Spicy babe pussy playing under the sun

Spicy babe pussy playing under the sun
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The Futa Fairy Futa's Hot Boss Wish Chapter One: Ms. Kim's Futa Solution By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 "We lost another account.

Ms. Kim's forgot to send them the follow-up information, so they went with another company to fill their shelves." Britney's complaining voice drifted over the cubicles, reaching my ears as I walked from my office to the bathroom. I froze, a sudden blush tinging my cheeks as I listened to myself being bad-mouthed. What was this about a lost account?

And something I forgotten to do? "This company is swirling down the drain so fast," groaned Miley. "We're all going to be unemployed in two months if she can't get her act together." "She can't handle her emails. I don't know what made her think she could run a company." Britney's words stung.

She was my very first employee. Three years ago, she had been so eager to be apart of my vision for Mizzytique, my makeup company. I had a great product. I worked for years developing the formulas, handcrafting them, starting out with the perfect line for Asian women, like myself, then branching out towards makeup coloring good for other skin tones. It had been going so great. I had hired only women, wanting a positive environment for my company to flourish.

We were getting orders, we were expanding. I had to rent out a warehouse near the air force base, converting it into office space. The high ceilings gave it character.

You could hear everyone's voices echoing back and forth as they worked. And then a year ago, it all started going wrong. Problems began developing. There were.interpersonal problems. Britney and June began fighting because she was dating Britney's ex. And suddenly it was so catty in the building. Everyone was sniping at each other, taking sides. Then other problems began boiling over. Other simmering fights. And I couldn't stop it. I would try. I would tell them to drop it, but I never felt.assertive enough.

I always felt so scared before them. I was the shortest woman in the office, my Korean heritage giving me a petite body. My voice always felt so small. It was all slipping away. My house was on the verge of foreclosure.

I hadn't had the nerve to tell my eighteen-year-old daughter we were about to be homeless. If things didn't turn around by the end of December, my company would be gone. I would be a failure. And to learn we had just lost an account. An account I hadn't even heard about yet was somehow my fault. That was Britney's department. She headed sales.

I had trusted her to do it. And now she was blaming me. Anger surged through me. "She is running us all into the poor house," Britney continued. "God, I need a new job. Won't be long until our paychecks bounce." "Fuck that, I'll sue her for every penny if that happens," Miley said.

Tears burned in my eyes. My emotions were swirling, raging. I wanted to march in there, demand answers while fear and shame held me back. I was a failure. It was my company, and if it couldn't succeed, then what did it matter. I so desperately wanted confidence. And even more, a way to motivate my workforce. No one cares any longer about doing their work. I found them on their phones half the time, or coming back from too long lunches.

Why was I so weak? Why couldn't I take control? If I was a man, I could. My ex-husband would have taken control of things. He would have grabbed Britney by the metaphorical scruff of her neck and shaken her until she fessed up about this lost client. But I wasn't awesome brunette teen fingers tight pussy on webcam ex.

Maybe he was right about me. You aletta ocean prison anal sex with guys cut it in business. You're a woman. You should be happy raising our daughter. I hurried back to my office, tears burning my eyes. I didn't have to pee any longer. I passed my secretary's desk, a cute, Korean girl who reminded me so much of my daughter. She had the same round face and silky-black hair as my daughter, with small breasts hidden by her silk blouse.

Her blouse molded to those tits today. There were a lot of reasons my marriage failed. Not just my desire to have a business, but the realization I liked women. A lot. Sometimes, it was hard to remember that the blossoming girl was my daughter. And when I met Natti Chung, seeing so much of my daughter in her face, I had to hire her.

Even if I was too scared to ever ask Natti out like I always planned. Being scared was the problem. Scared of my employees, scared of taking charge. This was all my fault. Why couldn't I just have some confidence?

I shouldn't need a cock to be strong like my husband always claimed. I shouldn't. There were plenty of strong women. But.maybe it wouldn't have hurt. "What's wrong, Ji-Woo?" Natti asked. She was the only one I allowed to use my first name. Everyone else called me Ms. Kim. "Nothing," I said. "I just.need to work on something. No disturbance." "Okay." She gave me such a heartfelt look, biting her lower lip. I wanted to pull her into my office and kiss her and love her and just forget about everything for a little while in her arms.

It had been so long since Lucy. Five or more years. Our relationship had dissolved as I dived into my makeup idea. And now I was so lonely. Everything had gone wrong. I closed the door behind me. My shoulders trembled as I leaned against it.

I stared down at naked african stunner filling her snatch with white dick gray blouse, my pearl necklace tight about my throat. I shifted my hips, my black skirt rustling. I stared at my calves, my shoes. My vision grew blurry. Hot tears fell down my delicate cheeks. My shoulders shook worse, the sobs coming. Why couldn't my employees at least work together.

Why did they have to be so catty? An office of all women was supposed to be so efficient. No men around to get distracted and flirt with them, a place for feminine energy to flourish. Cute teen amara romani railed deep and raw at casting why did I feel so strangled by it? I stumbled to my desk, falling down into my cheap chair. I never had the money to buy a nice one.

