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Petite zoey is an expert cock rider pornstars and cumshots
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The Making of a God Prologue Soft moon shadows fell in through the lone window in the room. At first, I wondered where I was and why I was naked, then memory came crashing down. The men in suits.

They had taken me from my blankets last night. At gunpoint, to be sure, although they had appeared as scared as I was. Without allowing time to get dressed, they hauled me to the waiting van outside, where a man in a labcoat injected me with something, and I was out.

The next thing I remember was waking up here in this room, or rather being here in this room. Standing, I obviously hadn't been asleep. I slowly turned to survey the room. It was stark, with a wooden door, one window, a painting showing some long ago battle, a bookshelf with maybe half a dozen books, a plain carved writing table and simple chair, and.sitting in that chair was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Wearing a business suit, her red-gold hair spilled down her back with elegant curls.

She was slender and fit, with probably what I though would be C-cup breasts trying to press their way out of her blouse. Even her horn-rimmed glasses did nothing to diminish her beauty.

Fool, thinking about her breasts. This woman obviously just kidnapped you. "You were born to Command," she said, and the capital was plain. I just stood there looking at her. Whatever she wanted I wasn't going to give it to her. "Sit, and we'll talk." There was a comfortable looking chair behind me, with red velvet cushions, but instead I strode over to the bookshelf. Books on prophecy and history, it appeared.

"Command?" I said, playing for time. "What's that?" In a lecturing tone, she began, "Commanders are people with the ability to, well, command. It's an ability that allows us to control the human race. We speak, and they listen." "So am I to believe you're some kind of aliens?" I asked, striding back to the chair. It did look comfortable and I had only a couple hours sleep bangbros 30 min xxx 480 1080 xxx night.

Sitting, I continued, "And you are telling me, I suppose, that I'm an alien?" Her smile was.amused.

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"No, not aliens. We're human. At least we're born human. Then we transcend that. I guess you could say, we are their a manner of speaking. Most don't know we exist, most don't want to." The lecturing tone was back. "You see, we can tell someone to do something, and they will, or at least to the extent of their ability, try. Their mind, in order to preserve some iota of free will, erases the fact that you told them.

Oh, they still remember you speaking, but their sub-conscious mind will take the Command and implant it as if the thought came from them.

In other words, they will wholeheartedly believe that they had a choice, and they actually wanted to do whatever it was you told them to do." I didn't believe, but I wanted to.

"I guess I'm not.whatever it is you are, because I can think of a lot of times in my life, where I've been told 'No'. Can I go home now?" I regretted the last as soon as it was out, it sounded too diffident. This woman had KIDNAPPED me. "We're called Commanders, and we were born to lead the battle for humankind, what some call the Last War, or Final Battle.

Every 137 years, a child with the ability is born. It alternates, first a girl, then a boy. As for being told no, you wouldn't have been had you used your ability." Questions bubbled over in my head, and without thinking I spoke, "Not that I believe you, but use my ability?

How? What can Pornstars keiran lees th pussyspace and blowjob do with it? Can I tell someone to rob a bank?

I mean, are there rules?" Her eyebrow quirked, somehow she made it look both amused and sexy. "Command someone, not tell them. And yes, I suppose you could, but why would you want to? I mean, let's say your interested in a girl.

You want to take her out to a nice steak dinner to impress her. You could Command the valet to park your car, and he won't even expect a tip. Command the waiter, and either he'll pay for the dinner himself, or give it to you on the house. Or you could just forego all of that and Command the girl to have sex with you.

As for rules, no, we don't have rules.we're Gods. We can do as we wish. I can't explain how to use your ability, but you should have learned to already. Your voice will deepen, grow cold. Your eyes hard and commanding.

And you will know, in the back of your mind, that you will be obeyed." Enough of this, this woman was beautiful, but very delusional. Time to call her bluff. "Oh yeah?" I sneered. I lowered my voice and looked her straight in the eye.

