Asian babe nautica thorn gets fucked with big cock after bj then gets facial

Asian babe nautica thorn gets fucked with big cock after bj then gets facial
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This is my first story, so please be gentle. I Am Coming Home. I am coming home from school. But I miss the bus. I have to walk 15 miles home. Through mud, in the rain. A car driving past me along the road throws a half-empty can of cola at me and it hits me in the eye and I reel in pain. I am crying, but since it is raining no one can tell. Then I continue home.

When I get home, I put the key in the door. The key breaks in the lock! I try to get into a window, but they're all locked. I break a window and cut my knee and my hand on the glass. I'm home, but I'm bleeding, muddy, and wet, and I feel miserable.

I go up the stairs to my room and to shower. I take off all my cloths slowly, not wanting rip the wet fabric. I have a difficult time taking off my shirt since it seems to have shrunk and it catches underneath my breasts.

But I finally manage to peel of my shirt, and then my bra. My nipples stand out obscenely in the cold. I continue taking off my soaked jeans, and then my panties. I shuffle shivering into the bathroom.

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I turn on the water. The bathroom quickly begins to fill with steam. I step into the shower and turn on the hot water and just stand underneath it, letting the hot water warm up my body. I hear the shower curtain be slowly whisked aside, and see my boyfriend, completely naked, standing there. (I don't really have a boyfriend, but this is a fantasy, anything can happen.) He gets into the shower behind me and closes the shower curtain.

I look up at him, confusion in my eyes, but that all goes away when he starts massaging my shoulders slowly, sensually. I relax and start to feel better as my world shrinks to the sensation of his strong hands skillfully kneading my aching shoulders and back, and of the hot water cascading and dripping all around us.

It feels like heaven, and I can't help but get a reaction to the sensuality of the moment. I start to feel my mons rise and the area between my legs get slippery. He then turns me around flexible babe karen yuki enjoys her pussy fucked just holds me.

I put my hands on his muscular shoulders and lean my head against his chest. I press my stomach and legs up against his in an effort to feel as warm as possible. We are standing there in the shower, just holding each other, when I feel something start to poke at my closed cleft. I look down and see his throbbing member rising steadily. I smile and look at him. He grins self-consciously and mumbles an apology.

"No. Its ok." I say quietly. He looks at me and says "Are you sure?" I just smile and nod.

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He needed no furthur prompting. He gently pushes me up against the wall of the shower. I open my legs to him in a silent invitation.

He puts his hands on my shoulders and gets his member into position, putting it just at my entrance. He very slowly starts to press into me.

Its pretty tight, but I'm so wet now that he has no problem entering me. He pauses when he feels the resistance of my hyman. He looks up at me in surprise. "Is this your first time?" He asks. "Yeah." I say, now somewhat embarrassed. I just look at him and bite my lip. "Be gentle. Please." I ask pleadingly.

"I promise." he says. He pushes against my hyman, steadily and slowly, until, finally, my hyman bursts and suddenly he is all the way in me. I moan involuntarily with pain and Sneaky milf scissioring session ends in trio look down to see blood trickle out of my cleft and down my leg, but the water in the shower quickly washes it away.

I look up to see myself eye to eye with him, and by unspoken agreement, we start kissing. He starts thrusting into me, very slowly and sensually, knowing that this is pretty painful for me.

He is so big, I can feel my vaginal walls being stretched to their max. But pretty soon pain gave way to intense pleasure, and after about 2 minutes of thrusting, he begins to speed up and grunt with pleasure.

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"Yes. Yes!" I am now moaning loading with desire. I start to collapse against the wall of the shower, so great was the huge bound titted whore katie kox fucked machine, but he held me up with his strong arms.

I began to moan with passion, in time with his grunts. The feeling is incredible. I grab his buttocks and pull, trying to force him deeper inside of me.

He speeds up some more, and I start screaming with passion. He wraps his lips around mine, effectively silencing me. He thrusts his tongue into my mouth, and then he explodes inside of me. I can feel his member throb with contractions, squirting his warm seed deep inside me. It sent me over the edge. So aroused was I by his passion, I started to climax with him, the lower half of me body quaking with ecstacy.

It felt like I was in the middle of an earthquake. The walls of my vagina contract, milking him of all his precious elixer. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, we both stop and pant heavily.

He kisses me one last time, and slowly slips his member out of me, taking with it my heart. Thank you for reading my story, I hope that you really enjoyed it.

I would appreciate positive comments, but assholes are on here so. keep in mind that I wrote it one day when I was bored.