surprise, the club no longer sounded alive and vibrant with guests. He could hear voices and footsteps fading. Soon there was almost absolute silence.

Most of the patrons had grown bored and left. Now he was alone, save for a few people like himself; too shocked to move. Floyd was startled when he felt something touching his leg. He moved back until he could see a person crawling face down on the floor. She was naked and covered in white streaks of cum but her blonde hair was immediately recognizable. He quickly rolled the bar tender over onto her back.

She had one hand covering her stomach, trying to keep her wound from reopening. Her other hand was covering her eye. Floyd pulled it away and saw that she had managed to push her eye back into its socket, though there was blood and cum leaking out behind it. She stared up at him with an obvious hatred. She was swallowing a lot but not speaking. Her throat must have been sore from being fucked constantly. He grabbed a bottle of water off the shelf behind the bar and poured some into her mouth.

She swallowed it greedily, gulping to the point of choking. He had to turn her head and pat her back so she could spit some back out. "You bastard," she finally croaked at him. "I'm sorry." He hung his head guiltily. "Is this place always like this?" "It's worse some nights. Other nights, no one is in the mood to go this far. It depends on what they think they can get away with." "Why would you work here?" he asked an obvious question. "The pay is good," her response was also obvious.

"Are you going to be okay?" his voice held genuine concern. "We have a crew that comes in the morning. They take away the bodies and facilitate cover-ups. You think a place like this survives on its own? We have help from corrupt police and officials." "So even if I told someone what happened to Melanie today…" "You'd just be silenced tomorrow," she assured him. Floyd leaned back against the shelf.

There was a slight clank when his held jostled a glass bottle. He gritted his teeth and flung his head back again, striking the shelf. The bartender watched as he banged his head on the shelf several times intentionally. He wanted to hurt. It was the only thing he could feel and comprehend. Eventually he stopped and just laid back again. He was tired and wanted to rest. Of course, there was no way he was going to fall asleep tonight. In fact, he was not sure he would ever sleep soundly again.

He was already dreading facing Melanie's family. He had no idea what he was going to tell them. It would be several hours before the aforementioned crew arrived in the morning but he did not have the energy to leave. He resigned himself to just waiting with the bartender. And wait they did.