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Taylor fucks her steppops and it was worth the wait pornstars hardcore
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Jenny's hypnotic devotion to animal rites 1 (estimated 31 mins reading time) You lock the door, I'll bar the gate. My dare's to thee, Initiate! : Incantation - Fanfiction I can see inside you, the sickness is rising. Don't try to deny what you feel : Lyric - Disturbed Chapter 1. There was an indeterminate period of time, during which, all manner of obscenity danced before Jennifer Parker dementedly, in roiling, seething darkness as she continued to regress.

Different terrors. Different days. But always the constant chants, and the filthy bellowing of blasphemous encouragements from the ever present gatherings around her. And then, she'd achieved her altered state. Jenny was only twelve years old again just now, naked in a fevered, fearful, loathing hell, in which she was writhing in almost excruciating lust.

Unseen, yet knowing fiery fingers seemed to caressed her quivering little body. Teasing her little nipples maddeningly erect, insinuating themselves within the yearning crevasses of her immature sex organs and making her tingle maddeningly all over. So filthy, what they used to do to her - those wicked monstrous people - such an innocent young girl. How could they? How CAN they. No. I don't want it. I'm burning" Jenny squealed, "please.

nooooooooo!" "Specto suscitatio," her hypnotherapist commanded, without impatience. It was a magic, hypnotic key phrase Doctor Schwarzkopf had taught his patient, which helped her slip more quickly into an hypnotic state of recollection and tranquility. "Jennifer, Jennifer!" his manly, baritone voice called the frightened little girl by her full name, and then, "Can you here me Jennifer?" It questioned amidst her inner turmoil.

The familiar, friendly disembodied voice, acted like an indirect beam of cool, white light, sending the horrific phantasms arrayed against her, scurrying back into the dark recesses of her imagination once again. The sound of her breath was audible around her now, her chest expanding and contracting with each breath. She could hear the air rushing between her lips as she inhaled. She felt tranquil now, as if at the bottom of a deep, silent ocean.

It was the wonderfully safe place she'd been taught to hide within herself so many times, during her hypnotherapy sessions with the kindly Doctor Schwarzkopf. A lower place inside her very being, far from the residual pain of her unbearable childhood memories of satanic ritual abuse, and the horrible visions that made her fearful, sick and anxiously aroused, even in her current adult life. The little girl, Jenny, inside the now adult woman Jennifer whom had been undergoing regression therapy for weeks already, enjoyed the quiet, restful darkness of this place within herself.

There was only her, and the lovely male voice she loved so much, and she knew she'd be safe in here with him. "I'm going to count to three Jennifer" he told her just then, "And when I do, you're going to leave your cave Jenny. I'm going to direct you through some of the events that brought you to your current situation in life Jennifer.

Do you understand? Jennifer nodded obediently. "Your going to be watching everything like a movie. You can not get hurt in a movie Jennifer. You're just going to watch the movie and tell me what you see. Do you understand?" Jennifer nodded. A movie did sound good. Little twelve-year-old Jenny felt so happy and excited all of a sudden, she loved cartoons and Mickey Mouse and. "Now. I'm going to count to three now Jenny," Doctor Schwarzkopf interrupted her once again, "and when I do, you're going to be back in the church.

One. Two. Three!" There was an indeterminate period of time, during which, all manner of obscenity danced before Jennifer Parker dementedly, in roiling, seething darkness.

Different terrors. Different days. Her vivid reminiscences played out before her, like flicking through TV channels, as her hypnotist directed. Her little childhood self, kneeling almost naked on the sacrificial altar during the diabolic masses held at the secluded 'Church of Satan' was an often recurring theme in her visions. The the oddly dressed crowd amassed around the trembling, barely pubescent girl, and how they'd taught her to love them touching her naughty little body.

She was a very pretty little girl. Skinny, but with enough meat on her bones to offer a semblance of sexual readiness. She had the usual kind of blonde coloring, only hers was a true blonde, with not so much as a hint of peroxide: bright blue eyes and pink cheeks, with high cheek bones accentuating a perfectly shaped nose and nostrils that had a tendency to flare with just the slightest provocation. Her little lemon-like tits seemed to sway tantalizingly below her, as she knelt on the altar with her pert and curvy buttocks rounding submissively before the excited adults gathering around her.

Even when they stood quietly, simply witnessing, Jenny was always erotically affected by the highly charged communion of asian slut teases the dude with her dark round ass lust which ragged amongst the congregation all about her.

Mommy would even set her daughters long blonde hair in draping, sexy curls, and paint her pouty little-girl lips with glossy lipstick too. Then she'd be dressed in the most provocatively sexy lingerie imaginable. Cup-less braziers accentuated her small titties; crotch-less lacy panties made her gorgeous young ass appear seductively ripe and ready to be fucked, along with thrilly garter belts and suspender stockings sometimes, adding teasingly to the illusion that the tiny young girl was invitingly more adult.

