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Busty brunette teen riding old guy cock in kitchen young old hardcore
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I could tell that Greta wasn't happy, even though she really didn't say anything. Dad and I both ate two big, heaping-helpings of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, and he also gave me my first full cup of coffee, rather than letting me have little sips of his. After Dad had sent Greta downstairs to clean-up, he said to me, "Maybe you should let your girl rest for the afternoon.

Now, remember, they're yours and you can do whatever you want, but after all you've done to her last night and this morning, I'll bet that girl's got one sore, little pussy. Besides, I'll bet you're itching to have some real fun with your boy." As we were walking downstairs, Dad asked me if I wanted him to stay with me and Joe, but added, "I gave him a good talking-to this morning before you woke-up, and I don't think he'll be any trouble.

Just make sure that you don't back down. From anything. If you tell him something and he doesn't do it, you need to make him do it. I don't care how, but you can never back-down. And if it comes right down to it, call me. I'll bet that just the threat of calling me will make him break." I told Dad that I would like to try being alone with my boy, but asked, just to make sure, if pressing zero-zero-zero into the keypad would still bring him.

He chuckled and said it would, "I'll be right in the next room, I've mom shower masturbation hidden cherie deville in impregnated by my stepcronys son trying for two months to get Tina pregnant and I'm sure another couple loads up her cunt can't hurt the effort." Greta was just leaving Joe's room when Dad and I got there.

The housekeeper gave Dad an evil look, but Dad calmly said, "Thank you, Greta, you can see to the girl now." Then, with a wink that I saw, but the housekeeper didn't, he added, "And make sure that you clean-up the piss all over the floor. We don't need it to start stinking down here." The door closed behind me and clicked.

Joe was laying on the bed with his back to me. I could see his butthole, the hole I'd fucked the night before, and I also noticed that his butt-cheeks seemed quite red.

I wasn't sure if he knew I was there or not, but then he looked up at me. He wasn't crying anymore, but his eyes were still quite puffy. "Hi," I said, not knowing what else to say. "Hi," he responded, and then rolled a bit, so that his bottom was pointing away from me. But now, I could see his shriveled little dick.

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Like I said, Joe seemed to have a bit more pubic hair than me, which I thought was a bit strange, seeing as I was a year older than he was. But, my dick was bigger, even soft.

Although, after seeing his dick hard the night before, I knew that mine was still bigger. Although Joe's dick was bigger than the only one I'd ever actually touched before, Billy's. And after sucking on Billy's little dick a couple times, I was wondering what it would be like to suck on something bigger. Actually, if I'm being completely honest here, I really wanted a taste of my dad's huge cock. Although, if I had to settle with sucking on Joe's, well, so be it.

But, before I was able to work-up the nerve to tell my boy what I wanted, he blurted-out, "Are you going to hurt me again?" I didn't know what to say.

My thoughts flew back to the last thing I remembered before falling asleep the night before. Marie, Joe's twin-sister, saying to me, "I love you, Adam. College rules check out our butts when it hurts." My dick throbbed. I'd felt bad about hurting Marie. But it felt so good.

And when I knew that I was hurting Joe, well, I think it turned me on even more to hear his screams, as I forcefully sodomized him the night before. And the first thing to pop into my head, I said; "Suck my dick." Joe's eyes went wide and he looked at me a moment, then my boy crawled over to me and, opening his mouth, he did.

It felt good. Better than when Billy had done it. And I remembered something my father had said to me the night before, ".but you'll surely figure it out here in a few months, getting sucked isn't the same as fucking." So, while I thought about it a moment, I felt my boy's mouth on my dick.

But just thinking about fucking him again and feeling his hot, wet, slurping mouth, I was starting to get close. I grabbed Joe by the head, wrapping my fingers in his hair like Dad had done, and started to fuck his mouth. I thought about Dad, earlier, when he'd stuck his dick deep inside Joe's mouth and pissed right down his throat. So, that's where I put my dick. I felt him cough or gag, but I held him firm. I could feel his tongue and lower-lip along the bottom of my dick and even on my balls.

His teeth scratched the top of my dick a bit, but I remember thinking that it couldn't hurt as much as having a dick shoved down your throat. But topping it all off, was the way the head of my dick was being squashed, over and over. It felt unbelievable. And the longer I left it in there, the better it felt. So much better. Then Joe started to hit me. His face was tight against my belly, my dick as deep as I could get it down his throat, and suddenly, his fists started pounding my hips and lower abdomen.

The second I remembered the night before, my dad telling me that he'd pulled Joe off my dick just before he passed-out, I pulled my dick out of my boy's throat. He sucked-in a deep breath and tried to pull away from me. But I was so close to shooting my load, there wasn't any way I was going to let that hot, wet mouth move away.