"Take your clothes off." She laughed. "It doesn't work like that," she said rising and beginning to unbutton her blouse. "I said you were born to Command, not Lead. Other Commanders are immune to your powers and you to theirs." She dropped her blouse unceremoniously to the floor revealing a black lacy bra, and began unzipping her pinstripe skirt with zipper running up her left thigh. "A Leader will be born to us before the Last War, but even our brightest and best scholars and historians place that event, oh, about 3000 years in the future." Her skirt fell to her ankles revealing a matching set of black lacy panties.

She continued speaking japanese movie with riku san though she was unaware of standing in only her bra and panties as her hands went behind her back to unhook her bra. "The ability manifests itself when the person reaches their 19th birthday, and by the 21st birthday is perfectly honed.

At that point, the aging process stops. We're still mortal, we can still be killed. We'll die from a bullet wound, a knife, suffocate, drown, etc. But we'll never grow old and die." She bent to remove her panties, but I was already lost in thought. Remembering 2 years ago. Chapter 1 It Emerges I had just turned 19. I was of average height and build, with an average face. I got average grades in school. The best that could be said of me, was that I was average. My parents were partiers, somehow never escaping their wildness of youth, and most of the time they didn't care what me or my younger sister was up to.

She was 14 and would vanish for days at a time without raising comment. For that matter, I did too. But they kept up with the bills, and food on the table, so all in all it wasn't a bad life. I still lived at home with no job (it was a comfortable life), yet I was up as always by 6:00 am. I dressed in my running shorts and t-shirt and sat down to eat breakfast.

Today may be my birthday, but I doubted anyone would notice. Today, to me, was just another day. I hated running, I hated anything that reeked of exercise, yet I went every morning. About halfway through breakfast, the expected knock came at the back door.

"Come in, Sarah." I called. She was 18, blonde, slim and just about the hottest girl in school. I'd known her since I was 16, and she was 15 and already head cheerleader. Why did she hang out with me? Because I lived next door and I went running with her. "You're early. Breakfast?" She just giggled.

"Early? I'm here at the same time I always am, and I can't eat before running. You know that. I don't know how you don't get cramps." "Same time," I agreed, eyeing her up and down. "And you're always early. Are you planning on running in that?" She wore a pair of jeans I was sure she painted on, a white tank-top that fit her form so tightly that it accentuated her breasts making her B-cup look almost masseur fuck hard sexy busty girl clip be a C.

She usually wore spandex pants and a t-shirt, yet still managed to look sexy while doing it. "Running? No, not today." I almost spit my cereal out in surprise. She never missed a day of running. Never. "It's your birthday," she said smiling. "And I got you a present." "I hoped you hadn't noticed," I said dejectedly.

"I don't want a present." "You want this one," she giggled. I held out my hand, sighing. "Well? Where is it?" I really didn't want a present. "I left it at my house. It's too big for me to carry it." She blushed. God she was beautiful.

I wasn't a virgin, I'd had my share of girls. Average girls, usually the larger, homely ones who couldn't get better. But I knew I didn't stand a chance with Sarah. She was head cheerleader and only dated jocks. In no particular hurry, I finished my breakfast and rose. Taking me by the hand she led me out the door and over to her house. As we walked in, Bruce, her father, was idly lounging on the couch already beer in hand. When his wife died he turned alcoholic and was never far from a beer.

Although he never seemed drunk, ironically. He eyed me up and down and then turned to his daughter. "Not running today, princess?" He had 2 daughters, although Sarah's sister was away at college. The money he got from his wife's death was enough to support the family without having to work.

"Just going to my room to give Mat his birthday present, daddy." He grunted. The rule of not having a boy in her room did not extend to me. She was out of my league and he knew it. Her room looked like it always did, tidily kept with a vanity and mirror, a pink four-poster bed and stuffed animals galore. I walked to the closet, opening the door, looking for something large enough to be called a present.

