Hot sex bid sex boobos

Hot sex bid sex boobos
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This is a story of casual, unprotected sex, and is a work of fiction. In real life, use a condom, damnit! Unwanted babies, HIV and all sorts of lesser sexual diseases await the idiot who "dips his wick" or "rides the rod" with impunity and without protection.

--- Mistaken Indemnity (MF, Mf, con?, nc?, impreg) by Krosis of the Collective --- Hey, how ya doin'? Name's Hugh Johnson. No, really! "Hugh", sexy attractive babe tied and ass fucked Hubert, is actually on my birth certificate. Hugh is a long-standing family name due to a great-grandfather being a war hero or something, and I'm lucky enough to have been saddled with the Johnson surname as well. Even worse, my Dad's name is also Hugh.

That's right: I'm Hugh Johnson, Jr. It's actually not that bad. Some girls want to find out if I "live up to the name" (well, except for the "Junior" part), and they don't go away disappointed. My Dad has a way with the ladies too. That's what broke my parents up when I was 13. I lived with my Mom but kept in touch with my Dad by phone and e-mail as I got older. When I turned 18 I left home to travel the country, following my thumb.

That was a few years ago. My Dad said I could stay at his place whenever I was in the area, and I take him up on it once or twice a year.

Mom help out oir son

Oh, another thing about my Dad and me: he's in his mid-forties and has aged quite well. We look a lot alike. In fact, aside from some light wrinkles and "salt & pepper" in his hair, we could be brothers.

We've even been mistaken for each other when it's dim. Anyway, enough background. I had just shown up on my Dad's doorstep, ready for a shower, hot meal and soft bed when I remembered that he was on vacation in New York for another few days. Luckily, I recalled where he kept his spare key in a small niche near the front door. I replaced the key before locking the door behind me.aah, blessed comfort!

First order of business: washing off the road grime. A nice soak in the tub and I was all sparkly-clean and fresh. I patted some of my Dad's aftershave on, put on his bathrobe and headed to the kitchen.

Passing the living room, I decided to close the curtains, then stopped and peered out. I could see across the lane and into the living room of a neighboring house. A family -- Mom, Dad and daughter -- was playing a board game on the floor. The Mom and daughter immediately caught my attention. The Mom looked to be in her mid-thirties and was in great shape, dirty-blonde hair down to her shoulders and a form-fitting golf-type shirt hugging her nice-sized breasts and slim waist.

She was definitely a MILF (Mom I'd Like to Fuck). Her daughter had light brown hair and was wearing a tight half-top and shorts that showed off her shapely legs and! She was slim and looked like she still raunchy dahlia deepthroats a massive meat pole some growing to do.

Given her Mom's apparent age she couldn't have been older than 16 or so, I figured. It was now dark outside and the movement of the curtain contrasting with the lights behind me attracted the mother's attention. I quickly closed the curtains, but not before noting a peculiar look on her attractive face.

I fixed myself some chow and watched the tube for a while. Finally I was tired, so I turned off all the lights and went upstairs to my Dad's bedroom. Doffing the robe, I quickly fell asleep under the sheets. I was having the greatest dream.

I was laying in the back seat of a car, with Sarah Michelle Gellar naked and giving me an incredible blowjob. She was licking me like a lollypop, and then switching to full suck mode. God it felt good! After a few minutes she climbed on top of me, slowly sinking her hot, wet hole down onto my cock. She sighed in pleasure.

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What a dream! Suddenly I woke up. It wasn't a dream, or at least the sex wasn't. Someone was riding my hard-on, moaning in ecstasy! My initial shock was blunted by the pleasurable feelings emanating from my crotch. It all still felt so unreal.

My hands moved to touch my unknown partner's legs and bucking hips, then moved up. Nice firm skin.a slightly rounded tummy around the midsection. My hands moved up to her breasts as my eyes adjusted to the dim light. I had seen these tits before! My suspicions were confirmed as the clouds outside parted, allowing just enough moonlight to spill through the bedroom window and onto her face for me to make out her features.

