Beautiful mom yvette getting dressed masturbation hdden camera

Beautiful mom yvette getting dressed masturbation hdden camera
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My wife is 54 years old ,we have been married for 18 years. So, the sex life has gotten almost not existent. Even during the early days it was usually Mission position, the occasional blow job, but never anal or different positions. She is a nurse in a correctional institution here, and as the years went on she relented on the anal sex and usually preferred that to having her pussy fucked.

She is 5'6" and 290 pounds with 44DD tits. My two big fantasies were to see two amazing hotties pleasure their wet pussies masturbation and brunette fucked by a really big cock,or to have her get into a lesbian relationship. There have been times that I thought maybe she was being fucked on the side, but could never prove it. She is an exhibitionist and does not have a problem walking or standing in front of doors and windows naked.

Her best friend has been a lesbian her whole life, and I have often fantasized about the two of them in bed together. She will comment on other womens tits from time to time, and once confessed she dreamt about her college roommate in a sexual way.But she swears her door NEVER swung that way.She had a workmate that invited her to spend the weekend with her at her mothers house,and I knew this woman was bisexual and wanted into her pants, but she turned down the invitation.

All of this changed a few weeks ago, when another co worker invited her out after work for a drink. She called and said that the girl shamed her into going, saying "she never went out with her co workers." It turns out that the bar was the local lesbian watering hole, which my wife found out when she went in, and the only ones there were women. My wife said she didn't want to look rude, so she agreed to have a drink.

She said the conversation kept going, and before long she was on drink number four, and was feeling the "heat".

There was music playing and Dottie the girl who invited her, said"Come on lets dance a little." and grabbed her by the hand and led her to the dance floor. She said there were other women dancing so it was cool.Then the music changed to something slower,and my wife started to go back to the chairs when Dottie grabbed her arm, and said," come on one dance." "I really don't." Really? I'm not going to bite you. My wife relented, and Dottie put her arms around her, pressing her tits into my wife's.Soon,Dottie was pulling her closer ,and nuzzling her neck "You know you are beautiful." she said.

"Right a water buffalo.before she could finish Dottie covered her mouth with hers.

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Shocked she tried to pull away,I don't.again Dottie covered her mouth, only this time she forced her tongue into her mouth filling it.

Her defenses defeated,Dottie led her back to the table.Let's get out of here, my truck is out side. Dottie led her to her truck, and helped her in checking out her ample ass. Now my wife had on scrubs. When Dottie got in she turned some music on, and said "slide over here honey." My wife did, and Dottie said"You have never been with a woman?" No, my wife said.

"Don't worry it will be fine", and with that Dottie started to kiss her and rub her titties through the scrubs.

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At that point her last defense fell, and Dottie untied her bottoms and slid her hand into her panties, through her bush which was thick, and now soaking with her juices. Take of your bottoms, and play with yourself as I drive Dottie told her.She did as she was told leaning against the door so Dottie had a good view of her hairy cunt.

Dottie pulled into a motel parking lot, and told my wife to stay put. She came out and pulled the truck up in front of a dark room.

Grab your pants baby. Dottie opened the door of a room which had just a single bed. You lay down and get ready, I'll be back in a minute., and she went into the bathroom.

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My wife thought about leaving, but the experience overwhelmed her, so she removed all of her clothes and got under the sheets. Dottie came out and there was a 10" dildo jutting from mia malkova geil in london very thick red bush.

"Whats that?" my wife asked. "Why baby that is what I am going to fuck you with." Let's see what you have baby, and Dottie pulled back the covers. "Umm baby", as she surveyed my wife ,who was trying to cover herself with her hands.

"Let's see them baby feeders darling", moving my wife's hands away."Beautiful", as she grabbed a handful of my wife's tit.Squeezing it it, tugging on the nipple causing my wife to welp."O baby that didn't hurt", said Dottie as she climbed on the bed, straddling my wife's thighs with hers, her firebush blending with my wife's cunt hair.

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As she climbed on top of my wife she started to kiss her roughly pinning her arms above her head. Finally moving down to tongue her now erect nipples,finally sucking almost her whole tit in her mouth.Using her thigh to spread her legs, her hand grabbed a handful of her cunt hair lifting her off the bed by it, causing her to moan."You like that baby?" Pulling her up by the cunt hair again, but higher than before the skin old men fucking a young black wife up off her bound.

Now my little cunt spread your legs, my wife did as she was ordered, now her cunt and her asshole were at the mercy of a cunt lapping dyke. Dottie wasted no time diving her tongue as deep into her pussy as she could ,finding her clit, pulling on it,biting it all the while my wife moaning in fear, and pleasure."Your getting wet you little cunt, you like this don't you?" All my wife could offer was," uh ha".

Soon the cunt cream was running down to my wife's hairy little asshole. "Are you ready for some cock,cunt?"My wife unable to speak just nodded, and with that Dottie took the head of her 10 inch cock and impaled her to the hilt ,almost driving her off the bed.You take that easy, I may have to get a bigger cock for you, as she began to power drive my wife in, and out, and in and out, my wife,s legs spread as far as they could go, as Dottie pushed them down on the bed flattening her hips onto the bed, as her body continued to pound Dee making her tits bounce in circles on her chest.

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"Come on bitch ,squirt, come for momma,cum!"Now my wife had never squirted in her life, she always said it was a wives tale it never happened.

Tonight on a motel bed on Route 46, she did !