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Shaking his head he knew she wasn't reckless picking her time to strike. The thing was it had been 3 mintons with still no word good or bad. He knew in his heart she was probably dead, as the ramifications of that thought weighed heavier on him. If indeed she was gone then the clan was doomed. A small female entered the clan meeting chamber.

Looking around she saw the leader sitting at the center of the room. The look of pain was more than apparent on his face. Sighing the female knew she'd have to wait for a while before she could approach the leader. Even with the news she had she dared not try to talk to him in open chamber. She just hoped that the news she had would help to save his daughter and the clan.

The leader looked up when he felt an old familiar presence in the room. What in the world was she doing here?

She had been ostracized almost 3 quants ago. If anyone of the clan detected her she would be dead within no time. What in the name of the great feline was so important that she'd risk her life like this? The leader arose heading for his private chambers. It was the only place that they could talk privately. Stepping in he left the door open walking to his desk. "I'm not sure why you are risking your life coming here.

What could be so important that you would tempt death?" The leader said before he sat. "Contrary to what everyone has said about me, I do still care about my family, brother." The small female replied. "So you say but your past actions do not hold to that. Again I ask, why are you here risking your life." The leader questioned. "I saw my niece taken prisoner, the swordsman had exceptional skill. He wore the emblem of the king, the emblem of a first knight of the realm!" The female told the leader.

Shaking his head the leader thought yes, it would take someone of that much skill to take his daughter. "When did this occur?" The leader asked. "Not more than a half toton ago." The leader's sister said. Shaking his head again the leader stood. "I must check this information, if it is true you may have a low place in the clan again. I wouldn't place much faith in it but it may happen.

I suggest if it does you not squander this second chance." The leader's sister had a shocked look on her face as she hissed, "I did not do this to regain the clan, and I care about my niece. If I am still an outcast so be it, I care not. I only foxy nymphos plow the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate all around about my niece, and you my brother." This last was whispered with a touch of love in her voice, then she was gone.

She still has all the skills the leader thought.

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Rubbing his whiskers he began to wonder if she was really guilty of the things she'd been accused of. If she had spoken out against the charges he might have been able to do something. She had remained silent, again he thought something was going on, a wicked smile crossed his face.

Yes something was going on behind the scenes and he was damn sure going to find out! _________________________________________________________________________ Bill walked slowly toward the palace Twitty, Gleena, and Niaco all around him.

Damn it he hated feeling so weak. As Henna Glac had advised him though, the poison was one of the deadliest and fastest acting.

It was also one of the longest to recover from. She had told him that he was only the second she had ever heard that had lived through the poison and the full effects of the cure. Bill was still shaking his head about what she had said, he was obviously powerful to have survived the cure!

Grimacing Bill thought about the upcoming coronation. With a groan he sat in a chair inside the door. He had no desire to be crowned the king as of yet. Unfortunately the outer planets of the realm were forcing his hand, as it seemed was his uncle. Glenna, Twitty, and Niaco rushed to his side as he sunk into the chair. "Mate!" All three yelled as he leaned against the back of the chair.

All three were immediately taking out their comms. calling for the Doctor. "We would never forgive ourselves if anything else happened to you!" A concerned Twitty told him. "We both should have been with you when you went to bed!" Glenna said as she purred rubbing her face on Bill's paw.

"It would have made protecting you that much easier," Niaco added as she rubbed Bill's neck. "I needed sleep my mates, had any of the three of you been with me in the room that wouldn't have happened. I want Kitts some day but not this soon! I know all three of you have a very strong desire for kitts, and that was why we were in separate rooms." An exacerbated Bill told them as they each showed mock shock on their faces.

"We're sorry mate but you are quite a handsome male. I envy Twitty as she has seen you unclothed beautiful brunette teen mia rides on hard cock and doggied times. Even if it was in her pure feline form and your pure human form." Glenna said as her purring increased in volume. "I would have loved to have gazed upon that Twitty." A loudly purring Big dik fuck big hip said.

Twitty was at his other side rubbing her face on his other paw. "It is quite different than his full form Glenna, Niaco, though still quite powerful and handsome." "Enough!" Bill tried to roar, then groaned as the effort had him feeling weaker. Sinking lower into the seat all three of the females were a flutter around him. Suddenly a voice behind all of them from the doorway made the females freeze.

"Please back away from him so I may check my patient. That is unless you wish for me to sedate you also!" Quickly all three of the females slowly backed away from Bill as Henna Glac advanced shaking her head. Some females really! She thought. One might think that they were sex starved and desperate!

Kneeling she started her examination peeking quick glances at the pacing and anxious female mates of Bill. Bill's head was starting to pound when Henna knelt at his side.

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Here he thought his strength would prevail in the end for a quicker recovery. Looking at the furrowed brow of Bill she could almost guess what he was thinking. "I think I know what you are thinking," Henna started. "In almost all cases you would be right, your strength would prevail.

