Cali sparks and brandi love pleasuring each others pussies oldvsyoung fingering

Cali sparks and brandi love pleasuring each others pussies oldvsyoung fingering
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Authors note :- This story (along with about 20 others) was written a long time ago but due to a computer virus all data was lost. Finally got round to rewriting. Sincere apologies for the delay. Caught Masturbating.Part 2 Zoe slowly unlocked the front door and crept into the kitchen. It was nearly one in the morning and she was supposed to be in by eleven.

Mom and Dad would be pissed. Not that she gave a fuck but she did not want to get into a shouting match this time of night. She made her way through the kitchen towards the living room without turning any lights on.

Damn, she thought, as she noticed the flickering light of the television. Someone's still awake. She could only see the back of someone's head sitting on the sofa. It's Mike, she thought and crept in closer to see what he was watching with the volume turned down. It was a porno. On the screen was a skinny, blonde haired girl sucking on a big, black cock like her life depended on it. Zoe stormed into the room, slapped him on the back of the head and then, moving round to the front of the sofa, said:- "You pervert!

What the fuck are you.", she stopped mid-sentence in shock. There in front of her, his pyjamas round his ankles, cock in his right hand, remote control in his left hand and a magazine picture of Jessica Alba on the coffee table in front of him was her father, John. "What.the.fuuuuuuck?" Zoe said. "Is this what you do every night when Mom's asleep? Christ, like father, like son!" He just looked at her.

Sweaty forehead, mouth opening and closing like a fish. He felt like a teenager again, getting caught masturbating by his Mom. Then, as now, he was turned on by it. Zoe giggled at the sight of him. That was it. He was already about to cum before she burst in and now he just couldn't help himself. He started jerking off fast, looking right at her thinking how she looks just like the girl in the porno.

She stared down at him wide-eyed not beleiving he was still gonna jerk off with her there. Just then Zoe had an idea. A plan in fact. A dirty, stupid plan that only Zoe could think would actually work.

To his amazement she knelt down in front of him and wrapped he lips around his bell -end. He couldn't believe what was happening as he looked down at her smiling face. Yes, still smiling with the end of his cock in her mouth.

A little voice in the back of his mind said, "Don't do it, man. That's your daughter! Don't do it." But he couldn't help himself and a few seconds later he drained his balls into her mouth.

Zoe didn't swallow. She straightened herself up to look at him. Still smiling with a mouth full of cum, her cheeks puffed out. She turned and half dribbled and half spat Daddy's cum all over Jessica Alba's smiling face.

She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and stood up. "You're a fucking pervert!" she said, turning and walking up to her room. "Momma's gonna hear about this." Shit, shit, shit!! thought John as he quickly cleaned himself up and made his way up to her room. He erik west and jt scott enjoys toe sucking action in.

"Don't you fuckin' knock!?" asked Zoe. "Keep your voice down, dammit and don't talk to me like that," said John, almost whispering. "Why not? Your a wanker. I'll talk to you any way I want, wanker." "Look, " said John trying to sound serious. "There is no reason to tell Susan anything." "Oh, I think she has right to know what hubby gets up to every night," said Zoe, smiling. "I think she'll want to know you like your cock being sucked by your own daughter." "You sucked teens magic wand gets her hairy pussy fucked in hd cock on purpose!

You wanted to! Why would you want to tell her?" Zoe narrowed her eyes and coming closer to him she said:- "Coz I'm sick of being treated like shit around here. I'm twenty years old for fuck's sake and I still got to be in before eleven?

Even today at dinner I had to listen to some of your shit. Well fuck that. You want me to keep my mouth shut you have to pay." Shit, John thought. My daughter is a psycho bitch. "What do you mean?" he asked. "Double my allowance," she said.

"Is that it?" he said, relieved. "No, triple it. You can afford it and no more giving me shit about my bad behaviour. Especially in front of Mikey." "And you'll keep your mouth shut?" She smiled and said :- "Good night, daddy." Blackmailed by my own daughter, he thought.

