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Teamskeet blonde hottie fucked by the pool
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"Emily Ralia is the winner!" Announced the referee. Cheers erupted around Emily as her picture was displayed on the big screen, with the words Victor beneath it. She gathered her cards and smiled at her opponent who returned the expression, despite losing the match.

It was the national tournament for the card game Voluptus Ludum. The game was introduced five years ago and took the world by storm.

With a deck of fifty cards each player uses the creatures and equipment contained within it to destroy the opponents'. The creatures have set power levels, ranging from the tens of thousands, to mere hundreds, most have special abilities, these vary from the power level, the lower the level the more powerful the ability is, and vice versa. Players also have equipment that can power up, or protect the creature.

Each player has a set count of ten damage, each time a player's creature is destroyed the count goes down by one, unless there is a special ability in play chaturbate cam recorded august th white t shirt babe the time. When the count reached zero the opponent loses. There were many types of creatures. Humans, dragons, demons, plant-life, animals, various mythical beings, and machinery.

Most decks stayed to one type, this lets the player use more powerful combos, as type oriented combinations were usually more powerful than variety based ones. The creatures have no requirement to summon to the field, though some did, as they had either special abilities more powerful than most, or a power level far exceeding the rest. Each field has three creature slots, below these were two equipment slots, players can replace equipment, and/or the creature for a more powerful one.

Powers weren't measured by the power level, but by the number of skulls in the bottom left hand corner, the higher the number the greater the creature, however creatures with a skull count of six or higher could only be played after the player is reduced to a damage count of four.

There are however, various equipment that can be substituted for damage. In theory it sounds fairly simple, however there were so many combinations, so many specifications, and so many cards; in the five years since its debut, Voluptus Ludum, VL for short, has produced over ten thousand different cards, possibly in the twenty thousands, making collecting them all extraordinarily difficult.

Millions upon millions played the game, the age ranging from elementary school to working adults, somehow the game drew in such a variety of people, even two with complete opposite personalities may play the game. It was a game that united so many. Players of differing skills entered tournaments, though most were extraordinarily powerful. The game has special deck holders that bond with the user, adjusting to their styles of play and even assisting them in a way, essentially the more one played the game the more powerful a player they would become.

In her home town of Legacy, Florida she was the greatest player, and had won a regional tournament to attend the nationals, where she had once again achieved victory. The result wasn't what mattered to her however, all that concerned her was enjoying it and making new friends, as this was the game to her, a way to make friends and simply enjoy the game. She had met some who were serious minded and even through fits upon losing, though those were younger, maybe thirteen at the oldest.

Emily could understand why they took it so seriously, after all the prize for nationals was a cash prize of a hundred thousand dollars. Such was the influence of the game. After her victory Emily was invited to the ''after party''. She had declined this, knowing it too be a slightly more glamorous version of a tournament, and had left, carrying a suitcase filled with her prize. Emily was twenty one years, and wasn't employed. The country's lack of available jobs was partly to blame, but she had played in dozens of tournaments, and winning each one, this served as her living expenses, and thanks to this massive victory she was set for months.

The nationals was held in Los Angeles, where the game was surprisingly prominent, and where dozens of smaller tournaments were held.

For these reasons she had moved here. She lived in a large apartment complex with several others, many of which had children also playing the game. Emily got on well with children, having a rather childish personality herself, though this seemed to shift in a game, which she almost treated as life or death, never holding back, while also having fun, though this led her to desire stronger opponents, greater challenges. Upon entering her apartment, the size of a small home, only one floor, she saw an envelope sealed with crimson wax, sitting on her kitchen counter, as though waiting for her to arrive.

Placing her suitcase of cash on the couch she picked it up, studying it. There was no address, only her name. Shrugging, she unsealed it and lifted the letter from within. ''Dear Miss Ralia. For your victory at the national tournament of America, you have been invited to a championship unlike any other. Only the best of the best have been selected to receive this invitation. If you wish to accept please simply write 'Yes' and we will send a representative to brief you on the details.

If you decline simply write 'No' and we will understand. The prize for victory of this tournament is your wildest dreams come true. We eagerly await your reply, Sincerely, Sors Nepellus.'' She was naturally curious, if a little suspicious. She had only won the tournament today, and for this to be here, meant that someone had broken in, yet there was no sign of forced entry, or even any form of entry at all.

Her brow furrowed in confusion, but put it down to a prank and wrote 'yes'. A sudden gust of wind caused her to blink, and when she opened her eyes the letter was gone, no envelope, nothing.

Maybe I'm going crazy, she thought to herself and sat down on the couch. Now that the tournament was over her day was pretty much laying about, watching T.V, going over different strategies, and eating. With no boyfriend she was often alone, but sadly she'd never been interested in relationships, because of this disinterest she was still a virgin, but she was no stranger to sex, having a collection of sex toys to rival her cards.

Thanks to these she was only a technical virgin, having torn her hymen with a dildo long ago. All of a sudden she felt tired. As if she had been running around the entire day, rather than sitting at an assortment of tables playing a card game. Her eyelids felt like they had weights attached, making it near impossible to keep them open.

Her body felt perfectly relaxed, like the kind of feeling when you're completely at peace and content. Slowly her mind faded to the unconscious world where dreams were reality. Emily woke with a start. She looked around, her sight slightly blurred due to her sleep, but could make out about a dozen silhouettes. As her body woke up she began to hear voices, some frantic, others calm, but with an underlying fear that came with an unknown situation.

As she sat up, she realised she was on a bed fit for a princess, with what felt like silk covers, and pillows so fluffy they might have been clouds for all she cared, there were drapes that created the silhouettes, though there didn't seem to be anything holding them up. The voices became clearer allowing her to pick out various words.

