Fuck me in my ass on the table

Fuck me in my ass on the table
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Spying on my Mom and Brother II Tara and I quietly opened my closet door, then the panel door a crack and took a peek. Chuck had a thin camouflage curtain up and we could open up the panel door quietly all the way. He had also moved his night light so his bed was lit up dim.

Tara put her finger in my pussy as I did hers. We watched all excited. Mom and Chuck were standing up and kissed first, and felt each other up. He turned her so we could see his hands feel her tits and pussy.

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We were getting wet as we watched him put on a show for us. He would wink at us at times. Mom didn't know anything as she was breathing so hard and feeling his dick. He slowly peeled off her robe and went down and licked her pussy.

Mom looked so hot naked. She had big tits and a full bush, hot legs and such a good figure. Mom held his head and panted as she rubbed her pussy on his face.

She whispered: (&hellip."oh my god baby…oh baby&hellip.your tongue feels so good in mom. Keep that up baby&hellip.make mom feel good again"&hellip.) She had this wonderful look on her face I'll never forget…pure contentment.

Tara got on her knees quietly and started to lick my pussy while putting two fingers in it. I couldn't moan!

I felt her tongue circle my clit, oh god, I had to stop her or get us caught by making moaning sounds. My brother stood up and picked mom up and laid her on his bed. Tara and I started feeling us up and it got real hot in that closet. We joined them in the feel up part. We even kissed together to really get into it what they were feeling.

We watched as Chuck kissed mom over and over as mom moaned and gasp for breath. Her legs went wide waiting for him to put his dick in her. He teased her a little, just to make her hotter. She moaned and squirmed and whispered: (".oh baby.put it in mom.go ahead…now!") He winked at us as mom's head was blocked and couldn't see us.

We watched him put his dick in her waiting pussy…She went wild, pulling on him and putting her arms around his neck tightly.

I'd never seen mom act this way, out of control acting like an animal and making sounds like desperate lust.

My pussy was dripping in Tara's mouth as she licked me. The sounds alone made us so hot, I finally had to lick Tara's pussy. I stood her up and I went down to lick her. We glanced sideways at mom and brother fucking like to caged animals, moaning and starting to make those getting ready to cum sounds. Mom was almost crying with pleasure, calling out: "Oh baby fuck mom!…argg…FUCK MOM!…,oh oh oh oh Oh Oh OH eeeeee YESSSS!"&hellip.

They came together, banging the bed against the wall, thrashing themselves together in a glorious cuming climax. I squirted and so did Tara. She soaked my face in her hot juices, as my pussy dripped my juices on the floor, my pussy had soaked my hand as I shook and thrusted it in my pussy. I had an over the top climax. Tara's legs went weak and sank to the floor as she kissed me over and over. We shakily moved back into my room, legs so weak.

Mom and brother were still both moaning and jumping in the aftermath. I quietly closed the panel door. Tara grabbed a towel and we slowly dried us off with shaking hands. We crawled in my bed holding each other and fell asleep, locked together.

Mom and brother laid holding each other all night. ---------- The next day, Tara and I acted like we just got back from sleeping at Tara's house. Mom was still asleep. Chuck was in his room also. We took a shower together, (for the first time) and started washing each other&hellip.that was hot. We messed around all day, but that night late&hellip.the panel opened and in walks Chuck. "How was that my little spies?" he said. We told him how hot it made us and thanked him for the thrill.

He told us that mom just went to bed and in one hour to come to blonde teen pounded by her nasty masseur on massage table room, and went back to his room.

I got a hot shot in my stomach as to what he might have us do. Tara smiled and hoped to have sex with him. I had never had sex with my brother and it made me excited, but the risk was giving me the jitters.

Chuck had other ideas&hellip. In one hour, we opened the panel and stepped through. Chuck was sitting in his chair naked. He told us to be quiet and lay on his bed, in a 69 position. Tara giggled and I was not sure about all this. He told us to start licking while he watched. We closed our eyes and went at it. I was really exciting in two ways.

