Kat dior kissing anna de villes tits and lips

Kat dior kissing anna de villes tits and lips
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Sally never knew his real name.

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It was only "Deathmaster." He gave her a special telephone number to call when she wanted to have another session with him. The sexual excitement of the first session was so intense she could not stop thinking about it. She wanted badly to do it again, but she knew that each time she had an encounter with Deathmaster, he might kill her.

But that was part of the thrill. After about a week of rationalizing, telling herself how foolish it was to risk everything for that moment of intense orgasmic pleasure, Sally found herself making the call. She wanted to do it one more time. And that will be the end of it, she promised herself. If he doesn't kill me, and chances are very good that he probably won't.

I will be through with it. This time the meeting was in an abandoned warehouse by some railroad tracks. They met in the night and it was an extremely spooky place.

But Sally entered the building and Deathmaster was waiting for her. As before, he ordered her to remove her clothing. Then he tied her hands behind her back, put a blindfold over her eyes, a thick ball gag in her mouth, and led her naked on a long walk. She sensed a dirty concrete floor. Then a wooden floor, and finally some old wooden steps until they were on dirt. From the breeze and the coolness she knew they were out of the building. They walked on stones and they hurt her feet.

Then, he had her lie on her back. There was something cold and hard directly under her, running the full length of her body. It was so narrow it hurt her back to lie on it. She was tied there, with stakes driven into the earth to hold her hands and feet so she was spread-eagled in this strange cool place. He removed the blindfold and Sally found herself in darkness. There was some light, however, and she realized that she was lying on a railroad track, with one of the tracks passing directly under her, starting at her pussy and ending under her head.

Suddenly she was really frightened. It looked like he was really going to kill her this time! Deathmaster next inserted a piece of iron in her pussy, and used clamps to attach the other end of the device sex xxx porn asia xxx to the track. "The night train will be coming in another 15 minutes," he announced. "You are going to really like this." The night summer air was cool but she broke out in a sweat.

She wanted to plead with him to remove her from the track and let her go, but it was too late. She was gagged and bound and could not speak or move.

He stood by, waiting with her for a while, but then disappeared in the darkness, leaving Sally alone to her fate. "Oh God," she thought. "What have I gotten myself into?" She sensed the approaching freight train before she heard it. There was a vibration in the steel rail under her, and it moved on up through the iron dildo inserted in her pussy.

She realized that she enjoyed the sensation. The vibration soon turned into a rumble, the vibration intensified, and she knew she only had a few minutes left to live.

The sensation against her sensitive clitoris was extremely pleasant, however, and she knew she was going to have an orgasm, in spite of her fear. In sweet drilling of hot babe s muff, it was the fear that was quickly bringing on the orgasm. Suddenly, as the rumbling grew louder, she saw a headlight of the approaching train as the massive steel monster rounded a curve and turned directly toward her.

She was going to watch it approach her because it was coming at her from the side she was looking. My God, she thought.

It is going to split me in two from my cunt to my head! Sally started pulling on the ropes that bound her, but they were very secure. She had no time to think. She knew she was about to die a terrible death! She couldn't think because she was having an orgasm that was growing in intensity. The rail under her was vibrating now, and so was the iron dildo.

The massive machine rumbled at her, moving at about 60 miles an hour. Even if the engineer saw her on the track, she knew he could never stop the train on time now! It was going to be only seconds. . the vibrating dildo. . the entire ground was shaking as the monster machine raced toward her naked body lying flat out across the tracks.

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She was stricken with sheer panic. As the mammoth train loomed her entire body stiffened as the pure pleasure of sexual gratification overwhelmed her. Ripples of ecstasy swept her tormented body. Sally closed her eyes, submitting to her death, determined to enjoy the thing that she had asked for. She waited, the muscular contractions in her pussy continuing to sweep her body. . and nothing happened.

The overwhelming noise of the engine and train of freight cars was now beside her. She looked and couldn't believe what she saw.

The train had changed tracks just before it struck her. There was an unseen switch a few feet away. A hobo came upon her about an hour later. He untied her ropes after copping a feel of her breasts. She found her way back into the abandoned warehouse and spent a long time searching for her clothes.

She realized, upon dressing, that she had ejaculated.

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Fluid was still dripping from her pussy and running down her legs. She swore she would never do anything like this again.