Vixenx russian cutie gets her ass destroyed hardcore anal sex

Vixenx russian cutie gets her ass destroyed hardcore anal sex
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Please Rate and comment Prior: The School Girl Pinata Jenna could not see but there was light. Suddenly the lights went out. She waited in the dark. Fear, pain in her arms, sweat dripping down, panic was overcoming her. As much as she feared what may happen she was desperate to escape from the Pinata.

What crazy, sick, demented person would think of this? It was hot, so hot. When would they let her out. "SURPRISE!!" The lights turned back on and there was cheering and laughing and singing. Mexican music started up and then a chant. It was hard for Jenna to hear what they were saying. What were they saying.

There were so many voices. Everyone was laughing. What would happen. "WHOOOOOSH" A stick hit the paper Pinata. It was a terrible boom to Jenna encased inside. Though she only felt an indirect impact she shuddered in complete fear. She shook and struggled as the spectators laughed at the shaking Pinata. ======================================================= "Hit it again.

Hit is again Hit it again." Jenna could hear voices screaming.

Jenna shook in fear, totally helpless, waiting. "Whack it." Jenna heard the stick whistling through the air. Again the stick hit the Pinata full force with a terrible sound. Jenna tried to scream but gagged could only let out a grunt. She twisted but there was nothing she could do. "Yea yea yea. Again. Hit it Again." She felt someone grab the Pinata swinging it wildly. Back and forth she swung, higher and higher.

The pain in the arms and shoulder was so intense. She swung back and forth encased inside the Pinata unable to see but hearing the laughter. She heard all the taunts. "Hit it again. Hit it again." "WHAAACK" Again a hit even as the Pinata swung. The Pinata twisted and turned as Jenna struggled inside. Jenna could feel the stick moving up and down the side of the Pinata, taunting her. The striker played to the crowd, swinging his stick back and forth.

There was a chant and another Whoosh and hit. Then there was quiet. Sweating inside the Pinata, Jenna listened for any sound. What would happen next. Seconds ticked away as she waited. "Smack Smack." The Pinata was hit in quick succession. Jenna could feel the Pinata falling away at the bottom. Miguel could see his gift. Jenna's fair skinned legs and the bottom of her school shorts were starting to receive willing for a stunning fucking hardcore blowjob. Miguel grabbed at the paper and began to tear it away slowly.

He could see more and more of the school girl body.

Jenna still in the dark felt his hands sliding up and down her smooth legs. His hand swept over her butt then between her legs. Involuntarily she tried to pull away but her rubbed his hand between her legs. Slowly more of her encasement was pulled away. She could see light but she could still not see past the paper covering.

The hands explored all of her body as she heard more laughing. With a big rip, the remaining Pinata was torn away. Jenna had a hard time adjusting to the light and sweat filled her eyes. As she began to focus Jenna shook as she saw a room full of men and women. The men had the short mind bending minx fucks her stepbrothers son with no guilt, gang tattoo's, clothes and colors of a Mexican street gang.

Miguel, a tough, young MMA fighter put his face next to Jenna. "Bitch, looks like you are having a bad day." He ripped off her gag. "I want to hear her screams." Jena was babbling, begging. "STOP THIS CRAZINESS." Miguel screamed in her face and laughed as she shook. "Stop? We are just getting started." He grabbed her face and kissed her pushing his tongue inside her mouth.

"You are all mine and when I am done with you, I turn you over to my friends." Jenna hung by her wrists in the room surrounded by gang members. Miguel stood back so everyone could get a good look at the American girl hanging by her wrists.

"Take a good look, while she still has her uniform on." Jenna hung helpless, crying. Miguel's mom came by his side.

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"You like what I got for you, a nice American school girl. Happy Birthday!" Miguel smiled and kissed his Mom. Miguel ripped off Jenna's school shorts leaving only her white panties. He waved the shorts in the air. "She won't need these any more." "Well look what we go herte." Nice white panties.

"Bad girl, you pee'd all over them. He grabbed her white blouse and ripped it open. Miguel fondled her breasts. "Little, but nice." He kissed her hard on the mouth again. "Bitch we are going to get to know each other real well." Miguel tore away her bra.

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He squeezed her nipples with his fingers. "Please don't do this. I was trying to help your mother." "OH no no no." Another gangbanger, Hector was behind her. Hector was up against her backside while Miguel was face-to-face. Hands ran up and skinny babe dped in fishnet stockings and boots her body. Miguel kissed her mouth while Hector kissed her behind her neck.

Damn, this is one hot piece. "Bitch, you gonna a be a sandwich." They dropped their pants, their cocks bulging against their shorts. Jenna's head twisted around. She looked anywhere for help. "Someone help me. Please. Help." Everywhere she looked she saw laughing faces. Men had beers and were eating. Music was blasting. The men's bodies rubbed against hers, cocks against her pussy and ass. A hand slapped her face. Miguel laughed.

"You like it rough?" "Did you like that?" He slapped her again. Miguel squeezed her breasts while Hector reached from behind and twisted her nipples. Her breasts were red and her nipple ached. Jenna tried not to but she screamed. Her head jerked back pulled by the hair.

"That's it scream bitch." Miguel ripped off her white panties. "Look at that sweet white ass." "Where is the rod." Esmeralda handed him the caning rod Miguel took rod and swirled it around in the air. "Oh no, no, don't hit me with that. No." "Yea, yea, hack her. Do it.

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Do it now." Miguel took the stick and ran cute czech babe gets slammed outdoors for some money across the bitch's face. He dragged down her belly and around her ass. Without warning he laid into Jenna's pure white teen ass with a double fisted whack.

The shriek was curdling. The teen's body arched. He body shook. Her ass meat quivered. With a heavy breath, she begged. A terrible red welt rose up on her ass. Miguel put is his face next to her. "Do I got your attention?" "What the fuck, do I have to hit you again?" "NO NO, you have my attention, oh please, not again. No OHHH" The young piece of meat hung helpless.

Sweat was pouring from Jenna's face. Miguel took the fearsome stick and ran it up and down her body. He laughed and dropped the stick and grabbed a beer. Hector took one too and they both grabbed some food. "You hungry." He asked Jenna. "No No". I think you are and he spit some chewed food in her face. "Open your fucking mouth." Jenna opened her mouth and Miguel spit some more food out of his mouth into hers. "Eat up Bitch." He laughed.

Hector took a drink of beer and spit on Jenna's face.

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"I think you are just a pig." "We are going to fuck you until you fucking squeal." He ran his hand over the welt on her ass. "How does that feel?" "It hurts terrible." "Hector slapped the welted ass hard with his hand." "Does that feel better." he laughed. Hector picked up the caning rod and waved it n the air laughing. Jena screamed, sobbed, begged.

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To Be Continued