The mother from across the street was fucking me hard, intent on the pleasure the rapid penetration was giving her. "Ooh, you're awake, lover" she sighed as she looked down at me. Her voice was sultry, wanton. "Remember when you told me about your fantasy to be fucked awake? Welcome home!" Well, it wasn't my fantasy before, but it sure was now!

What a way to wake up! Her pussy was pleasantly snug around my member, the up-and-down friction adding to the ever-increasing sexual high.

She continued, "Oh Hugh! I'm so glad you came back early. You know how horny I get when I'm ovulating.Dan won't even touch me because he might get me pregnant! I'm so glad you can't!" Her up-down motions increased, as did her breathing. She closed her eyes. Huh? Oh, that's right: Dad got a vasectomy a few years ago.

Suddenly reality rushed in -- OH SHIT! She couldn't tell I wasn't my Dad in the dim light, and thought that I would be shooting blanks! I had to get her off of me before it was too late, but how? If I stopped her she would wonder why, maybe even turn on the lights.

Next stop: the police station on charges of rape! I was stuck. I couldn't think of a way to stop this without revealing myself. That old familiar tingling sensation was beginning in my balls and her movements were becoming more frantic. I had to think of something soon! I tried to think of anything else to get my mind off the gorgeous "yummy mommy" bouncing on my lap, but really, what chance did I have?

The added danger of impregnating this sexy mama just made it so much more hot and forbidden. She started to gasp, her eyes still closed as she bounced harder and faster: "Oh God, give it to me.give me your cum. I love being able to fuck you bareback. So good! Hugh! Oh ohh ohhh!!!" Her pussy started to spasm around my member, setting off my own orgasm.

UHH! UHHH! My pelvis thrust upward, my body instinctively wanting to give my "boys" the best chance at her waiting egg. I exploded into her cunt, my babymaking sperm shooting forcefully into her depths.

It had been a few weeks since I had been with a woman so my stuff was most likely quite potent. I figured there was no chance she wouldn't become a mother again, but I was so caught up in the moment that Fella assists with hymen physical and riding of virgin sweetie didn't really care. She collapsed on top of me, her face against my neck.

She had done all the work but we were both exhausted. After a few minutes of catching our breath she gave me a peck on the cheek and dismounted. "Mmm, that was good" she said, pulling on her robe that had been on the floor. "See you tomorrow, stud." Not if I see you first, lady, I thought.

First thing in the morning I'm out the back door. I was lucky to have gotten away with this and was quite willing to cut and run. She left the room and I heard the front door quietly close a few seconds later. I fell back asleep. I was having another dream. This time it was the woman from across the street that was in the back seat of the dream car with me, though instead of a blowjob she was giving me a hand job, and not a very good one, at that.

I woke up again. Someone was in the bed with me and playing with my renewed hard-on! "Mr. Johnson? You awake?" It was the daughter from across the street! What the hell? She continued to manipulate my member, though she was obviously not very familiar with what she was doing. "I'm sorry, Mr.

Johnson, but I snuck in here after my Mom. I saw what you did. I heard it all from the bathroom." My eyes drifted to the darkened ensuite bathroom, not 10 feet away. She would have had a really good vantage point from there, and her Mom and I were way too distracted to have noticed the little voyeur.

"Mr. Johnson? I want to do it. With you. My Mom really liked it. Will you fuck me? Huh? Please?" I couldn't say anything. If she heard my voice she might be able to tell I wasn't my Dad. She mistook my silence as hesitation. "I won't tell, Mr. Johnson. My Luscious chick is pissing and fingering smooth vagina, I mean.

He'd be really mad about you and my Mom. If you do me I'll keep it a secret." The little bitch!

She was willing to blackmail me (well, my Dad) to get what she wanted! Well, fine. Be careful what you wish for, little girl. I sat up and shuffled my butt down the bed, keeping her head between my face and the window so that she couldn't make out my features. I leaned in and kissed her, tentatively at first, then she returned the kisses with fervor, her arms encircling my shoulders and neck. She'd obviously kissed horny sexy teen toying her horny pussy. I wondered what else she had done?

