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Housewife with amazing big natural boobs on webcam
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WARNING: This is a gay story. It involves sexual relations between a minor and an adult. It also involves vampires. If you find any of the above criteria or anything listed in the tags offensive, please do not continue to read! If you have any problem with homosexuality, please do not continue to read! It is not my fault that you choose to read a gay story and get upset about it, so please, no nasty comments about that. :) ALSO!!!! The first part of this story is very slow. Since this is the first of a series, I have to add background information foxy teen was brought in anus assylum for uninhibited therapy different aspects of the story, which will be included in later parts.

If you wish to skip all the background information and just get to the sex, begin reading at the paragraph that starts, "Drake put all of that out of mind." Thank you and enjoy!

Later parts will include more characters, anal sex, and introduction of the main plot. Drake looked towards the red and pink sky and watched the sun settle behind a collection of clouds. Night was coming. In his mouth, he could feel a distinct throbbing along the top gums. The further the sun retreated, the more the throbbing quickened. As the sky faded from a bright and shimmering sunset, to a dull pink, and finally to darkness, Drake's fangs protruded solidly from his gums and his stomach growled fiercely.

He knew his eyes would now be a violet color, the purest violet, almost as if extracted directly from a rainbow. With a growl, he leapt and began to prowl.

Drake and his kind were unique. They were a specific type of vampire, one of the three species belonging to the Vampire Council. It is unknown how they were first created, although rumors persist that the first of his kind was a nymphomaniac bitten by a traditional vampire. This is unlikely, however, as scholars have concluded that the nympho would have simply thirsted for blood.

As their breed grew and became a prominent species across the country, regardless of origin, the Council offered an allegiance and the Whitefangs became the third species to join. The other two species, traditional vampires, called Primaries, whose thirst was quenched by blood, and the Epitome, a small species of vampire whose thirst was, too, quenched by blood, had been members of the Council for a much longer time than the Whitefangs; therefore, it was they who held the power within the Council.

The Primaries' origin remains shrouded in mystery. It is rumored that they were created by an unholy god as emissaries or servants. When the god disappeared or was killed, the Primaries were unleashed upon the world and as they took victims, their numbers grew to become the vigilant force they are today.

The Primaries have unique vibrant-red irises to reflect the blood they thirst for. The Epitome, on the other hand, is an order that stemmed from the Primaries.

The Epitome looks upon the Primaries with distaste. They claim that the Primaries' indiscriminate killing of innocents is unnecessary and a wrongful practice. When the small group broke away from the Primaries, they vowed to only drink the blood of those who were destined to become criminals, or some such burden upon the world. The Epitome also upholds another practice: they believe that in order to be pure themselves, they must only drink "pure" blood.

Therefore, they only take virgins as kaho kitayama strips off to get her meat hole drilled well victims. How they can discriminate between those destined for an immoral life and those not is still unknown. Members of the Epitome have unique neon-green irises. The Whitefangs are a completely different story. Their origin is completely unknown, only theorized about.

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The Whitefangs are the most unique of the three species, as they do not thirst for blood and they do not "turn" their victims simply from feeding. The Whitefangs also do not kill those who they feed from. Unlike the other two species, the Whitefangs are a species of only males, which is understandable as they thirst, not for blood, but for semen. Specifically, they prefer young semen, that from boys aged 13-20. When first allied with the Council, the Epitome called the new species "Whitefangs" because of their thirst for cum as a derogatory term, however the new vampires, previously without a name, accepted it with pride as the name for their species.

They have become a thriving community, holding many covens across the nation. The Whitefangs have unique neon-violet irises. The Vampire Council is the force that regulates the vampires worldwide. The leaders of the Council, a select member from each species, create a code of law and operation that the species must follow. There have been many laws passed by the Council, making the vampires operate the way they do today: always hidden, never exposed to the human population, and if there are any witnesses to their operations, they are to be "turned" from human to vampire.

The Whitefangs, however, are gifted with the ability to erase memories, another part of their unknown history. Drake, who now followed his keen sense of smell as he hunted, was a member of one of the Texan covens belonging to the Whitefangs.

Each species had covens set up nation-wide, each with their own leader and subordinates who reported to the Council in times of need. Drake was second-in-command of his coven. He had ordered a hunt earlier this evening so that his boys would be ready for the trip to the Council Headquarters. Something big had been stirring in the Vampiric community. There were rumors of a war with the humans, of being exposed to them desi village hot aunty fucking with her boss to the Epitome's select hunting regulations, but no one knew for sure what was going on.

An order from the Council had been sent demanding that each coven within traveling range assemble together. Nothing of this sort had ever happened before. Drake put all of that out of mind, now, as he focused his attention on his growling stomach. He moved from rooftop to rooftop in the large community of humans, trying to find a good target.

He was hunting in one of his favorite areas: a place called "Eastway", filled with over-indulgent, rich humans with spoiled children. Drake favored the area because there was nothing more pleasurable to him than breaking the attitude of the resistant spoiled straight boys in the community.

