May may gets fucked hard in full lenth fsd video

May may gets fucked hard in full lenth fsd video
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Please be aware that i am not the original author of this work, i am just editing it for grammar and spelling mistakes etc.enjoy !!

I really don't know why but my husband Jim is suffering from ED (erectile dysfunction). We have tried all the ED medicines on the market, and the best that would happen is he would get a semi hard on, but its really not hard enough to make love to me, not even to penetrate me, i want to feel his cock touching my cervix again and again driving me to loads of satisfying orgasms. It has now been over a year since the last time we have had a sensuous satisfying fuck together, seriously I'm so frustrated right now i have an ache deep inside my pussy that needs some deep male attention, if you know what i mean.

My husband Jim has bought me all kinds of toys, and yes they helped me somewhat, even sedated the need a little, but it is not the same. None of them feel the same as his hard cock penetrating my outer lips, sliding sensuously in and out, then pounding my pussy hard and deep.

He is leggy legal age teenager fucked by man hardcore massage embarrassed with his situation, and not being able to satisfy my sexual needs that Jim has even given me permission that I could go out and find another man to give me what is needed.

No, what is now hungered for by my dripping pussy. No, i meant to say "My dripping cunt hole". Yes, that's what i said "My dripping cunt hole". It has been like this for quite a few months now, and my cunt hole was aching, constantly wet and leaking into my panties, i had taken to having to change them several times a day, to stop the obvious scent of a very aroused pussy attracting other male attention.

I was in dire need of some serious sexual relief. I really thought about going out and trying to find another man with a very big cock to fuck me senseless, to be honest it wouldn't be hard to find, but when the time came to do the dirty deed I just couldn't do it, i chickened out.

I just couldn't cheat on Jim. I love him too much.

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That's when Jim bought home Sebastian. Sebastian seemed to be a very large Great Dane mastiff cross. He was tan coloured, with a huge head and a well built chest, a slender but fully muscled body. When i first saw him, i thought he was a wonderfully powerful looking dog. Jim told me that "Sebastian is a special dog and he has been specially trained black come home stay and fuck japanes wife how to satisfy a women's needs".

Jim raised his eyebrows and smiled at me. I was shocked, and i told him that "If he thought that I would ever let that dog get near me he was crazy". He just smiled again, and said "that is up to you my darling." One night, i had showered and changed into my short nightdress, usually i don't wear panties with it as I normally go to bed after my shower.

This particular evening i decided to watch a little bit of television, my eyelids were closing on their own I was tired, eventually falling asleep, as I slept I started dreaming that Jim was licking away at my pussy it felt so good that I had a massive orgasm, a really beautiful orgasm.

So strong that I awoke, it was then that I realized that I had not been dreaming at all, and that my pussy really was being licked.

I reached down to place my hands on Jim's head trying to pull his wonderful tongue deeper inside me trying to prolong the experience, only to realize that it wasn't Jim at all, but it was the dog. "Oh my god". I was in shock, i looked down, it was the dog between my legs licking my cunt hole.

My brain suddenly realised that It was the dog's tongue that had made me cum, and cum stronger than i had done for a long time, i had juices running out of me and down my thigh's, as i jumped up and called him a "bad dog". He looked up at me, like he was so hurt then he went and lay down by the back door that leads out to the yard. Stunned a little, I sat back down only to realize that my pussy was still tingling, almost like a tickling feeling up inside me from where his tongue had been.

As I sat there I realized that he really had made me cum, it was the first time i had cum bondage alan bondage video 5 tube porn over a year. I smiled to myself, a really big smiley grin too. As time went on, it may of been only a few days. Sebastian whom I started to call "Bash" I called him that because everyday he was constantly trying to get at my pussy, by pushing his wet nose up my dresses as far as my panties, or if i was wearing trousers poking it straight into my camel toe, bumping into my clit every time he did so, and sniffing there.

He obviously had my scent in his nostrils, my wet panties must of been like a magnet to his sensitive sense of smell. I resisted him at first pushing his nose away, but it did not take long for me to remember the mind-blowing orgasm he had given me before. That was when I decided that I was going to let him lick my pussy again. I had arrived home, from work again with my panties wet, and molding themselves to my pussy lips, i had a visible wet spot on the back of my flimsy skirt, where i had been sitting my juices had seeped out soaking my panties, and making the skirt see through, my cunt had been on fire all day, i had to go to the toilet and masturbate three times during the day, just trying to alleviate the ache inside my dripping wet cunt.

Fucking myself with my fingers didn't really stop the ache though. I showered and cleaned myself up, paying special attention to my cunt. I even defoliated my pussy lips and around my arsehole using hair removal cream, i dried myself with my fluffy towel, applied powder to my now smooth pussy. then i donned my silky after shower bathrobe with only the robe on I plonked myself down on the sofa.

i was feeling so horny, i had the devil in me i think. I called Bash over to me. As he came over he was sniffing the air, catching my scent i guess. I was petting his head and talking to him softly, trying to calm him down to get him to sit down before me. As i was petting him there, i was very slowly spreading my slender legs. Bash, was still sniffing, he knew from where my cunt scent was emanating. Then without any urging from me, he lowered his head and started mom amp sister busting you jacking off taboo joi sniff around my panty less crotch.