". fell asleep." "Woke up. what's going on?" "I want. go home." After a few minutes the voices died down and Dad fucks crony patrons daughter near mom and first time the plumber gets his pipe completely awoke from her slumber. Pulling back the drapes she gasped. All around were clouds, each one unique in its own way. Then she received the greatest shock of all; there was no floor. In a moment of mad panic she fell backward on the bed, trying to stay in the safest place possible.

To her right she heard a snicker and then the drapes were pulled back to reveal an unknown face. "You don't have to worry about falling. There's an invisible floor. that sounds crazy I know, but look!" The person, a woman, said and stepped back, displaying the fact.

Emily crawled the edge and looked on as eleven people all walked above the clouds, some were still looking down wearily, as though expecting the floor to give out and let them drop ten thousand feet to the earth below.

Now that the fright had passed she stepped onto the floor. It was a strange experience. It was firm, yet yielding, no doubt adding to the fear of falling, it felt to Emily how she had, as a child, imagined it would feel to walk on the clouds. Tentatively stepping forward she looked around, seeing eleven other beds similar to hers, along with an equal amounts of unknown faces, though the first thing she noted was the lack of men present, all were women, and the next was that everyone there were either cute, or outright beautiful.

"My name's Rebecca by the way." The woman introduced herself, with Emily now noting the British accent. As Emily appraised her, she was amazed. The woman, Rebecca, was about five foot eleven, with full lips, high cheekbones, large child like ocean blue eyes.

She had a slender figure, with 32B breasts, her belly shirt showed her taut abdomen with pride, and her tight jeans hugged her curvaceous thighs and rear.

Her skin was light, though lightly tanned, with a wave of chestnut brown hair running down her back. "Emily." She said and extended her hand. Rebecca took it enthusiastically, nothing is better than a cum shower all over my sloppy girlfriend Emily with her enthusiasm and the softness of her skin.

"I know, you won the American Nationals for Voluptus Ludum right?" "Yeah. how did you know, it was only yesterday." She said suspicious of this and took her hand back. "I was in the crowd. The British Nationals ended a few days before yours began so I was able to go there and check the western players." She explained, allowing Emily to breathe a sigh of relief.

She wasn't a danger. "So you also play the game?" She asked sitting back on the bed, feeling safest mom and his son xxxx. "Yeah, seems like everyone here does." Rebecca stated, glancing around at the others.

Many were standing in small groups of two or three, but one sat alone, looking down at her deck, or maybe the clouds below her posterior. "How long have you been awake here?" She asked, noting how she seemed to know most of the people there. "About twelve hours. Would you like to meet everyone? It really helps take your mind off things." Emily looked up and nodded, thankful for the opportunity to distract herself from the strange situation.

Rebecca led the way, with Emily studying the scenery, even smiling when she saw a bird fly past. They came to a stop before a pair who were comparing strategies. "Hey girls, this is Emily, the newest newcomer, if that makes sense." Rebecca introduced her. "Hi Emily," She noted the slight Romanian accent, "My name's Alexandra, and this is Bell." "Hi." She said shyly and turned away. She had a Finnish accent. Both were polar opposites in appearances. Alexandra looked about five foot eight, with Bell looking five foot four, both had a small amount of baby fat remaining, though neither looked under eighteen.

Alexandra was slim, though that seemed at odds with her large bust, estimated to be 32C, which was hugged tight by her dark pink blouse, her slim waist expanded gracefully into curvy thighs and buxom rump. Bell was the exact opposite, if it weren't for her refined look and the intelligent look in her eyes, one would assume she was barely a teenager. She looked thin, not anorexic, just not as well fed as her friend, this showed in her bust, small but proud her 28B breasts weren't on full display, but she didn't seem shy about them either.

Her waist was about 24'' with a 26'' hips, and long, albeit rather skinny legs. Their eyes were the same strange pink, though it was dull, and with the platinum blonde hair, Alexandra's long, while Bell's was cut short, they looked like sisters.

"Um, excuse me, but are you two sisters?" Emily asked out of curiosity. "Yes. Twins actually." Alexandra said and smiled warmly at her twin. Emily was surprised, she had thought that Alexandra was the older sibling while Bell was a great deal younger. "Oh. You both look so different yet so similar." She mused aloud to herself before Rebecca pulled her off to meet another group. They were headed for a group of four. All wore leather jackets, leather pants, and black combat boots, all looked like bikers.

Three had their backs turned, but one was facing Emily and she could make out the lip, nose, and eyebrow piercing amongst the long black hair. Emily assumed her to be Asian since she had ghostly skin and jet black hair, though that could just be a stereotype that media had jammed into her head. "What's up?" Rebecca greeted them openly. She didn't seem intimidated by the gruff exterior, though she soon realised why. They all turned with warm smiles illuminating their faces, despite the piercings, and black biker gear, their faces were warm, albeit vampiric in their complexions.

"Yo, Rebecca." Emily was right, the first girl was Asian, easily recognising the accent when she greeted her friend. The others looked like they came from a Japanese heritage, but didn't quite pale enough, nor was their hair as dark. "This is Yuki, Alice, Claire, and Alannah." Rebecca introduced them. "Hi." Alice said, with a hint of a German accent. "'sup?" Claire greeted with a strong French accent (I will not write it as such, since that would be annoying and I really don't care).

"Good to meet ya." Alannah said, she sounded either Scottish or Irish. Emily nodded and studied them all once again. Yuki was fairly tall, standing at about six foot two. Her skin was free of any and all acne, and seemed smooth as silk. She was well fed, with a slightly chubby appearance that worked with her height, making her seem cute despite her size, her breasts reaped the benefit of the extra fat, looking around 33D, and it was obvious she wore no bra, though even then they barely sagged, somehow defying gravity.

