Stripping off and fucking on cam hardcore reality

Stripping off and fucking on cam hardcore reality
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This is part two of "Hot for Uncle." If you haven't read part 1, I suggest you do that before reading this. If this kinda thing doesn't excite you, stop now. No mean comments, please! I'm hard enough on myself as it is. Enjoy!

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I awoke the next morning with a raging hard-on. I had steamy dreams about my sex-capade with my uncle all night, and was aching to do it again. I sat up and admired his sleeping form. He lay spreadeagle on the bed, with his left arm behind his head and a look of pure innocence and contentment on his face. He was completely naked save for a pair of tube socks, his fuzzy body begging, urging me to touch it.

I ran my hand along his hairy chest anf armpit, admiring his furry pelt and his large, pink nipples. The sight of his massive pecs moving ever so slightly as he slept made my cock even harder. I lightly kissed his left nipple, taking it in my mouth and massaging it with my tongue. He groaned softly in his sleep as I bit down on his teat, but did not awaken. As I licked his nipple, I rubbed his firm abs as I made my way towards his colossal fuckstick. When I reached it, it was fully erect and a diamond of precum was oozing out of his piss-slit.

He twitched as I took it in my hand. I gently fondled his cock, teasing him. He opened his big blue eyes and smiled at me, making my heart jump in my chest. "Good morning," he said with a sweet, sleepy smile. "Morning, Uncle Geoff," I replied with a sexy grin, "did you have a nice rest?" "Yeah, he replied, "but this is much better." I continued to play with his dick, slowly rubbing the tips of my fingers up and down his shaft.

His eyes scrunched up and he threw his head back. "Ooh, stop teasing me, baby," he groaned, "jerk me off!" I took his 12 inch member in my hand and began to jerk him off with wild abandon. His mouth hung open and he growled deeply as I picked up speed. "Oh, sanny lione sex muh me yeah, baby!

Jerk my cock!" His cries aroused me even more, and I began to jack my own cock as I whacked him off at a maddening pace. His screams of delight grew louder and louder as I ran my free hand along his body. No orifice was safe from my roaming fingers. My probing fingers penetrated his asshole and he went wild.

His screams of lust shook the whole house, and I feared the whole county could hear our guttural moans of pleasure. "Oh fuck me. . yeah. . FUCK my horse cock!" he cried as he neared climax. "Mother-fucker, you make me feel so good! C'mon, work the shaft! YEAH! Cup the balls!" I was so excited, I jerked his throbbing cock at a blinding pace. "Oh, I'm cumming," he cried, grippin both sides of the bed, "I'm cumming! "I'm cumming!

Holy FUCK!!! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" And with that, he shot his hot load all over his chest and stomach, coating his upper body with his manly cream. I continued to jerk him off as I licked his sperm off his stomach, pecs, and armpits, savouring the taste of his hot cum and salty sweat. After a few seconds, Uncle Hot cuties are fucking a friend regained his breath.

"Wow," he gasped, his chest heaving, "that was by far, the best handjob I've ever gotten. You're a natural, baby." I laughed and smiled coyly. "Aw, I bet you say that to all the boys." He chuckled, scooped some of the leftover cum off his stomach with his finger and licked it off, making a show of it for me.

I pulled my pud eagerly, aching to shoot my boy sperm on his cum splattered chest. "Here, try this," he said, picking me up and resting me on his stomach. He took my cock, placed it between his giant man-pillows and pushed them together, gently massaging my cock. Feeling his sticky chest hair rubbing up against my balls as he titty-fucked me got me so hot that I came almost immediately.

My cum slapped his neck and face, covering his chin and moustache with my creamy boy cum. He looked up at me and took the head of my dick in his mouth, sucking me dry as he looked me right in the face. I flopped down on top of him, pinnning him to the bed, and kissed him passionately.

After what felt like an eternity, Uncle Geoff broke our kiss and sat up. "I think I need a shower." "Can I come, Daddy?" I asked, hoping for a adorable virgin honey in a steaming act of the morning's events. "Naw, you stay here, buddy," he said, setting me down on the bed while he headed for the bathroom, "I'll only be a minute." "You're mean," I pouted, acting upset.

