Izzy champayne fucking her step brother pussy licking

Izzy champayne fucking her step brother pussy licking
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When the call first came in, Lieutenant Johnson was so caught up in his daydream he missed it completely. It was from "Here to Eternity" except Christine Miller and him rolled in the surf, completely naked. He could picture it now, her on all fours as he entered her from behind. Her flesh quivered with his every thrust, waves of flesh rolled over his fingers as he pulled her back onto his cock.

They screamed at each other, just to be heard over the crashing waves. Everything they did was in complete abandonment, it was pure and animal as they growled and howled beneath the full moon. Johnson thought that a man never really felt like a man until his woman, with his cock buried to the hilt inside her, screamed as loudly as she could that she was coming, coming because of him.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Christine said, "Will you hold your horses.

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This is Detective Miller, can I help you." The Lieutenant opened his eyes and saw Christine glaring at him. He shook his head, noticing she was at his desk, talking on his phone, hurriedly taking notes. "Talbert Dude Ranch, right. just east of the valley, okay I got it," she said. She held her finger to her lips as Johnson started to speak.

"Yes, we'll be there in, ah.

say twenty minutes." She hung up the phone and spoke, "You not taking calls Lieutenant?" "Oh, I'm sorry Christine, I must have drifted." "I hope it was good." "It was," he said, letting his eyes drip down her full body, "it was." "Well, we've got another orgy, this one at the Talbert Dude Ranch." "Near the valley?" "That's the one," she replied, "It was a convention of twins." "Twins?" "Twins. Just imagine a ranch full of mirrored images all engaged in all sorts of sordid activity." "Okay, round up Juan and Margret, they can follow us out there," he said, pausing at his desk so he would watch her ample ass roll through the door and up the corridor.

Adjusting his erection, he followed behind her. The two vehicles arrived at the dude ranch and Detective Estaria spent a moment talking to the uniformed officer at the scene.

The other three slowly began walking towards a cluster of buildings.

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Running to catch up, Detective Estaria said, "The uniform says they've got a lot of witnesses, a brother and sister are in building one there, they're kind of shaken up." "That's understandable," Detective Miller said, looking at the Lieutenant. "Okay, Christine, you go talk to the sister, I'll take the brother. Juan, you and Margret see if there were any pictures or videos that might have caught the ordeal." "Right Lieutenant," Margret replied, heading off towards the main entrance with Detective Estaria.

"Come on Christine, let's see what these two have to say." The twins were already separated, each one in a different room.

Lieutenant Johnson wished they were back at the station so he could watch Christine's interview through the double mirror and she could watch his. They'd just have to do it the old fashion way. Stepping into the room, Johnson saw the young man sitting at a table. Observing him for a moment, Johnson saw the man twitching nervously. There was a cup of coffee in front of him, but as the man tried to sip it, his hands trembled, spilling the hot liquid.

"Good morning, I'm Lieutenant Johnson, I'd like to ask you a few questions, if that's okay with you." "Oh, ah. sure." "I understand you had a unique experience this morning." Nodding, the man spoke, "It was horrible, I saw this strange flashing and suddenly Julie, was all over me, unbuttoning my shirt, grabbing my cock." "Now, Julie would be." "Would be my sister!

We're twins, but you probably guessed that.

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Damn, in no time she had my cock in her mouth, sucking on it hard. I couldn't help myself, I slipped my hand up her shorts and was pushing my fingers into her. In a few moments, we both were naked, hell, she practically tore my clothes off of me.

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Anyway, I was on my back, eating her pussy as she continued on my cock. "I've never done that before, eaten a woman I mean." "Were you a virgin?" "No, I have a girlfriend and we, well, I'm not a virgin." "Was your sister?" "I don't think so, at least she seemed pretty adept at sucking my cock." "Go on with your story." "Anyway, I pushed my tongue inside her, it tasted strange, a bit bitter, but good, damn.

she tasted good. It turned me on, my own sister!" he moaned, burying his face in his hands.

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"Did you ugh. did you." "Did I fuck her?" Johnson nodded.

"No thank god, only oral sex. Tasting her and feeling the way she moved over me, pushing her pussy hard onto my face turned me on so much that in no time, I felt myself coming, shooting my sperm into my sister's mouth, my own sister," he sobbed.

"Okay, okay, calm down. Look, this has happened before, you couldn't help it." "It's just that it was the best sexual experience I've ever had and it was with my sister. Damn, it was so much better than when I was with my girlfriend." "I promise you we'll get to the bottom of this, I am sure your sister is just as horrified as you were about this." "My god, 69 with my sister, and it was good, it felt so good," he said, putting his head down onto his folded arms and sobbing.