Couple talk when they met before sex

Couple talk when they met before sex
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Muffled sound echoed across the hall and vibration, I quickly looked around and followed the strange sound leading me to my classroom. "Hello anyone there" said confused the room went quiet there I saw my teacher bent over the desk with her panties to the side and a vibrato inside of her pussy.

Her face flushed with red as I walked closer to her "Miss Emma what are u doing" I said grinning. "Ashley uh " she said stuttering, I leaned over the desk swirling my tongue with hers she pushed me away "Ashley we shouldn't I'm your teach-" she said backing way.

I walked closer to her trapping her in a nearby cornier " yeah a teacher that masturbates in front of her student" I said whispering "but you walked I-" she said trying to explain herselfI smiled as my lips moved closer to hers " yeah your workplace ohh Miss Emma I wonder if the director knows such a teacher " I said reaching my woman through out her spum into her wet underwear"Ahhhh" she moaned"such a dirty pussy" I said, "ahhh" she moaned again my finger going farther down her tiny hole.

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she laid down on her desk with her legs wide open, "it's this wet already Miss Emma" I said pushing two finger inside of herher wet cum covered my fingers as I went deeper. "Ahhh please don't speak like the-" she said, I bend my head down sucking on her clit "Ahhh" she moaned as my touge stroked her pussy lips up and down. "ahhh" "ahhh" she said shuddering and cum dripped down my throat.

I got off of my knees and got my phone out of my pocket taking a picture, the shuddering noise of my flash went off. "Miss Emma you are my new toy now" i said smiling waving my phone. "Ashley Med- ee" my teacher said stuttering I stood from my desk anissa kate in a scene called clean start said smiling, it has been a day after her being my toy.

My teacher handed out the test and sat back at her seat. "Miss Emma I dropped my erase could u pick it up for me please" I said grinning, she walked over to my desk and nodded, she got on her knees only to find no eraser on the floor "common" I said spreading my legs. "I- I" she said stuttering quietly "there all focused on the test but if u don't hurry they might notice" I said grinning.

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She gulped and pulled my paintes down, she spread my lips and licked my pussy, "good girl" I said patting her head, she lapped at my pussy and moved across my thighs going down my legs and back up again.

"Mmmmfff" she said licking harder, I couldn't help but smile as she licked and fingered me under the desk. I grabbed her head and shoved her into my pussy and she lapped harder I couldn't hold it much longer, she lapped at my pussy shoving her tongue down my tiny hole stretching it out. "Drink up" I said as a mixture of cum and piss went down her mouth "drink it all" I said as she whimpered and swallow it. She got up off her knees and got back to her desk folding her legs hoping that no one would notice her panties were soake Lunch break Later on that day it was lunch time and the bell just rang "Ashley aren't you going?" my friend asked as she notice me make my way to the teachers desk.

"No I need help from Miss Emma but I'll talk to you later" I said flashing a smile as she left. I closed the door behind her and walked over to my teacher "Miss Emma did you enjoy that drink" I said laughing.

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Her blushed expression caught me by surprise "so you like that huh didn't know sluts like you were so open" I said pulling her by her head throwing her to her knees. "Get on four legs like the whore you are" I said sitting down in her chair. "Okay" she said walking like a dog to her desk, I lifted my skirt and tried to pull my panties to the side.

"No you can lick the outside of my panties first" I said grinning. She sucked the outside of my panties cleaning the cum stains from earlier "ahh" I said moaning as her tongue roughly licked me, her spit covered my croutght of my painties. "Please let me lick inside your lips" she begged looking up at me. I nodded she she pulled my panties down licking down my lips, rubbing her finger across my clit "ahhh" I moaned as she did it more fiercely "fuck" I said as I lost control and cum dripped down.

She lapped at my pussy not wasting a drop and looked up at me "master did I do well" she said blushing. THESE ARE SHORTS OF DIFFERENT THINGS THAT HAPPEN IN THE PAST DAYS.

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Dont make a sound or we will get caught "Miss Emma are you there" a voice said as the door opened i was under the desk inches away from her panties, "yeah can i help you" she said nervously the guy grabbed a chair and sat at the other end of the desk.

"Could you help me ive been having trouble on question 5#" he saidi touched her legs and spread them poking at her thong, she was super wet i nudge my head closer and pulled the thong string and licked her pussy.

"ooh aahhh" she said moaning as she tried tried to stop noticing that the student was across from her. "Miss Emma are you american sex storys new 2019 well?" he asked as he looked at her blushing face, "Yeah yeah im- Ahh fine" she said reassuring him. i licked harder and her legs began to squirm in her seat, "Thanks Miss Emma" the student say looking at her awkwardly and left the classroom. Your my dog so act like it It has been a month since i caught my teacher masturbating and well things are somewhat great she has became more dog-like by listening to everything i say she is well trained indeed, honestly she was more well trained than i thought.

i walked down the hall lost in my thoughts walking into Miss Emma's classroom.

A male student had her pushed up against the wall her legs wide open and her panties dropped to the floor "Ashhlee-" he sid noticing me in the hallway.

"leave you dumb fuck ill deal with you later" he ran out the door and left me with her. her head was dropped "So you are just like that huh?" i said walking closer to her. she looked up at me and looked back down, i raised my hand and slapped her to the ground. "Dont you even dare " i said as tears weld up in er eyes.

i kicked her so hard that she ended up on the other side of the classroom. i grabbed her head y her hair and slapped her again leaving blood on my hand "Please im-" she said as pulled her hair harder.

"Ass up now" i said she she got on all fours "raise your ass higher", i spit on her asshole and rubbing it roughly. she whimpered as i slapped her ass repeatedly "listen your my dog so act like it" i said bending over whispering in her ear.