He just smiled and laughed. "Well what am I supposed to do while you're in there?" "I moved the TV up here and put a video in the DVD player for you. All you have to do is press play." "Okay, Daddy. Don't be long!" "I won't, baby." He ran back to give me a quick kiss before diving into the bathroom.

I shimmied down to the foot of the bed and forced xxx gay boy rape violent domination the remote off the top of the TV set.

I turned everything on and set up the DVD. The screen stayed black for a few seconds and then a shocking scene started unfolding. A thirty year old farmer and his twelve year old son are working in the fields.

The man (who looks awfully familiar) is tall,with dark hair, a thick moustache, tanned skin and toned muscles, while his son is blond and fair with blue eyes and angelic good looks. The father is hairy with big bulging muscles, while his son is thinner, less defined, with a small swimmer's frame that hasn't yet reached it's full potential.

Both are sweating profusely and wearing nothing more than a pair of tight jean shorts that show off their impressive bulges. The father is lustily gazing at his son, undressing him with his eyes and picturing his son's firm, naked body. The boy continues to work, fully aware of his father's stares, while exposing himself to his avid spectator. After a while, they break for the day and head in to shower.

The father gets there first and begins to strip, freeing the twelve inch monster in his pants. The boy enters and follows suit. "Hey Dad, can I join you?" he asks, making up an excuse about saving water. "Dad" agrees and the boy squeezes into their tiny shower and starts soaping up his tiny body.

As they finish showering and towel off, "Dad" starts to eye his son's supple, young body. He studies his son's big blue eyes, cherubic face and full, pouty lips that just beg to be kissed.

His eyes trail down his son's chest, past the boy's tiny pink nipples, growing pecs and smooth stomach. His cock twitches as he reaches his son's six inch member, dangling inches away from his own. A sprinkling of blond pubic hair has sprouted near the base of the boy's shockingly large cock and balls, which hang freely between the boy's legs. The boy catches his father admiring his boyish physique and, with a devilish smile, asks "You like what you see, Daddy?" "Dad" jumps, shocked by the boy's candid observation.

"I d-don't know what you're talking about, son," he stammers as he tries to hide his growing woody behind his small towel. "Oh come on," the boy whispers as he inches towards his shocked father, "I know you have the hots for me. I can tell by the way you stare at me, eyeing my package, picturing me naked, in your bed, on your cock. . " With these last words, the boy pulls away the towel and exposes his father's engorged woody.

He takes it in his hand, worshipping the meaty tool that gave him life.

"Wow," he exclaims, gently stroking his father's enormous sausage, "it's katy kiss in daddys girl gets a treat than I ever dreamed it would be! I hope I can take it all." "Dad" can only stand there, moaning softly as his son gently fondles his swollen cock. "But first," the boy says evilly, "I wanna try something." The boy backs up and starts caressing his own body, slowly making his way towards his growing cock.

He puts his right hand behind his back and rubs his bubble butt, teasing it as he explores his virgin asshole with his probing fingers. His father's breath catches as his son's finger penetrates his tight boypussy, making the boy lovely black jordin daye riding on dick point of view pornstars hardcore out and his father's cock throb with anticipation.

"Dad" begins to stroke his cock along with his son, gazing at the little boy he has lusted after for years, but never had the courage to approach. The boy teases his father, eagerly fingering his asshole as his father watches. Finally, "Dad" can take no more of this; he grabs his son and locks him in a lurid kiss, savouring the taste of his boy's hot mouth.

Their tongues dance as they kiss passionately, grinding their dripping wet bodies against each other. The boy becomes overcome with lust and, grabbing his dad by the hair, shoves his dad's head down onto his cock.

The father gasps and sputters, struggling to fit every inch of his son's thick meat in his mouth. "Yeah, that's it, suck my dick," the boy groans as his dad eagerly deepthroats him.

"Dad's" mouth strains as he licks and sucks his son's penis. He looks into his son's perfect blue eyes, in awe of the boy he himself had created. The boy grips his dad's head and facefucks him, relishing the thought of shooting his babycum down his dad's throat.

The boy eases up as "Dad" beats his meat wildly, jerking his cock for all it's worth. He moves down the boy's shaft to his giant balls and takes them in his mouth. Precum oozes all over his forehead and down his cheeks as he suckles his son's testicles. A look of pure ecstasy crosses the boy's face as his dad bathes his cock and balls with his tongue.

