Sunny leone xxxii hard story

Sunny leone xxxii hard story
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Kevin's Dream Girls Chapter 2 Kevin 18 was the only male living with four 3 teenage sisters and their mother who was well preserved and looked much younger than her 41 years.

He was engaged with Amy and lived with her sister Lyn and Pam who is only 16 Kris the mother is horny and wants Kevin's attention. Kevin is 6'2" and very muscular at 210 pounds. Amy 18 and Pam 16 are 6 feet tall beautiful girls Lyn and Kris are 5'11" and both are beautiful.

They spend all there time at home during the summer and Kevin 18 who was his high school valedictorian and had full scholarship at UCLA and is engaged to Amy and lives with Lyn who will also going to UCLA in the fall.

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They will be married in June of next year. Pam is 16 and high school junior. Amy and Lyn won the lottery and have income of 26 million dollars every year for 20 years. They all live in big 4-bedroom house in Brentwood near UCLA with big 12 feet by 50 feet pool indoors that they bought for 1.6 million dollars.

Kevin is a talented piano player. All the girls spend all their time at home naked. They all consider Kevin a sexual legend. Kevin now sleeps with Amy and Pam. Amy and Lyn are fraternal twins both 18-years old. Kevin went to sleep with Amy on his left and Pam on his right. Kris and Lyn are in the other bedroom. At 5:00 am everyone wakes and Kris gets up to prepare breakfast. Kevin had sex with Amy last night and this morning Pam wants him to ejaculate in her this morning Pam has the written permission from her mother for Kevin to have sex with Pam who had several orgasms last night now gives Kevin a short blowjob getting over him and lowering her vagina on his erect penis and leaning over so Kevin can suck on her nipples and is moving up and down and experience two orgasms during the time she is being fucked and Kevin ejaculates inside the 16 year old with her new IUD her mother took her to get so she would not get pregnant.

Pam leans over and kisses Kevin passionately. Kevin had put on his running outfit he sits down for breakfast with Amy, Lyn and Pam with Kris the girl's mother, serving the breakfast. After breakfast Kevin, Amy kristina miller smoking russian swallows cum Lyn go out running 13 miles in the early morning cool.

Amy and Lyn have brief sports bras and very short running pants showing at least 95% of their skin. Kris and Pam are not in shape for 13 miles use the pool for some vigorous swimming to build up endurance. They then put on shoes to run still naked around the orange grove in the back yard. Kevin, Amy and Lyn are back in about an hour after running 13 miles with half liter bottles at their sides to keep from becoming dehydrated.

They take off their clothes and shoes and jump in the pool to cool off. Kris got dressed busty natural blonde mom kelly blows titfucks and fucks pov went grocery shopping after being supplied with plenty of cash by Lyn.

Kevin went to his weight room for a workout to stay strong. Later Pam, Amy and Lyn came in for their personal training session. When Kris got home with groceries she put them away and in the refrigerator she got undressed and went for her personal training. Kevin loved working out these beautiful naked girls.

He had them lifting weights and doing sit-ups on and angled pad keeping records of progress. They all would be sore tomorrow but in the future progress could be made without soreness. Kris prepared dinner while Kevin played the piano and Pam sat next to Kevin while playing.

Lyn and Amy stood transfixed by the beautiful music. Pam was reading the music and looking at Kelvin hands on the piano keys. When Kevin was done Pam asked if he could give some lessons to help her learn. Kevin agreed to help her beginning tomorrow. Pam said she had IUD and if he wanted have sex with her she would welcome him in the morning.

Kris was proud of her ability to prepare superior meals and she liked to do the cooking and preparation. She could make her own bead and she had oranges from the back yard trees that she could get juice from breakfast Tonight there would be roasted beef and potatoes and she added lots of onions and peppers and barbequed them to make them crisp and taste very good with the onions adding sweetness.

Kris learned this recently from master chef. Her daughters and Kevin noticed the superior food from what they were used to. There was room for up to 4 more people to feed one it was close to the beginning of classes at UCLA or before. Lyn had printed sign to place near the pool that said, "Skinny-Dipping only." Kevin to bed with Amy and Pam.

Kevin would have sex with Amy tonight and Pam in the morning. Pam watched as Kevin was fucking Amy. Amy had two orgasms in ten minutes before Kevin ejaculated inside her. Pam slept on the right of Kevin with Amy on his left. Kevin slept on his right and put his arm around Pam. Kris was the first up to prepare breakfast. Amy watched as Pam spread her legs for Kevin to fuck her from as Pam was on her back Kevin was lightly choking her but it did magnify the orgasms making them more powerful and he ejaculated inside Pam.

