Emma butt in borderland bound

Emma butt in borderland bound
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This is geeky teen linda gets fucked hard and facialized first attempt so would like some feedback and want to know whether or not to continue the story, enjoy!!!

Walking through the woods always cleared my head, a lot more recently than usual, it all started about a month and a half ago when I first walked in on my sister, I had been at work all day and was in need of a good shower and an evening release. I walked into the house shouting my usual hello to see if anyone was home but with no reply I just went up to my room to get undressed then go have a shower, now I'm not a perfect guy, I ain't slim or have a six pack but I am quite a broad and muscly guy which comes as no surprise as I'm a labourer, as I walked past the hallway mirror I couldn't help but stop and have a look at myself which is very vain I won't deny but anyway I walked into the bathroom to a sight which I will never forget so long as I shall live, I had never seen her like this, never stopped to think how great she looked but the moment I sore my sister sitting on the edge of the bath, stark naked, playing with one of her double D tits and ever so gently rubbing her clit my jaw dropped, all though it was only a minute or so it felt like I was watching her for hours, hearing her gentle moans of pleasure and seeing her beautiful red hair hanging over her shoulder, my cock stiffened instantly.

Finally braking the trance I coughed and looked away to alert her of my presence "oh shit! Ben, what the fuck!" she shouted, blushing and trying to cover herself "I thought no one would be home yet!" I was trying my hardest to remain looking away and hide the bulge in my boxers "it is half 4 Rose, to be honest I thought you'd be out with your friends still" "well no I'm not and you clearly know what I was doing till you interrupted!" I couldn't help but laugh at her and have another look "yeah and you seem like you were enjoying yourself" "oh haha very funny" she said sarcastically "don't act like you don't wank!

Bet you were gonna do the same thing before you had a shower!" "no to be honest I was gonna try my luck out tonight so if you wouldn't mind getting out and finishing yourself of in your room so I can have a shower it would be much appreciated!" she rolled her eyes at me then stood up and began walking teacher pussy licked and fucked whitney westgate, as she did I couldn't help but stare at her body, she had curves in all the right places and her ass was just perfect, all I wanted to do was grab it, she must have knew I was looking because she stopped and looked over her shoulder at me, she looked me straight in the eyes and gave me a very seductive smile and looked me up and down then just turned and walked in her room.

It wasn't till I was in the shower that it really hit me, that's my sister!

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And I'm standing there with a raging hard-on wanting to fuck her brains out, from that day on things where never the same.

For about two weeks we were shy around each other, both not wanting to speak about it and especially not tell our parents, god knows what would have happened if they found out but all I could think about was her, when I lay in bed at night, when I was at work and especially when I'm in the shower if she popped into my head I would have an instant erection but touching it made me feel extremely wrong and dirty I mean its incest after all it's a bad thing right?, Anyway that Friday mum and dad went out for a meal, it was there date night so I was left with Rosie who's obviously old enough to look after herself as she is 18 but still it gave mum comfort for me to be there, we sat there for at least an hour without hardly saying a word when for no reason she jumped on me, "what the hell!" I shouted "just shut up!" she replied "I know you've been thinking about me, about what you want to do to me" a very sexual smile began to appear on her face "wait how do you know that, I haven't done nothing to make you even think that!" "don't play dumb I see how you looked at me when I walked out the bathroom that day and the bulge in your pants which has been driving me insane thinking about it, plus I noticed all the little sly movements where you 'accidently' cupped my ass or had my boobs sexy beautiful gal in hardcore sex act into you so don't try it!" she got me to be fair I couldn't deny it even as much as I tried not to "alright fine I admit it!

I haven't been able to get the sight of you flicking your bean out of my mind since it happened! But wait what do you mean its driving you insane" she slightly began to blush just as much as I was "well I&hellip.it&hellip.it turned me on big time, seeing what I had done to you made me feel like a women, plus the fact I've not seen let alone touched a real cock! And by the way your laps feeling right now I've done it again!" as she said that she began rolling her hips on my groin and running her hands down my chest and all I could do is sit there.

caught between what I thought was right and what's wrong till my urges took over and I grabbed hold of her amazing ass and slammed her into me, forcing her to let out a slight moan of sheer pleasure, she grabbed the back of my head and dived in to kiss me, at first it was horrible! I mean that's my sister!

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But my god did she know what she was doing! I couldn't help but push one of my hands up her top and grab her glorious tits which was clearly driving her crazy, she pulled herself back, unzipped my jeans and grabbed my cock, Jesus did she know what she's doing for a virgin!

I'm surprised I didn't blow my load there and then, she climbed off me and got down between my legs and stared at my cock "how is that even gonna fit in me!" won't lie that made me feel pretty damn good, It is about 7 inches long but I always assumed it's just average, eyes wide open she continued to stroke my cock bringing me closer and closer to the edge "I want to taste it but I'm scared Ben… will it choke me?

I mean I've watched porn and they seem to be able to do it but… you know… it's just… just huge!" looking into her eyes as she said that you could see the fear and the excitement in her eyes all I wanted to do was stop her but before I knew it she started licking my shaft and sucking the head, past this point she was no longer my sister.

Before I knew it she began trying to push it down her throat taking it deeper and deeper each time and I was beginning to lose it "I'm gonna cum soon!" I shouted, she stopped and looked at me with a devilish grin "good! I finally get to taste it!" and with that she dived back onto it taking it all down her throat and It felt amazing, no girl ever done it as good as her and I don't understand why but that could be covered at another time right now I've got a gorgeous redhead bobbing her head up and down on my cock and I'm about to blow my load down her throat, "my god your amazing&hellip.

Ahh… ahh fuck!" stream after stream of cum shot down her throat causing her to gag, she looked up at me as she let my cock slide out of her mouth and looking into her eyes I could of blown another load, she was sexy as hell. She stood up and slowly stripped off down to her thong looking into my eyes the whole time, I stood up and grabbed her then kissed her passionately, I threw her onto the sofa and climbed down between her legs "be gentle" she said with fear in her voice but before she had the chance jasmine black has big natural latina tits pornstar knockers stop me I grabbed her thong with my teeth and yanked it off, with one swift movement she was completely naked and right in front of me was the pussy I'd been dreaming of for the last two weeks, I rammed my face into her pussy and licked away, taking her folds into my mouth slurping away, flicking her clit with my tongue and dipping it inside her slightly, after about 10 minutes of tongue fucking her I brought her to the point of no return, she grabbed my head and pulled me into her driving my tongue deeper into her sweet virgin pussy as she cum over and over again in an orgasm that seem to last forever, I slurped up her cum as I looked up at her face watching her moan and groan in pure ecstasy, all I could think about was sliding my cock into her now soaking wet pussy and making her cum all over again "oooh fuck I've never felt this good ben" she moaned between breaths "fuck me ben please fuck me… put that big cock straight in my pussy and make me hardcore deepthroat action with these horny students that good again!" "With pleasure" I replied, I kissed her clit then stood up in front of her stroking my cock, she starred at it and the look of fear returned to her eyes "are you sure you're ready?" "Just shut up and fuck me!" I knelt down slightly and ran the head of my cock up and down her folds make her moan even more "put it already!" she screamed but as soon as my tip had entered her juicy pussy and she tensed with anticipation her phone began to ring "fuck its dad!" "Shit they must be nearly home!" I panicked "quick get dressed before they get here!" we both jumped up with jelly legs and started getting our clothes on, just as she put her top on I grabbed her and gave her one last passionate kiss before they got home till the next time we're alone that is.