Story de foire aux sexes

Story de foire aux sexes
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After our Christmas fun and games the next few months went by with out any surprises. Karen and I managed to get-together on a couple of occasions, but each time I felt there was something wrong. It's hard to explain but it seemed like Karen did not enjoy the sex and was only doing it to please me.

On the last time we fucked I was sure that Karen had just led there with her legs open letting me fuck her. After I had cum all she said was "good, you've cum. But can you now go as I am tired and I have to be up early in the morning." I asked Karen "are you still o.k. with what we are doing?" she turned to me and said "why dad?" I told her that "you don't seem to be enjoying it like you used to." Karen assured that she was still enjoying what we did but because she had been working some long shifts at the hotel, she had been feeling more tired than usual.

Karen also said she was looking for a new job. This seemed to ease my mind but as I left her bedroom I felt that she was not telling me everything. We met up with Emma and Kevin twice more, we first went back to their place, where we found that Emma had joyful masturbations housewife mia amateur and mature passion for being fucked outside in their back garden while only wearing her stockings and high heels, also I found that Susan liked to cum swap.

This was completely new to me as Susan had always told me she did not like the taste, but it was such a turn on to see them with our cum in their mouths, kissing and swapping our cum from one to the other. The second and last time we all met, we made it a very special time as Emma and Kevin were moving away. When they turned up at our place Emma made it plain that she wanted to try a couple of new things, so we played a guessing game as to what they might be.

The first one was easy, Emma wanted to try double penetration, which was a very horny experience for all of us mainly as it was me and not Kevin that got to fuck her ass. At one stage it looked like there was no way her ass would open up for me. But with patience and a lot of lube we finally made it, though it was very strange feeling Kevin's prick through her ass wall as we fucked her. Then the girls swapped places and Susan got double penetrated, I let Kevin have the pleasure of fucking Susan in her ass.

The second one Emma said "I will do if Susan does it as well," so they went into the kitchen for a few moments and when they came back Susan was red in the face and very quiet. I asked "what's wrong?" Susan replied "Emma has just told me what she wants to try," I said "well what is it?" Susan said "before I tell you please promise me that you will respect me and not think anything less of me." I said "of course I promise, now what is it?" Before Susan could tell me Emma motioned for us to glamorous lesbian eurobabe dinning at the y her outside onto our back lawn, where the girls then stripped each other naked and sat down side by side on the grass.

Emma motioned for Kevin to stand next to Susan while I stood next to Emma, then Emma said "boys I want to try something just once and Susan has said she will do it as well. I want to know what it feels like to be peed on, now hurry up as we girls are getting cold." This was something I would never have guessed, Emma this young, sexy and very fit lady, teamskeet blonde hottie bangs her friends brother begging to be peed on.

After a bit of time relaxing our minds we finally gave Emma and Susan what they wanted. It was a strange but highly erotic feeling to see someone pee on your wife while you peed on their girlfriend, within seconds both girls were being drenched.

Susan managed to keep Kevin from peeing on her face but Emma put her face right under the flow and even opened her mouth for a few seconds. When we had finished the girls piled upstairs to the bathroom to wash off, then followed another massive sex session where I got to fuck Emma in the ass again.

Kevin also fucked Susan in the ass and the session ended with Kevin cumming in Susan's ass just before I came in Emma's ass. In the months since Christmas Karen and Lisa had starting spending much more time together. This was ok at first but then Karen started spending the weekends with Lisa, then it became longer and soon she was spending more time with Lisa than with us.

This was getting me increasingly angry as it looked like Karen did not care for, or have any respect for, the feelings we shared together. This became very obvious over the Easter period. Susan had to go to her parents, as her dad was quite ill, on the Good Friday.

She would not be back until the Tuesday. This gave me the time I needed to be alone with Karen so we could have some quality dad and daughter time together and sort out whatever problems had come between us.

Little did I know what was about to happen.

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On Friday night Karen asked if Lisa could stop the night, I didn't want to upset her so I agreed he could, but I told Karen that "we need to talk." Karen's response was "later dad." This developed into the standard pattern of conversation between Karen and me all day Saturday.

This time Karen didn't ask if Lisa could stay Saturday night she just assumed it was o.k. I was becoming increasingly angry and frustrated because every time I tried to talk with Karen, she either just blanked me or Lisa would appear and they would go out together or disappear up to Karen's bedroom. When I went up to bed later that night I saw that Karen's bedroom door was slightly open and a light was on.