She stood and kissed Kevin. Kevin, Amy and Lyn put their running out fit on and Pam went with them to se how far and fast she could run Pam put on her blue bikini and running shoes. Amy and Lyn ran out front with Kevin behind them and Pam was not far behind at the end of 13 miles. Pam showed a lot of skin in her brief bikini. There were 2-inch circles over her nipples and the bottom was the same color and barely covered her.

If she still had pubic hair it would show above the bottom. There was nothing covering her bottom cheeks that were completely naked with only narrow strap on her back. Lyn insisted Pam could be arrested for not coving enough. Pam said "Next Sunday I would run naked because I never saw any cars or police this morning." "We are the only people who get up this early on Sunday." She took off the bikini and she could hold it in one hand and close her finger over it.

Pam then took it and stuffed in her vagina She then jumped in the pool to cool off and swam two laps of the pool and it all in her vagina. Amy gave her running outfit with sports bra and brief shorts that covered most of her butt cheeks. Pam thanked Amy for the running outfit. She pulled out her bikini and put them away after washing them. There was noise from the piano that was Kevin giving Pam her fist piano lesson.

After an hour she could make chords with both hands and read the music. Kevin was impressed with her progress. The noise became music but not like Kevin could make. That was Pam's goal to be as good as Kevin. Kevin left the room and Pam continued with her practice. Kevin kept an ear out for what Pam was doing and it was not bad The doorbell rang and Amy quickly put on a robe an answered the door. There were two women named Kristy Brewer and Nancy Crawley.

They wanted to know how much a room would be and Amy said. "The cost of one bedroom for two people is $2,800 per month including meals." Amy let them in led them to a vacant bedroom and they were impressed with the size of the room and the TV there. The room had chest of drawers and a king size bed and large dressing area. Amy showed them the walk-in closet and took them out to the pool where they saw the sign that Lyn made. The big pool was impressive even if you had to be naked to swim in it.

She showed them the weight room and how they could have personal training. Amy opened the door to the bondage equipment and invited them to lunch today Nancy said, does the rent include using the bondage equipment and Amy said, "Yes it does." They saw Pam walked by naked.

It was the 30th of July and Kristy wrote a check for $2800 and gave it to Amy. Kristy said, "Can we move in now?" Amy said, "Yes you can." Kevin was now dressed and began to play the piano. They walked to the piano and heard Kevin playing and Lyn, Pam and Kris were all naked. Amy said, "Being naked when it is warm saves a lot of laundry and keeping the air conditioning turned up to 80 makes it comfortable to be naked and save energy.

Kinky simony gets fucked in the barn helped them bring in their suitcases and they unpacked them and walked out of the room naked. Nancy was 5'7" and 125 pounds with dark hair and brown eyes and Kristy was 5'9 and 128 pounds with red hair and blue eyes. They both had slightly larger breasts than the women here but were not uncomfortable being naked even with Kevin here dressed.

The girls lined up to introduce themselves Pam said, "My name is Pam and I am one of Kevin's girls" Kris what to play when gat bored tube porn, I am Kris and I am the mother of all the girls her before and I am one of Kevin's girls." "I am Lyn and I am one of Kevin's girls" "I am Amy and I welcome you here today" "I am one of Kevin's girls and the one that will marry him next June.

I suppose I will be Kevin's main girl. Kevin shook each of their hands and said, "I am Kevin and I want to help you enjoy your stay here any way I can" Kevin walked out to the piano and began playing. Soon Pam, Lyn, Amy, Kris, Nancy and Kristy were standing sex xxx baby story com near the piano looking at Kevin playing the piano and listening to the beautiful music he was playing and not moving as if paralyzed by the music.

Kevin played on twenty minutes and the six women seemed transfixed from the music he was playing. When he stopped Pam embraced him in a passionate kiss. Kris went to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Nancy and Kristy began to understand why all these girls were Kevin's girls. Lyn explained he was a high school valedictorian and very intelligent but she also said he was sexual legend and how he could give a woman multiple powerful orgasms using his fingers and tongue after lifting her to his broad shoulders. It was considered an honor to be able to make love to him. He was also able to use both hands to give simultaneous orgasms to two girls at the same time.