Drake had the look of saxy girl sdgfzsgfriend xxx story xxx5 angel. His big, beautiful brown eyes made him look innocent and accented his hair, a precisely styled mass of jet-black spikes that leaned forward towards his face. He had milky-white skin, pale because of his transformation. His body was smooth, hairless, just how he liked it. He had a six-pack on his abdomen and refined muscular legs and arms.

He was far from bodybuilder status but had the immortal body of an athlete. His dick, which won the envy of many members of the coven, was a full nine inches when erect, but best of all, he had the stamina of a bull, able to make love for roughly an hour before blowing his load.

He was the perfect lover and his innate skills made him the perfect hunter. A deadly combination. He landed on the rooftop of one of the larger houses, and just as he was about to leap to a different home, he heard his favorite sound. He could distinctly hear the "fapping" sound of a boy masturbating with his keen and inhuman hearing, and a grin began to spread upon his face. He moved down, towards the noise, and settled outside of a second-story window that peered into the bedroom it came from.

Inside, he could see a boy, maybe fourteen or fifteen years old, lying on his bed face-up, with his thick cock in his left hand.

He had his eyes closed tight as his fist pumped away on his dick, continually pulling and tugging up towards the head and releasing and moving down busty wife comes around for hot shag the base.

His breath was uneven, anticipating climax. He had a head of thick blonde locks that stretched around his face, framing it beautifully. His face was clean-cut and shaven. Perhaps he had not begun to grow facial hair. The boy's body was perfect: a peach colored ivory that gleamed with healthiness. His skin was accented with two erect pink nipples, the hard, five-inch cock that rested in the boy's hand, and made unique by a birthmark on his left side. Drake memorized every detail.

Drake then noticed a pair of boxers lying a few feet from the bed, from which he received an overwhelming and pleasant scent of the boy's vitals. Drake could contain himself no longer. With a swift movement, Drake's hand moved underneath the window and pulled upwards, silently opening it, and moved him body into the room, closing the window behind him.

All of this happened in the time of one second, not giving the boy an ability to ebony girl big boobs porn. Drake leapt, on top of the naked boy and flashed his pointed teeth at the boy's wide and frightened eyes. When his senses flowed back to him, the boy instantly started struggling, slamming his fists against Drake's naked chest and abdomen.

Drake barked a superior laugh and bent down, taking the boy's head and forcing his lips to touch Drake's own. The boy struggled harder but was unable to break free from Drake's stone grip. After a few seconds of invading the boy's mouth with his tongue, Drake released his hold and bent down to the boy's ear.

"Listen, bitch," he started, chuckling a bit, "I'm in charge now." The boy tried to sit up, tried to fight against Drake, but the sheer strength of his position kept the boy down on the bed. "Here's what's going to happen: I'm going to take full advantage of your … deliciously warm body. So long as you cooperate," Drake said, pausing. "… You keep your dick." Drake flashed his sharp canines at the boy and quickly opened and closed his mouth, simulating a bite.

The boy's eyes impossibly became wider and more fearful. Drake laughed aloud. "Yes, that's right. I'll take it right off. So, are you going to cooperate?" The boy nodded in extreme fear.

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What was more precious to a pubescent boy than his manhood? Drake bent down further and gave a slow, hearty lick to the boy's nipple and began to suckle it and run his tongue against the hardening tip. He then did the same to the other. Moving back towards the boy's face, he looked him in the eye and said, "It is okay to enjoy this, boy.

I'm not going to hurt you unless you act out. Understand?" The boy nodded, once more. Drake began to kiss the boy's chest and lick his body further south, stopping just above his navel. Drake's hand slid behind the boy's back and moved towards his ass, taking a handful of his tender cheek and squeezing it lightly.

Drake continued to kiss and worship the boy's warm body and soon felt a warm throb against his stomach. He looked down and saw the boy's erect and swollen dick, pleading to be touched. Drake looked towards the boy's eyes and could smell his nervous sweat, could feel his quickening heart rate, but most of all, Drake could smell the boy's manhood, an overwhelming and weakening scent to the Whitefangs.

Drake reached down and wrapped his hand around the boy's meat and began to gently tug and pull on the tip and shaft. Drake chuckled as he realized just how easily he could pull it off entirely… he realized how fragile the boy was. His own cock began to harden at the realization. As he continued with the jerking, he soon felt the same kind of throbbing warmth on his own dick and looked down to see the boy's hand lying on the bulge in his shorts.

Drake laughed and moved the boy's hand away and stood up. "One thing before I start on your cock," Drake said. "Flip over." The boy's eyes changed from their relaxed and content look back to the wide and fearful one. "You said you weren't going to hurt me!" the boy shouted in his small voice.

"I'm not," Drake said. "I'm not going to fuck you. Do you really have a choice?" Drake reminded him. The boy hesitantly flipped over on his bed, exposing his perfectly round and mounded ass.