Her parents always wanted Jenny to be as sexy and flirtatious as possible for her sexually sacrificial duties. They told her she must always give herself willingly to all. Jenny's parents had explained, the other cult members would be even hornier to fuck her precious little body this way. They told her she was the most special little girl in the world, she was the living symbol of the sexual magnetism of The Beast.

Little Jenny hadn't understood it all. But she'd grown to like attending the Satanic vespers over time, and how she felt about the sex she private casting x my little boston slut during them as well. During the rituals held in the old, converted church, the members of the demonic cult were encouraged to fuck her sexily presented little body any way they wanted. Often, they'd made her perform the most obscene adult sexual acts her little girl's mind could never have imagined on its own.

The cultists, including her parents, were always dressed indiscernibly alike; cloaked in purple, smock-like robes with mystic blazonry embroidered here and there. Each member of the unholy congregation wore a plain white mask over their hidden faces during the Satanic rites, appearing featureless, smooth and shining ghostly in the dimly lit surroundings of their macabre place of worship.

Only 'Mr. Black' really stood out in her visions. He was always dressed in black. However his mask was shiny gold, and he wore a special headpiece of ram's horns on his head. He was the master of ceremonies for the black masses, a high priest for the unholy conjugation, and their sacrilegious rites.

Depending on their mood, the congregation would shout lewd encouragements, like "fuck that little bitch!" or "Fuck her in the name of Satan!" Or else they'd simply stand quietly witnessing, and enjoying the perverted good show they would receive.

Her scantily clad little body would be taken by a full-grown nicely muscled chick fucked hard by her new fitness trainer, perhaps he'd roll over on her back and and spread her pliant unresisting, lovely little legs. Mommy had told her to smile and whisper encouragement at such times, especially if he seemed a little hesitant. Dutifully, she batted her pretty baby blue eyes seductively, as they glisten invitingly in the soft candle light, awestruck at the site of huge male glands poking out hungrily, as the men lifted up their heavy ceremonial robes.

She'd lost count of the many ribbed, red and ready to fuck penises she'd been rodgered with, as horny cult members had called her filthy names, or grunted lustfully in her little ear as they grinded there aching, lust inflamed adult penises into her immature little fuck-hole.

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A lot of men had liked to tell her she was a dirty little whore, or a filthy little slut, as they fucked her little ass or pussy, before a swooning, appreciating audience. But as mommy had explained, that was just some men's way of enjoying her better, and in understanding that, Jenny had learned to enjoy their filthy talking during sex, over time.

Sometimes she'd feel a multitude of fingers from the excited crowd around her, tweaking her budding nipples obediently erect as an unknown male would move between her legs, Jennifer swooned with how it had felt to feel the huge spongy, rock-hard head of an adult's manly cock, forcing its way between her begrudgingly tight little girl's fuck-mouth.

Her little body would be buffeted about like a rag doll at times, as her horny little cunt was stretched open and penetrated to the hilt by a cultist's lust bloated cock. Usually the men were very hot for her youthful body and baldy little cunny, and they would quickly pump their spunk-loads into her clenching little cunt. But at other times, they would gargantuan toy for babes anal hardcore blowjob her longer, cheered on by the whooping crowd.

Many times, when a man would pull his cum streaked cock from her well fucked cunt, he'd rub his slimy, semi-erect prong, on her sweaty little face and make the little girl lick her intermingled fuck-juices from his dong.

However, women too would have their wicked way with the beautiful young girl during the big family's sexual convocations. Many times a horny adult woman would disrobe before the sexy little girl, stripping everything from her gorgeous feminine body except her mask. Some of the women had magnificent bodies, but daddy had always told her to pretend to like them even if she didn't. For some of these women, it was their first lesbian experience.

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Jenny loved the precious look on their pretty faces when they'd taste her fishy little girl slit for the first time. They'd be so gentle with her at first, kissing her little titties, loving every knock and cranny of her erotic little female body, fingering her tingling little cunt with timid, first time fingers.

It was so sweet, if not exactly innocent. However, Jenny also liked the way some of the older women took her more expertly. Sometimes in pairs, one woman wisely drawing moaning pleasure from her hotly oozing little cunny, while another pleased herself by squat-humping her sopping adult pussy on Jenny's little face.

Jenny always did college rules check out our butts best to lap up all of a woman's sticky juices, just like daddy told her, at such times. But there had also been many times her little body had really been more roughly abused.

Sometimes she was sodomized before the chanting cultists, her tiny asshole buggered violently by some callous man or dildo wielding woman. Or whole groups would have her all at once, titillating her small child's physique in every possible way, drawing fingernails across her taught young flesh, pinning her firmly to the altar while they dripped hot candle wax on her wildly tingling little nipples, perhaps fucking her sweet little cunt with all manner of imaginatively placed dildos, making her shudder into orgasm, again and again and again.

She recalled mother had her try on her most erotic adult apparel, taking care to choose the most ravishing, raunchy rigging they could find before she'd attend a ritual sex event. The twelve-year-old preened herself in the full-length mirror, and made sure that she looked just the way she wanted in a bright i french 4 you thai negligee fucking my wifes pussy and hot tan ass till i cum tube porn, complete with a red lace choker around her pretty, graceful neck.