As I got close to see if everything was ok I heard soft moans and gasps from inside, I quietly sneaked up to the gap and peered in. What I saw was Karen, who was lying on her back with her legs spread open, with Lisa on top of her in a 69, and from the moans and gasps I could hear both girls were pleasuring each other.

On listening I heard Karen say "god Lisa that is so good, I wish my boyfriend would lick me as you do." To which Lisa replied "at least you are licking me, my boyfriend won't do it." Then Karen replied "well next time we will swap over boyfriends and I will get him to lick pussy." This was getting me hard and as I stood there watching and listening I unzipped myself, pulled my prick out and started to wank it.

I stood watching and wanking at the scene in front of me for a few minutes, then all of a sudden Lisa let out a sharp gasp and said "oh god! Karen, that's it fuck my ass with your fingers…keep going …I am so close to cumming." petite babe with braces fucking in red stockings I didn't want to risk being seen so I sneaked back to my own bedroom and tried to sleep.

But every time I closed my eyes I kept remembering what I had seen. On the Sunday I was sat in the lounge watching TV when Lisa appeared, she sat down on the sofa next to me and we started talking about what she and Karen were planning to do tomorrow.

I couldn't help but notice that the way Lisa's pert little nipples were showing through her blouse that she was braless. Her long tanned legs seemed to go on forever and then disappear under a short skirt, they looked so inviting. As we chatted I found myself getting aroused and I wanted to find out if Lisa was wearing anything under her skirt.

I offered to give Lisa a foot massage, which she readily accepted, so she swung round and put her feet into my lap for me.

I started massaging her sexy feet, rubbing all over her soles and insteps then lifting each foot in turn and licking and nibbling and then sucking her toes.

While doing this I was able to get a few quick looks up Lisa's skirt and I was excited to see that she was not wearing any panties. I wanted to get a better chance to feel up Lisa's legs so I got off the sofa and motioned for Lisa to stretch real xxx of bakhtawar bhutto while led on her front so I could massage the backs of her legs. I started massaging Lisa's legs again, starting with her feet and moving up to her thighs, my hands gently rubbing and kneading her leg muscles.

As my hands moved slowly and steadily up Lisa's legs she kept murmuring "that's nice." Then as my hands reached her thighs and slowly worked under her skirt, Lisa slowly opened her legs and uttered a long "mmmmmmmmmmmmm." My fingers soon found Lisa's pussy and while I massaged her thigh with one hand, I slowly and deliberately rubbed and then pushed two fingers into her pussy. I continued my actions for a couple of minutes, pushing my busty blonde daria glover gets properly fucked as deep as I could into Lisa's pussy, while with the other hand I was massaging her nice firm ass.

Lisa then shifted her weight and I noticed that her legs had opened a bit wider and I could easily see her puffy pink pussy lips, and by careful movements of my hand I was able to see her tight ass-hole. A couple of times I allowed my fingers to tease her ass-hole while I was rubbing her pussy. All of a sudden Lisa stiffened and screamed "take your hands off me!" I heard Karen running down the stairs shouting "what's wrong Lisa?" as Karen came into the lounge, Lisa got up off the sofa and, with a venomous tone in her voice, said "sorry Karen but I don't feel safe here with your dad, not now he has been touching me.

I'm going back to my place for the night; you are welcome to join me." But as Lisa turned to walk out the front door I noticed a smirk across her face and I realised that she had been playing games with me. Karen turned and faced me shouting "what the hell have you been doing dad?" I tried to explain that all I had been doing was giving Lisa a foot massage, but Karen didn't seem to believe me.

"Why did you do it dad?" Karen questioned "aren't I good enough for you?" I tried telling Karen again that all I was doing was giving Lisa a foot massage.

"I don't believe you" Karen screamed at me, "Are you calling me a liar?" I shouted back, "Well dad; you did lie to mum." Karen fired back. "What are you talking about?" I shouted back at her, "The cologne I bought you dad, why did you tell mum you had bought it?" "I thought you didn't want anyone knowing that you bought it" I shouted at Karen.

Even though we were arguing I was not prepared for the next outburst that Karen gave. "Mum helped me choose that cologne for you dad; she had a chat with me not long after New Year, wanting to know if I knew of any reason why you would have lied. Oh and by the way, mum told me what happened on New Years Eve: why dad… I thought I meant something to you! But I can see now all I am to you is someone to fuck when mum isn't here." That comment from Karen hurt; I was getting close to losing it, "Karen!

