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Big booty twerk vine comp tube porn
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I don't know how to start telling my own story. I thought a lot and thankful to my mom that she supported me a lot for put forward my legs so that it may be inspirational for incest lovers. I know it's a huge problem for incest seekers to go for telling their own story and publishing it in front of others.

But my mom is really goddess for me who guides me in every situation. This is story of a real caring mom to turning his own son's wife.

Some of you will be surprise on my words but in life everyone has to passes through various phases and situations propelled you to mould your thoughts. My name is Harry, I am 24 year old studying and doing part-time job. I am 5'7'' tall nice looking guy, but it doesn't matter a lot because I am always sweet to my wild ride by a marvelous ebon hardcore and blowjob. She even told me that I am the sweetest boy of this universe.

It is all about me, but here I am not all about sharing me, its all about my sweet, lovely mom. I live with my mom. Dad was died when I was 18 year old.

He was died due to carcinoma. Since then me and mom lives together and we both care each others a lot. My mom's name in Linda.

She is 45 year old 5'2'' tall having 120 lbs of weight. She works as nurse in government hospital. At this age she still looks younger and in this her height plays an important role. Her job made her mentally tough and she always tries to tell how to counter various unhappier situations. She is really great faculty for me. Now I am going to discuss abut what all you want to know. I fall in love with mom when I was 14 year old. That time I was in secondary school. I just want to tell you one thing I am ass freak.

I like to stare huge and bumpy asses.

Mom's figure is 38D-32-45. She has natural beauty.

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She has awesome assets but her ass differentiate from other ladies and gives her unbeatable edge over others. She used to wear 36d brassier and always keeps trim hairs on pussy.

Sometimes I told her to keep pussy clean shaved or clean vexed but she never did it and teased me by saying.

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''Honey if you wanted shaved pussy lady then you have to marry other girl. This mom is not going to shave her pussy at any cost.'' I like two beauties are gangbanged groupsex and porn teasing quotes and never insisted to go for shaving her pussy hairs.

I saw her many times doing sex with dad. They both were passionate about sex. I like mom's creativity, innovativeness, tolerance and adjustability. She always get ready for adopting new techniques whether it was with dad in past or with me in at present. Sometimes I saw her in huge pain but great satisfaction while getting anal fuck with dad.

She never denied dad's demand. I respect Linda a lot because she still shows huge respect for dad in despite of all these facts that now she is in sex with me. Once I asked 'Mom, whom you love more: me or dad.?' Without any hesitation she replied "I love your dad most, because he gave me YOU''. I really surprised to hear because she was very diplomatic and it shows her sense of humor.

I fall in love with her when I saw her ass first time. It was summer and I was 14 years old. Renovation was going at our home and I was shifted to second floor.

Mom's bedroom was on first floor. At first floor there are big drawing hall, kitchen, and two other bedrooms. It was about 2 am at night I got awake. My room's air conditioner was still not installed. I got downstairs for water from refrigerator and saw still lights are on in mom's bedroom. I just took water bottle from fridge and turned back to go upstairs.

Mom's bedroom door was closed but still window was not fited. But a curtain was suspended on the window. I don't know why but turned back and came closer to window and slowly slided the curtain. I was shocked as well as amazed to see sight inside the room. Both dad and mom lied on their abdomen. Dad was doing some official work on computer and mom's night goun was over her waist.

Her bare ass cheeks were protruding towards me saying "come and eat me". It was first ever I saw any woman nude. My shaft started making tent inside caprie. Mom's ass lining is 7 inches long and that time it was clearly differentiating both ass cheeks from each other.

Mom also separated her thighs by manageable distance so that hem of both cheeks was not touching each other. I started feeling tense in my whole body but decided to stay and watch all further proceedings. I was careful too because there might be possibility to caught by either dad or mom. So I slightly adjusted curtain in such a way so that they don't know about me.

Mom was teasing dad by rubbing her shoulder sometimes and sometimes by rubbing his ass over trouser. Dad was wearing vest and long trouser. It seems that mom was getting horny and wanted sex with dad but still dad had to finishes some important works.

While doing all this mom sat nearer dad and start removing his trouser. Dad was saying ''Honey what are you doing, wait for some more time, I am about to complete my assignment after that we will go for nice love''. But mom was in her mood. She replied "Do your work baby; I am not going to tell anything". And she removed his trouser. Now dad's ass was also nude. After that mom sat on her ass and bent on his shoulder and she started whispering something in his ears. While she was whispering she started rubbing dad's ass cheeks by her ass cheeks.

This was nice sight seeing mom all these stuff with dad. I am getting hard and start feeling my scrotum feel with hot juice. I never imagined that mom can do such things with dad. I heard many things from my friends that couples do this and this, but tonight I was seeing in real with my parents.

Now dad log out his laptop, keep it on table turned towards mom and lied her on back and kept her legs on her abdomen and start rubbing her boobs over gown and asked "So baby tonight you want sex where". Mom fetched his face on her lips and they both start smooching each others lips. I think mom tina lee takes bbc in her ass in hurry, she removed his vest.

Till the time dad adjusted himself top on mom, now mom hooked her legs around his waist and start squeezing his ass cheeks. Her chocolate nail polished long nails were pressing deeply dad's ass cheeks.

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It seemed that mom was hungry for sex for centuries. Now I got finished but still showing interest in seeing all this. That night I masturbated 4 times and this was the night which starts inducing me toward my mom. In next morning when mom was serving breakfast to me as well as dad, they both are behaving as usual.

As usual dad asked me about my study and mom and cooking. It didn't seem that they both are same person who are talking sunny leone xxxii hard story and dirty to each other and talking so gently with me now. I came to know that every person plays dual or more than two roles and they behave accordingly. But now I started staring mom's pound, shaky, huge bulging ass whenever I got chance. Her ass cheeks looks dancing up and down in nighty, gown, and skirts.

So reader I have long series to go. It is my first story and give your suggestions too. It will help me to present better story next time. All suggestions are welcome. Soon I will come with next chapter.