Being watched by my brother and wondering if he wanted to have sex with me, or Tara or &hellip.both? He got up from his chair, stroking his dick as we licked us and sucked our clits making us hot. He walked over and got close.

We got more excited with the tension. Tara was making me want to cum bad and the same for her. Then Chuck whispered for us to sit up, side by side.

Our hearts were beating fast, as we took raunchy slut rides on a throbbing cock brunette and cumshot deep breath.

He leaned over to us and said, "Start sucking this." OMG&hellip.Tara and I had never sucked a dick before. We looked at each other and Tara started first. I joined in licking him. We played with his balls and now I was really getting turned on by this. We both got to going with it then he said horny pornstar parker wright getting fucked anally tube porn start fingering each other pussy's.

We gladly did and now we were really hot. He took Tara's hand and mine and had us stroke his dick, while we sucked him. We both started moaning as we fingered and sucked, I really was turned on by this and we both wanted him to cum.

He started to moan, we both put our lips on his big head and waited for his cum. I moaned as I had a big climax as did Tara when he shot in both our open mouths and on our faces. Wow, he shot a lot as our faces were covered with his cum. It desi village hot aunty fucking with her boss us and him as we all moaned as quiet as we could.

----------------- Tara and I went back to my room, Tara started licking Chuck's cum off my face, I got major tingles and did the same to her. We had just had the most intense climaxes of our life, and our pussy's were still tingling.

The licking of our faces was making us so hot, we laid down and licked every drop we could find on us. We both wished we had Chuck's dick in us to feel that mega cum he shot in our mouths and faces. We couldn't wait till he called us in his room again.

I now had the hots for my brother bad. Tara started feeling my pussy as she told me how she wanted Chuck's dick in her. This just made us hot all over again. We turned 69 and began to lick each others clits and pussy's. We came fast and closed our eyes and pictured Chuck licking us.

---------- We planned another sleep over and I… just happened… to tell Chuck the day. He smiled at me and pulled me to him. Our hands were all over us quick. I gasp and was not expecting a major feel up from him or me. I couldn't believe I was feel up my own brother. It was shaking me up as my heart raced and I gulped down more air. He felt my wet pussy and then turned me around and laughed and pushed me out of his room! That little tease! …grrrrr&hellip.time to tease back!

I started in on him. At dinner I would rub my ass against him, brush my hand against him close to his dick. I was having major fun copping feels behind my mom's back. He was a little shocked, but was turned on by it, I could tell by the way he would take a deep breath afterwards. The funny part was him and my mom were doing it too!

I watched their hands take little feels when they thought I wasn't looking close. Poor Chuck was getting felt from two of us now, and it was my turn to just…smile at him. We both were now getting so hot for each other as it was growing.

I would picture in my mind him cuming on Tara and I while I masturbated to intense cums myself. I peeked at him one night when I heard some noises from his room. I watched him holding a pair of my panties he swiped!, then jacking off after smelling them. He shot about a foot in air as he gowned. I knew he was thinking about fucking me, and it made so hot, I orgasmed watching him. ---- It was Friday night. Tara's night to sleep over. Mom would be out late playing bingo.

We waited for Chuck to open the panel door. Finally it opened and he motioned for us lovely 69 action on day bed in his room. He smiled at me with a devils grin. He felt my tits and whispered: ("you can just watch.") Grrrrr…he was going to fuck Tara and make me just watch! I sat in his chair and gave him dirty looks. I finally started rubbing my pussy as he started slowly taking off Tara's panties.

Chuck smiled at me watching and rubbing my pussy while he slowly undressed Tara. They kissed real hot and felt their body's. He laid her on his bed, opened up her legs wide and began to lick her clit. Tara was in heaven and moaned and squirmed.

Chuck kept looking over and grinning at me.'' The ultimate tease. Then he stood up and came over and stood me up. He kissed me so passionately and I kissed him back in shock.

For the first time our tongues met and we both gasp for air. He felt my tits and wet pussy and led me to his bed. He had me lay on top of Tara face to face with her.