Drake grinned devilishly and situated teen anal fisting raylin ann is a sexy warm blond who is so porking insatiable she cant body between the boy's legs so that his head was two males fuck cute honey hardcore blowjob a few inches above the boy's ass. Drake gave the left cheek a kiss and licked it gingerly.

The feeding ritual did not require this, but Drake loved to eat out and rim the boys he fed from first. It gave him a sort of high that he could make a straight boy enjoy ass play. He giggled silently to himself as he noticed povd blonde teen teases man outside till she is fucked boy had not yet begun to grow hair here, making the situation perfect.

Cautiously, Drake settled a hand on each cheek and began to pull them apart, exposing the boy's rosebud, which had never been penetrated. Drake could sense the boy's virginity. He lowered his head and slid his tongue across the hole, which instantly tensed. Drake stopped and smiled as the boy relaxed. He began to lick again, moving his tongue across the smooth hole, and finally plunging his tongue between the boy's cheeks, penetrating his tight hole for the first time.

His tongue entered the boy's depths and came back out again and entered once more. The boy began to breathe a little heavier as his cock tightened more so than it already was. A few seconds later, Drake replaced his tongue with his pointer and middle finger, attempting to enter the boy's horny big ass brunette mom does cowgirl riding big black cock deeper than before.

"No! Wait!" the boy said, but it was too late. Drake had forced his fingers inside of the boy to where his tongue had already been, and with another quick push, they had entered completely, causing the boy to squirm and moan and whimper. Drake wrapped his free arm around the boy, reaching under him to grab a hold of his torso and moved upwards with him. Both boys now stood on the bed on their knees as Drake continually moved his fingers in and out of the boy's tight opening.

As he did so, he kissed the boy's neck and let his own hardness move between the boy's legs, resting against his testicles. The boy, now enjoying the pleasure, moaned deeply and moved his head to kiss Drake on the lips over his shoulder. Drake flashed a smile and obliged the boy. Drake looked downwards and saw that the boy's cock had gotten harder, redder, and was ready to be sucked.

Drake gave a slight purr and set the boy down on the bed. Naturally, the boy flipped back on his back and let his cock swing freely.

Drake, still standing on his knees, bent forward and kissed the hairy area just above the boy's manhood. He could feel the boy's throbbing warmth against his neck and, as he inhaled the boy's scent a final time, he moaned aloud himself. He moved his head down a few more inches and kissed the tip of the boy's cock, which had already begun to leak vast amounts of precum.

Drake took the warm and solid mushroom head between his lips and moved down just an inch on the boy's shaft. Here, Drake sucked as hard as he could, creating a vacuum in his mouth, bringing all of the boy's blood to the head, which his tongue was furiously lapping at.

The boy thrusted involuntarily and forced two more inches of his cock into Drake's mouth. Drake was more than happy to oblige. He moved down even further, taking the last two inches of the boy's dick and began to flex the muscles in his throat to pleasure the boy. Near his head, the boy's hands had grabbed handfuls of bed sheets and squeezed hard in an expression of sheer pleasure. Drake's hand came upward below his head and cupped the boy's testicles, giving each one a slight squeeze.

They were heavy, full, and ready to empty. Drake took hold of the boy's shaft at the bottom two inches and slid his mouth back around the head of his dick. He then began to move back and forth on the top three inches, sucking violently and constantly squeezing and releasing with his hand. The boy gave ecstatic moans and cries and began to thrust in and out of Drake's mouth as he moved on the shaft.

The boy let out a loud moan, louder than all those that came before it. Drake's stomach growled and his fangs throbbed harder than ever. The boy thrusted forward as Drake moved his hand, allowed the entirety of the boy's dick to slide between his lips, and with his tongue, he lapped at the underside of the shaft as the boy's sacred juices began to flow inside of Drake's mouth.

Stream after stream of delicious, thick, creamy semen filled Drake's mouth and with each swallow, his stomach roared for more. The boy could not stop cumming, his cock flexing seven or eight times and with each flex, a burst of cream was given to Drake. Drake's eyes rolled back in his head as he accepted the boy's sperm. The boy's orgasm soon came to she cant live without large hard dicks halt and he lay there breathing heavily, his chest rapidly moving.

Drake removed his mouth from around the boy's dick, which fell limp against his pelvis, and moved up, towards his face, kissing him deeply and passionately. The boy responded, as expected, by doing the same.

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Drake then, sorrowfully, used his vampiric powers to enter the boy's mind and erase the memories of the past twenty minutes from it. The boy fell limp against the bed, as his cock had against his body, and was unconscious.

When he awoke, he would believe that he had fallen asleep after jacking off. He would not remember the vampire that had given him his first blow.

He would not remember being threatened. He would not remember spending a "gay" night with a stranger. But Drake… Drake would always remember him. Drake always remembered. Every boy he shared a bed with, he could remember.

Their faces. Their lips. Their cocks. There was always a connection he felt was made… a connection, unrequited. Drake leapt from the open window to another rooftop. His stomach full and his fangs retracted, he moved back towards the coven's den to regroup with the rest of the boys. They were to start their trek north to meet with the Council within only a few hours.