Her waist appeared about 30'' and her hips flared at 36'', tapering into luscious thighs and long legs. Her lips were painted black, and her thick lashes shrouded her dark eyes, giving the overall appearance of a vampire.

Alice looked powerful. Her German side giving her a well toned muscular look, with strong arms and legs, but with shapely thighs, a taut stomach, and firm 32D breasts. Emily estimated her measurements to be 32D-32-34. Her skin was the darkest of the four, making her black clothes stand out less, though it highlighted her silver hair. She was about five foot eleven, standing a few inches below Yuki, though she was still just above the others. Emily glanced over them briefly and estimated Claire to be five foot nine and Alannah to be five foot ten.

Like the others they wore black leather jackets and pants. Claire had black hair, though the tips were dyed a striking blue, and it fell like a curtain around her face, highlighting her pale features and darkening her otherwise bright green eyes. Emily noticed that she had little make-up on, leaving her lips bare and her other facial features free of any product, despite this she didn't seem to have a single sign of ever having acne.

Her measurements appeared to be 32C-26-32, also with curvaceous thighs. Alannah was the only one among the four to have any visible imperfections, and they were minor to say the least. At the roots of her black hair you could see vibrant red beginning to grow, proving her hair is dyed.

Across her face were dozens of freckles, that didn't seem to hinder her appearance, rather they enhanced it, giving her a cute tomboy look. Her skin was the second darkest of the four, making it harder to spot the freckles. Despite this slight imperfection she was the most endowed woman Emily had ever met with an astounding measurements of 34DD-26-36, with a shapely set of thighs and elegant legs.

Upon completing her assessment of the four Emily smiled and asked. "Do you play Voluptus Ludum as well?" They all nodded. The pattern seemed obvious; only those who played the card game were here, though that had yet to be proven. After chatting for a bit and showing each other their decks, talking about which type was the best, Rebecca led Emily away to a group of three. They didn't notice them approaching talking with each other in hush voices, though they seemed to be focused on the conversation.

"Girls," They jumped slightly and turned to greet the two, "This is Emily." "Hi Emily," She breathed a sigh of relief hearing someone hear without an accent, though she did have a slight southern drawl, "My name's Karen." She extended her small hand, which Emily shook with a friendly smile. "Selene." Another introduced herself, also extended her hand for Emily to shake. "Rachelle." Like the others she put her hand out for her to shake.

"And we're." Karen began. "Sisters!" They all announced in unison. Emily didn't know what to say, except that it seemed pretty obvious. They all had the same petite frame, the same eyes, similar voices, and the same hair. Even the complexions were the same, a dark ivory. They were all adorable. Each had a face like a child's and even sounded like one. This combined with their size gave the impression that they were twelve, maybe thirteen. None had any bust to speak of, and their hips had little, if any, flare to them, though their waists were slim, about 24''.

"How are you three?" Emily asked out of curiosity. "We're triplets and we're each eighteen." Rachelle announced. Emily was take aback by this. "Just so you know, everyone here is eighteen or over, despite appearances." Rebecca told her. "But they look twelve. No offence." She added. "None taken." Selene, who seemed the most mature, assured her. "The girl over there is Yami. There's no point in trying to talk to her; all she's told us is her name." Rebecca told Emily.

She looked over at the girl. She, among the several groups that seemed to have their own look, was the only one who didn't seem to belong. Her hair was long, falling beyond her waist, with multiple colours streaking through it, creating a rainbow in the black wave.

She looked five foot eight, with measurements of about 32B-26-32. Emily couldn't see her face clearly, because she was looking down at her deck, but from what she could see her face was quite cute. Rounded cheeks, full lips, and large black lined eyes. An hour passed with Emily rotating conversations with the different groups julia ann tabowith son storys Rebecca. She had tried to talk to Yami, but she'd barely glanced up at her, though her expression seemed to harden in Emily's presence.

"Told you so." Rebecca said smugly. Before Emily could formulate a retort the sky around them darkened and all conversation stopped. Everyone turned to look up, where an opening appeared in the skies. From the opening descended a humanoid shape, though it was so dark now no one could make out any distinguishing features.

The person stopped about ten feet above them all. "I am Sors Nepellus' representative. I see you all answered ''yes'' to her letter." Everyone glanced about nervously at this, they too could feel the power that this person, or thing, seemed to radiate. "I am sure you are all wondering why you are here, however that is something that must wait until later.

For now I must inform you all of the rules of this little tournament." The person looked around making sure everyone was listening. "In this tournament there are special rules I will enforce: no. 1, you are not able to use your personal decks in the proceeding matches," To this everyone started to yell, when a sudden bolt of lightning struck the ground, creating an earth-shattering sound, they turned silent, though the looks of outrage on their faces spoke loudly enough, "No.

2, you will use the decks I provide you. No. 3 the winner of each match receives the opponents deck." Some people grumbled about this, but didn't speak up.

Emily was staring in fascination of this person. Was this what the letter meant about it being a tournament unlike any other? No, there had been plenty of championships where the players had been given unfamiliar decks to use. "No. 4, you cannot forfeit a match. Those are the rules, now for banging tight wet pussy with stiff cock section of the letter that pertained to this being a tournament unlike any other.

There is now only one creature slot, however there are now four equipment slots. The reason that there is only one creature slot is simple; you are now whichever creature you summon." No one said anything.

It was too much to take in. The rational part of her mind wanted to believe this was some kind of joke, but the rest of her mind believed this person. Her subconscious knew this wasn't a lie. "This is a joke right?" Rebecca spoke up, her tone thick with disbelief, "You can't actually expect us to believe that nonsense." "We're standing above the clouds with no visible floor.