Suddenly he had just licked at my open hole. God it felt so good, that long rough tongue rasped over my whole crotch area. I just leaned back into the sofa, kept my legs spread wide open, and I let him eat me towards an orgasm, after I came I thought that it was over but he was not done yet thank god.

He just continued licking me, and his huge tongue would enter way up inside me, that tongue would start at my arsehole, then slip up inside my pussy fucking me, trying to get more of my juices out of me, ending at my clitoris with lick after lick soon I was Cumming again and then again. I came so many times that I lost count. I was thinking of how i could develop this wonderful secret with my husband Jim.

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without him thinking that i was just some sort of dog slut. I know he introduced me to Sebastian, i mean Bash, but he did leave it up to me whether i developed anything with this unusually oversexed large dog.

This pussy licking from Bash went on, and on for days then weeks. Soon though I started thinking about what his cock would feel like, i had seen it poking out of his sheath like a deep red coloured lipstick. I mean that getting my pussy eaten was wonderful, but it did not replace a hard cock.

One day after he had finished eating my pussy really good, bringing me to many wonderful orgasms, he went and lay down by the back door, as I watched him licking himself. I realized that he had a really larger dick than i first thought, and that the only pleasure he ever received was from his own tongue.

I decided black girls have an amazing ass and when they are down the buttocks are like jelly bouncing and boun try and see what his cock was really like. so while he was licking himself, i quickly knelt down beside him and grasped his sheath gently in my hand and started to stroke him, like i would a normal cock, but not actually touching his dark red lipstick.

I was quietly talking to him and stroking his belly. It did not take long before he stood up and started humping my hand that was wrapped around his sheath. I knelt down and positioned my self in front of him, reaching down and grasped his cock again it felt like it was hard?

It was poking out quite far from his sheath, i guess it was about 7 inches long but not really too thick though, kind of thin and tapered towards the end.

As he started to hump my hand i lost my balance and moved back, he circled behind me, then immediately climbed up on my back. Bash proceeding to walk forward till I could feel his cock poking at my pussy opening. He certainly seemed to know what he was doing, Jim was correct he was well trained in how to pleasure a women.

I helped him, i reached back between my spread thigh's guiding his cock to its prize, and soon it was entering my open pussy hole. Once he found the spot he was looking for he wasted no time in moving forward pushing his massive cock deep into me. He pinned me close to him with his paws and proceeded to pound into me with incredible urgency and speed.

Going what felt like balls deep in one thrust. This dog cock was the biggest thing to ever to enter my hole and at first it hurt, a lot. Like i had a red hot poker being shoved up into my belly. but as he continued to fuck me with fast and deep thrusts. I started to feel more and more pleasure beyond anything i had ever felt, even from a man.

Immediately i began to feel my first orgasm sweep through my entire being, washing through me like a wave. His cock felt so hot as he pummeled my pussy so hard and deep, or at this point I should say my cunt !! I have never in my life been pounded like this, not even from a man. So fast, so deep, and I just came and kept on cumming as he forced his large dog dick deeper into my hungry sucking cunt.

I could actually feel his cock as it started to swell around the base and I thought that he was going to cum, his cock kept going deeper and deeper into me, hitting my cervix continuously.

I could feel that something huge was trying to force its way into me. I felt like i was literally being assaulted. Later I would learn that it was his knot, but at the time I had no idea and did not care from the pleasure that kept sweeping through me from my cunt. Then all of a sudden he plunged forward deeper than any man had ever been, and the cock was breaking through my cervix opening into my womb. His knot had pushed its way past my outer entrance entering my cunt and keeping us together.

It was huge, about the size of a soft ball. It hurt at first, then with every thrust he kept trying to force it deeper into me. My cunt felt like it was being assaulted, and the entrance to my cunt was stretched to the limit by his swelling. It hurt for a few seconds then my pussy felt fuller then it had ever felt before, it was rubbing against my g-spot. I was having the biggest orgasm of my entire life.

it started in my cunt and spread forward and back through my entire body. I thought that I was going to pass out as I continued to cum like I have never cum before.

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I could feel him shooting his thick dog cum deep into me, into the neck of my womb. As he came in me it felt like someone had turned on a hose full of hot firewater that kept continuously pumping into my cunt, it felt like heated water. He kept on pumping, load after load of dog cum into me. I have never felt so full. After Sebastian, i mean Bash came he relaxed, but only for a few seconds, he turned his leg over my back turning ass to ass with me, His knot was poking backwards still attached to my cunt.

I was scared as we were stuck together, he began pulling me by my cunt around the floor trying to pull away from me, but we were held fast by his knot. we were there for about fifteen minutes stuck together. I think i relaxed enough for his cock to come out of me with a loud plop, My belly was distended and full of cum, it felt as though a river was running out of me onto the floor. I kept feeling the dog's cum running down my thighs as I lay there in total bliss.

Spent and exhausted as I lay there on the floor. "I don't know how long i had been there". Gf bf hard desi sex think i must of passed out, because i was still there in this position when Jim arrived home from work. Jim just smiled and helped me to a chair my legs were weak, and I could not stand by my self.

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But Jim kissed me and told me "How much he loved me", and "that he was pleased that I had finally found some satisfaction". "My god, if Jim only knew how well Bash had fucked me". "By the way I will tell you later how Bash helped cure my Jim's ED in the next story". "Bye for now". xx