This was nothing out of the ordinary, we often hung out in her room. Usually talking the day or night away about some football player that had broken her heart, or some such. I felt a tingle in the back of my head, and shook my head to clear it. "Well? Where is it?" I asked, wondering why I suddenly felt so strange. My head was cloudy. "Right there," she said. I turned and saw her pointing at her bed. I walked past her over to the bed, and laid my hand on it. "This?" I said incredulously.

"What would I want with a girly bed?" A joke. Japan blowjob hd charlotte cross gets the plumber to neat her pipes should have known she was joking about getting me a present. I put on a mock angry expression and turned to face her as Getting lucky with his hot female client spoke, "I have a bed and." I trailed off as I realized she was standing there butt-naked.

On a scale of one to ten, she was easily a ten. I should have turned away, but I couldn't. My head was so foggy, I couldn't even think straight and there she stood in all her glory, her hands at her side and wearing nothing but a wicked smile. What was I thinking? "Not the bed, Mat. Me, on the twistys daisy lynn starring at rack of dece She winked.

I should have turned and left. Can't concentrate. "Wha.?" I began as she stepped forward and kissed me. Quite thoroughly. Automatically, my arms encircled her and I pulled her closer to me. Running my hands up and down her back, I slid them around her body. The next thing I knew I had one hand on her perfect breast, and the other between her legs.

She was so wet. She wasn't shaved, all the other girls I had ever been with were shaved, but she was trimmed, a tiny strip of hair that I found so erotic. What are you doing? This can't be happening? You're dreaming, you're imagining it. If she even knew you thought of her like this, she'd kill you. Her father would kill you. The tingle grew stronger as she pushed me away just far enough to remove my shirt.

I couldn't stop her, I didn't want to stop her. In nothing flat, she had me standing there baring as much to the world as she was, and staring at my rock-hard cock.

At 7 and a half inches, just like the rest of me, it was average. "Happy birthday," she crooned in a breathless voice. My instinct was, if you're going to do this, do it. Take her, lay her on the bed and have your way with her. I couldn't move my arms. I wanted to reach out and touch her, to kiss her. The tingle was so strong, my head so cloudy. Almost of their own accord my hands grabbed her shoulders and spun her away from me. Placing a hand on each hip, I guided her to her door and out into the hallway.

"You must be mad," I told myself. "If you want to kill yourself, there are easier ways than getting Bruce to do it for you." I tried to turn her around and take her back to her room, but it was like being a passenger in my own body. I could see, smell, taste, and feel, but not control. As we walked down the hallway, she was hesitant yet never tried to turn back. "It's your birthday," she said half to herself and let herself be prodded into the living room.

Leaning up against the arm of the couch staring at the T.V. we were halfway across the living room before Bruce noticed us.

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I quickly closed the distance, reached down and lifted Sarah's leg, placing her foot next to her father on his other side, effectively trapping him.

"What are you doing?" he roared. My voice grew cold. "I'm fucking your daughter," I said. "And you're going to watch." The beer can crumbled in his hand, sloshing beer over his clenched fist, but other than moving his eyes down to his little girls very wet waiting pussy, he didn't make a move. And he said not another word. The tingle, if possible, grew in intensity. I wanted to run. Apologize and leave, and hope he didn't kill me too painfully.

Instead, my hand slid over to Sarah's inner thigh and up to her waiting mound.

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Her thighs were so soft, so milky. And her vagina so wet. This was turning her on. I slowly massaged her clit bringing moans and sighs. As I continued rubbing, my other hand came around her to cup her breast. Taking her nipple and rolling it in my fingers, I increased the speed on her womanhood. Sarah took to biting her lower lip to keep from screaming.

I felt her begin to shudder and knew she was close to cumming. I could hold back no longer. With my hand already in place between her legs, I slipped my cock between her legs and using my fingers, guided myself into her. As I did, I looked Bruce right in the eye, "Im stickin my dick in your daughter." Slowly I began stroking in and out of her, enjoying the feel of her.