Kevin was Amy's fianc?ut he was so lovable every girl here loved him dearly. The main reason they were all naked all the time was for Kevin's pleasure. Nancy and Kristy now understood well why they were all Kevin's girls. When Kevin said he could help them enjoy their stay here that could mean providing extreme sexual pleasure and fine music. Kevin had plenty of experience on exactly how to please a woman. At lunch Nancy got a chance to talk to Kevin. Lunch was a chicken sandwich with fresh homemade bread that ultra fresh and was very good.

It impressed everyone including the new residents Kevin went to Kristy and Nancy's room where they sat next to each other on the bed and Kevin used each hand to drive them both to powerful orgasms stopping and starting again to give them both at least 10 orgasms.

Nancy got up and kissed Kevin because she and kissed him passionately. There were now two more Kevin's girls. Today's piano lesson for Pam was the use of the pedals to carry a note and she understood it almost instantly. Pam's practice was now entertaining. She was learning fast tomorrow was her birthday and she would become 17. Today she was practicing the piano and getting better every day. Kevin came back after hearing her and he was impressed with Pam's progress. Kevin now dearly loved Pam and working with her was pleasant for him.

Pam stopped her practice and kissed Kevin. "I love you deeply Kevin I wish I could be with you forever." Kevin said, " I love you Pam." "You are so intelligent and so beautiful." Pam said, "I got a call from somebody from my school saying I was finished with high school and they mailed a diploma to me that would say I was valedictorian because strait As on every class and because I took nearly all the advanced placement classes." "I had college credit that offset high school classes I did not have to take." Kevin said, "This is big Pam, when will you get the diploma." Pam said, "It could come tomorrow Kevin." "That would be a perfect birthday gift I am 17 tomorrow." "I really wish I could have you Kevin because I love you so much." Amy said, "Is tomorrow your birthday?" "Yes Amy I want your fianc?or my birthday." Amy said, "Dinner is ready." Dinner was a shrimp cocktail with noodles and sauce with bread muffins and butter.

Pam said, "Mom this is absolutely delicious." Nancy said, "Every meal I have had here is absolutely first rate." Amy said, "I will always love you Kevin but I have doubts about if I am the best woman for you." "You are so much smarter than me but Pam is close to the best match for you".

"Kris said it was ok for Pam to be engaged to you and she agrees I am not up to your standards and our marriage may not last because of that." "I want you to give this ring to Pam tomorrow night on her birthday and ask her if she would marry you." "I am certain she will say yes and in the unlikely case she would turn you down I will take it back." "I heard Pam saying she will love you forever and wishes she could be your wife." "She told me not long ago that if our marriage lasts for only a year of two to send Kevin her way." "Pam is much smarter than me and she loves you dearly." "Make this a birthday to remember for Pam." Kevin said, "I will always love you Amy but I also love Pam and she is closer to me intellectually." "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make this a birthday to remember for Pam and she will have this ring tomorrow at dinner." Kevin had Amy and Pam in bed with him and Amy said, Kevin you can make love to Pam tonight.

Pam noticed Amy was not wearing her ring and Kevin lifted Pam over his shoulders pulling her body to his mouth where he used his and Kevin used his tongue fingers to give her a few powerful orgasms knowing just where she could fell it. Kevin said, I love you Pam and I will be back to you in a few minutes. Pam kissed him.

He then did the same with Amy who was willing to feel his tongue and fingers and she experience several orgasms from this attention. Kevin said, "I will always love you Amy" and they kissed when he put her down.

Kevin invited Pam to put her self over his erect penis and she did and worked to give her another orgasm before she felt the warmth of his ejaculation. Pam kissed Kevin passionately. She said nothing about Amy not wearing the ring but it gave her some hope. They went to sleep Pam was grateful to be in bed with Kevin for three times in a row.

In the morning Kris got up to prepare breakfast and Pam and Amy got up to put on their running outfits Today Pam had the one that she got from Amy. She still had brief shorts showing all of her legs but the sports bra made her look bustier because of the padding. When she went to breakfast everyone sang her happy birthday. Pam was feeling good from how fast she went yesterday and she wanted to top that today She ran with Amy the two six foot tall blond girls out japanese wife fuck husband wat with Kevin behind them watching their legs and midriffs.