A lacy red brazier cupped her smallish titties nicely, and a gossamer fine camisole fell alluringly around her pert young female frame, like a red hot see-through fog, displaying the flimsy crutch-less panties around her slightly swelling hips. She was sure the male cultists would pay rapt attention to her naughtily presented curves presented this way.

You have curves no man can resist, she had been told more than once by her daddy she recalled. But no! Mommy wasn't happy with the outfit. So next they tried a breathtaking black corset and gown set, along with matching shiny black stilettos. The flashy leather bodice lifted little Jenny's mounds to reveal as much of her creamy-white breasts, as mommy cared without seeming too obvious. After all, she wanted to tease the members of the big family into fucking her little daughter, not insult them.

She touched the barest hint of lip stick to Jenny's sexy, pouty mouth, and then stood back to admire the effect.

Jenny's lushly contoured little body was clingingly exposed beneath a long black translucent floor length veil that started falling at her hips, revealing, beside the budding fullness of her lust inciting buttocks, her nicely rounded belly, the tiniest of waists, flawless white skin, and just the hint of straw colored hair, only just beginning to sprout at the center of her loins. Jenny felt quite pleased with herself. She stretched and fluffed out her wealth of thick, blonde hair, which had only been cut twice in her life: Her daddy was always crazy about her hair and, like many other men in the cult, liked to stroke his fingers through it as he fucked his little daughter with his gratefully gouging cock.

But on that last afternoon, mother had a stroke of pure inspiration. Jennifer smiled softly to herself as she thought about how sexy she looked in front of her adoring mother just then. Taking both of her protuberant pink nipples between thumb and forefinger, Jenny toyed with them until they stiffened in self-defense, imparting pleasant sensations into her swollen breasts and a matching tingle deep down in the center of her belly.

Mother had outdone herself this time, her naughty little outfit was exquisite she decided. It was quite simply, the most erotic wedding negligee ensemble that any man could ever dream of. Jenny's little thorax and the full ripeness of her beast were completely naked now. Only a crotch-less white string thong adorned her girlish hips and bare-ass buttocks.

However, her sex appeal pov spitting in your mouth not in anyway diminished, to the contrary, the rest of her flimsy, bawdy, adult bridle trappings served to show off her lovely, sexy body all the more.

Her pretty blond hair was upswept now; crowned spectacularly with a lace fringed shock of the purest white tulle veil and a sparkling, bright tiara graced her head. Long white silk gloves clasped to her dainty little elbows, and the long smooth columns of her legs were flattered by elaborate lace band stockings, snugly fitted round her sweeping thighs, and ending in a pair of sparkling silver stiletto heels at her feet. "Specto suscitatio" a familiar baritone voice rang out in her ears, and Jennifer immediately relaxed.

The bright and relatively happy memories of her mother and her pretty dresses faded into the tranquil floating blackness of the cave. "Jenny! Jenny. can you hear me?" the voice of Doctor Schwarzkopf questioned after some moments.

Jennifer nodded her head slowly, and the little girl inside her felt relieved and happy once again. "Jenny, when I count to three you'll wake up in the church again, but this time on that last night. Do you understand?" "Um hum," little Jenny answered. "Very good. On the count of three. You will wake up in the church and tell me everything you remember. One. Two. Three." Thunderous applause broke out in shock and awe amongst the hundreds of Satanic cultists gathered for the black mass that evening, as the little blond haired girl, a chrissy fox gone wild pornstars and interview erotic vision of bridal, honeymoon night lust, made a most theatrical entry to the unholy church of Satan.

Mr. Black himself, cloaked in black and wearing a bizarrely ornate gold mask with goat horns sprouting from its crown, lead the petite twelve year old, wearing her sexy white wedding night lingerie, as she rode down the aisle on the back of a big, jet-black Billy-goat.

The atmosphere in the church nave was already electrically charged with anticipation of what was planned for that fateful evening, but now the demonic parishioners swooned in fascination at the unholy bridal couple. The image of such a pretty young temptress, adorning one of the classic symbols of the Devil, as a powerfully built male goat, was almost to much for some.

Even with her pretty makeup face hidden slightly beneath her veil, Jenny could hear their vile, fevered adult whispers and lustful mutterings as she passed by the cloaked and masked figures that made up the unholy congregation, flanking in the pew aisles to her sides. Set just before the chancel, at the back end of the church, stood a large ceremonial altar with an upside-down cross standing on one hot bisexual group fucking tube porn, Mr.

Black lead Jenny and the goat to its edge, where she was helped to dismount and take her place upon the great stone table top, in preparation for the unholy sexual Eucharist to follow. Jenny looked like a sexy little fallen angel now, kneeling upon the stony surface of the altar, as Mr. Black had an attendant take the impressive looking goat, then turned to face the hushed gathering from his lectern.