As we kissed my hands moved to her body. She had on a satiny short nightgown that ended just below her hips and showed some of her cleavage at the top.pretty naughty for such a young girl.

I wondered if maybe she was older than I first thought? I turned her and lowered her backwards to the pillows, making sure to keep my face in shadow. I raised the hem of her nightie and found that she had panties of the same fabric underneath. While continuing our passionate kisses my fingers found their way to them, brushing her sex through the fabric.

She gasped. I increased the pressure, round and round, dipping my fingers into her hole a little through the panties' fabric. Her tongue darted into my mouth as her breathing increased. Finally I moved down, past her hips and yanked down her panties. She paused, taken aback, but quickly renewed her gasping as my face buried itself in her snatch. Her hands moved down to hold my head as my tongue darted into her quim, searching for the magic button. It didn't take long. "Oh, Mr. Johnson!

Oh! Nobody's ever done this to me before.oh! OH!" Her hips rose as she bucked up against my mouth. She tasted like honey. As I continued my tongue-lashing my hands moved up her stomach, caressing and lightly tickling her flesh. Her waist was slim and so nicely shaped. I pushed the nightie up as my hands went up to her breasts. She gasped loudly. I kneaded the flesh, then moved my fingers up to lightly pinch her nipples. Within a few seconds she had an orgasm.

"UH! OH! UM! Oh, YEAH! UH UH UH!" Her hands pulled my head hard into her pelvis, making it hard to breathe, let alone continue using my hands on her. Finally she calmed down and I sat back up. I pulled her to a sitting position and started pulling her nightie off.

Even in her post-orgasmic state she was able to raise her arms to help. I sat back to take it all in, squinting to adjust for the dim light. Fantastic. I guessed she was probably 17 or 18 based on what I was seeing: nice-sized but pert boobies, a nice flat tummy, gorgeous legs, shapely butt and a wanton look on her beautiful young face that had Mr. Wiggly once again back to full 9" size.

She saw my physical reaction and gulped, eyes wide. I grabbed her hips and started to turn her over. She quickly picked up on what I was trying to do and swung herself around, flipping onto her hands and knees. This way I would be able to concentrate on giving sexy brunette playing toys on cam more homemade webcams to her hard without brunette teen elsa wishes this big cock to worry about the possibility of her seeing my face clearly in the moonlight.

Damn she had a nice ass! Not bony.a nice roundness to it, but not, definitely prime flesh. I briefly wondered if she might be a virgin as I guided my penis to her cunt. Given her wanton display, however, the chance was slim to none. I pushed myself in carefully, not wanting to hurt her even so.

"Oh, oh." she moaned, her head dropping forward as she concentrated on the pleasurable intrusion in her most sacred of places. I was concentrating on my own pleasure as her hot, moist pussy walls slowly surrounded my member.exquisite! After a bit I was about halfway in. While not a virgin, she was quite tight.

"God, you're so big", she said. "The boys at school can't even compare." So she was still in school.she was at most 18 then. Hell, even if she was 13 I wouldn't have been able to stop myself at this point! She was going to get a cunt full of manchowder and I didn't care what the consequences were. I pulled mostly out of her, then jammed back in. "AH!" she exclaimed loudly as I angled my prick to rub along her clit, then I did it again, eliciting more pleasurable sounds.

Finally I pushed myself all the way into her, this time producing a loud "OH!" I had pushed her face into the pillow with my thrusts. I took hold of her hips with my hands, gripping tightly. "Uhm!" Then I started the old in-and-out. "Oh God! Oh!" My thrusts caused my prick to just come out of her pussy, then I rammed it back inside her until it bottomed out, sending vibrations throughout her pelvic region. She was groaning constantly. My hands went around to her stomach, kneading her stomach muscles, and then I moved up to her breasts, not quite large enough to dangle.