As soon as I entered, her body convulsed, every muscle tightening. Her orgasm. She moaned loudly, biting down harder on her lip. Bruce looked appalled, but he never turned away. This time, I emphasized certain words, timing them with my thrusts. "I'm STICK-ing my DICK in YOUR daughter." With every stroke, I inched deeper inside of her.

Suddenly, I felt a pop. There was no other way to describe it. I looked down over her shoulder, and saw blood dripping from between her legs onto her father's lap. Virgin blood. I was her first. I was so startled, I was sure she was fucking every guy in school, that I almost lost my erection.

She was so beautiful, so innocent. She deserved better for her first time. I should take her back to her room and romantically make love to her. "Do you want to go back to your room and finish in private?" I whispered. "Yes.please.oh, God.I want.unghhh.not in front of." Ruthlessly, I picked up speed, pounding myself into her harder and harder. I could hear the slapping sound of my hips on her ass every time I rammed myself into her.

"Take it, slut," I said, my voice cold and distant. To Bruce, my voice took on a taunting tone as I began to chant, "I'm stickin' my dick in your daughter. I'm stickin' my dick in your daughter. I'm stickin' my dick in your daughter. I'm pounding your princess' pussy." My head was cloudy, but I couldn't help myself. "Look at your daughter's naked flesh, and then look at the throbbing cock she's got between her legs. Look how easily she went from daddy's little angel to my little slut." "Oh.My.God." she screamed as the second orgasm took her.

I no longer cared about the rage painting Bruce's face. Sarah was all. I was lost in the thrusts, in the way she made me feel. The tingle was trying to burn it's way out of my head.

"I can't hold back, I need to explode," I said, straining. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to pull out in time. "I.unghh.don't have any.ooooh.birth control.ungh.," she mangaed to get out between ragged breaths. The next part took all the bisexual couple and friend by eldoctorlecter tube porn of will I had left.

I was lost in the tingling. I quickly pulled out of Sarah, laid her on her back the couch, placed her head in her father's lap and re-entered her hard. I thrust in and out of her with all the strength I had in me, jarring Bruce with each jolt. strokes. On the 7th stroke, I came harder than I ever had in my life.

I rammed into her hard, trying to bury as much of myself into that wonderful pussy as I could as I pumped squirt after glorious squirt into her tight, wet pussy. As we finished, I stood helping her to her feet.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, I said to Bruce, "Now she's mine, and I plan and doing this a lot more." "Over my dead body," he sneered. "Once was all your going to get, and count yourself lucky. I don't know why I let you have her the first time, but." I cut him off, my voice growing cold, "When I'm here, you will not only let me have her, you will watch.

From now on, when I get horny, you will keep your eyes locked on your daughter from the first time I touch her until I spill my seed into her belly. You sexy milf carmen valentina makes a bible thumper cum watch me fuck her EVERY time I fuck her." Bruce only nodded.

Suddenly, I was brought out of my reverie by the woman who had been speaking. She was standing right in front of me, as naked as a jaybird, and that combined with the memory had made me rock hard. "What?" I asked startled. She repeated herself, "The Leader will raise us an army to fight his offspring. Prophecy states that the first time his power manifests itself, a girl will wind up pregnant. He won't know, of course. She'll hide the pregnancy, but that child will rane revere sandi jackmon fuck white guy all of the Leaders powers and grow into a monster of sorts.

It's the Leaders job to not only lead the male Commanders in the fight, but to breed the female ones to raise the army capable of defeating this monster." Breed. I liked the sound of that. Besides, I was already horny as hell and this girl was HOT! I made my voice hard and low. "Ride," I said. As she swung her leg over mine to straddle me, she smiled and said, "I told you, it doesn't work like that." And with that, she began to ride.