Anya krey in learning the mother tongue

Anya krey in learning the mother tongue
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Please rate and comment Prior: Kelsey "No Dad Stop." Prior: Kelsey - "Dad that cannot happen Again" Prior: Kelsey - "Paying The Rent" Prior: Kelsey "Dad, how could you let that man do THAT to me." Prior: Kelsey "Dad this is like really SICK." Prior: Kelsey "This Crazy.

We can't do it here." Prior: Kelsey "Dad.

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Please, NOT the Belt." Prior: Kelsey - DAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY GIRLFRIEND? Prior: Kelsey - "DAD, Don't make me go inside that creepy Video store." Prior: Kelsey "Dad, what's a GLORY HOLE?" Prior:Kelsey "No Dad, I don't want that Black Cock." Prior: Kelsey - "I love you." "Dad, I want us to be lovers." (Dad(Bob) has fallen in love with teen store clerk Ali, even while his treatment of daughter Kelsey reaches new lows. Dad and Ali have Kelsey in basement where they plan to use her to finance their honeymoon.) Kelsey hung by her wrists from the basement ceiling.

Leather cuffs and a steel cable held her feet inches off the ground. Ali and Bob stood in front of her admiring her sweet teen body. "How can you do this?" "You told me you loved me." "Bob laughed in her face." "Stupid cunt, you really thought I would give up Ali for you?" Ali ran her fingers between Kelsey's legs.

"We do this right, this pussy can bring in some awesome cash." Ali ran her hands over Kelsey's breasts. "You are mine Bitch." While Ali was busy Bob grabbed a small wrapped box. "What's this?" Ali exclaimed. She Opened it. "OMG" She hugged Bob hard. "Ali, will you marry me?" Bob asked on one knee. "Yes Yes Yes." They hugged and kissed. Ali, put on the ring and held it in front of Kelsey's face. The door bell rang. "I'll get it, must be Kelsey morning clients." That ring and our honeymoon will be paid for in no time, Ali thought as she ran up the stairs.

Ali lead the four men down the staircase to the basement. This could be a big score for her and Bob. "Dad, who is that coming in?" Bob ran his hands over his daughters breasts. "They are coming to check out the merchandise." "Dad, no don't, don't." Kelsey started crying when she saw the men coming down the stairs with Ali.

Four big Black men. Two were in slacks and dress shirts and two had black slacks and black T-shirts shirts imprinted "Club Hard". "So look at this!" exclaimed Darian, one of the men in the dress shirts. "Nice young Bitch like u says." "See you knows hows to treat her." Laughed Darnell. The men surrounded Kelsey.

Hands ran up and down her body, over her breasts, rubbing her nipples. "Dad, who are these men? Why are they here. What are they going to do?" "Don't worry you sweet head, we want to get to know you." Replied Darian.

He embraced Kelsey, and kissed her on the lips. "You are a sweet bitch." He grabbed her young teen thighs in his big black hands and pulled her legs up around his waist. That's it, hold those legs tight. "Dad, stop him, don't let them do this to me. Dad!" "OH come on, sweet bitch." Laughed Darian. "Tighten up those thighs." Darian stepped back. The four men walked around Kelsey check out her body head to toe.

"This lookin pretty good. We need some good stuff for our club, that ghetto Hoe shit don't sell." "Anyone can get that fo free." "But this is fine, some nice young white pussy is a premium down in the hood." "Yea we get some white shit but they usually been around way too much." "Skank white trash don't sell neither." Kelsey moaned as Darian spit on his guy assists with hymen physical and riding of virgin teenie, ran three fingers down her slit and then pushed inside her.

"HMMM" still feels nice and tight." He turned to Bob. "You been fucking her ass?" "NO, just one time." "Good, tight white teen ass brings a good premium." Maurice slapped Kelsey's ass. "Yea nice and firm boss." "Ok, let her down. Let's see what she can do." They let Kelsey down and had her loosen up. "Ok, Bitch, we need to check you out." Darian looked Kelsey in the eye.

"You like that name?" "When you are at the club we will call you bitch, cunt, pussy, slut." "We will tell you what to do and you will obey." "What club? I don't want to go to a club." "Where are you taking me?" "Shut up, Bend over and stretch those cheeks." Barked her Dad. Kelsey was crying.

"Don't make me do this." "Fucking bend over Bitch." Commanded Darian. "Reach back and pull those cunt lips apart. " While Kelsey bent over, Darian ran his hand over ass and fingered her cunt. "Stand up." "Shake that slut ass. " Kelsey moved her butt back and forth. "Bitch, that ain't shakin shit, I said fucking shake it." "That's it, shake dat Botty, just like the song." Kelsey shook her teen ass while the four black men, Ali and her Dad looked on. "Yea that's it, lets povd blonde teen teases man outside till she is fucked that ass meat jiggle." "OK, spread those legs and touch the floor." "Swing those little bitch titties back and forth.

"Stand up and raise one leg up over your head ." OH Yea That's nice, really limber. "Bitch, can you do a handstand?" Kelsey went to a handstand easy as she had learned in cheerleading. "Wow, that's nice, lookee at those teen titties hanging upside down." "Split them legs, wants to see some more of that pussy." Two guys grabbed each ankle while Darnell rubbed between her legs and gave her a couple light slaps.

"Now that is sweet." They let Kelsey down.

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"Ok bitch, now we want to see you Twerk." "Dad, stop this, don't make me do this." "Bitch that is what you are going to be doing at the club." "U gonna be Twerking just like that white Miley slut." "Dad I don't want to twerk at their club." Ali put her face real close to Kelsey. "You fucking do this or I will take you down." Darnell put his hands on Kelsey's hips."Grind that ASS Bitch." Kelsey had no choice but to start dancing.

"UP and down, back and forth." "Keep that ass moving." "That's it, now back into my crotch, move that ass up and down on my dick." "Feel my black cock, rub your white bitch ass on it." "Bitch, think of my black dick filling your cunt." "OK slut, open your mouth, stick out your tongue like you are sucking my black cock." "Keep sex xxx storys download coma ass moving." "Keep twerking bitch." Naked, Kelsey twerked in front of the four men, her Dad and Ali.

They all started dancing around Kelsey. Each of the four took turns grinding their crotch into Kelsey's ass. In the background Maurice and Ali's eyes met. They smiled with a knowing look. Darian looked at Bob. "I think we can make a deal." Darian took out a roll and peeled some off to Bob. "I thought we could make an outright sale. " countered Bob. "After a couple weeks, we gotta see things work." Bob was a little disappointed but took the cash.

"Ok, Two Weeks." Maurice handed Ali a slip of paper while Bob was talking to Darian. Ali ran her tongue over her lips as Maurice smiled. Kelsey grabbed her Dad, dropping to her knees holding onto her Dad's leg.

"Dad, don't make me go. Please Dad. Dad Please." To Be Continue.