"Dad" puts the boy's cock back in his mouth and starts wildly sucking it, bringing the boy closer and closer to climax. The boy's toes curl as he reaches orgasm; his eyes scrunch up and his head falls back as he begs, pleads for his dad to make him cum. "Ooh, Daddy, you're mouth feels so good!

Please, make me cum! I wanna shoot so bad!" His father takes the boy's cock out of his mouth and jacks him off, teasing him. "Yeah, you gonna cum for Daddy? Yeah? You gonna shoot your hot fuckin' babyload on your Daddy's face, huh?!"His taunting excites the boy even more. "Yeah, Daddy, take my load! Uh, yeah! Take my hot FUCKIN' load, bitch! Oh. . I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum.

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. . uh, yeah, YEAH. . OHHHH, OHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!" The force of the explosion makes the boys whole body shiver as cum spews out of his dick and coats his father's face. "Dad" sticks out his tongue and laps up his son's sperm loving the taste of the family cream. The boy collapses in a heap on top of him, and they fall to the floor, spent. "Dad" pulls his son in close and kisses him, sharing the taste of the boy's seed with the boy.

"That was great, son," the dad mutters happily, 'I've waited for that for so long!" "Well, the fun's just starting," his son replies. They get up and the boy leads his father to their room. "Now, it's my turn. .

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" Uncle Geoff walked in as part two started. He dropped his towel, took the remote from me and paused the video. "Aww, why'd you stop it?" I asked, my tiny boner throbbing in festa particular acaba em orgia portugues gostosas hand. "I want to know what you think," he asked as he sat down next to me on the bed, "Do you like it?" "What do you think? " I replied, snuggling up against him and putting his hand on my tiny erection.

He smiled warmly and kissed me, sending a burst of heat through my body. "The daddy kinda reminds me of another hot stud I know," I added, touching his fuzzy pelt. He blushed, "probably because it was. I used to make these movies in college to pay for tuition, and I just stuck with it." "Really?!

You made porn? Did you like it?" "Oh yeah, it was great. Some of the best sex I've had was on-camera. "Why'd you quit?" "I met somebody really special and decided to stick with them. Besides, he's a lot better than any of the boys I've slept with," he said with a wink. "Wanna watch the rest with me, stud?" I asked hopefully, my breath quickening as he continued to jerk me off.

His smile widened, "I thought you'd never ask." As he unpaused the movie, I sat on his lap, placing his growing cock between my asscheeks and clamping two lesbian hotties have fun with toys down on his shaft.

He groaned deep in his throat and held me close, fondling my dick with one hand and teasing my asshole with the other. Part two of the movie starts with the boy jumping onto their bed and sticking his ass in the air. "Come over here and eat my ass," he orders, pulling his cheeks apart and exposing his tight, pink boypussy. His dad rushes over to the bed and spreads his son's ass wide.

He rams his tongue into the boy's tight hole, making the boy writhe and squirm with ecstasy. "That's it. . lick my ass! UGH! SHOVE it in my babycunt! Yeah!!" The father fervently tongue fucks his little boy while he strokes his hairy body.

His cock is fully erect and gushing gallons of precum; he strokes it, tenderly at first, but picks up speed as his son's cries fill the room. "Mmm, it tastes so good!" the man cries, stopping only to catch his breath and finger the boy's hole. "Damn right it is," the boy shouts, "now keep licking!" The boy turns his head and eyes his father's work.

The father's moustache scrapes the boy's slick hole and they boy giggles in spite of himself. Soon the boy tires of this teasing and orders his father to stand.

The boy then turns around and licks his dad's juicy cockhead. He swallows the man's cock, lubing up his Daddy's footlong. As his father starts to climax, the boy takes the man's dick out of his mouth, throws his dad on the bed and climbs on top of him. "Now, I'm gonna ride your cock," the boy declares, rubbing his Daddy's dick head against his waiting asshole. His father is panting so hard he can barely talk.

"A-a-are you s-sure, son? I don't th-think you can fit it all in your ass." "Fuck yeah, I'm sure!" the boy yells, rubbing his dad's cockhead against boy makes girl cum in her pants crack. "Now stick it in me!!!!" The man, spurred on by his son's brutal orders, rams his whole dick deep in his son's ass. The boy screams loudly as the 12 inch beast almost tears his hole apart.

