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Houra xxx fuck only girls
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I sat up strait in a cold sweat, the remnants of a baaaaaadddd dream dissolving before I could grab them. I looked at the time display on my "Travel Alarm" it said 7:30am local time and there was an infrared telltale flashing in the corner of the display. (We have better vision in the low frequency range than humans.) I hit the snooze button twice in rapid succession and a folder ported in onto my bed side table. I picked it up and saw that it was the DNA analysis for Vicky.

The folder also had a priority sticker on it. I read the cover sheet and growled. The idiots were accusing me of contaminating the sample with Ledred DNA. I pulled my file out of the dimensional fold and compared the results of Vicky's and my own DNA tests.

Vicky defiantly had markers from Ledred DNA but it wasn't mine. What the fuck? I opened a communication fold with the biology department at the institute and asked to speak with the department chief, an alpha female with our equivalency of a PHD in Xeno-biology and one in Biochemistry.

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I also ported the Lab report to her. "This is Dr. Ano speaking what can I do for… OH MY God." "Yeah that's what I thought your reaction would be Grena." "Zafa (My given name in Ledran) could there be any mistake in these results?" I thought about a it moment and said, "I don't know the technician who set up the test but I'm the one who took the sample and I do not see how I could have botched it.

The sample was taken from a lip mark on a drinking vessel that only she used and I only touched to take the sample." I could hear Grena muttering on the other end and asked her what she wanted me to do. "The implications of this information have the potential to cause a lot of problems for us with the Conservatives and the Fundamentalists." "Wait a moment!" I said "What do politics and religion have to do with it?" She laughed and said, "They could shut us down and we would both be out of a job, I will tell you what I want you to do; DO NOT file any reports to anyone but me about this and get me some samples of this females hair roots (Alive) and a sample of her vaginal fluid so we can do another set of more in depth tests and see what we find." "And just how in the hell am I supposed to do that?" I asked.

She laughed and said. "You are not a child; use your charm and your imagination. Also make sure your Fertility Blocker is working just in case, we do not need any more potential crossbreeds out there." Fuck, fuck, fuck&hellip.

Now I am on a mission that I did not need. Well nothing to do but do it right? "Alright Grena; I am doing this under protest however, I will get you what you need." The first thing I needed to do is take care of business, I called a cab for 9:30am so I could be there for our meeting a little early and ordered breakfast. After a quick shower I set up my laptop and started looking at real-estate listings in the Monterey area. There was a knock on my door, breakfast was here.

The waiter looked disappointed when he saw it was just me and asked if I was ready to eat? I signed the check and shooed him out before I poured myself a cup of coffee. I ate and dressed, then I headed out the door to start my day. Upon reaching Vicky's office by taxi I was shown into a conference room, Vicky and the government people were waiting for me. I took a seat and in no time at cute student perfect skin young old smalltits my ID and Passport was checked by Homeland Security and the Treasury Department representatives who gave me a clean bill of health.

Vicky had me sign the True Bill of Lading for transfer of the gold and silver to the company's possession and had me create a password for the wire transfer to the account that had been set up for me. The IRS agent had me create a signature password with the IRS so my accountant could file the taxes.

He was shocked when I told him that I wanted him to go ahead and use the information provided by Vicky and my bank to generate the figures I needed to pay the government without any consultations with a tax attorney. He did as I asked and I transferred 27.2% of the transaction to the IRS's account.

That still left me with $18.23 Million in liquid assets. (Cash). Vicky and I were left alone in the conference room and I sighed in relief and said, "Well that will hold the government off my back until next year.

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By the way Vicky, could you recommend a local Realtor and an investment firm? I like to keep my business in the community, I need a house and I hate to have to deal with finances." Vicky sat on my knee and hugged me around the neck; she kissed me on the cheek and said. "I was hoping you were going to ask me that question, I took the liberty of speaking with my investment broker and called a friend who deals in properties." I looked into those green eyes of hers and said, "I smell a set up." She grinned and said, "I really want you to stick around so I have a vested interested, and not in your money." She smiled that supernova smile and got up off of my knee taking my hand and pulling me into her arms.

Nothing was said for a loooong time. Vicky asked me to follow her to her office and seated me on her couch. She said, "Let me go to the ladies room, I will be right back and then we can discuss your needs." After a few minutes Vicky reentered the room and knelt in front of me.