I tightened my fists in his hair, his fists still hitting me, though not so hard now that he'd gotten a breath. When he started to take his second breath, I started to put my dick back into his mouth.

Just before I got it there, he slammed his mouth shut and, with my dickhead pressing at his lips, he finished inhaling through his nose. "Open it," I said; wanting to feel the intensity of his constricting throat again and feeling the extreme urge to come. His big booty latina pounded out by hot big cock college jock didn't move much, but I could feel him shaking it back and forth.

"Open up!" I said, trying to sound more confident than I felt. In the back of my head I heard my father telling me, ".don't back down. From anything. If you tell him something, and he doesn't do it, you need to make him do it.

I don't care how you make him, but you can never back-down. Don't show him any mercy. If you show him any weakness, he'll never learn." And while I didn't understand it in the same terms that I do today, I'd just gotten into my first power-struggle with my new boy.

I couldn't back down, yet, I didn't know how to make him do it. I stood there a bit, getting madder and madder, wishing Joe would just open his mouth. I even thought to myself, 'just open, and I won't stick it in so deep,' but I stopped myself from actually saying it. I was pushing my dick at his lips, sometimes bouncing it off his nose, or cheek, and even a couple times, I poked him in the eye with it.

He was panting through his nose and occasionally making a closed-mouth coughing sound. There were tears were streaming from his clenched-eyes. I hated to see him like this. "Suck it, Bitch! Suck it now!" I didn't have to try and make my voice sound mean, I was so mad I didn't have to. His head shook again. Now I was getting pissed-off. But I still wasn't sure what to do.

He was hitting me a bit harder again, but I didn't let-go of his head. In fact, the harder he hit me, the more I tightened my fists and pulled his hair. I was just about to snap. I was full of anger and lust, frustration and desire. It was only a second after I felt the first pops of hairs being pulled from his scalp.

I guess I squeezed my fists just a little too tight, although I got what I wanted. I'd just pulled my dick back from his face (or, maybe I pulled his face away from my dick), when I felt his hair coming out in my fingers.

Only then did Joe finally open his mouth. The cry he let-out lasted only a fraction of a second before my dick was deep in his mouth again, pressing against the back of his throat. I pushed my hips and pulled his head and I was once again getting my dickhead massaged by my boy's throat. I didn't realize how close I was. I started to shoot. He started to struggle, which made it feel even better and I had another pissing-orgasm, my cum spraying right down Joe's throat.

Just like my father's piss had earlier. He'd stopped hitting me and his hands were clenched on my thighs, digging into my flesh, which did hurt, although for some reason I think it made me come even harder. And when he really started to thrash, I finally pulled my dick from his mouth, but didn't release his head, keeping him right in front of me.

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The moment my dick was out of his mouth he let-out a huge cough, pelting my torso with a big, gooey wad of his saliva and my cum. His second cough covered my dick and plastered the slight amount of pubic-hair I had at the time. I let him take a couple breaths, and then irresistible babes love to get drilled hard his head so that I could look into his face. Seeing him there, on his knees before me, his face covered in a gooey mixture, primarily consisting of my cum, tears flowing from his puffy, though still beautiful blue eyes, I felt like I wanted to lean down and kiss him.

That's when I saw that Joe's dick was hard and at first, I wasn't quite sure why I thought it was odd. Then, realizing what I'd just done to the boy, for all intents and purposes I'd just raped his mouth; I couldn't believe that he was hard. I remember wondering if I'd get hard from having a dick force-fed to me.

But, before I had much time to think about it, I was nearly scared out of my skin by my dad's voice. "Adam, I am so proud of you, son." I turned and my father was standing there, a huge grin on his face and he was still naked and still hard. Somehow he'd gotten into the room and closed the door behind him, and I never knew he was there. I felt Joe's body jerk too, when Dad first spoke, then he started to shiver and sink-down. I loosened my fists, releasing his hair, hot babe adria appreciates pussy fingering with chloe my boy crumbled to a sobbing, coughing heap at my feet.

"You made your boy do what you wanted. You didn't back down. And you didn't show that little bitch any mercy. Way to go, Adam." I think I mumbled something like, "Uh, thanks, Dad." "So now, son," Dad said, as the grin left his face and he looked down at the crying boy at my feet, "your boy needs to be punished." I looked down at Joe.

By the way his body was trembling; I could tell that he was crying even harder. I did feel bad for him. If he'd only done what I told him.

When I'd punished him the night before, Dad held him down and I fucked him. My dick was still mostly hard, even after shooting my load down Joe's throat, but the thought of fucking my boy's butt again got me fully hard in seconds. "Should I fuck him again, Dad?" "If that's how you want to punish him.