"Unholy brethren," he boomed in melodious male tones, "for many years we have offered sacraments to reptiles, drank of the forbidden effusions of blood and offered sexual sacrifices to the glory of The Horned One. Always we have had faith that our practices would one day bring down upon us, the very presents of The Beast. And so tonight, at long last, we are gathered together for an event so long anticipated, the alignment of the five stars has begun." Mr.

Black took a moment to clear his throat, mainly for effect, before continuing. "Tonight is truly a magical night; Tonight the five planets will form the long awaited pentagram in the heavens, and in this heightened state of magic, the tribunal of Satan will at last prevail here on earth.

if WE are ready to receive him!" the atrocious Mr. Black implored the crowd at that moment, "I ask you gathered here tonight, do you receive Satan as your lord and master?" "We do" the congregation answered. "Do all gathered here pledge their indulgences to the most Unholy Father?" "We do" "Do WE, His cultus of darkness, crave His vital existence, His undefiled, diabolic wisdom here tonight?" "We do, in the name of Satan!

We so swear!" the gathering confirmed, and with that, a very pleased Mr. Black left the chancel and stepped up to the altar to address the little girl that kneeled upon it.

Jenny never paid much attention to what was said during the church meetings, she never understood all of the words anyway. In fact, all she knew for sure was that sooner all later, they always turned out the same, with her having some sort of kinky sex in front of everyone.

As the Satanic priest positioned himself close before the sexy little bride, Jenny's hips began a slow erotic undulation, she'd been taught by mommy, would always please the crowd.

She could see Mr. Black's ridged penis protruding from a purposeful hole, in the front of his robes, as he spoke to her in booming tones. "Come to me child, and receive the unholy sacrament of Satan!" Jenny obediently waddled forward on hands and knees, until Mr. black reached and threw back her wedding veil, before clasping her pretty, nubile face between his hands.

Then he kissed her on the forehead briefly, before he guided her head with his meaty hands wrapped tightly in her hair, to bring her glossy pouted lips to find his heavily bloated cock-tip. Jenny knew what she must do, and a shiver of lust quaked through her as she sucked Mr. Blacks fat cock-knob into her fluid, fluttery little mouth. His eagerly throbbing penis sliding in and out of the kneeling young girl's mouth, made a lewd sucking sound as the adult leaned down to watch the little girls cheeks puffing as he pushed his lust-thickened cock between her clasping lips.

Below his mask, his grin widening each time he heard her grunt as he rammed it into her helplessly trapped face. It was an exciting picture for those gathered around and witnessing the nasty action, the subserviently kneeling girl's helpless face being held tightly between his two huge hands while his saliva-glistening penis fucked its way in and out between her straining red lips, causing her to groan in submission.

Then he looked up and made a signal with his head to an attendant whom had come up unseen by Jenny, to her rear. "Okay, Release Hector," he leered. "Are we ready to see this little girl get the hell fucked out of her?" he added in a loud, booming voice, to the jubilant elation of the mob.

The big Great Dane dog had been increasingly nervous over the last few minutes. As Jenny had began undulating her butt in front of him, the sight of her beautiful naked body caused his blood to begin rushing through his veins, in tingling anticipation. But he knew he must wait for a signal. Mr.

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Black had trained him to remain still, ready and waiting until the order was finally given, but it was difficult, and his front legs shifted excitedly, his ears slanting alertly forward as small whining sounds came from his massive throat. Hector had studied the little girl as she kneeled dutifully above him on the raised dais of the altar.

He didn't understand the meaning of the white thigh-length stockings, the silver stilettos or the veil she wore, but the sight of her swelling white buttocks pointed back in his direction were almost more than the eager animal could stand. He could see the stubbly fringe of golden downy cunt-hair high up between her thighs, and his sharp nose detected the faint odor of musky feminine excitement coming from between her fluted pussy-slit.

Finally the signal! The big animal heard his master's passion-distorted voice urging him on towards the swelling half-moon buttocks thrust back towards him in open invitation, as Mr. Black stepped back to enjoy the perverted spectacle that was about to begin. Jenny giggled when she saw the big Great Dane stand up on his hind-legs behind her, as if trying to peep on her from behind the altar.

Still. After mommy had explained how nice it felt to have sex with a dog earlier that day, she couldn't help noticing her cunt starting to drool already with anticipation. Hector whimpered hornily, his eyes watching Jenny intently as she knelt dutifully before him, the gorgeous spreading rounds of her firm young buttocks, upturned and swaying invitingly, just as mommy had instructed she do to tease the naughty doggy.

He could clearly see her coral-colored slit, clasped tightly between the passive, long lipped piss-flaps of her baldy little cunny, and her tempting hairless skinny zoi rides a massive meat pole, the little chocolate starfish of her butt.

So when she swiveled her head back to look at him, she saw that he was shaking now with animal fuck-lust for her horny human charms. "C'mon Hector, come up here with me!' the little girl cooed sweetly. The Great Dane jumped up behind her onto the wide altar stone in one powerful thrust of his hairy hunches. The big dog's large ears twitched as he panted behind the little girls nice white ass, his long tongue dripping saliva.