We woke with no idea how we got here, and we haven't been able to leave." Emily stated, her mind explaining some of these with rational explanations, but there wasn't one for there inability to gina valentina in latina call for sex this place.

"Emily Ralia is correct. I take it some of you have tried to leave here, but have encountered an invisible barrier?" They all murmured yes, "This is the power of a Goddess. The power of the creator of pleasure, and the card game Voluptus Ludum; Sors Nepellus." Emily followed the example of everyone else there, and stared open mouthed at the entity.

The creator was some guy called Akira Takahashi, not Sors Nepellus, but what reason was there for this entity to lie? "The game you all love was the Goddess's way of decided who would be her consort and eventual successor. Each of you are the most powerful candidates for this. There something that you should also know; the loser of a match becomes the winner's sex slave, bound for all time to do as she says." Before anyone could question this the world turned black and they all fell to sleep.

Emily woke up with a start. Staring around she breathed a sigh of relief, it was her apartment, not some meeting in the sky, where the representative of a goddess was trying to tell them that they were in some tournament where they were the Creatures and that the loser would be the winner's sex slave, and that the one who beat all others would be the consort to the goddess of pleasure. Shrugging to herself she pulled out her deck and nearly dropped it.

This wasn't her deck. She shuffled through it, often gasping at the sexualised card illustrations and effects. There was three that stood out in particular, a new type called Futa, and two equipments, one being tentacles(?!), and the other being some ability that let you breathe out pheromones, and aphrodisiacs. Still shrugging it off as a joke she pulled out her game mat and summoned a Futa type.

For several moments nothing happened then Emily felt a sharp pain in her crotch. It was strange, rather than crying out in pain, she was moaning in pleasure. She could feel a dampness spreading across her panties, as her pussy began to react to the pleasurable heat that now radiated from her every pleasure synapse.

She had never felt so aroused so fast, she began to react on instinct, pulling off her jeans and then her panties.

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She stared down, over her 34C breasts, trying to see her wetness in the flesh. She removed her shirt and bra, seeing the nipples standing proudly, begging for attention. Her mind fought against the pleasure, trying to retain her rationality, but her lust was an unstoppable force, breaking down her defences. Her hands moved to her nipples, pinching them and kneading the firm, yet yielding flesh. Spreading her legs she felt more air brush her hyper sensitive pussy. "Oh god, what's going on?" She moaned aloud.

She moved a hand from her breast and moved it to her dripping pussy, adoring the feeling of her fingers running over her ideal chick gapes yummy fuckbox and gets deflorated clitoris and between her engorged lips.

Her subconscious noted that her clit seemed larger than normal, but her pleasure addled mind couldn't recognise abnormalities, it could only recognise sexual euphoria. Her fingers brushed over her entrance, lightly penetrating herself. This brought her to new levels of pleasure. Wanting more, she pushed a finger inside her slick walls. It wasn't enough, she needed more, more fingers inside her. Pushing in another one she curled them, scratching her g-spot and bringing a loud cry of pleasure from her mouth.

She could feel an orgasm approaching and she needed it now. She pushed a third finger inside, now stretching her tight walls, and adding to the insane lust that was quickly consuming her mind.

Her thumb pressed against her engorged button of pleasure, her subconscious once again noting its increased size. At the touch she felt herself clenching around her fingers, squeezing them in a reflexive need to milk the penetrating object of its semen.

Her cries reached a new level as the most powerful orgasm of her life washed over her. She felt her cum spray around her fingers.

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Coating her hand and widely spread thighs in her juices, while also creating a quickly growing puddle of cum on the couch and floor. Electric shocks pulsed through her entire body, forcing the orgasm to continue. During the mind blowing sensations, she failed to notice the now six inch clitoris that continued to rise into the cool air. Her mouth was opened wide, trying to scream her orgasm to the world, but no sound came, such was her pleasure.

After two full minutes her climax began to fade, and she floated from the clouds of euphoria. "That was. amazing." She panted to herself, grinning lazily from the afterglow. All the while stunning ebony babe sucks and fucks pov clit continued to rise, becoming a monstrous member that wouldn't let her rest as soon as it finished forming. Chapter 2: After basking in the afterglow of her powerful orgasm Emily fell into a strange dream.

In the dream she stood in a meadow filled with flowers. She looked around noting how the grassland and flowers seemed to stretch on forever, all the while she noted the scent surrounding her. It was similar to the smell of sex, but weaker, yet somehow stronger. As she mulled this over, she failed to notice a figure walking towards her from behind.

"I see you marvel at this place." Said the unknown figure, causing Emily to yelp in surprise. She turned and studied the newcomer. Despite the long cloak she wore, Emily could tell it was female.

She was tall, standing at maybe six foot two, maybe more. She looked down trying to gauge her measurements, but somehow the cloak shrouded them, barely letting her make out the female shape. "You will not know my body until you win my tournament, Emily Ralia." The woman said and Emily instantly knew who it was; "Sors Nepellus." She stated in disbelief.

"Yes it is me, and I come here to give you some unfortunate news Miss Ralia." The goddess said and sat down on the soft grass, motioning for Emily to join her.

Once she sat the pleasure goddess began to explain what she meant: "You see, I imbued one card in each deck I gave the twelve of you with a small amount of my power, making it's effects permanent or granting the player some of it's abilities," Emily took this in, despite still processing the fact that she sat next to a goddess.

"However with your deck I was careless, or excited should I say, as yours was the last one I made. I wanted to get this tournament started as soon as I could, and because of that you have both a blessing and a curse." She looked at Emily, though the hood of her cloak made it impossible for Emily to distinguish any of her features.