She was wearing a simple black dress that came to mid-thigh, nothing special or exotic but she was pushing my sexual desires to the point where I could not resist her if I wanted to. And I did not want to. She was kneeling there looking up at me and said while she was unfastening and pulling down my pants. "Unfortunately I need to fly out to New York this afternoon to arrange for the petite redhead latin teen gets her wet shaved vagina fucked by horny lover of some diamonds, I will need to inspect the stones.

I will only be there for two days, while I am gone take the numbers I will give you before we leave here and call the investment broker and real estate broker I told you about. I want you to have your business finished by the time I return, I have plans for you and they will not be interfered with." With that said she took my cock into her mouth and brought me to a diamond hard state, pushed me down on the couch and mounted me like a jockey.

Just then I realized she did not have a bit of underwear on. I lost the ability to speak, but not to feel. Vicky did not start moving up or down, nor did she move back or forth. She sat there perfectly still and her cunt muscles started to milk my cock.

It felt like a hand very slowly working up from the base hot teen sophia laure receives an acrobatic sex by his trainer pornstars and hardcore my cock to the head and back again. I began to buck my hips up, but she told me I was not to move or she would punish me severely. Vick obviously was more than just a little dominating and I told her if the whips come out I was leaving.

"Not if shackle and hand cuff you! You will stay where you are and not move." She said in no uncertain terms! I went along with the program and was enjoying myself completely. She started to increase the speed of her milking and began to make a mewling sound in her throat. Of course it was all I could do not to move and I started to make incoherent sounds of my own.

I have no idea how long this went on but I could nice looking beauteous hottie is nailed homemade hardcore my pleasure building right along with hers. Suddenly she grabbed my hands and pinned them down on the arm of the couch then she began to fuck me into oblivion, it felt like I came for hours.

Not just spurts of come but one long ejaculation and then the world went away. When I awoke I was alone, I had been cleaned up, redressed, and my tie and collar loosened. I looked around in total confusion until I realized where I was. I looked at my watch and the time was 1:17pm. I had been out for a couple of hours. I noticed that there were two business cards, a bag, and a note on the table in front of the couch. The note said: "David, I had to catch the 12:15 commuter up to San Francisco International to make my connection to La Guardia.

I gave my staff instructions not to disturb you until you showed your face. If you pick up the phone and press # my assistant will call you a taxi to take you were ever you need to go. If you could leave your cell number with my assistant I will call you when I land at SF on my return flight.

I would like to get together with you and take you to eat on Cannery Row; the Italian is the best this side of Little Italy in Now York. See you in two days, Vicky. P.S. I left you a little something in the bag so you would think of me while I am gone." I looked in the bag and there was a pair of her underwear and a folded up piece of paper. Inside the paper were several short curly copper hairs, and written on the paper was, "I just wanted you to know how excited I got this morning during our meeting, I was so wet that my panties were soaked.

I had to go in the lady's room and take them off." From the smell they had to have been drenched. I looked at the pubic hairs and a couple had live roots on them. Well so much for elaborate plans to get vaginal secretions and viable hair samples from her.

I straitened my clothes out and rang Vicky's assistant. By the time I reached the Doubletree Inn it came to me that it was just a little bit too much of a coincidence that she just gave me just what I needed, and come to think of it Vicky and I were just a little bit too much in sync during our love making.

I know I am being paranoid, but even paranoids have enemies. I ported the panties and hairs to the Institute with a note to Grena saying that I would need them back in the same condition tomorrow. Hey they were a gift right? When I finished with that I had a light lunch and called Sabrina Henson at the Executive Property Brokers office.

We set up a meeting for the next day and had a pleasant discussion about what I am looking for in a house. Sabrina Told me that she had two properties In mind that would do nicely and with the current housing glut in the county I should be able to get a house with a cash payment for a bargain. With the part I was to play I had a $3.5mill budget for housing; which Sabrina said would cover everything but servants and food. (Servants?) I called the investment broker and transferred $10mill into an investment account and asked the manager to keep the portfolio conservative until I could go over the market with him and make some intelligent decisions about investments.

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By this time all I wanted to do was catch more than a cat nap so I had a light dinner and went to bed.