Shaking orgasm w dildo who is she

Shaking orgasm w dildo who is she
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Her name was Katrina a mother of 2 in her early 20s, no matter what anyone said or did she loved to party. Even if partying got her in trouble and in most cases it did, which is one of the many reasons her and her husband got divorced and she can only see her kids every other weekend.

She was also a hot slut, which didn't help so much either. Her look on a good time was getting wasted and having her brains fucked out of her head.

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One night she went to the bar, earlier than usual. Which also meant she got drunk quicker than usual, she lived fairly close to the bar. A quick cut through the woods and there's her house. She realized she was wasted to the point where she couldn't even stand up straight or see straight so decided to go home. She wanted to get home as soon as she could, so decided to cut through the woods. The sky was clear and the night was beautiful, she admired the sky on her walk through the woods and that is when she saw it.

A saucer flying over her head, she was in aw and was frozen where she stood in amazement. A green beam came down around her and everything went black.

She woke and everything was blurry and bright, she couldn't move. As her vision came into focus she saw big heads on small bodies (it's all she could make out.) She looked to try to move again now that she can sort of see, but still she couldn't move. Nasty sweetie was taken in anal assylum for painful treatment was restrained on her hands and knees, and all of her clothes were gone.

"Where am I?" She thought to herself, "your on the mother ship" a voice said in her head. "Who said that?" She could now see, there were 3 aliens in the big medical room. One working near a computer, one working with tools and one staring right at her. "All you humans are alike, stupidly wonder off into the forest not knowing what will happen" hi lips weren't moving, he was in her head.

"Why are you doing this?" She asked in her head, "because it is something we need to do to survive in these parts". "What do you mean?" She was extremely frightened and confused, "in order to survive in this universe we need to feed and reproduce" the alien had explained telepathically.

"What are you gonna do to me?" Was all she could think of, "we are going to use you the way we need to then send you on your way" the alien said examining her body.

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"The procedure shall now begin" the alien announced. The alien with the tools came over and started to set her up. He put a plug up her ass and a milking device on her large breasts. It hurt Katrina as she silently moaned in pain, "WHY?!?!?" Was the only thing running through her head, as the machine milked her tits up and down. "We feed off of women's breast milk" the alien explained, a container started to fill up with her breast milk.

"What are those creatures on earth that get milked, cows? What do they sound like?" The alien asked, Katrina said "moo?".

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"What? I couldn't hear you" "MOO" Katrina said. "Ah yes, well as for now you're our cow, so I want you to moo" the alien said. "Moo" she said unenthusiastically, "that was weak, I know a way that will make you get into it" the alien said, the machine started going faster. "OH FUCK!!" Katrina yelled, "MOOOOO!!!!" She yelped out "MOOOO motherfucker".

"Excuse me?!?" The alien said, feeling highly disrespected. "Need I remind you we also need to reproduce" he said as he pulled out his cock, Katrina's eyes widened. The alien had a huge fucking dick, that reached at least 15 inches long. "Now to keep your moth shut your gonna suck this dick" the alien commanded, "no I don't think I." The alien put a ring gag in Katrina's mouth forcing it to stay open.

The alien started screwing Katrina's mouth, she gag as the alien cock went down her throat. "Damn your throat is deep" the alien said as Katrina choked. "Now lets check out that pussy" the alien said as he walked to the back of Katrina. "I can't take that cock it's too fucking naughty lesbo bombshells are stretching and fisting anals Katrina thought as the alien pushed his cock into Katrina's pussy.

"Oh my god, he's doing it, he's fucking me, shit, he's going deeper deeper deeper, I know you can hear me please take the ring out of my mouth" Katrina begged in her mind.

The aliens cock grew pushing itself through her uterus, through her intestines, through her stomach, up her throat and out her mouth he pushed the ring gag.

Then slid his cock all the way back down to her pussy. "The alien cock feels so good" Katrina said pushing herself into his cock. "I love alien cock, I love alien cock" she chanted as the alien fucked her. "Put another one in my mouth" Katrina begged, the alien nodded his head as another alien came over and shoved his cock in Katrina's mouth.

She gagged and gargled on that cock like she was crazy. He took it out of her mouth, "STICK IN MY ASS!!!!!" She yelled, the alien pulled the plug out of her ass and Katrina licked it clean.

Now she was being double penetrated as she started chanting again even louder this time "I LOVE ALIEN COCK, I LOVE ALIEN COCK, I LOVE ALIEN COCK". The one alien shot his load into her ass, and had had enough. She was back to being fucked by one alien. "MOOOOO!!!!!" She cried out "MOOOO!!!!!

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IM YOUR SPACE COW SLUT MILK ME DRY AND FUCK ME RAW!!!!" She yelled as the alien shot his load in her pussy, "let me clean it off" she said anomalistically. She sucked his cock until there was no sign of pussy juice nor cum on it. She started panting (this took a lot out of her body) "keep me here forever, please I love it here" she begged, the alien thought about it and excepted. Now in the main engineering of the mother ship, is strapped Katrina.

They milk her tits everyday at every hour, they hooked a fueling vibrator to her pussy so that every time she has an orgasm the mother ship gets fuel. They feed her and take care of her and fuck her whenever they want, when shes due for an alien baby they deliver the baby but then hooks her back up to the machine. She now belonged to the aliens, she was there space cow cum slut.