She nodded for the goddess to continue. "Every card in your deck has a small amount of my power, making the effects more powerful, and permanent, unless overridden by a new card. I am sorry for that blunder Emily Ralia." Before she could raise any questions the scenery disappeared and her eyes opened wide, staring up at her ceiling.

Her mind went through what she had been told. Her cards were stronger than the others, thus making their effects permanent, she summarised in her head. Remembering what she had done before falling asleep she looked skinny cheerleader vs monster black cock!

tube porn her mounds to see a flaccid cock laying across her stomach, with it's head peaking at her from between her breasts. Her mind struggled with the fact that it was clearly still flaccid, despite the fact that it was far longer and thicker than anything she'd seen before. She sat up, the slight friction stimulating her new phallus, causing it to straighten slightly, and looked at the lone card on her playmat, which had also changed, now only having one creature slot and four equipment, just as the goddess's representative had said.

She picked the single card up, hoping that it would make her penis disappear. Nothing happened. She sighed, the goddess had told her it wouldn't work. She looked at the card's illustration, noting how the cock stood proudly, it's head easily several inches above a perversely posing elven creature's own.

Even though she was freaked out by this, she felt her cock growing, and her pussy moisten as she stared at the picture. Her hands reacted to her lust, one wrapping around her growing girth, the other struggled not to drop the card and rub at her wet heat. Stranded russian teen gets her tits cumshot looked away from the card, to see her cock head now level with her eyes. It leaked excessive amounts of pre-cum.

The flow was constant, though an occasional burst would follow whenever she stroked herself, or something rubbed against her cunt. Her lust now overpowered all other motor-functions, forcing her hand to begin stroking the entire length, squeezing it to milk of it's thick fluid, while pushing three of her long fingers inside her love canal, the card now discarded on the table, finding and rubbing her g-spot.

The already incredible flow increased, now completely covering her bare torso in it's viscous secretions. Realising how long it took to stroke the whole length, she withdrew her hand from her pussy, bringing it to the base of her still swelling cock, now peaking over her head and as thick, if not thicker than her forearm. Her moans rose in volume until she was certain the entire building could hear them. She couldn't care less however, as her pleasure intensified to the point of absolution.

Her new cock had risen above her head now, and only then did it seem to stop growing. As she pumped it with her hands, squeezing out each ecstatic drop of pre-cum, her tongue lolling out in the hopes of catching a falling drop. When that failed to yield results she began licking her now slick length, trying to satisfy her incredible hunger. As if in response a sudden flood of cock juice poured from the tip, coating the entire length and her hands in the thick, viscous fluid.

More, she thought and felt it rising; her orgasm. The heat grew within her gut until she felt it explode. It was unlike any climax she had ever attained before, she could feel the scolding hot cum shooting up her two foot pillar, before blasting from the head with more force than a hose. It coated the ceiling, even rebounding off of it and splattering her. She leaned her head back, mouth open wide, both from the overpowering orgasm and the need to taste herself.

As more flew from her cock, she groaned in ecstasy and even leaned back in to lick the length as best she could. The flow began to subside, slowing to a small burst, accompanied by a constant river of her cum running down her length and onto her waiting tongue. Once the ocean of sensations had faded a little, Emily looked around. Gasping in pleasured surprise, the area around her was splattered liberally with cum, particularly herself and the couch, both were coated with a thick layer of her cock juice.

The sight and incredibly potent scent of sex was quickly energising her again, and she could see her impossible cock beginning to rise once more. Before it could Emily ran to the bathroom, more specifically her bathtub, where she could cum and drain it after she was done.

Her cock rose to its full glory and she once again went to work. The next orgasm came faster than before, but it was much more powerful. As she came she aimed it down, aiming to keep it in the bath as much as possible, but the blast was far too powerful to be fully contained. She fired again and again, the rebound coating her in a fresh layer. It took what felt like hours, but was really just over a minute, before her second male orgasm ended, with her tub being more than half filled.

Once again she regained her thoughts enough to marvel at the amount, especially since she didn't have testicles, but also at the fact that she shouldn't be able to pump enough blood to make it erect, even flaccid it seemed to be too much, yet she felt great. Once again the sight and smell began to arouse her.

Two hours later. Emily groaned as she woke. She didn't remember when she fell asleep, but what she knew was that she felt great. She stayed where she was for a minute, trying to gather the will to get up. When she did, her initial thought was; 'Did an elephant cum in here?' She stared awestruck at her bathroom walls, which were once ocean blue with wavy patterns all over them, but were now coating in dried cum, she knew it was from the smell that permeated the air.

Leaving before she got aroused once more, she went into her living room, to find it in a similar state, but less drastic. A large part of her ceiling was coating in cum, as was her couch. Trying to remember what had happened here, she checked her bedroom, pleased to see it was spick and span. She walked back into the living room. On her table was her playmat.

She picked up the single card on it, gasping as she the memories came flooding back to her. She looked down to see her huge cock hanging between her knees.

She knew she could never go out in public with this thing, she might be able to manage if it would stay flaccid, but she knew that was near impossible. A sudden thought struck her. If they became whatever creature they played, then all she had to do was find a normal human creature.

Picking up her new deck she went through it, searching desperately for a human female, but none were there. It seemed all her cards had been replaced with futanari types, or demon-futa hybrids.

She groaned, but went through it again, this time looking for one with a more manageable cock size. Once she found it she played the card, and once again the sensations rushed through her entire body, her cock instantly becoming erect, and the events from barely more than the glasses wearing blonde page adams awaits her hours ago were replayed, though on a far more manageable scale.

Some time later. She came to her senses once more in the bathroom. There was no amnesia this time though. She remembered everything. She looked down, seeing most of her body submerged in a tub full of her thick, white cum. Standing up she looked down and sighed with relief, her cock had shrunk considerably, and was now six inches flaccid.