I'm afraid though, that in this case it is your great strength that is your savior and your worst enemy." Henna watched as Bill got a questioning look on his face, "My worst enemy? Ok Doc that is a first if I have ever heard it!" Nodding Henna explained, "This is a unique and rare poison.

Your great strength helped your body to defeat it and survive the cure. In the mean time though, It was your great strength that the cure fed off of. The fact is because you are so strong, the cure was that strong. Consequently the cure took ALL of your strength when it fended off the poison.

I am afraid it will be a few more days before you are even near where you were." "So I take it as soon as I am stronger, I will need to start working to build up my strength?" Bill asked.

Henna thought about it a moment then said, "yes, though I suggest that you not try to overdo bitch can t wait to receive cumshots at first. I'd hate to have to sedate you again because you have pushed far harder than I think you should.

Remember you are strong, far stronger than any I have ever seen but you can push too far to the point of collapse. If that happens I will have you restricted to bed for a week with a guard posted watching your every move. Do I make myself clear?" Bill a half smile on his face snapped as good a salute as he could, "yes sir!" His mates all snickered behind Henna, as Roth had walked in a moment before and had a wide smile on his face.

"You had better watch yourself sire. You know how sneaky these Doctors can be. Or have you forgotten she got you, me, and her mate?" This of course started Bill's mates snickering harder, "Serves the three of you right," Niaco said as she started to laugh. "Had you listened in the first place, then she wouldn't have had to take such extreme measures!" Henna had to smile she was glad that the king elect's mates were on her side.

Then again she thought as she looked at Roth, she would have loved to try her skill against the knight. She was after all a clan leader's daughter, what better way to see? They all finally got Bill to his room though this time all three of his mates insisted and won the argument to place small cots in the room.

Bill had thrown up his hands in defeat there was still no denying them as it was also their duty. They still had three totons before the coronation was to take place. Laying down Bill was actually starting to feel better. Thinking about what the Doctor had said about his strength he wanted to try something.

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Relaxing Bill let his strength go lax as he did the rest of his body. To his amazement he actually was starting to feel better and better! Ok this was the strangest poison he'd ever heard of. Bill had been there almost a whole toton when he got a call from the front gate. It seemed that an elder Ocicat clan male was there wishing an audience. Bill allowed it having all four of his knights to search the male then his mates when he entered.

Bill had sat up feeling a hell of a lot better though he hadn't tried his strength yet. The elder male entered the room that had been set up for this meeting. "I take it I am addressing the king elect? The only known male left of the Traxor and Axor family?" The elder male stated then bowed. "I can see that I am not dealing with a lowly servant. Please present yourself that I may know just who I am dealing with.

I do not wish further hostilities with your clan as I feel you do not with the crown." Bill said. The elder males eyes opened wide as a small smile crossed his face then was gone as quick. "It is good to see the old traditions are still being honored by the crown.

This is unexpected as the clan was told far different." "Yes, I can see that you have had dealings with a traitor to the crown. One I hope will not be a problem much longer." Middle eastern amateur cougar fucking pov told the elder male.

Again the elder's eyes went wide for a moment as the smile came and went again. "That would greatly honor our clan sir. IF we are talking about the same traitorous Xendran. I am under a blood oath to not speak nor reveal the name." Bill was nodding a blood oath? Yes he could start to see the traitorous paw of his uncle in this.

"As the king elect at present I can only promise to right the great wrong that has been done to your clan. If the traitor is my uncle Conrad Nox then it will not only be my promise but my duty to you and the kingdom to end his traitorous life!" Bill growled at the mention of his uncle's name.

For a third time the elder man's eyes were wide as he was nodding.

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The fact that the king elect was as aggressive about Lord Conrad was music to his ears. "Sire, I am sorry that at present I am unable to reveal my name though I may tell you I am the leader of the clan." Here the elder male sighed.

"I am afraid I am here to talk to you of a more delicate matter." Bill nodded his head now they were getting to the meat of this meeting. "I take it she is your daughter? The last remaining member of your family that is still in the clan?" The elder man nodded then lowered his head.

"I am not here to beg, for her or me.

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I can see that you are also well informed. I am here to ask for her release. That is all, you are well within your rights to execute her. I await your answer." The elder man stayed bowed as Bill took into account everything that had transpired. "I might be persuaded to release her to you. The only problem I see at the moment is that even when I am crowned all I can do is promise.

At present I have quite a few many problems going on. Finding and executing the traitor that ordered this is among the highest priorities.

I cannot in good faith release her and the bastard still have a hold on you and your clan." Bill told the elder stroking his whiskers studying the man and the answer he'd give. Without lifting his head the elder replied, "As I said Sire you are well within your rights to execute her. I can't nor will I beg ebony babe gets penetrated in hardcore fashion her life.

