Pal looks at beauty screwed girlfriend and homemade

Pal looks at beauty screwed girlfriend and homemade
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Fbailey story number 492 Drunken Babysitter My wife knew that I was going to be working late so she got Stacey the girl down the street to baby sit our four-year-old. Stacey was sixteen and supposedly mature enough to do the job. When I pulled into the driveway and got out beauty is licked and gangbanged pornstar hardcore my car I heard my back door slam and I saw a boy go running across my backyard.

I went into the house just a little hot under the collar. I looked around and found Stacey hiding behind a chair down in the family room. She was naked and she was too drunk to talk or stand. I was in a bad mood so I picked her up and pushed her back onto our couch.

She dropped like a rag doll. Her ass hit the very edge of the couch, her body slumped into the curvature of the cushions, and her head was held up by her chin resting on her chest. Her arms and her legs were flung out far to the sides. I smiled thinking that I had always wanted to see Stacey nude and here she was spread eagled before me.

I could see her red swollen pussy lips where that boy had been trying to fuck her but had gotten interrupted by my coming home. What was I going to do with her…I certainly knew what I wanted to do to her. I wanted to fuck her until I had had enough. She was dead drunk…would she remember if I fucked her…would she even care who had fucked her.

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Against my better judgement I took off my pants and my underwear and then I knelt right in front of her pussy and stuck my cock in. She never opened her eyes.

I fucked her and I fucked her, cumming inside her exposed pussy. I left her right there and went up to have a beer.

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There was just one left out of a twelve-pack. I dug out another twelve and restocked the fridge. I sat in the kitchen enjoying that cold beer.

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Just as I finished it off Stacey came up from the basement family room. She looked at me and asked, "Does your wife have a douche bag?

That asshole boyfriend of mine cum in me. He must have been too drunk to pull out like he normally does. It's probably already too late but I should at least try to get his cum out of me before I get pregnant.

Can you help me please?" She came into full view and she was still naked with my cum dripping down the inside of one thigh.

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I helped her up to our master bathroom by reaching around her and holding onto one of her rather nice tits. As we walked up the stairs Stacey said, "I drank all of your beer, well at least half of them. You don't have to pay me for tonight." Once we were in my bathroom I sat her on the toilet.

She parted her legs and let her arms to fall to the sides.

She could hardly keep herself upright. She was not the least bit concerned about covering up her nudity. I found a bottle of douche in the lower cabinet, read the instructions, and then poked it in her pussy and gave it a squeeze. Stacey asked, "Is there another one in there, or do you have some condoms?" I asked, "Why?" Stacey said, "So you can fuck me again.

That is if you want too.

I don't mind. Your cock is bigger than my boyfriend's cock and felt really good in me. Besides I guess I owe you that much for drinking your beer." I said, "So you knew all along?" Stacey smiled and replied, "No! Well not at first but when I had jasmine black in hardcore gonzo pov scene from pure pov tube porn orgasm I knew it wasn't my boyfriend fucking me.

I opened my eyes while you were putting your pants back on. Then it took me a long time to be able to stand up and climb those stairs." I said, "So you wouldn't mind if I fucked you again." Stacey smiled and said, "Not at all, in fact I'd like it." She still could hardly move so I helped her to my bed and got undressed completely that time. As I climbed on top of her she asked, "Don't you have any condoms?" I said, "We don't need them.

I found a box of four more douche bottles in my bathroom." She said, "You do know that the condoms provide a much better form of protection than a douche does." I pushed my cock into her and said, "I know, but I've already cum in there once and condoms are like fucking in a raincoat. It's a chance I'm willing to take." Stacey said, "I guess I have nothing to say about it.

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My father always says, sow your wild oats and then pray for a crop failure." I interview with fat woman leads to threesome that that was exactly what I was going to do for the next few weeks until she tells me that she had her period.

However, fucking that sexy sixteen-year-old was too good to pass up and I certainly wasn't going to do it in a condom.

I plowed into her trying to plant my seed deep, so that we could both pray for a crop failure. In a way though I wanted her to become pregnant with my child. You see my wife had gotten pregnant with another man's baby while I was out of the country on a business assignment for three months. There would be nothing that she could say about it. Stacey did not become pregnant but she did get on birth control pills, she dropped her boyfriend, and she baby sits a lot more often than my wife knows about.

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