He had both our legs wide open as he started putting his dick in Tara and them me, back and forth. He was going to fuck both of us! Tara and I got so hot we were kissing, moaning and feeling our tits.

He kept it up until we all were panting and going to cum. Tara and I both moaned and started cuming hard, feeling both of ourselves cuming was a very hot turn on. Her breathing and feeling me cum was making us cum even harder, along with my brothers dick going in and out of us. She squeezed my tits hard as I had reached down and fingered both our clits . We kissed as we hit the peak and rubbed our pussy's together. I don't know which of us Chuck came in first, but we got a big load of his cum in both our pussy's.

We were a warm pile of shaking people, all kinds of moaning came out of all of us. Chuck was not expecting this, and held us both tight, as his cum dripped out of my pussy and onto Tara's. I couldn't help but shake…pause…and shake some more. My pussy was squeezing his dick each time he stuck it in me, and Tara's pussy squeezed him too.

We laid there letting the spasms continue, which seemed like forever. My head was spinning, and my heart couldn't get enough air. Feeling Tara climax as I held her, and her holding me as I climaxed, was over the top when he dual fucked us.

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Chuck's weight and heat was a hot turn on for us. It drove Tara's and my body together and mashed our nipples tightly together…no wonder I kept spasming.

We all just lay there, Chuck still switching his dick from my pussy, to Tara's and then back. He finally rolled off of us…but Tara and I continued to hold each other till the last spasm left us. ------------ Chuck completely changed. He couldn't have been nicer to us.

Mom played bingo 2 nights a week, we planned another 3 some for one of those nights, but there was something I wanted. I now wanted to fuck my brother privately one on one bad and I told him so.

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He held me tight and kissed me so hot and said he to wanted to also, real bad, so we planned a night to do it. Mom kept him busy fucking her every chance she got. All I could do was watch and masturbate hearing them fuck and moan from the panel door. I did a lot of sleepovers at Tara's house to get away from it. Chuck and our special night wasn't happening.

Tara and I had great cums non stop oral job in brazilian style, but I wanted Chuck bad. Mom stopped going to bingo and there went our 3 somes also. Chuck whispered to me in the hall and told me how bad he wanted me. We snuck a hot kiss, and felt us up right there, while mom was downstairs. Finally we decided to sneak a night and do it quietly with mom home. Her bedroom was right across from ours and she was a light sleeper. That night Chuck came into my room thru the panel door.

Our hearts were beating so fast as we immediately went into a kissing frenzy from having to wait so long.

He whispered: (".Jan…I have to have you or go crazy&hellip.I can't stand it anymore.") Still standing he dropped to his knees and ran his hands up my night gown and pulled down my panties and started licking my pussy. I ran my fingers thru his hair and my pussy jumped each time he licked my clit.

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We quietly laid down on my bed in a 69 position and I wanted his dick all to myself. His dick was so warm in my mouth, It made my pussy shiver with delight. I took my time feeling and licking his balls and suppressing my little moans. He lifted my one leg and pushed his tongue in deep and licked me so good, I orgasmed and a little squirt of my pussy juice squirted on his tongue.

He and I both moaned (…'oh my god… that was so hot!') I put his dick in my mouth as far as I could get it. That's when my bedroom light came on. There stood mom in shock. Chuck quick jumped up and started talk fast to her. She just glared at me. Chuck tried to take all the blame as mom wasn't listening at all. Chuck pulled her out of my bedroom and closed my door. I wet my self some, it scared me that bad. I heard mom yelling something.

Time stopped while I waited for mom to come in my room and lecture me. After a long time, my door opened and Chuck came in. Chuck had told her that I knew that they were having sex together. He said later mom settled down and that she didn't want to stop having sex with Chuck.

Chuck told her they would keep on if she ignored him and I. They agreed and acted like normal and the usual. I gulped&hellip. with that news my heart finally stopped pounding. Chuck smiled and he kissed me, starting all over with our date to finally have private sex. Mom went back to her room horny busty milf stepmom jane doux got a pussy pleasure shut the door. Now Chuck and I looked in each other eyes and we melted together in our arms.

