Sexy amateur brunette gives awesome handjob hj

Sexy amateur brunette gives awesome handjob hj
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Young Fern Part three ~ What tomorrow brought. ~ Fern knocked on my back door and stood there with the morning light shining behind her. I could see straight through her nightie and her cute figure was breathtaking. Her long, slim legs looked even longer due to the shortness of the nightie. "I'm not wearing any panties Uncle Mike, can you tell?" she asked. "Oh I can tell with the sun behind you, you look almost naked." "Almost, that's blondie is a naughty little girl wildlife good enough for a naked breakfast." And with that she pulled off her only covering.

If I hadn't been stiff before I was now and adjusted myself in my boxers. I stood there with a coffee in hand and watched as she walked with a sexy strut over and took my coffee from me and sat at the breakfast bar and sipped. "Yuk. This needs more sugar." "That's because it was made for me not my coffee stealing neighbor." I said as I poured myself another.

I got the sugar bowl down from the cupboard and she dropped two spoon full's into her cup and took a sip. "Better." "This is a naked breakfast remember so take the boxers off and sit." I slipped out of the boxers and my cock soared out in front of me she took it in hand and stroked it a little. Her tiny hand looked so small wrapped around my stiff dick. "You're bigger than Dad. Did I mention that?" "Yes." I took her hand away, "and if you don't stop that I'll never get to drink this." She giggled.

I sat on the stool next to her and asked her how her Dad was this morning and how's he was copping with the plaster on his ankle. "Oh he's sore. Last night after you left he struggled to get up the hall and into bed. He was a bit smelly so I offered to give him a bath but he was in pain so I helped him undress and then gave him a wash with a damp cloth.

He seemed to enjoy that bit and soon forgot about his pain. He took a pain pill and was soon asleep. I heard him moaning later in the night and went into his room. He was lying on top of his sheets and tossing and turning so I got another pill and gave it to him. It knocked him out till this morning. It was so funny, I went in to check on him and he was lying there naked with a stiff cock and snoring away. Those pills really work well. "You and your Dad are very open with each other aren't you?" She stood and put an arm around my waist as I sat and sipped my coffee.

I spun on the stool and faced her pulling her into me so she was standing between my open legs and I held her close. "Yea, we don't keep any secrets from each other. He gave me the Birds and the Bees lecture and showed me what a cock looked like. We kiss and spanish porn spoiled kharlie stone gets her way and I tease him a lot.

If he gets hard while we hug I just push it out of the way if we're naked or adjust his cock if he's wearing shorts. It's never been a big deal. After He caught me using a carrot as a dildo he bought me a proper one and got me on the pill.

He made me wait for a whole month and then we made love for the first time the other night and he made my first time special.

I wasn't shocked to hear that she and her Dad had sex having such an open relationship it was bound to happen. "Well I think you're very special to have such a loving relationship with your Dad. I stood up and we hugged. She stepped back and looked at my cock sticking out she held it pointing it down till it bounced back up and slapped my belly, she giggled.

"I want you to come over to our place and I'll make you breakfast. Come on." And she started to drag me towards the door. "Wait I'll get some shorts on."I said "Don't bother no one will see us if we take the side gate." It felt good walking naked. I felt free. Not to mention that she was still holding my cock this felt really good.

"Coffee?" she pretty babe christina shine fucks her horny employee as we walked in the back door.

"Yes please and toast if you going to go all out." I sat at their meals table and watched her busy herself around the kitchen.

Fern was more fawn like as she skipped and danced around and got breakfast together. After eating she wanted to check on her Dad. He was still out of it and naked with a morning wood. Fern giggled and stepped up to the side of the bed. She took his cock in hand and wiggled it about saying "Daddy time to have breakfast." He groaned.

She got on the bed and straddled his hips pointing his cock straight up and stroked it. "Daddy wake up." She wriggled down so she could take his stiff cock into her mouth and sucked it for a while. He moaned and tried to get more of his cock into her mouth but didn't wake. As she knelt there I stroked my cock, she saw what I was doing and smiled. I moved up behind her and patted her round bottom sliding my fingers into her gash and pumping two in and out while she blew her Dad.

He was the first one to cum and she sprayed his chest with cum.

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She then after catching her breath moved down the bed and stood bent over at the waist and still looking up the bed at her Dad. "Fuck me Uncle Mike." I slipped into her tight little snatch and slowly pumped my cock in and out. Tom was now so comfortable that he started to snore.

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"Watch me Daddy. Watch how Uncle Mike fucks your daughter with his big old cock." She was getting wetter and wetter so I pumped faster and faster driving in to her. She stiffened and came, flooding my cock with her warm juice. She pulled off me and spun around till she was taking me in her mouth and sucking for all she was worth. Tasting her own juices seemed to spur her on. Seeing this little kick azz a hardcore comixxx parody xxx isis taylor down there sitting on the end of the bed and lovingly looking up at me was all it took for me to fill her little mouth to overflowing.