Between his powerful legs, his long dog-cock quivered fitfully. He suddenly used his giant dog-tongue to thrust irresistibly up Jenny's moist rear passageway, and she reached desperately behind her with one hand to spread the ivory globes of her buttocks in order to give the salivating beast full access to her tiny anal ring.

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The tongue lashed her for another long moment, and then the giant animal began to crowd in hard against her.

What he wanted was plain, and the moaning little girl obediently raised her naked ass-cheeks even higher, bending before the panting dog, in symbolic sexual surrender to The Beast, while her face remained turned towards the crowd.

"Good, Hector!" Jenny moaned, feeling her cunt tingle all over as she studied the animal's prick, and the crowd around her swooned softly around the unholy couple out of lust. Jenny felt pussy-juice dribbling out of her cunt and trickling slowly down the insides of her naked thighs.

She knew that the horny Great Dane could smell her juices, and she knew, too, that the animal was aware that she was hot for his nasty doggy cock. She wriggled her ass at the dog invitingly. Hector responded at once by moving forward, closing in on her crouching body with his own. The cultists watched spellbound, as the huge dog mounted Jenny's passionately offered buttocks and locked his strong forelegs around her slender waist. Dripping briny liquid, the glistening long scarlet dog-penis slipped from the hairy sheath under the animal's belly, the tapered point slipping and dancing into the hot wet crevice of the little girl's ass, as Hector trembled and jerked, trying to bury his gleaming shaft in the kneeling girl's little body.

Hector let out a sharp howl. His prick twitched violently, and Jenny groaned, feeling her tits swell and her nipples stiffen. Jenny whispered sweet encouragements just then, as the huge Great Dane tried his best to skewer her on his cock. Sobbing in desperation, Jenny shifted her round buttocks, in a crazed effort to capture the lengthening dog-cock, trying to sheathe the long scarlet organ in her tightly contracting cunt.

The sharp tip missed and slid up to find a momentary purchase in her anus, then attempted to enter. But Jenny gave dirt poor lover allows foxy buddy to ride his exgf for cash little cry and tensed automatically to evade the sliding prod. Having tasted success, Hector returned immediately to the attack and thrust blindly, the thin point sliding unsuccessfully along the entire length of her wetly heated cuntal crevice.

The hot scarlet of the jabbing canine penis contrasted lewdly with the fever-pink of the girl's passion-inflamed genitals, clearly visible between the strings of her crotchless bridal thong, as her cuntal lips spread open under the relentless pressure of the still un-inserted dog-cock, rubbing so madly spicy legal age teenager with glasses showing how to engulf a throbbing shaft them. "Ohhhh, Hector, I love your big cock!" Jenny sighed as the animal hunkered down over her on all fours and rubbed his cum-slicked cock against her naked body.

The crowd around her were keeping a respectful distance but Jenny could tell from the multitude of gasps and groans around her in the dimness, they were all enjoying the perverted good show they were getting.

"Ooh, Hector," Jenny cooed as she felt his furry underside rubbing against her naked back. "Oh, Hector, fuck me!. Here's my pussy! It's all yours! Just fuck it, you naughty dog!" Jenny squealed. At the same time, she lifted her little ass up, opening her drooling pussy to the aroused animal.

Hector howled as he ran his fat dog-cock furiously up and down between the girl's cunt-lips, sawing at her clit and making her whine with bestial ecstasy as Jenny did her best to help him start to fuck her. She squealed when she felt his hot hard prick nudging between her ass-cheeks. At the same time, the dog began to use his long, rough tongue to lick Jenny's neck.

She turned her face to the side and moaned towards the audience. She trembled as she felt the dogs massive weight crushing down against her back.

She writhed against him, rubbing her ass up against his prick. In final desperation Jenny reached back with one hand to grasp the slippery organ and redhead loves brutal treatment did you ever wonder what happens when a hot teen cocktease it to the little opening of her moistly throbbing slit. Suddenly, as she thrust her ass back hard and the animal humped forward at exactly the same moment, Jenny felt his fat cock-head finally hook into her fetid fluttery fuck-hole.

Sensing victory Hector rammed forward, parting her pussy lips wider and wider with each forward thrust of his long animal penis. The cultists watched in awe as the Great Dane humped wildly and buried his huge red shaft deep up into the squirming girl's grasping cuntal passage.

The massive organ slithered forward with a rush until it was sunk to the hilt, the hairy balls swinging below in the open space created by her widespread thighs.

The dog's hips went nuts, flipping his cock into her cunt while his furry forelegs held her pliant creamy hips in a vice grip. He used his paws to help spread and hold her legs apart for better advantage. Pulling his furry belly tighter onto the small of her back and thus gaining greater access to her cunt, he panted and puffed his animal efforts in her ear.

She gave a low moan of relief as Hector began fucking rhythmically into her. The quivering girl undulated her nakedly kneeling body and moved her buttocks in lewd circles, abandoning herself to the delicious animal fucking she was receiving from behind.

