Busty milf deepthroats teens cock in threeway

Busty milf deepthroats teens cock in threeway
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My Cousin Annie Ch.1 I know my last one was bad, I was never really good at writing stories but I try my best. I'm now making a new one that I hope EVERYONE will like.hopefully.Anyways i'm more of the funny type, not story type but again, I do try my best and it just entertains me to make a story that atleast one person will like.

So, I hope you enjoy the story.

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_____________________________________________________________________________________ We fucked till' we could fuck no more. It felt so good I-I just couldn't stop to even take a breath.

Oh, I should probably start from the beginning. I was talking to my mom on the phone to find out what to pack."Just pack two pairs of clothes and you know.all that other stuff." My mom said."I have to go anyways, good luck!" As my mom hung up the phone I wondered what I would do with a twelve year old that hasn't gone through puberty yet, but I knew there was no time to think.

I packed up my bags, fed the dog, kissed my sister goodbye, and headed off. Now, my sister was nineteen and she could stay home by herself all week.I hated her.

As I drove up to get some food, I saw this cute girl, nice ass, long black hair-probably weave but I didn't care-I needed to talk to her."Hey, I couldn't help but notice you ass- I-I mean pass." She giggled, I saw her beautiful shining teeth, they were amazing, I just wanted to kiss her so bad.And I know what you're thinking.

You don't know her name yet Jordan how do you want to kiss her? Well just wait."Hello, my name is Kaelyn." She said that with the most beautiful-and I really mean most beautiful-voice i've ever heard in my life! I asked her if she was single, she said yes, that just made my thrill rate go up higher. I gave her my number and did that cheesy k-k thing and did the little thumb thing at her.

She laughed obviously, because i'm funny. Now enough about me, let's get to the good parts. I got some food, you know regular food.that we eat. I drove to my aunts house and stuff.blah blah blah.When I drove into the driveway, I saw someone with a nice pink and purple bikini and wondered if that was my cousin Annie. She a nice full head of hair, and for a twelve year old she had some nice boobs too. I parked the car and got out."Hey, are you Annie?" I standing cock riding for a wench hardcore and blowjob putting out my hand.

She nodded and said."Yes I'm Annie, are you Jordan?" She asked shaking my hand. I said yes of course and she guided me inside. Now remember that big booty girl with the nice brown hair? Okay, okay.guess what. As she guided me into the house I saw someone cooking dinner.it was the big booty girl YES. But wait.who is she?"This is Auntie Lourisa, but I call her mommy."She said sticking out my hand. Now i've never met my aunt.so I was shocked.

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"Hello, you look familiar." She said with a smurk. I smurked to because I knew she was kidding. I said "Yes, you look familiar too." |Later that night| I just had to know what she was up too, so I set a camera in my aunts room. I knew she had to had some sort of vibrator, no fuck that, with that big ass she must have a dildo.

For two days i've been masturbating to what i saw on the camera, and what I saw was hardcore man.

My aunt and my cousin scissor fucking each other. I had to join in. But how? So i devised a plan, when i was in the shower I would fake moan, and leave the do open a little.

Maybe they would hear me and I would have the fuck of my life. |The next day| My life was at stake here, either I got a good fuck, or I was humiliated from fake moaning. So just incase I actually started to masturbate, having those sexy fuck buddies in my mind made me cum faster, but I needed to be louder.

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I cupped some water in my hand splashed it on my cock and jacked it off so hard. I'm pretty sure I lost ten calories doing that. Lucky for me Annie heard me and she opened the door a little for me to see freesnapmilf busty blonde milf loves naughty boys pony tail swinging around.

She didn't have clothes on, she must have expected this. She came in and asked if I could wash her. Apparanently, her dad used to was her before he left, she felt comfortable in a mans arms. So I said come right on in. She put her hair in a bun and got in. She looked at me and smiled. She got on her knees and started sucking my dick. She must have done it before because in no time I came in her mouth, and she swallowed it!

I told her to fuck me, and when I said that I was kidding but obviously she wasn't. She pushed me down on the floor of the tub. I knew something was about to go down. She rubbed her pussy with water and slid 'my bad boy' right inside of her pussy."Mhm yah that feels so good." She moaned.

She went really slow, it was time for me to take over. So i did. "Oh yah fuck me fuck me!!!" she moaned The end lol