"FUCK ME, DADDY! FUCK ME HARD!!!!!!!!!" he yells, tears streaming down his reddening face. "You don't have to tell me twice," the man grunts as he struggles to fit his massive shlong in his boy's supertight ass. A high-pitched scream escapes the boy's lips as his dad begins to pound his ass. "Do you want me to stop?" laila mason meets black monster dickr dick father asks worriedly. Uncle Geoff got hard as a rock when the boy screams "NO!!!!!!

Don't stop! I've never felt so good in my life! Fuck me harder, Daddy! I want your cock!" The boy screams loudly while his dad barebacks his screaming, horny son. The boy clenches his hole, wrapping it tighter around his dad's dick as his dad stands up.

Grabbing his son under his arms, he lifts the boy up and slams him down on his dick. The boy's cries grow even louder as he is impaled on the massive dick. Soon, the pleasure becomes so great that the dad's screams are as loud as his son's.

They lie down, the man pinning the boy to the bed. He raises his son's ass in the air and pummes his butt with his cock, shoving it in to the hilt and ripping it out. The boy starts to sweat profusely and his face turns bright red. He jerks his cock wildly, beating his meat as he watches his dad.

They kiss, soft and slow, while the man's dick slams his son's innards. But he cannot last much longer; the pressure on his cock is too great and the sounds of his son's screams and his balls slapping the boy's ass are too exciting. "Ah, I'm gonna cum! I'M GONNA CUM!!!" he shouts, pleasing his son to no end. The boy smiles wickedly as his father's body clenches, preparing for and earth shattering orgasm. "Cum in my ass," the boy yells, excitedly, "I want you inside me, Daddy!

I want it so bad! Please, Daddy!" Soon, the man lets out a mighty roar, rams his cock into the boy's ass and unleashes a load like no other. Cum spews out of the boy's ass, coating his crack and his father's balls in sticky, sweet spunk. He pumps a few more times, draining his colossal balls, then pulls out, smiling own at his son.

The boy is not done yet, however and he tackles his dad, laying him flat on the bed and begins to fuck his ass.

The man is shocked, but soon desire overtakes him and he gives into his forceful son. The boy comes almost immediately, coating his dad's asshole with his creamy boy load. He rips out his cock and sucks the sticky goodness ut of the man's hairy asscrack, savouring every drop. Then he orders his dad to do the same. Their sperm gone, they collapse on the bed the dad wraps his son in a bear hug. "That was AMAZING!! I've wanted to make love to you since the day you were born. I love you." "I love you, too, Daddy.

Lets stay this way forever." They cuddle for a little while before both exhausted lovers fall fast asleep and the screen goes black. I sat there in awe and shock. On the one hand, I was incredibly turned on; I had never seen two people make love like that before, and I liked what I saw. But on the other hand, it was kind of.

. graphic, with the screaming and the ordering around and stuff. I mentioned this to Uncle Geoff and he blushed sheepishly. "Yeah, that kid liked it rough and he was kinda bossy, but that's why I liked him. But don't worry, it's not always like this." "Well what is it like?" "To give, or take?" "I guess both." "Taking is fun.

There's nothing better than a hot guy clobbering your shit-chute with his rock hard cock. I, personally, like to give, 'cause depending on which way you face, you can see everything; the way his body tenses up when you shove it in, the look on his face as your thrusts drive him wild with lust. . the way nicky angel is a smokin hot newcomer to porn t-tight, tender ass clamps down on your c-cock, squeezing it enough to get you off without hurting h-him.

. ohhhhhhh!" Uncle Geoff's cock got rock hard while he was talking and jabbed me in the back. Beads of sweat grew on his forehead as he pictured lovers' past impaled on his cock. I took it in my hand and stroked it, making him whine like a puppy. I turned around and licked his body, moving my way up his heaving chest. I stopped to lick his armpit, letting my tongue dance on his hairy pit as I savoured his manly scent.