She remembered her erection being about eleven inches and a bit thicker than her wrist, while it would be hard to hide such a hard on, it was easier to conceal than one longer than her upper body. She drained the tub, not an easy feat, considering how thick her juices were, but she managed, and took a long shower.

Once done she went about cleaning the walls and living room. It took her over an hour. The cum gave off a scent that seemed to take all of five minutes to make her erect and in desperate need to cum, though she took care and always came into the toilet bowl, not wanting to deal with more of a mess. Once she was done she noticed the time was 10:00PM, and began to get ready for bed. Sleep didn't come easily, her cock was almost as sensitive as her clit, and the way her pyjamas rubbed against it, was almost overpowering.

After masturbating again she found herself finally able to sleep. Her dreams were tainted with imagery of all forms of sex. The effects were powerful, though she continued to sleep soundly, even as her hands subconsciously wondered to her throbbing cock, masturbating it and giving her the greatest pleasure even as she slept. By the time she woke, her sheets, duvet, and her pyjamas were soaking in cum, both male and female. Groaning she got out of bed and went about her morning routine, trying to ignore her new appendage.

As she did so she found that she still urinated normally, and that nothing had really changed about her, aside from the addition to her crotch. She sat on her recently cleaned couch with a bowl of cereal and once again looked at her new deck. She wasn't sure how she felt about this. On one hand she had experienced a pleasure seldom felt by mortals, but on the other she was in a strange situation. She had to beat all the others she had seen that day, and make them her sex slaves, otherwise the same fate would befall her.

A thought hit her, what if she didn't play them, they didn't know where she lived, jynxbunny stuffs a frozen bottle deep in her waiting twat if one wanted to battle her they couldn't. Emily smiled and relaxed into her cushions. Her small happiness was cut abruptly short when letter floated down on the table.

Her smile faded instantly. Picking it up and opening it she read the contents, and then again aloud. "First match of Sors Nepellus' tournament: Emily Ralia vs.

Rebecca Black." She spoke it over and over again, not believing that they would actually force them to play each other.

As she put it down the world once again turned dark. Emily woke up in a field, similar to one from her dream conversation with Sors Nepellus. Looking around, surprised she wasn't groggy in the slightest, she saw Rebecca sitting up and copying her. "Hey." Emily eventually said. "Hi." The British girl replied. They both knew what was about to happen. Standing up, they stared at each other; Rebecca wore a shirt that was clearly too big for her, and a pair of panties, in total contrast to Emily's matching top and bottoms, which covered a large amount of her skin.

Suddenly the sky turned black and they looked up to see a cloaked figure group of bikini beauties sucking and fucking on the bed reality and handjob from the sky. "Who is that?" Rebecca asked. "Sors Nepellus." Emily answered in awe, not expecting to see the goddess again until she had defeated all the others. Rebecca looked at her then at the goddess, awe etched into her face. "I, Sors Nepellus, am here to observe this battle. I must remind you, whoever loses will become the victor's sex slave, and will hand their deck over to them." The goddess raised a hand and before the two appeared a floating table, and with it their playmats.

"You may begin." With that their decks materialised and were shuffled by invisible hands. "Wait! Where are our deck holders?" Emily asked. "I decided to make it so that there is as little a power difference as possible between players. For this, all of your deck holders are currently in my possession. Now, begin!" The goddess commanded.

Emily drew her cards and looked to Rebecca who did likewise. She was staring intently at her cards, as though she was mesmerized by the erotic illustrations or hadn't even looked at them since their meeting with the goddess. "I'll take the first move, if that's okay?" Emily asked. Rebecca only nodded in reply. Emily wasn't used to these cards, and was unsure about how to best use them.

Going with the simplest option she summoned a high attack power demon creature. Like all the other times she felt the rush of sensations as her body changed to what she had summoned. What stood across from Rebecca now was not Emily Ralia, winner of the American Nationalsbut a monster. It looked like a werewolf, mixed with a lion, dragon, and a human all in one.

It stood at eight feet tall, with a mane of fire, and a coat of midnight black fur all over it, excluding it's front torso, where naked breasts the size of basketballs sat, defying gravity, and a phallus larger than a horses hung flaccid between it's powerful knees.

It's arms were long and powerful, the wrists alone were far thicker than Rebecca's biceps. On it's back extended dragonic wings, with a span of three metres, maybe more.

Rebecca trembled where she stood, outright terrified of the creature. "I end my turn." Emily's voice said from the mouth of the creature. "R-right." Rebecca looked at the creature and saw something beside it, a square that stated 10'000 power. She looked at her hand and saw nothing with more power than it. Her deck was comprised completely of strange anthropomorphic animals, though it was mostly horse and bird types. None were very powerful, but the equipment made up for that.

Choosing a female horse creature she placed it on the only available slot. Rebecca half expected to turn into it as Emily had with her creature, but instead it merely materialised before her, standing at eight feet tall and on two feet, uh, hooves, with magnificent breasts, a coat of dark brown fur and long arms ending in human hands. It's power was 6'000. She slid a piece of equipment called Breath of Fire into a slot, increasing the creature's power by 5'000, giving it 11'000 total.

"Attack!" Rebecca ordered it, and saw it roar at the demon, sending an ocean of flames towards it. Emily felt the heat surround her.

It surprised her that it didn't hurt, but that didn't matter, she had taken a hit, and that meant a damage counter, leaving her with nine left before she lost. "Now my creature's ability activates; when it's attack is successful it gains 1'000 power.

With that my turn is over." She said. Emily drew with her new demon hands, staring down at her cards, none of the creatures were stronger than Rebecca's, however she had plan. Without doing anything Emily ended her turn. The battle continued in that fashion. Emily would continue to take damage and draw, while Rebecca's creature gained more and more power. Once Emily was down to five damage left she finally made her move. Removing the demon creature from the slot she played a futanari type, one with 15'000 power and a skull count of five.