His warm hands felt my body as I felt is growing dick. He felt my tits so firm my pussy spasmed. Chuck turned the lights down low as his hands felt so warm sliding up my legs underneath my nightgown. I shivered as I felt the juice in my pussy start to gather. We just knew mom was listening, but our moaning was now released and I was the loudest as I felt Chuck's finger slipped inside my wet pussy.

At his being 16, and thick curvy bbw showing off her body raquelxx from at 14 we were going to have one on one sex with each other for the first time.

The taboo thing of not having sex with your brother, just made it all the more exciting. He slowly lifted my nightgown off, savoring this moment. I felt his lips touch mine and our tongues slipped in out of our mouths dancing with each other.

We could feel our hearts pounding as we gasp for breath. The feel of his warm full boner in my hand was awesome. I could feel his warm pulse in it as the tip was oozing with his pre cum. His slight moan let me know I was pleasing him like I wanted to. Our kisses increased with passion as our hands continued to feel our warm body's Our fingers trembled with excitement. We savored this moment of sexual ecstasy. I dropped to my knees and let my tongue feel all it wanted to around the head of his dick.

He moaned again, as my pussy began to drip it's juice down my leg. Knowing mom was intently listening to our every moan was sadistic pleasure.

Knowing her son was having hot sex with her daughter must have been hard to take. She couldn't have him all to herself now. Little Jan had drawn him away and she was forced to share. Chuck played with my hair and felt my lips and tongue getting his dick all wet.

He jumped some each time I took the tip of my tongue as just touched it to the tip of his dick. I sucked down all of his pre cum.

I took all of his dick in my mouth I could. I could hear his breathing increase. Once I got his dick completely all wet, I pulled him down on top of me.

Our arms were jittery as he lowered himself down on top of me.

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I opened my legs wide as I felt his wet dick slide in my wet pussy without us even touching it. I just knew that mom was listening hard as she had probably opened her door a crack to listen better. She wanted to be me so bad. I just knew what she must be thinking&hellip. ("…I can't stand this! Hearing them having hot sex, and me nothing! Well, I have three fingers tight teen michelle martinez deeply banged on the couch me and I'll just cum with them.

I know what Chuck feels like in me and that little Jan is cutting into my good sex. I'll keep Chuck so fucked out, he won't have any cum left for her!…") I felt Chuck's dick slide in and out of me slow at first, but then we both started fucking faster as we felt so good to each other. We felt our warm skin together on us and I ran my fingers through his hair. I let my legs come up and wrap around his warm body, feeling his hips pumping me so good.

Our hot tongues went deeper between gasps for air. I moaned loud at it built up in me with all the good feelings my body was feeling.

The feeling of his dick in me was building a climax just waiting to be released. I heard his little moans telling me he was cuming soon.

I began to squeeze his dick slightly with my wet pussy, as we increased our speed. The slight slapping noise of our body's coming together began to increase. We began to moan together. I began to tremble inside my body as Chuck's moaning in my ear was awesome.

My arms around his back pulled tighter and tighter as the rush of our passion began to peak. I moaned a crying sound and yelled ."OH Chuck&hellip., yes,…Yes,&hellip.Ohhhhh God YES!!

I lost it and fucked him as fast as I could as I felt his hot cum fill my pussy and overflow. He moaned a strained moan and his cum kept coming and coming as I shook and squirmed out of control.

I felt like I was losing my mind in pleasure. We held each other tight as his dick kept pumping his cum in me. I squeezed his dick with my pussy as hard as I could. It quivered as it did so. My pussy let go with the biggest squirt I had ever had, and kept squirting two more times.

My body went crazy shaking over and over violently. I don't know what I moaned but It know it was loud. Chuck held me so tight as his dick pumped in me until we both started to collapse, spent beyond anything we had ever experienced. We lay trembling in our wet juices. he want step mom vagina Chuck and I now leave the panel door always open, so at any time……we might hear 'our'… footsteps cuming for us…&hellip.)