You are special, what we have is special no-one will replace you" I screamed at her. "So you say dad, but right now I can't believe you, I am off to Lisa's for the night" Karen said. That did it for me. I hurtled towards the front door, pushing Karen out of the way; when I got to the front door I locked it telling Karen "you are going nowhere," Karen turned to face me and responded "what are you going to do to stop me dad?" with that taunt I grabbed hold of her arm and dragged her upstairs, "ooww dad!

You are hurting me, let me go" Karen cried out. "Shut up" I shouted at her. "What are you doing dad? Let me go" Karen protested again "I'm going to do what I should have done years ago," I told Karen. As we reached the top of the stairs my only thought was to drag her into the games room, which was built as an extension over the top of the garages. As we entered the games room I spotted the set of novelty handcuffs that Susan had been given by her workmates, they were laying on top of the table tennis table.

I quickly grabbed them and dragged Karen over to the 6foot x 3foot snooker table I had in there. I forced Karen to bend across the table, and I handcuffed her to the middle pocket.

What a sight it was, Karen bent over and handcuffed to the snooker table. Now it was time to do what I should have done years ago. I walked behind Karen, grabbed hold of her skirt and pulled it down around her ankles, I did the same with her panties, lifting her leg so I could slide them right off.

While I was doing this Karen was still shouting "let me go dad… let me go!" I stood slightly to Karen's left hand side and raised my right hand; I said to Karen "keep still, this is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" then I quickly delivered a stinging slap to Karen's left ass cheek. Karen yelped in surprise and pain, I quickly delivered another slap that landed on her other cheek, this was followed up by a third slap that hit across both cheeks, there was red hand marks appearing on Karen's ass now, Karen cried out "no more dad, no more" a forth stinging slap landed at the bottom of Karen's right ass cheek, the fifth one hit in the same place as on her left ass cheek.

A sixth slap hit across the top of both cheeks. Karen was by now crying and pleading for me to stop, but this fell on deaf ears and I ignored her, a seventh slap landed across her already highly reddened ass cheeks, as the eight slap landed at the bottom of her ass cheeks, Ebony babe pumped by horny pawn keeper screamed again for me to stop, but still I did not listen.

The ninth and tenth slaps followed very quickly, landing on each cheek in turn. After I had given Karen the tenth slap I decided that she had been given enough, I was going to release her from the handcuffs, but the pervert inside me took over. I had discovered that while spanking Karen I had got very aroused and I was very hard, so I quickly slipped my trousers off and stood behind Karen.

I nudged Karen's legs further open so I could stand between them, I slid my hand between Karen's legs and into her pussy, and I was surprised to find that her pussy felt wet so I slid a couple of fingers inside. While doing this I thought to myself "that's good; it saves me having to force myself into her." I then took my fingers out and quickly pushed my hard prick into her pussy.

Karen stiffened but then stayed still as I began fucking her, the only noise I could hear was her gentle sobbing as with each thrust my prick went deeper into her pussy.

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Even though Karen was wet her pussy was still quite tight and it took about 5 or 6 good hard thrusts before I had my full length in her.

I then began fucking Karen hard and fast, pulling back until just the head of my prick was inside her pussy then slamming forwards pushing my full length into her in one quick thrust. While I was fucking Karen, my hands were gently pulling her ass-cheeks apart so I could watch my prick going in and out of her pussy, also I had a good view of her tight puckered asshole that seemed to flex with every thrust Tread mill work out turns into one hard doggystyle made.

The sight of this made me realise that it had been quite a few months since I had fucked Karen's ass. So I decided this was a good a time as any to do it again. I wetted my index finger with spit and began to gently press it into her ass, I kept applying spit all over the hole and when I had got my index finger into her ass up to the second knuckle, I changed it for my thumb and repeated what I had been doing. Karen's whole attitude changed when she felt my finger enter her ass; instead of just lying across the snooker table letting me fuck her, she cried out "no dad; please no&hellip.

not my ass. I've not let anyone do it to me since you dad, please no; it hurt too much last time." On hearing this made me want to fuck her ass more, so when I had got my thumb to slide in and out of her ass without too much trouble. I did a few more quick thrusts with my thumb, and then as I took my thumb away I lined up the head of my prick with Karen's asshole and pushed forwards forcing my prick into her very tight ass.

Karen screamed with pain as my prick entered her "oww dad, no! Please stop, you're hurting" she cried but I took no notice as I continued pushing my sexy eurobabe screwed by nasty stranger for some cash into her ass. I had got about half my length into her when the urge to fuck her took over. So I pulled back a bit then pushed forwards as I began to fuck her ass.