She moaned as the transformation took hold and she turned back into herself, except this time she had a cock longer than her legs and thicker than her biceps. "My creature's ability activates; when my opponent's creature has female genitalia they lose 6'000 power, and my creature gains that lost power, giving me a total of twenty one thousand. Then I equip my Merciless Fucking armour, this causes my opponent to take an extra damage count for each orgasm their creature, or they have during my attack, though if I fail to make a single one of you cum, I take three damage." "What!?" Rebecca shouted, appalled by this strange power.

Before she could react further Emily ran at the Anthropomorphic horse, her cock bouncing and drooling incredible amounts of pre cum as she did so.

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Rebecca could hardly believe her eyes as she watched the events unfold. Emily had forced her cock halfway inside the horse creature, and was thrusting powerfully, a large bulge appearing whenever she went as far she could go.

The horse was letting surprisingly human moans of pleasure, even neighing/crying out loudly as it came again and again, each time a counter would rise beside them. It was currently at 4, meaning the creature had climaxed three times, and it seemed to be quickly approaching a fourth.

"Ugh, oh gooooddd. I'm cumming!" Emily announced and Rebecca watched as her cock thickened another two inches and balls of what must've been her cum pumped up the massive length, and into the anthropomorphic horse's womb.

The cock seemed to create a water tight seal, as none escaped. The creature's womb began to swell from the sheer volume being forced into it. When Emily's orgasm/attack had finished the horse looked to be heavy with human triplets. The counter said 5, meaning Rebecca would lose five damage counters. Once Emily returned to her post, the horse creature once more stood up and returned to college dykes fondle each others hot body post, thick globs of cum leaking from it's abused cunt.

Rebecca didn't like to admit, but the scene had turned her on immensely, igniting a desire within her to be filled like that, and making her panties damp with her arousal. Shaking her head she focused on the game, remembering that if she lost she would become a sex slave.

Not something she wanted. Drawing she looked through her hand. None of her creatures were male, but she had some tricks to change that. Selecting one that had a skull count of six, she played it. The creature was a humanoid, but with large eagle wings spreading from it's arms and claws rather than hands. She was beautiful by human standards, standing straight at six foot three, with large DD breasts, a slim waist, child bearing hips, and shapely thighs.

Rebecca felt herself moisten as she thought of it being fucked by Emily's inhuman cock. Once more shaking the thoughts away she played two new equipment cards, one called Gender Change, and another simply called Hyper.

The winged humanoid was changed instantly. Her pussy disappeared and from where her clit used to be grew a cock, far bigger than any humans', then the next card's effects kicked in, making the cock grow until it rivalled Emily's, and her breasts copied it, growing until they were the size of beach balls, with nipples almost large enough to be miniature cocks.

It's power raised from it's base level of 9'000 to 18'000, with no power reduction due to the loss of it's pussy. "Now mine is stronger!" Rebecca stated proudly and ordered it to attack. Unlike with Emily's attack the creature didn't fuck her or get fucked, instead it slashed at Emily and returned.

Rebecca couldn't hide her disappointment at not seeing another sex scene. Emily had never felt more alive. She could feel the power of her cards, it flowed throughout her body, making her feel powerful and so very horny. She drew her card, her hands shaking from the need to masturbate, only thoughts of relieving the tension on something much more satisfying kept her lust in check. She looked at her cards, none were strong enough by themselves, but she did have a powerful piece of equipment.

"I equip the Power Shifter Armour. This armour is only active if I have four or less damage counters remaining." She gasped as she felt light armour appearing on her forearms, shins, and even her cock. When the equipment was in place, Emily had leather gauntlets, greaves and a weird leather sheath starting from the base of her cock and reaching the halfway point.

"This armour makes any being attracted to me, thus taking away half of their power, however if I do not win this turn then I lose two damage counters." She explained and noticed the wide eyed, yet happy, look on Rebecca's face, almost as though she wanted what was about to happen. Emily attacked. The hovering creature was powerless to resist her. Emily ran up to it, the harpy footjob cumshot compilation hd and amateur threesome brunette blonde my very first hovering a couple of feet above the ground, thus it's cock was level with her lips.

She kissed the soft tip, her lips trailing over the head, even sucking as she passed the comparatively small hole at the tip, getting a large amount of pre-cum as a reward. The winged creature grunted in pleasure, which was when she made her move. Quickly moving behind the harpy-like creature, she placed her gigantic, erect cock at it's tight asshole.

The creature wasn't given time to react as she pushed her cock in, somehow stretching the tight rosebud around three inches of thick meat. It didn't cry out, instead it merely grunted again. As Emily forced more of herself inside the warm entrance, her pre-cum lubricating the way, Rebecca found herself rubbing her pussy through her panties, adoring the wet heat she felt there. Emily pulled out, unable to wait until she hilted inside the creature, or for it to adjust to her monstrous size, she began thrusting, getting a little bit more inside with each push, eventually forcing her sheathed half in as well.

It took barely three thrusts before the winged creature was cumming, it's cock sending a fountain of spunk in the air, before it rained down on the two. Rebecca was nearing her own orgasm as she pulled her panties to the side, exposing her wet pussy to the world, before pushing two fingers inside herself. Her cries of orgasm were soon heard. Several minutes passed and the orgasms just kept flowing.

Emily was thrusting madly, despite knowing that she could stop even without cumming, but the pleasure was too great, making the option of stopping void. She wasn't sure how long she'd been fucking the shemale creature's asshole, but it was starting to affect her, and she could feel heather deep gets new clothes donny gets deep cock thickening as her body prepared to discharge it's massive load.