He turned and walked out the room. He couldn't think of anything else to say. He crept into his own bedroom where his wife, Susan, was soundly sleeping. He lay down next to her and tried to sleep but couldn't. The next morning Zoe knocked on the bathroom door. "Hurry up, Daddy," she said. "I don't have all day to wait for you to finish spanking the monkey." She giggled.

John opened the door, looking all flustered. "You know what?" he said, breathless. "I've been thinking. Tell her what you want. I'll just deny it. Who do you think she's gonna believe? Me or slutty little bitch daughter?

No triple allowance for you." With that, he walked off. Well, well, well, Zoe thought. Daddy's not so weak after all.

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Later, walking to college, Zoe thought about what he had said. Mom would never believe her. It wasn't the first time she had told tall tales. She wanted more money, she wanted more control of her life, she wanted to do whatever she wanted and he was foxy jodi has her big tits jizzed set to give her whatever she wanted but had got his balls back and outsmarted her.

She needed proof, she realised. Proof that Daddy was a wanker. She needed photographic evidence or better yet video. They had a camcorder which she had last seen in the kitchen. She decided to walk back home, make some excuse to Mom about coming back, swipe the camcorder and keep it in her room until the next time she knew daddy was choking his chicken. She'll video him and blackmail him.

Simple. It's a plan, she thought and felt good again. On arriving home she unlocked the front door and walked in. It appeared no one was home. Probably gone shopping, she thought. She found the camcorder and picking it up inspected it. No fucking tape. Just then she heard a noise coming from the living room. Someone was home. She heard a voice. "I wanna cum on your face!" Shit, Zoe thought.

That sounded like Mike and then she heard her mother's voice. "Do it! That's it. Cum on Mommy's face." What the fuck is going on, Zoe thought, and, hesitatingly, peered into the living room. There, next to the sofa, on her knees, naked, face covered with cum was her mother, Susan. Standing next to her, trousers round his ankles, cock hanging out was her brother, Michael. They had not noticed her.

"Wow, son," said Susan, laughing. "You just covered mommy's face with your cum." Just then Zoe had a thought.

Blackmailing Mom would be just as good as blackmailing Dad. In fact she could blackmail them both. She pointed the camcorder at them and said:- "Yeah, wow Mikey.

You just cum all over Mommy's face. Isn't that cute." Both Susan and Mike looked at her, shocked. "Wait till Daddy sees this," Zoe said. "Wait till Daddy sees this." "This, er, this isn't what it looks like," croaked Susan. "What the fuck else could it be?" Zoe responded and ran up to her room. "I'll go talk to her," said Susan, getting up.

She looked at Mike. He had a worried expression on his face. "It'll be okay. I promise.

I'll make everything okay. Pull your trousers up." She walked slowly upstairs to Zoe's room not knowing how everything was going to be okay. She walked in to see Zoe lying on the bed. "Nobody fuckin' knocks in this house," said Zoe. "Where is it?" asked Susan trying to sound forceful.

"Where's what?" "Just give me the tape." "If I give you the tape then I can't show Daddy." "Why would you want to show him? You'll tear this family apart!" "You should've thought that before you started perving out with your son!" "It was an accident. It won't happen again." Susan looked in the drawer, the cupboard, under the bed nothing. She was almost in tears.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" "What's wrong with me?!!" Zoe shouted, sitting up on the bed. "What the fuck is wrong with you!!?

I come home coz I forgot my purse and here you are sucking your own son's cock like a two-dollar crack whore? I mean, what the fuck!? Look at you. Your still naked and you've still got cum dripping off your chin!" It was true. Susan had forgotten to wipe her face and get dressed. She looked around for a tissue or something. "Can't we work something out," she asked. "Sure we can," replied Zoe.