Karen cried out to me "please stop dad, you are hurting me; please no more, I'm sorry dad, please stop" I know I should have stopped but the feel of Karen's tight ass gripping my prick as I fucked her was just too good. It didn't take long, about 5 minutes, of me fucking Karen's ass for those "I'm going to cum very soon" feelings to build up in me, so I speeded up my thrusts in and out of her ass.

As I speeded up the fucking, Karen cried out louder "stop dad… stop. no more please, it hurts." I know I should have stopped but something inside me kept urging me to carry on fucking her. It only took a couple more minutes of quick thrusts for me to have that "I'm ready to cum" feeling, so with a few final thrusts, the last one going deeper into Karen's ass than ever and as she cried out in pain saying "no more… please no more" I started cumming, 4 to 5 jets of cum spurted out of my prick and splattered inside Karen's ass.

After I had finished cumming and my prick had softened I pulled out of Karen's ass, I then released her from the handcuffs. Karen stood up and screamed at me "you bastard dad… how could you." She then stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door shut. I racked the balls up on the table and started to play some shots.

After about 10 minutes I heard Karen's bedroom door open and she appeared in the doorway holding what looked like a small suitcase.

"Yes Karen, what is it?" I asked her, the response she gave took me by surprise. "I'm sorry dad, but if you think I deserved what you have just done to me then you are mistaken, and if that's how you are going to treat me then I can't stay here any longer. I'm going to Lisa's, you can explain to mum christmas family orgy and mother comrades daughter strap on the ring of impurity I've gone." With that Karen turned away from me and walked out.

This time I knew there was nothing I could do or say to stop her. Sunday night dragged into Monday and the house seemed empty without Karen. I tried to catch up on some work but I couldn't concentrate, my mind kept replaying Karen's last words and as the day wore on I kept trying to think of what I could tell Susan when she returned.

As the afternoon dragged into evening I went upstairs to the games room and played a few frames. I was in the middle of a frame when I heard the breasty awesome gal adores pecker insertion pornstar hardcore door go and someone's footsteps on the stairs.

I called out "hi Susan, you are home early, is your dad o.k.?" I was surprised to hear the response "it's not mum, it's Karen." I called out "Karen… I thought you were staying at Lisa's, what has brought you back?" Karen replied "I've been doing some thinking dad; I know I've been behaving like a bitch at times," "That's right." I interrupted.

Karen retorted back "dad, just listen to what I've got to say; please." "O.k. what is it you want to say?" I replied. Karen went on to say "dad even though I deserved the spanking you gave me, I can't explain why but it got me very aroused. It was like I wanted you to force me to have sex, it was something I had not felt before, and I would like to try it again sometime." "Are you telling me that you want to try being restrained again?" I asked Karen.

She replied "yes dad I guess I do, neither my boyfriend nor Lisa want to try that. But if we are to carry on doing it you must promise me one thing dad." "What is that?" I asked Karen. She answered "no more fucking my ass dad!

It still hurts from yesterday, and I don't like it. Anyway I'm sure we can find lots of different ways to enjoy our fucking without you fucking my ass." I replied "if that is what you want Karen, I promise… now come here and let me hug you." There were tears in mine and Karen's eyes as we hugged and I realised just how close I had been to losing her.

Then as we were hugging Karen stunned me with her next comment. "Dad… Lisa sometimes lets me watch when her boyfriend fucks her, and I find that it gets me very aroused; they sometimes let me join in. do you think mum would let me watch you and her fuck sometime?.anyway I'm off to bed, night dad." With that Karen kissed me and went into her bedroom, leaving me stood in the games room trying to comprehend what she had just said and then thinking on how I could possibly get Susan to agree, then I had an idea.

I went over to Karen's bedroom and lightly tapped on her door. "Are you awake?" I softly called to Karen, "yes dad… what is it?" Karen called back. "I need to ask you something, can I come in?" I asked. "Sure dad" Karen said.

As I walked into her room I could only gasp mom xxx san xxx mom the sight before me. There was Karen stretched out lying on top of her bed wearing the red nightie I got her for Christmas. She looked so sexy lying there that I wanted to fuck her again, but I knew I had to control myself if I was to get her to do what I wanted.

"What is it you wanted to ask me?" Karen said, her voice sounding tired and strained as the events of the last few days started to catch up with her.

"I can see you are tired, so I will be quick. I would like you to do something for me" I said softly. "Sure dad… what would you like me to do?" Karen asked. I would like to think that she was unprepared for what I had in mind. "If I get mum to agree and we let you watch us fuck, and maybe join in, then I want to do the same with you and Lisa" I said. With that I kissed her and walked out of her bedroom.