Pam was able to keep up today and ran with Amy up to the door and Pam had her key and let them and everyone in where they would strip for the pool Pam used this sexy ebony shows off boobs and fucked at the pawnshop to do her dolphin stroke under the water.

She was holding her breath for months and now she could make a turn at the deep end and avoid hitting anyone at the shallow end she came up in front of Kevin and kissed him. After getting her breath back Pam then went back down to give Kevin an underwater blowjob. Pam stayed down for two minutes sucking on Kevin when he ejaculated in her mouth.

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Pam came up swallowed and panted for few seconds and rose and kissed Kevin passionately. None or the other girls could pleasing exgirlfriend adult web cams sexy chat rooms porn live the underwater blowjob but they could see Pam kissing Kevin.

Pam deeply loved Kevin and someday wanted have his children. Today was her birthday and she wished to have Kevin for herself primarily.

She realized that in this houseful of females and Kevin being the only man would get the attention of all of them to provide his sexual prowess. The girl married to Kevin and not just engaged to him would get Kevin exclusively. Pam desperately wanted to be that girl. Pam would have to convince Amy that she was the best for him. She had no idea how to do that. Kevin brought in the mail and gave Pam an envelope from her high school.

Pam opened it and it was her high school diploma. On the front was Pam's name and labeled as valedictorian. Pam showed this to Kevin and Amy. She said, I am also a valedictorian and finished high school in three years.

Kevin said, "I will take you to register for classes at UCLA and you can show this to them. Pam got dressed in her brief shorts and seductively unbuttoned her blouse for Kevin. Pam held his hand as they walked there. Pam said, "I love you deeply Kevin and wish I could have you for myself and be your primary girl." Kevin said, "I love you Pam and I am proud of you for your academic ability." "I now am not the only person that is a valedictorian." Pam said, "Kevin you can fill any of my holes with your cum." "I love sucking you dry." "I will drink your pee." Pam showed her diploma and the man in the euro sluts cum a lot from fuckfests hardcore groupsex office examined it closely and was convinced it was real.

He excused himself and left the room and came back with another man and said, Pam we want to offer you a scholarship here.

Pam said, "So far this is a perfect birthday" She filled out the forms for the classes she wanted to take. On the way home they went under an oak tree and Kevin kissed her.

He said, "Pam I love you deeply and I want you to be my wife." Kevin gave her the ring and Pam said, "Yes, yes, yes, I will look forward to being your wife." Kevin said, "I was going to wait for dinner but we are alone and you have no pressure to say yes or no." Pam said, "I will never forget this birthday." "I feel like I am in heaven" Pam kissed Kevin.

Kevin said, "I have your mother's permission to marry me." "Amy gave me back this ring saying she was not worthy of me and said you Pam would be more for me." Pam said, "I have never been so excited and I will always love you." "The ring fits me perfectly." "I can't wait to show it to everyone." "I will thank Amy for making you available for me." Pam held her hand on the way home. This was the most perfect birthday she could imagine.

When they got home Pam held her left hand high so everyone could see the ring. Pam was smiling as she took off her clothing and went to Amy and said, "Thank you Amy for making Kevin available for me." "I love him deeply and this is a birthday I will never forget." "Kevin proposed to me on the way home saying I was not pressured to say yes as I would be at dinner." "There was only the two of us there." "I also accepted a scholarship from UCLA and was able to register for classes." Amy said, "Pam you are perfect for Kevin because you are more intelligent than me." "I am happy for you Pam." Pam gave a glass to Kevin saying she "would drink his urine" he filled the glass and gave it to Pam and she eagerly drank it.

Pam put the glass under her and filled it and gave it to Kevin and he drank it. Pam said, "I know you cannot be faithful to me here but I want to be your primary Kevin girl." Kevin said "I will use my tongue and fingers on others her but my penis is exclusively for you Pam." Pam said, "Thank you for saying that Kevin." "I love you so much Kevin and want to have your children after we are married." "You will be exclusively mine after marriage and I will be exclusively yours." "I hope you like my naked body" Kevin said, "You are very beautiful young woman Pam with very beautiful body." " I love everything about you Pam." Pam said "Are my breasts big enough for you." Kevin said, "Looking at your mother tells me your breasts will never sag down and you do not have a completely flat chest" "You are perfect in every way Pam" "You are stunningly more beautiful than Amy and I love your blond hair and blue eyes." "I will never forget deflowering you at your mother's request." Pam said, "I remember that too." "You were my first and my only man."