Or, you could spank him, like I did this morning. Or you could use a belt, or a whip to give him a few good lashes." Dad went on for a bit, giving me all sorts of ideas for punishing my boy. Close-pins pinched all over his body. Dripping hot candle-wax on him.

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Tying him down and poking him with a hot curling-iron. "And this one time, I had this boy who seemed impossible to break, I tried everything I could think of, but I think he liked it all. Sometimes, I'd be beating his ass raw, and he'd get a big ol' boner. So one day, I chained him down, and shoved my whole hand up his ass.

My god, you'd have thought that I was killing the boy. He howled like crazy. But he only disobeyed me two more times, and both times he got my fist in his ass again." I could actually hear Joe's sobs now. He was quaking at my feet and I could feel my toes being encompassed by the slowly expanding puddle of his tears. That was the moment when it really sank-in. I realized the situation for what it really was. The weeping boy at my feet was mine.

Mine. My pet. And I wasn't exactly sure how I felt about that. I mean, I knew that it wasn't right. But. Well, Joe and his twin, Marie were my birthday presents. Presents from my dad.

And he had a girl of his own, several maybe, and boys too. And I was a man now. I'd fucked my boy once, and I wanted to do it again. "I want to fuck him, Dad," I said, looking up at him, from the quivering heap at my feet. "Don't tell me, son, do it. Tell your pet what you want him to do," I looked down and Joe was shaking ever harder, his sobs slowly getting louder. And very softly, under the sobs could hear his chants of, ".no, no, no, no." I remember feeling myself start to shake, and suddenly feeling cold.

I closed my eyes and stretched, my head back and arms out, as I took a deep breath. I relaxed and exhaled, my chin falling to my chest, my arms to my side. I opened my eyes and realized that my dick had gone halfway soft. But I'd worked up my nerve and I wasn't going to stop now. "Joe," I said, amazing ending of a hot fuck smalltits groupsex mean, but I wasn't nice about it either, "I want you to get up and bend over that bed and I'm going to fuck you." I gave it just a second, before giving my boy his second choice, "otherwise I'm going to have my dad help me tie you down to that bed, and I'm going to stick my whole hand up your butt." His body quaked and I heard one, "No!" over his sobs.

But he started to move. He moved slowly, but it wasn't far to the bed and by the time he got there, my dick was rock-hard again. And when he got there, he just stopped moving again, other than the quivering. "Now get up and lay down, so that your butt's hanging off the edge," I said, trying to put a little force to my voice.

In the all-male porno-magazine Dad had given me, there was a scene, maybe a dozen photos, of a particular couple. One guy was young and dark, much like Joe, I realized. The other guy was bigger, a bit older, and blond, like me. And, among other things, the big blond guy fucked the dark-haired kid, bent over a bed like that. And that was how I wanted to fuck my boy. I was surprised when he pulled himself and laid his upper-body on the bed.

I'm sure I had a goofy look on my face when I looked back to my dad. He smiled and then beaconed to me. When I got to him, he whispered in my ear, "Tell him to stay, not to move a muscle," then he turned and started entering his code into the keypad.

I said, "Joe, don't move, stay right where you are, we'll be right back." Dad opened the door and took me out into the hallway, then closed the door behind us. "Adam," dad said and I was struck-odd that there I was, in a secret tunnel talking to my dad, and we were both naked.

"This morning, I had a little talk with your boy, in there. And I also spanked his little ass good and hard." I remembered noticing how red his butt-cheeks were earlier. "And I told him that if he didn't do exactly as you said that you would beat him even worse. So, at the least, I need you to go in there and spank him until your own hand hurts, or, if you look in the top drawer of the bureau, you'll find some paddles and things that you could use." I don't know what my father saw in my face, but when he continued his voice was a bit softer and I could tell that he was serious about making me understand.

"That boy in there belongs to you Adam. And you have to be the one to break him. I'll do what I can, but from now on, it's all up to you. I shouldn't have put him over my knee this morning and from now on, I won't touch him without your permission." Dad's last phrase echoed in my mind. "He's yours now, they're both yours. She's gonna be easy for you to." Now, I knew my father's mind was drifting. I could tell by the look in his eyes. Then he looked up and down the corridor, like he was looking for someone to walk by.

Now, seeing as we were standing there naked and considering everything that conquering beautys soaked fuck aperture hardcore and blowjob happened down in the tunnel, I was becoming a little frightened. This is the last chapter I've written in this series, though I have big plans for it, including a trip to the 'cabin' up-north, with the pets of course, so Adam can meet the rest of the clan.

I'll try to get writing as soon as I can. I'm also planning on posting a few more stories I've already written, so keep your eye out.

As always, thanks for reading! I love all your encouraging comments and I promise to respond to all PMs. --RogueRambler