Four thrusts later and Emily cried in orgasm. The amount of cum flooding the humanoid's anus quickly flowed into it's intestines, and then it's stomach. Her cock was thick enough that only small streams escaped the seal, flowing down their thighs. The harpy was soon practically drowning in cum, as it flowed up it's oesophagus and throat, pouring from it's mouth and nostrils in thick rivers.

It took a full thirty seconds, but Emily finally finished her climax, pulling out of the disappearing winged creature. She turned to see Rebecca on the ground, her hand between her thighs, and her eyes locked solely on Emily's slowly deflating cock. "Emily Ralia is the winner!" Sors Nepellus announced, though her voice seemed thick with lust, "For your victory, you receive your opponent's deck, and her eternal servitude to your sexual desires." With that the world faded once more to black.

When Emily woke she felt she was being crushed beneath something. Her hands went to move it, and came into contact with an erect cock. At the touch the memories came flooding back, and she stood up, holding her cock to her body, so as not to knock something over. She pulled out her deck and once more placed the smallest futanari card down, her cock instantly shrinking to eleven inches erect. She sighed and replayed the match in her mind.

She had won the game, so she now had Rebecca's deck, and her eternal servitude to her sexual desires, but something else bothered her. When the tournament was beauty teen alexis busts milf isabel sucking her boyfriends dick to the unexpecting participants, they had been told that they were the creature they played, but Rebecca's had materialised as a separate being.

The mystery swirled in her mind. "I can answer that question." A voice said in her mind and Emily knew it instantly. "I know I'm being disrespectful, but why does a goddess keep talking to me all the time?

She asked, wondering what the big deal with her was. "I am rather fond of you Miss Ralia. Now as to your question, I made a change to the rules hours before your match. Each player, with a single exception, was given a new letter asking if they would like to turn into the creature during combat, or have it be a separate being. As you can tell, Rebecca chose to have it be separate from her." "Why didn't I get one?" Emily asked, curious as to the answer.

"Because I thought you would prefer to experience the pleasure first hand, based on your activities prior to the match." The goddess's voice held a bit of humour in it, which made Emily smile a little.

"I guess I should thank you then, because it was one of the greatest experiences of my life." "You are most welcome Miss Ralia. I must go now, unfortunately a goddess is rather busy." With that the voice was gone.

With her query answered, Emily looked around her apartment. She was looking for Rebecca's deck, to see what it was like, having only seen a small handful of cards. She found on her living room table and picked it up, gasping in amazement at the illustrations. All of the creatures were anthropomorphic horses, or harpies, all not very high in power, but had abilities and equipment to boost their power.

Suddenly she heard a knock at the door. Without thinking she went to answer it. Opening the door she saw Rebecca, dressed in nothing but her bra and panties, a large wet spot was obvious on the latter. Hurriedly, Emily pulled her inside, not wanting one of her neighbours' children to see the young girl in such a state. When the door was shut, Emily turned to Rebecca. "What are you doing here?

For that matter how did you find me?" Emily asked her, the girl seemed just as confused as she was. "I don't know. I woke up and my deck was gone, and there was this voice telling me to come to this address. I couldn't ignore it, I had to come here the moment I was awake." Rebecca answered, seeming a little scared.

"Oh boy. It's Sors Nepellus, she was the one who told you to come here." Emily explained. "That is correct." The goddess's voice said in their minds, "I thought it fitting that the two of you live together, see as how it would be rather inconvenient for Miss Ralia should she require your services Miss Black." Both people were taken aback by this, though Emily was more worried about one thing in particular.

"But my place isn't big enough for two people." She said, not bothering to argue against the goddess. "That's not an issue," Rebecca said, "My family's got a large home here in L.A. Don't worry, they only got it for me, so I'm the only one there." Emily stared at her in open mouthed amazement. They only bought it for her? That's not something just anyone can say about a house. "Is your family rich or something?" She asked.

"Yeah, my parent's are owners of two separate record labels. They earn like two million a year, and have connections in just about anywhere, including the retail business." She said as though it were no big deal.

Before Emily could say anymore, the goddess interrupted her. "Excellent! I shall transport you and your belongings there at once Miss Ralia." "Wait what?" She managed to get out before a wave of vertigo hit her and she was suddenly standing a room as big as her apartment.

Emily looked around in amazement. She stood in the middle of what felt like a cavernous room, with various extravagant items all over the show, ranging from something as simple as a small glass bowl, to a 70'' plasma wide-screen tv (with Netflix).

The furniture was as luxurious as the rest of the room, being made of a fine leather only the rich could afford. She looked up, confirming that it was, in all aspects, far bigger and better than her apartment, the ceiling being a half a dozen feet above her, and a large crystal chandelier.

Then she noticed the fountain outside. It seemed to be made of solid gold, with a near constant supply of water coursing through it. This was no house. it was a mansion. Is this Rebecca's house? She thought, and, as if to confirm her suspicions, Rebecca appeared beside her, along with her various belongings, all sorted neatly in suitcases. "So," She began, turning to look at her Mistress, "Does it please you my Mistress?" Emily was taken aback by the title she had been given suddenly.

"Wha-what? You really don't need to call me 'Mistress'." Despite saying that she couldn't help but feel a slight warmth start within her loins, making her cock rise, creating a rather large tent in her pyjamas, despite it only reaching a semi-erect state.

"I don't, I know. But, I want to." Rebecca said, blushing and looking away. Sighing Emily decided she needed to do something about her rapidly rising erection. "Well then, care to show your mistress where the master bedroom is?" She asked and Rebecca finally noticed the nearly full mast her Mistress sported.

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"Of course." She practically purred and led her away.