It is an unfortunate consequence of the business we are in. One I am afraid that the clan has become dependent on. I will take my leave of you sire, know this if you do spare her I will do all in my power to end the hostilities between us." Bill nodded as the elder man arose heading to the door.

"I have one last thing to ask." Bill suddenly said. The elder man stopped without turning and waited. "If I destroy the traitor, what would cause your clan to abandon its assassin ways?" The elder man nodded, so the king elect was far smarter than he'd thought. Turning the elder removed a small vial from his sleeve. "If you are truly adamant about what we have discussed, this is a small token of a trust. A trust I am hopeful my clan and the crown will forge soon." Here the elder handed the vial to Roth.

"To answer your question we seek only to regain what was stolen from us by a lord many quants ago. The land that is our birth right, a land that not many remember it has been so long." Bill nodded, "When we destroy the bastard I will make sure it is returned.

This I give on my life to the Ocicat clan!" Bill hissed then held out his paw to the elder. The elder nodded a slow smile creeping on his face. "Then I will anal sex with a real flexi doll tube porn you to that king elect.

If we can aid you in any way to take down this common enemy of both clans then we shall." Grabbing Bill's paw with his own he gripped it hard for a moment then nodded. "The vial is only half a solution the rest will be time and control." With that the elder walked out and vanished right before their eyes. Uncorking the vial Bill took a sniff then jerked it away just as quick. He was about to turn it up when Roth stopped him.

"Really sire do you think that it is safe?" "He has nothing to gain by killing me now. If in fact this is what I think it is then I'd say we are on the road to a profitable friendship with the Ocicat clan." Bill assured Roth, 'I just hope it is what I am thinking it is,'' Bill thought to himself. Roth had been on his comm. calling the Doctor the moment the elder man had shown up. Bill had just drained the small vial when Henna walked through the door.

Her eyes huge she tried to tell Bill to stop but he'd already consumed it. "Sire are you trying to die?" She asked. Bill smiled at her and shook his head no, then sat as he started to feel a warmth shoot through his body. Shaking his head he got up running out the door to the practice yard. Roaring weakly Bill could feel his control starting to slip. Feeling a presence beside him he saw that Roth, his mates and the doctor were hard pressed to keep up with him.

"Back away!" Bill yelled as they suddenly stopped. "I am losing control I need to be alone 'til I regain it!" They all watched as he made the practice yard stopping in the middle of it. At first he just stood there a great quaking of his body was seen. The Doctor had tried to venture forward to check Bill but Storys subidos por gente comun argentinos caseros held her back.

"He believes that the clan leader gave him a complete half cure. I believe he thinks the rest is up to him. As I remember your cure had him lashing out. I feel this is no different though I am hoping he has far more control this time." The Doctor swallowed hard remembering the amount of soldiers it had taken to hold the king elect to the bed.

Looking at Roth she was shocked to see that he really was concerned about her and the king elect. "I will have to thank you for my life later then." She told Roth as Bill started to shake harder.

Roth turned and smirked at her. "I would be remiss in my duty if I allowed the palace Doctor to come to injury. I do believe that he would have me severely punished." In a low whispering voice Roth added, "as I am sure my mate would also.

She and the other Knight wives have taken a distinct liking to the king elect. I am not about to watch him come to harm for my sake or that of anyone else!" Henna Glac smiled a sincere smile she was wrong about the knight.

He truly cared for the king elect as she had seen as he said the wives of all the knights. Then she turned and watched horrified as Bill struggled to get the raging heat that was running through his body under control. Bill was gorgeous big tit brunette babe rubs her wet pussy for her orgasm he was away from the others, this was harder than with the Doctor's cure.

Fight it as hard as he liked his control was slipping more and more by the half tinton. The heat alone he could take, it was the murderous thoughts that were starting to invade his thoughts that he was having trouble with. As scenes of killing almost everyone he'd met to date started to cycle through his mind. Roaring he dropped to the ground feeling he was losing the fight. All his mates were starting to grow worried especially after Bill hit the ground as hard as he had.

"I suggest we remove ourselves from his sight. I am afraid that unless he gains more control we will be his first victims." Roth said as he tried to move all of the females back further from the practice ground.

Looking back Roth could only pray to the great feline that Bill was as smart as Roth thought he was. Bill was starting to lose all rational thought the more he fought this. Suddenly a stray thought hit him strength and control? Taking a deep breath Bill just hoped he was right about this.

Releasing his fight Bill tried to relax and let his body relax. Suddenly more rational thoughts started to come to him. Good he thought, though I am unsure of how long I may have to remain this way. From a tree on the other side of the practice yard an elderly pair of eyes and head nodded. So they thought, he knows of the ancient control. There is hope after all if this one has the control I feel he has. With a wicked smile the elder Ocicat clan male thought the lord is dead for sure as he leapt over the wall his spots shining brighter as he vanished in a mere tinton.