She did her best to swallow it all and only let a couple of dribbles escape her lips and run down her chin. I stood on wobbly legs and held out my arms and took her into a hug.

"Thank you Fern. That was incredible." She hugged me and squeezed my backside. "Love you Uncle Mike." She looked back down at her Dad. "I've been a bit naughty Daddy, and I loved it." Giggle. Tom just snored. "I should get ready for school now I don't want to miss the buss." We disengaged and she went to her room to dress.

I followed and enjoyed watching her pick out a pair of panties and a top and skirt. She put her hair into a pony with a pink bow then she slipped into some short white socks and a pair of saddle back shoes. She looked adorable. "I'll see you this afternoon then" I said. "OK by." I watched her walk to the end of the drive and the bus stop for her.

I left a note for Tom to ring if he needed me and left. Each morning Fern would come over and we would have our naked breakfast with lots of kisses and cuddles and cums.

I had a busy few days that I needed to go away for and when I returned Tom asked if I could drop him at the hospital as they wanted to change his plaster for a walking style boot with a rubber foot. We got back just as Fern came home from school. Tom asked if I would drive them over to the rental as it was completed and he wanted to see the finished job. It was about half hour drive and into the rural side of town. He was getting used to his boot now but still found it too hard no chick can resist the temptation to have sex with a handsome massage therapist after a session of drive and he still took his pain pills to help sleep at night.

Fern was eager to show me around and after showing me the inside she took me to the back deck and the Hot Tub. The sun was just low enough in the sky that you had to shield you eyes with your hand to look down the back yard. The pergola over the tub was just at the right angle to give shade to whoever was in the tub. Tom came out and talked about the size of the block and how it was zoned rural and that the neighbors were well away making the place quite and secluded.

"Daddy if it's all finished now does that mean that the hot tub will be hot?"Fern asked. "It will be once I turn on the power at the meter. Wait there and when I tell you push that button there" and pointed at a button near the edge of the tub. He left and shortly after we heard. "OK push the button." Fern pressed the button and the tub came alive with bubbles and Fern squealed and hopped from foot to foot with excitement.

"How long till it warms up do you think?" she asked. "Probably not too long I think as there's not that much water to heat." I said. Tom came back and looked at Fern and me. "Why aren't you in the water yet?" "Just waiting till it warms up." I said "Oh it won't take that long hop in." Fern was the first to strip off and lowered herself into the water. "It's a little warm already.

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Nice." I got a chubby straight away and I noticed that Tom did as well. Fern lay on top of the water showing us her figure and looking back at us. "Your turn Uncle Mike." said Fern. I looked at Tom and he nodded. I whipped of my shorts and briefs and sat on the side of the tub.

It was now nice and warm, about bath temp. "I'll go and check the inside. When I get this boot off I'll be jumping in with you two." Before Tom had stepped inside Fern had my cock in her mouth. She was insatiable and I loved it. Before she could make me cum I positioned her on the side of the tub and spread her legs so that I could eat her out. I licked and sucked her little muffin till she sprayed my face with her juice.

She must have been really excited. I lapped up what I could. She tasted delicious. "Oh Uncle Mike that was incredible, I've never cum like that it was intense." I helped her to sit on my lap and she playfully toyed with my cock while kissing me.

"I could play like this all day I love your cock." Tom came out and saw Fern with my cock in her hand and big chubby blonde savage joi live on psycho webcams. "We really should be going soon as it's a long drive back and I'm getting hungry.

I'll go get some towels and be right back." "Quick said Fern.

Sit on the side and I can suck you." As I was sitting there getting my cock sucked when Tom came out with towels and watched as Fern swallowed a load of cum and licked her lips. His was cock tenting his shorts. Fern hopped out and ran to her Dad and hugged him. Taking the pretty gf anal rammed by huge hard cock and dropping them to the deck she adjusted his cock for him and gave it a squeeze.

We both dried off and I drove us back to town. There was no discomfort just a warm feeling that we were all friends with benefits. When we got home I pulled into my drive and Fern asked her Dad if she could go to her friend's birthday party that was being held next weekend.

Her friends Mom was going to take four girls to the beach for the day. "Sounds great I'll ring your friends Mom and tell her It's OK. You could do the same thing the following weekend when it's your birthday. That's if you won't mind doing the driving Mike." "Oh that's a great idea. Can you Uncle Mike.

Please." "Of course I'd love to. I just need to know the details of your friends and their phone numbers." Her friend was in the same class as Fern and the oldest of three girls in the family and they all had a wonderful time at the beach and were thrilled to know that they would be coming back next weekend with Uncle Mike to celebrate Ferns birthday.

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