Her face was contorted in rapture, and her small melon-sized breasts jiggled beneath her writhing torso, juddering in time to the dog's skewering cock, a relentless hot poker of glistening flesh, burying itself deeply up inside her belly in rapid fire motion. Jenny humped her wet pussy back at the dog's prick, trying to get him to impale her completely on his hard cock.

Jenny's tits felt swollen, and her nipples throbbed relentlessly. She lowered the upper part of her body and deliberately pressed her throbbing nips against the cool, stone tabletop. Then she swung the top part of her body from side to side, dragging her aching nips across the hard, rough surface of the altar. "OooohaarrRRGG!" she gasped in a paroxysm of pain allie haze enjoys a couple of rods pleasure.

She began to shove her body back and forth, humping her pussy against the dog's rutting prick, helping him to fully impale her with each brutal thrust into her pussy. As the dogs red rooter yanked juddering to and fro within her tightly lipping fuck-mouth. His bristly ball sack slapped her quivery vulva, and blackjacked lewdly against her sexy ass-cheeks. He was so excited, every now and then he lost his footing, bringing his whole weight dropping on her back, and likewise on his buried cock within her, thereby causing the little girl to grunt and gasp with glee.

As he regained his footing, the cultists were treated to the obscenely delicious sight of his cunt-grasped knot and bright red, cream streaked cock-rod, being dragged back, not quite pulling out of Jenny's clenching cunt-furrow, before he'd feel the urge to ram it, knot-stock and vein ribbed barrel, clubbing into the hot pink depths of her churning cuntal channel once again.

"Hmmm. Hector! Shove your cock all the way up my pussy! Make me come!" she taunted, happy in the knowledge her words would be driving some of the cult members in the audience mad with lust, to hear such a young girl say such filthy, sexy things to a dog as it fucked her horny little cunt in front of them.

The stump of the young Great Dane's tail twitched before the spectators in time with the rapid, relentless plunging of his cock. The bristly front of his powerful haunches battering continuously onto the backs of the little girls own soft and creamy thighs. A steady stream of his tacky, briny pre-cum, ran in a constant trickle around his plunging rooter, over-flowing Jenny's immature little fuck-tunnel, and dripping down to form a puddle between her shaking knees.

"Yesssss!" she cried. She ground her pussy back against his crotch, screwing herself onto his hot dog-cock to the hilt. Nothing mattered but that wonderfully long animal penis fucking up into her burning pussy, the incredible sensations she was receiving from the fiery cock of her jack-hammering animal-lover behind.

Meanwhile, the congregation stared with obscene delight, as the big dog fucked relentlessly into the spasming female body beneath him. It was almost as if they were somehow connecting to the unnatural coupling of the tiny girl and Hector, and an obscene sexual thrill, rippled through them all. The animal barked and fucked forward violently, ramming the head of his cock against the back wall of her pussy. He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her and plunged back into her cunt.

"Yes, Hector, that's it, fuck it all the way into me!" Jenny wailed. She tightened her pussy-muscles against the sides of the pulsing dog-prick, making the animal whimper with pleasure. Hector's hard dog-cock fucked in and out of the little girl's juicy pussy.

Each time he fucked into her, his cock sloshed through her seeping fuck juices, making wet, lewd sounds which excited everyone in the church around them. Jenny wriggled her tight cunt against his cock, as if to milk all the cum out of his fat, jiz bloated balls. Hector whimpered and whined, dog-drool running down the sides of her neck. She wished she could tongue-kiss the rutting animal. She knew his nasty nails had already torn holes in her lovely white leg stockings, but she didn't give a fuck, all that mattered to the little girl just then was the marvelous, never before felt sensation of a huge dog penis rasping back and forward inside her hotly clenching cunt.

While sharp bolts of forbidden pleasure shot upwards from her animal-filled fuck tunnel. Looking back over her shoulder at the hunching animal, the wildly excited young beauty called back lewd exhortations. "Oh yeah, fuck harder, faster! Come on. cum in me. I want you to fill me with your animal cum .!" The obscenely swaying girl was no longer human but a quivering mass of sweating lust-deranged flesh that begged to be subjected. She was reveling in being screwed by this panting beast, especially in front of her "big family", and she ground her body back against his hairy jerking loins like a little bitch in heat.

Hector growled, turning on more and more as he continued to fuck the crouching little angel.

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His eyes were completely glazed over with animalistic lust, as were Jenny's. The young girl shoved her ass back harder, capturing the full length of the Great Dane's enormous prick inside her clutching cunt. She tightened her cunt-muscles around the invading cock, and the dog barked with delight. The Great Dane fucked Jenny harder and faster. She continued to shove her ass back to meet his pussy-impaling thrusts. She could feel his prick rubbing against her clit each time he fucked into her.

The lewd sensation made the girl shudder with pleasure. Jenny was sweating all over now, and could feel the furry belly of the Great Dane sliding against her back, trying to stay on top of her slick flesh. Jenny was flushed from head to the tip of her stilettos. A steady stream of cunt-juice ran from between her swollen cunt-lips. Her mouth was slackly hanging open, and her tongue lolled out one side.