"First, I want more money, then I don't want to hear any more shit about what a bad girl I am and how good Mikey is and then well I think of something more later." "Are you serious?" asked Susan, credulous. "Yeah, I'm serious!

I'm sick of being treated like shit in this house. Now I'm on top, in control, I rule this nest and what I say goes." Shit, Susan thought. My daughter is a psycho bitch.

Just then Mike stormed in. "Fuck this," he said. "I'll find it, Mom. She's probably got the tape on her." He walked over to her and ripped off her shirt and, grabbing her bra from the front, tore it off her making her fall on the bed face down.

"What the fuck are you doing!" Zoe yelled. "Get the fuck off me pervert!" "Where the fuck is it?" said Mike as he yanked down her skirt and knickers in one motion. Susan had never seen him like this.

No one had. He had a serious, determined expression on his face. He looked mean. She liked it. "Dirty, shit-faced bastard!" Zoe shouted while kicking at him and clambering up the bed.

Mike looked at her naked body. She looks a lot like mom, he thought. Only she had longer hair and pointy abella danger is a sucker for anal. Her pussy was also shaved just like mom's. "What the fuck are you looking at, motherfucker!?" Zoe yelled.

He climbed onto the bed and, grabbing her legs, pulled her towards him. She kicked and struggled wildly but he managed to force her legs open and held them down with his strong hands on the inside of her thighs. He had wanted to suck mom's pussy but she had interrupted so now she was going to get licked out. He lowered his head and started lapping away with his tongue like a cat with a bowl of milk. "Shit!" Zoe gasped, astonished at what was happening. This wasn't part of the plan.

"Stop! STOP!! Mom, help!" Susan stood there transfixed. The sight of Mike licking out his sister's pussy was really turning her on. She could tell he hasn't done that before. He had no technique. Just lapped away everywhere and with Zoe still struggling it was hot to watch.

She watched as her daughter leaned over and started slapping Mike on the head yelling all the time for him to get off. Susan climbed on the bed and took hold of both Zoe's arm by the wrists and, facing Mike, she positioned herself over Zoe and knelt down, pinning Zoe's arms to the bed with her knees, her pussy just inches away from her face.

Zoe was helpless now and soon her struggling eased a little. Susan looked down at her daughter's face. "Mom, please," pleaded Zoe. "I'm sorry," said Susan.

"I can't help it and this is what you deserve for being such a bad little girl." She lowered her pussy down onto her daughter's face. Zoe bucked wildly trying to struggle loose and shaking her head from side to side trying to get her face out of Susan's pussy but all to no avail. Soon she stopped struggling. Despite herself she started to like it. She gasped as Mike sucked at her clitty and she knew she was gonna cum soon.

The smell from her mother's pussy was intoxicating and she started tongue-fucking. Susan was loving it! Her orgasm was close. It wasn't long before she felt Zoe's hips jerk up and she realised Zoe was orgasming into Mike's face.

Just the sight of that turned Susan on even more and she ground her pussy into Zoe's face smearing it completely with her pussy juices. Mike stood up, took off all his clothes and without hesitating rammed his rock-hard cock straight into his sisters pussy. "Kiss me, kiss me," breathed Susan. Mike kissed her on the lips and she could taste Zoe's pussy smol vagina and young girl his lips and tongue. Zoe moaned loudly as Mike rammed his dick into her.

A few moments later Susan yelled out and orgasmed on her daughter's face. This made Mike stop momentarily. She flopped over to one side. Both mother and daughter panted loudly. Mike's dick made a squelchy sound as he pulled it out of Zoe's pussy. He tossed her over on to her stomach and lifted her butt high in the air.

"He's gonna do me doggy," said Zoe to her mother as Mike entered her pussy from behind. He started fucking her. Slowly at first then faster and faster. Susan looked up at him and realised he was staring down into her pink asshole. She licked her middle finger and inserted slowly into Zoe's anus. Zoe yelped and giggled at the same time as Susan finger fucked her ass and Mike rammed his dick into her pussy.