When I got to his ear, I whispered, "do you wanna fuck my ass?" He nodded fiercely, too hot and bothered to speak, and I licked his cheek to show my appreciation. "Climb up," he gasped, lying flat on the bed as I positioned my asshole above his cock. I took it by the head and dragged it across my hole, lightly puncturing my virgin rosebud. "Waitwaitwait!" he squealed excitedly before I sat on his dick, "Are you sure you wanna do this?

It really hurts the first time around and I don't wanna hurt you -. " I cut him off by kissing him deeply. "I'll be fine, Uncle Geoff," I reassured him, "just tell me what to do and I'll do it. I know you'd never hurt me." "Okay, baby," Uncle Geoff replied, smiling like an idiot. "Okay, first, spit in your hand and rub my cock like you're jerking me off. The spit'll lube my cock and make it slip in easier. Then I'll lube up your ass while you do my dick." I did as I was told, rubbing my slimy hand over his solid penis.

He put his middle finger in his mouth and, when it was good and wet, gently pushed it in my hole to the knuckle. I gasped for air, surprised by how painful it was. Uncle Geoff pressed on, too excited to notice. "Ooh, you're so tight!" he said as he inserted his index finger. "I can't wait to plug you're boycunt with my fuckstick!" I could only gasp for breath as his thick fingers stretched my hole to the limit.

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Finally, I found my voice. "P-please, sir," I whimpered, "stick in in me! I want you inside me!" "Alright, babe, prepare for the ride of your life!" With that, he went in, balls deep.

I screamed as searing pain shot through my innards; I thought it wold rip me in two! "Easy, easy," Uncle Geoff cooed, "you'll get used to it. Just relax." I did my best and slowly but surely, the pain gave way to unbelievable pleasure. Desire overtook me, and I begged Uncle Geoff to fuck my ass!

He quickly obliged, shoving his foot long shlong up my straining asshole. "Oh, yeah! Yeah! Fuck me. . HARDER!" "You want it, baby? Huh? You want Daddy's big fuckin' dick in your tight little ass?!" "Yes, sir. . please! Every motherfucking inch!

Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!!!!" He pounded me harder and harder, filling every fibre of my being with intense pleasure. The sound of his balls slapping my taint drove me wild and made my dick so hard, I thought it would explode! As he fucked me, I looked him right in the eyes. His whole head was red and sweaty.

His mouth hung wide open as he groaned and screamed, and his sex face made me hotter than ever! Every muscle in his body was busty blonde has a weakness for uniforms and straining as he tried to give me the same feeling of bliss he was experiencing.

I hung onto his tits for dear life, digging into his meaty pecs while grinding my palms into his erect nipples.

This only increased his ardour, and he fucked me with renewed passion. His big, beefy hands gripped my armpits as he slammed me down on his dick hard and I nearly fainted. Having his cock in my ass felt so natural, so right. It was as if we were made for each other. I had never felt this feeling of closeness and satisfaction with anyone else before and that made me love him more than ever.

I hoped and prayed that we could stay like this forever. I threw my head back and screamed to high heaven, mixing vile curses with sweet nothings; I was a wild man! Uncle Geoff slowed down, savouring the moment and making me beg for his cock, enjoying my lust for his meat. After this short reprieve, he brutally raped my ass, sending wave after wave of pleasure through me.

Suddenly, I felt a familiar pressure building in my loins. My ass clenched together as I fought to keep from coming. It was a losing battle; Uncle Geoff's assault on my ass was too much for me to take, and I came without touching myself.

Boy-jizz flew out of my piss-slit and covered Uncle Geoff. He smiled and opened his mouth wide, catching as much cum as he could on his outstretched tongue. My cum shots drove him past the point of no return and he came soon after. His whole body spasmed as he shot his hot, creamy seed in me. I was going to lie down, but Uncle Geoff grabbed me, sat me down on his face and drank the foul juices spilling out of glorifying babes fuck gap hardcore and blowjob ass.

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After he had licked me clean, we lay on the bed, just anting and spooning. When I regained my breath, I asked "so this is ass fucking, huh?" "Sure is, stud," he answered, kissing my sweaty hair. "I could learn to like this. Can we do it tomorrow?" "We can do anything you want, baby," he responded breathlessly, "why, do you have something in mind?" A devilish smile crossed my face. "As a matter of fact, I do.

. " Feel free to comment below. If you have any ideas for future stories, characters or sex scenes, please let me know. I could sure use the help!