I squeezed and manipulated her beautiful tits, swirling my fingers around the areolae and lightly pinching the nipples. Her pussy felt like it was on fire around my penetrating phallus. Our coupling continued for several minutes. Several times she seemed to be getting close to orgasm and I slowed down, staving off her rising pleasure. Finally I reached forward and pulled on her shoulders. She got the idea and rose back up to her hands and knees, at which point I could sit back and pull her backwards into a kneeling position in my lap.

"OH! Oh Jesus! UH!" she gasped. The penetration was even greater than when she was on her hands and knees, and she paused, just letting the feeling settle within her.

Then my arms circled around her midsection and lifted her just enough for her to get the idea. She started to bounce. She turned her head to me. "I never knew this could feel so good", she whispered. "I don't know how I could ever go back to using condoms again. I can feel so much more without one." Oh yeah, she had heard her mother saying that I, or more specifically my Dad, couldn't impregnate her.

Well, if she was expecting a harmless load of cum inside her then she was in for a surprise. If fact, I remembered reading somewhere that women who live in the same house can synchronize their fertility cycles due to their pheromones. If her Mom was ovulating then she most likely was too! I grabbed her tits and bounced her harder in my lap, the thought of pregging the little blackmailing bitch spurring me on.

You wanted this so badly, huh? Well, curiosity killed the cat, little girl, or in this case it'll be the rabbit. The tingling in my nuts started rising, the churning sperm getting ready to blast off and perform their time-honored duty.

I nibbled her ear and started pinching her nipples harder, increasing the volume of her gasps. She was close too. Finally I could take no more. "UHH! UNHHH!" I grunted as my testicles released their built-up early Mother's Day present within her thirsty cunt. "OH!" she exulted, her head tilting up, her mouth hanging open. "Oh, Mr. Johnson!" "Call me Hugh", I growled throatily in her ear. "Oh, Hugh! OH, OH, HUGH! I can feel you shooting in me!" Her head swiveled around, her mouth questing for mine.

Our moans were muffled by the passionate kiss. Her pussy convulsed around my cock as she exploded in orgasm, her womb excitedly sucking up my semen as fast as I could spurt it into her.

I could feel the horny wife gives a skilled tug job to her womb surrounding the head of my penis.

In our last few thrusts we had fit together so well that I could not have been more completely inside her. The thought of my sperm going directly into her womb and straight to her awaiting ovum spurred me on, eliciting a rare multiple orgasm from my loins. Our simultaneous spasms continued, as did the spurting of my dangerous and potent seed within her.

Finally we collapsed forward, my penis still embedded in her depths. I was spent. If this girl had a sister hiding in the bathroom then she would just have to go home disappointed and unimpregnated, no matter what she threatened to do.

I rolled off of her with a wet sound, making sure to keep my face in shadow. She sighed, then rolled onto her back. She looked down at her crotch with excited curiosity. "Ooh, it's so *squishy*! It's running out of me!" She quickly pulled her knees up to her chest, pointing her pelvis upward.

I smiled to myself. I had given her a lot of genetic material to work with, and she had just put herself into the best position to get pregnant. I would have a wet spot to contend with from however much of my cum that had spilled out of her but I didn't care. Sleep was pulling me in fast. She noticed my sluggishness. "Sleep well, Mr. Hugh." she giggled. She bounced off the bed and grabbed up her clothes, unused to walking around while trying to keep liquid love from running out of her.

"I'll see you tomorrow." Within moments she was gone. Not if I see you first, twit, I thought. What a pair those women were. I wondered if their kids would be born on the same day.

Then I lost consciousness. At 7am I zabardasti rape first time xxxcom out the back door and gone.

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I had made sure that everything was as it had been when I arrived, except for the food I had eaten. Hopefully my Dad wouldn't notice that. I rushed out of town and later that day e-mailed my father, saying that I was on the far side of the country.

Unless my Dad knew how to read e-mail headers (and he didn't) he would believe it. Three months later I received an interesting e-mail from my Dad. He was going to be moving far away, and soon -- something about problems with the neighbors. Hmm, wonder what that could be?