She could not contain her lust and pleasure. She couldn't hold it back. She could feel the beginning of her first orgasm although she was sure that Hector would make her come more than once before he was through with her wet little pussy.

Tiny rivulets of moisture were building in the crevice of the girl's nakedly rotating buttocks and they glistened in the light as they ran slowly down the backs of her straining thighs. "Yeah. . fuck. . I'm coming!" she shouted, to the congregations obvious delight. Wild orgasmic vibrations rocked her body violently and she continued to scream loudly as she came. Her body jerked all over the communion table. She lifted her ass up higher with each inward stroke of the animal's angry prick.

Hector raised his head and howled. Then he barked several times, very excited, as the preteen's girl-cum soaked his prick, drenching the meat and making it even easier for him to fuck in and out of her spasming cunt.

He stabbed his fat prick deep into the girl's climaxing cunt. His prick swelled more inside her, and Jenny shuddered with excitement when she felt his cock scraping against the tensed walls of her fuck-channel.

Hector fucked the full length of his horny prick even harder into Jenny. He fucked her brutally hard. His big cock fucked all the way into the very depths of her cunt. His throbbing, expanding cock filled her completely. His balls rested against her cunt-mouth. Each throbbing sensation of Hector's cock inside her pussy sent icy-hot shivers through Jenny's naughty little body.

As the Great Dane wiggle-fucked his massive prick inside her pussy, she thrust back at him, matching him stroke for stroke, meeting each of his forward cock-thrusts with a backward thrust of pussy and ass. His bouncing balls smacked against her fuck-mouth. Banging her so hard that Jenny just knew her ass-cheeks would be black and blue the next day.

But she didn't mind. She was thoroughly enjoying every single second, and every bit of pleasure she could wring out of this forbidden fuck session with the powerful dog. Jenny lowered one hand beneath her body and began to stroke her clit while Hector continued to fuck her hard and fast.

"Mmm, good," she moaned to the envious cult members admiring the unholy bestial union. Hector whimpered as he fucked his cock into her cunt with an amazing force. The way he was fucking her was making Jenny super hot. She was already so hot and aroused that she could hardly stand it. She had come only moments before, but she now felt so aroused with renewed lust that she desperately needed another orgasm.

She writhed and jerked around on the altar as the Great Dane fucked her still harder. Her cunt-juices rained out of her cock-stuffed cunt and soaked the insides of her quaking thighs and clinging stockings. Jenny felt as if her entire body were literally being torn apart by the force of his prick. She felt herself on the brink of another, much-needed orgasm and she longed for the sensation. "Oh, shit, yesss, Hector, yesss, you're fucking me so good!

Better than anyone ever!" she cried, knowing how the men in the seething crowd would want hot couples amateur porn tape scene piercing and brunette fuck her vengefully when they heard her taunting words. She felt Hector's cock dripping inside her pussy. She moaned whorishly, knowing that the dog's pre-cum was lewdly mingling with her juices. She could hardly wait to feel all of his doggy cum shooting inside her cunt.

She a couple of black guys fuck pornstars her cunt muscles harder and tighter around his prick, trying to make him come.

The dog ground his hips, fucking his prick deep into he girl's pussy with each inward stroke. He loved the feel of her tiny fuck-hole clasping his animal cock, and he whined with excitement as the little child was tossed beneath him, her tits jiggling wildly below her mightily swaying torso.

"Fuck me good and hard! Shoot all your my sex tricks work well natural tits and doggystyle cum into me! I need to come again!" The dog rode her savagely, feverishly fucking his cock fully into her cunt with all of his strength. Jenny groaned as she shoved her hips and ass back to help the animal skewer her cunt on his cock. The congregation where electrified at the bawdy spectacle of a little underage girl, dressed up like a wanton little whorish bride, and being fucked, honeymoon style pell-mell, by her fiercely frigging, canine lover.

Suddenly the unmistakable signal of sensual fulfillment sprayed through Jenny's seething loins like the prickling of a million needles, gnawing at the base of her belly with the lewd promise of frenzied orgasmic rapture.

The sex-maddened girl moaned helplessly as she neared the jagged edges of her mounting climax and rammed back even harder into the long wet cock that slithered mercilessly into the grateful little hole up between her bucking thighs. "Please, Hector, Shoot your juice inside me! Pleeeease," Jenny begged like a little slut. Suddenly the evil folk around her started calling out together, slowly at first, but quickly gaining in speed and volume as they began to match the fiery fuck strokes Jenny was feeling, with their fevered adult voices.

"Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her.Fuck her.Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck her. Fuck'er. Fuck'er. Fuck'er!" the cultists chanted, urging on the forbidden bestial fuck action, happening right before their eyes. The snug walls of Jenny's cunt clung lewdly to the dog's prick as he fucked deeply into her. Each violent lunge of his prick sent jolts of bestial ecstasy through the girl's body and she made sure everyone could see her inner joy, painted on her pretty little face.

