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Amateur dude fucks cfnm babe for femdom group tube porn
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I spend the following day at work embarrassed. I had spanked myself so hard the previous night that I can't sit properly on my ass. Worse, every time I shift and pain shoots up from my red cheeks through my spine, I think of my unknown dominator. I don't even know his name! I guess I'll call him Dom. "Seems fitting," I think, imagining Dom as a tall dark-haired muscular man. His broad shoulders tower over me, his chest hair covering rippling pecs. "Puts Jacob to shame…" I muse.

I imagine he's the type of man who lifts weights not to just impress girls but to be able to hold girls. Hold girls down. Own them. He controls them. I imagine Dom striding through the office door. He's calm, collected, and knows what he wants: me. I imagine his massive hand reaching out, taking hold of my arm, and pulling me in. His other hand roughly grabs my blouse, ripping it off.

I struggle but it's no use and he easily dominates me. Then— "Anna? Anna?" comes the voice. I snap out of my daydream. My boss is smiling at me. "Want to come to dinner? With the rest of the gang?" "N-no, sir," I stutter, my face flush. He laughs. "Sir? Come on, go home now. You look exhausted." He pats me on the shoulder and walks away. I'm petrified. How long was I just sitting there staring off? I need to regroup. To sit and think. I hurriedly collect my purse and stumble away to the bathroom.

I find a stall, pull down my jeans and panties, and sit. The cool porcelain feels nice against my sore ass. What was I just dreaming about? I'm supposed to be an empowered woman. Why was I dreaming about a man ripping my shirt off? I wince as I notice how wet I am. "Stop it," I try to tell myself but I start daydreaming again as I imagine Dom again.

This time he's in the bathroom and no one is around. "Anna," Dom calls out, "I'm going to reward you if you're a good girl." He walks over to the stall and I see his shadow under the door. "And I'm going to punish you if you're a bad girl." He kicks the door in and it flies open. I see his huge boots, his huge hands.

It's my own dream and I know I can't escape. "Get on your knees," he orders. I slink to them, both in real life and in my dream. "Get my cock out." My small hands unbuckle and unzip him, feeling the bulge behind the pants. His legs are thick and bronzed. I timidly pull his boxers down, unleashing his large penis. "Get me hard." Even when flaccid his cock is impressive.

I lift it up. Stepmom helps son of erection problem run my hands over it, from base to head, before pinching the light brown tip. Noticing how low his balls hang, I gently cup them in one hand, supporting them. His balls feel heavy in my hand—they must be so full! "You're going to empty them," Dom commands, "because that's what good girls do.

Now be a good girl." I wrap my hands around his rapidly hardening cock, slowly stroking it. "How should I empty your balls, sir?" I ask quietly. "You're going to put my cock in your little Asian mouth and suck on it. When I cum, you will swallow it all." As he speaks I can see his pecs rippling with muscle. I nod as his cock finishes growing. None of my Asian boyfriends had ever had a cock this large—it's over five inches long!

I open my mouth and lean in slowly but he grabs my hair and shoves me down. The huge cock slams inside my open mouth. I start sucking on it, swirling my tongue around the ridges, playing with the head. Dom grunts approval as he yanks my hair back and pushes me down again. My forehead hits daria ramirez and george estregan sex movie porn movies stomach again and again as his cock slides in and out over my tongue.

"Hello?" I snap out of my daydream again. I'm still in the bathroom, kneeling on the floor in my stall. There's my coworker Sarah who just entered.

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Hoping she didn't hear me, I keep quiet. I realize not only am I on one hand and my knees but my other hand is furiously and noisily rubbing my clit. I quickly stop and hope Sarah hadn't heard too much. From where I am kneeling, I see Sarah's feet under the stalls as she sits. I try to slow my breathing, realizing how much I had started sweating.

This is horrible, I think. I'm kneeling in a stall, imagining myself sucking my unknown Master's massive cock. This is so humiliating, I think, and I'm so horny! "Why did you stop?" Imaginary Dom asks. "Don't be a bad girl and show some respect. Keep it up." I know I shouldn't but I slowly start again. My hand begins rubbing my thirsty clit again as I imagine his cock in my mouth.

My tongue plays with his swollen brown tip as he pulls my head back. Slamming my head back down over his cock, I massage his balls with my hand. I keep playing with him, imagining his cock and balls in my hands and mouth, imagining their tastes, feeling his pulsing ridges. I must be a good girl, I tell myself. I must show some respect to him. "Do not cum yet," Dom commands. "Rub your wet pussy but do not cum." I suck even harder on his sister and bhai xxx sexy storys shaft.

I can feel his head expanding, getting impossibly large. "Keep sucking me off." Dom grabs my head and shoves me down.

All the way down. His shaft glides along my tongue, his tip reaching the back of my throat. "Deep throat me," he snaps. I dutifully deep throat him, suppressing the gag reflex. His huge cock quivers in my mouth, ballooning. I open my mouth wider, playing with his balls. I can feel the cum boiling in his balls, flowing within them to his cock. With a grunt he cums. I choke on his load but he holds me firmly in place.

I have no choice but to swallow it all. I feel his hot cum stream down my throat, load after load hitting the back of my throat.

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With the final spasm, his cock finally rests and he releases my head. I happily lap up the remaining drops and clean him with my tongue. "Good girl. Now fuck yourself," Dom orders. "Stuff your pussy with two fingers and fuck it.

But do not cum." In real life I look over at Sarah's shoes in the stall two down from mine. I must not disobey. As much as I shouldn't, I HAVE to fuck myself. Gently I slip two fingers past my lips and into my hungry sex.

Without pausing, I slowly start fingering myself. The sound of my fingers inside my pussy echoes in the quiet bathroom. My vagina is still tight and I feel my knuckles every time as they squeeze through. Sarah's shoes shift uncomfortably at the sounds and I wince. Does she know it's me? I wonder. She can certainly hear me. "Do not cum yet," Dom reminds me. "Focus on fucking your dirty pussy." I blush as I hear the word 'dirty.' I don't want to be a dirty girl but I am kneeling in a bathroom stall so I can fuck myself.

I go faster and faster. "Is that the best you can big tits stepmom shared a cock with teen babe on the couch Dom jeers. "FUCK YOUR FINGERS!" I ram my fingers up into my pussy, making a loud squish with every stroke. I can't help it and accidently let out a moan. I need to cum so badly now. "Do not cum yet," Dom warns me. "Pound that pussy but: Do. Not. Cum." I squirm, helplessly trying not to cum. Panting, sweating, I pound my own pussy harder and harder until it hurts.

I must not disappoint Dom. I must not cum. But I know I'm too close. I can't help it. I whimper at Dom's boots as my fingers fly in and out in and out in and out of my pussy. I feel the orgasm building and building.

I don't care who's in the bathroom with me. I can't take it anymore. Groaning, I final slam my fingers in one last time. The wave of pleasure sweeps through my body, rocking me. "Yes!

Yes!" I scream into the tile floor as I cum. I even feel my own contractions as my pussy convulses with pleasure. After an eternity, I open my eyes. I see Sarah's shoes still in the stall two down from me. I feel ashamed and horrible. But I've never cum harder!