"You want to fuck her ass, Mikey?" Susan asked, gently. "You want to stick your cock in there?" "God, YES!" Mike yelled as he yanked his dick out of Zoe's pussy. Susan grabbed Zoe's ass cheeks and pulled them apart as best she could, opening up her dark hole and spitting into it. She then spat on Mike's dick. Zoe arched her back ready for him.

Mike slowly eased his pulsing cock into her inch by inch until it had all disappeared into her. He paused for a moment taking in the sight of penis inside her ass. "Zoe," Susan said. "You've done anal before haven't you?" "Mom," said Zoe, looking over her shoulder at her. "You wouldn't believe half the shit I've done." To Mike, Zoe's ass felt like a vice gripping his cock. Even with Susan still spreading her ass cheeks it was still tight.

He eased his cock out then back in. It felt amazing. He picked up the pace and Susan spat a few more times at his cock to help lube it up. Soon he was fucking her ass hard, ramming it into her. Her moans and screams of pleasure and pain driving him wild. Susan was now egging him on by spanking his ass and screaming at him to fuck his sister harder.

All of a sudden he felt his balls tighten and with a loud groan he unleashed his load right into her ass, her vice-like ass squeezing every last drop from him. He pulled out of her, exhausted and almost falling down on the floor.

"You wanna watch me cum-fart?" Zoe said, giggling. Mike and Susan watched in amazement as Zoe's anus seemed to flex and pulse and then let out a disgusting squelchy sound as white, gooey cum splurted out and trickled down to her pussy lips, her inner thighs and finally onto the bed sheets. Zoe giggled some more and lay over on her back. Susan lied down next to her. "So," she said.

"You gonna hot brunette in a miniskirt gets completely naked stripping and homemade us where the camcorder is?" "Yeah," Zoe said. "It's in the cupboard in the hallway but there's no tape. I couldn't find any." "Jesus, after all that?" Susan said, almost laughing. "Of course, now I remember.

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We video'd Mike's 18th and took it out so as to not tape over it." All three of them laughed and after a pause Zoe said:- "Mom, I caught Dad masturbating." "Yeah, he does that all the time." Susan laughed. "You knew?" "Of course. He hasn't made love to me in months so he's gonna be jerking off.

Better that than having an affair." "I suppose," said Zoe. "But you know he carried on jerking while I was there. It turned him on getting caught." "Like it turned me on catching Mike," said Susan looking at him. "You ready to go again?" she asked. "No," said Mike. "My balls are aching.

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I'm gonna take a shower." "Do you mind fetching Mom's vibrator up. Me and your sister are gonna have some fun." Mike did as he was told, fetching her love toy from the living and tossing over to them my sex tricks work well natural tits and doggystyle he went off to take his shower. Susan and Zoe looked at each other.

"We should get Dad involved," said Zoe. My little girl, Susan thought. Ever the slut. "Why?" she asked. "He's gonna find out sooner or later. Might as well be one big happy family of perverts." They both laughed at that. "I don't think he'll go for it," said Susan. "Oh, I think he will," said Zoe. "I've got a plan." "You and your crazy plans." "Do you want to finger-fuck?" Zoe asked. "Yeah!" said Susan "Yeah I wanna finger-fuck." They both sat up with their backs against the headboard, legs apart.

Susan started stroking Zoe's pussy with her left hand and Zoe likewise rubbed her mother's clitty with her right hand. They were both enjoying themselves so much with their eyes closed they hadn't noticed a shadow looming over them until they heard a voice say:- "Fucking unbelievable!" They both opened their eyes shocked to see standing before them, at the foot of the bed, was John, Susan's husband, Zoe and Michael's father.

They could tell from the bulge in his trousers he had an erection. A huge erection. They both looked at each other and smiled. To be concluded.