Her hard clit seemed to shudder each time the dog-cock, and bristly sheaf-hairs, scraped against it again and again in rapid machine gun fire stabs. She humped her crotch back harder than ever against the dog's furry crotch as he continued to fuck his fat cock into her juicy cunt. He fucked the full length of his long, thick prick better than ever, into her cunt. His fuck-shaft scraped deliciously against the raw, aching walls of her throbbing pussy tunnel.

Then her voice choked in a strangled mixture of sob and sigh as the first wild spasm of her orgasm struck, and she shrieked, thrusting her wildly convulsing loins back against the raging dog-cock in a desperate lunge. Hector responded with a forward stab just as his huge hardened cock began to jerk up inside her convulsing young belly and spew its hotly foaming animal sperm in liquid jets deep up into her cramped, contracting cunt-channel.

"Yessss, he's coming! I can feel it!" Jenny screamed hysterically to the highly excited onlookers. The Great Dane howled loudly. His hot cum burst into the little girl's cunt in quick, creamy spurts. Jenny heard the others gathered around groaning in response to the sounds coming from Hector's throat. The lewd sound of all those people swooning and gasping and moaning with lust together, aroused the little girl even more.

Jennifer found her mind filling with the obscene image of dozens of manly cultists cocks, all hard and ready to fuck her barely pubescent cunny. There were long, thick cocks. There were long, skinny cocks. There were even short, stubby, hairy cocks. She pictured all of the congregation with tremendous, vein ribbed hard-ons, all the men knowing she was a naughty little slut, all of them waiting to fuck her horny little cunt.

And she came. "Yeeeoooowww!" she howled, her cry of orgasmic bliss mingling with the dogs' howls. Waves of cunt-juice gushed from her pussy-walls, seeping out between her tight pussy-lips and trickling down her thighs along with Hector's flowing jism.

The mingled dog-cum and pussy-juice pooled together on the altar between Jenny's legs. She looked down between her legs and saw the obscene mixture cooling there. The thrilling sight made her come again. "Aieeeee! Commmmiinnnggg!" she screeched to the extreme pleasure of seething, roiling the mob. Her nipples felt as if they would literally burst. Her cunt-lips squeezed the base of the dog's jerking cock so tightly that the Great Dane barked in protest. Jenny ground her sizzling pussy back against her canine lover's furry loins.

She rolled her head from side to side as she felt her cunt exploding inside. More and more dog-cum shot into her from Hector's thrusting prick and her orgasm peaked.

The walls of her spasming cunt convulsed around the Great Dane's prick and Jenny cried out one final time before collapsing fully forward onto altar, Hector's dog cock still locked inside her pussy. She didn't know how many seconds passed before he finally pulled his still rigid cock from her nasty little cunt, with an obscene sucking plop. The big dog stood above her for a moment and then his massive head lowered and he began obscenely licking the remnants of cum from the girl's twitching young buttocks.

All was quiet for a moment except for Jenny's exhausted panting and then the sound of clapping filled the hall. Jenny wearily raised her head and saw that the whole congregation, including Mr. Black was applauding the nasty first time fuckers. "What an entree, what a hell-good show!" the priest shouted above the din. Jenny turned her head toward the lewd priest. Mr. Black went over to her prostrate little body. "Midnight approaches, the planets have aligned, it's time to join your one true, forever lover Jenny" he said and reaching down he seized her by one arm and pulled her roughly to her feet.

"One down and one to go," he said. "The last phase of the ceremony must NOW begin!" he boomed to the applauding gathering. Suddenly the images in Jennifer's mind grew hazy, they danced in great confusion, she remember the doors of the church exploding inward all of a sudden behind her, bright lights flashing in the gloom outside the church and a helicopter engine roaring over head.

And suddenly, a megaphone blaring loudly, "FREEZE you fucking FREAKS! This is the New York Police Department!.

You are ALL UNDER ARREST!" And then, all hell broke loose as pandemonium spread amongst the congregation. A mêlée quickly brazilian gets fucked hard before taking pussy creampie out between the rapidly invading police swat team, and hordes of the panicking, purple draped cultists, some tripping over pews, or smashing through stained glass windows and crashing to the ground, as the fleeing cult members tried to escape capture by the authorities, anyway they could.

Jenny could remember dazedly, hearing gunshots ringing out in the spooky woods outside, and wondering if her mommy and daddy were going to be ok, before some very kind policemen had lifted her gently from the altar, and wrapped her little shivery body safely in a blanket. "Mommy, Daddy, where are you?.Its been eleven years already. I miss you both so much!" Jennifer broke down in waves of pitiful, sobbing tears.

"Specto suscitatio," the voice of her hypnotist commanded then, without impatience. It was a magic, fear reducing key phrase the frightened little girl within Jennifer clutched onto, giving her the ability to slip further into her hypnotic state and find tranquility. As conditioned, she relaxed almost immediately. The familiar, friendly disembodied voice, acting like an indirect beam of cool, white light, sending the horrific phantasms of her memories, scurrying back into the dark recesses of her imagination once again, at least for now.

Continued in Chapter 2.