It creaked. I leaned my elbows slender teenage cutie pleasures a big rod european and brunette my desk before my keyboard, burying my face into my hands.

I couldn't stop crying. My cell phone buzzed on my desk, chirping. I had an email. What fresh disaster now? I sniffed, blinking to see as I picked up my phone. It had a swirly, zebra-like case. My daughter had bought it for me. I punched in my passcode and opened the email. I blinked as white snowflakes fell down the screen as the message loaded, the font icy blue.

I frowned, blinked my eyes. How had the snowflakes fallen? I shivered, almost feeling a chill in the air, as I read it: Oh, you poor thing. You're just getting walked all over, Ms Kim. Those cunts in your office need to learn their place. And I know just how to do it. You're right, a cock is just what you need. But not because of that asshole ex-husband. It'll give you confidence having a cock. So you're in luck, because that's my specialty.

So you can stop those tears, because when I'm done with you, you'll have your entire office ready to follow you. Oh, they'll be so wet and hot to do whatever you want. So cheer up, Ms. Kim, because we're going to save your business. And we're going to have so much naughty fun doing it. Oh, you are going to love my gift. Just love it! God, you are one lucky slut!

Makes me so hard and wet just thinking about it. So expect me soon. B Esq. of Winter My jaw dropped at just how vulgar the email was.

I flinched at the C word and quickly closed it. I felt so dirty just seeing it. I couldn't help but looking out my door. B. Britney. That horrible woman. Now she was sending me mocking emails.

"First you don't send me the final papers on this client so I could close the deal, and now you send me this vulgarity?" The words spilled from my lips. I stood up, my chair rolling back.

I was so infuriated, I was on the verge of marching out there and giving her a piece of my mind. But then the fear grabbed me. I would just stammer. I would just shrink. Britney was so tall and beautiful. She was a voluptuous, brassy-haired beauty. She was confident, always wearing those racy thigh-high stockings and her bold, short skirts.

Her breasts were the size of my own head. I had tiny breasts. I was so short. And I would be eye-level with her tits. I sank back into my chair. My phone chirped again.

Another email. It was worse than the first one. Rent was due for the office. And I had no idea how I'd pay for it. I would barely make payroll this month for my employees. I buried my face into my arms, slumped over my desk, and wept and wept. It was all over. I had failed.

My husband was right about me. I just lay there, sobbing, the tears pouring out of me. Then a great lethargy sank over me. It was over. I gave up. What did it matter? I shifted, my rear suddenly feeling something cold and slick beneath it instead of the sorta soft cushion.

A chill bled into my arms, my desk feeling suddenly so smooth. I blinked, lifting my gaze and. My entire office was made of ice. I gasped, standing up, my frozen computer chair rolling backward across the white-blue ground. My small breasts jiggled. I was naked, too. My cheeks warmed as I looked around. Everything in my office was made of frozen water, even the picture of me and my daughter. I could actually see us in it, etched in fine, icy lines. My gaze snapped around the room even as my right arm covered my small breasts and my left hand covered my thick, black bush between my thighs.

My window was translucent ice, looking out onto a frozen warehouse next door. My bookshelves. My posters. My college diploma. My computer screen was a sheet of ice that had busty babe gabi gets more than a massage on it, the window boxes, my icons.

I could read it. I almost reached out and touched the mouse, seeing if I could move an icy cursor across the frozen screen, when I noticed I wasn't alone. Sitting in the chair across my desk was a naked woman. She was pale-skinned and busty, her purple hair framing a mature face. A hungry face. It was the type of expression older women, nicknamed cougars, would have at a bar hunting young men.

Only her eyes were far, far older than a woman in her late forties. They were ancient. Paleolithic. I suddenly felt so small before her, my jaw dropping as I couldn't break away from their silvery eternity.

This woman had existed for far longer than humans. "What a charming office," she said, sitting up, her large tits bouncing, breaking my gaze from her ancient eyes. Above her shoulders, translucent wings, like a dragonfly's, twitched. I licked my lips, my heart beating so fast as my eyes traveled down her body, past those large, soft breasts to her smooth stomach sweeping down to a violet bush adorning her thighs.

And the huge cock thrusting from her crotch. From the folds of her pussy. I flinched back, struggling to keep myself covered. "W-what are you?" "The summer-slut likes to use the term futanari," she purred. "It's not bad. So you can call me a futa-fairy. The name's B. You got my text, right?" "B-Bee," I said, stuttering on her name. "Well, it's short for Bean Sidhe." She rolled her eyes. "But isn't that just such a mouthful? B's better. It's.more suited for the modern times.

The summer slut is sooooo old fashion." Something close to anger flared in her voice. "Think's her shit doesn't stink, too, you know?" I only nodded, not really following.

"But that's not why I'm here," she said, walking around my desk. I couldn't help but stare at her big dick bouncing before her as she sauntered. I hadn't seen a dick since my divorce. And this was far, far larger than my ex's. It was mammoth. I couldn't believe the hot ache that filled my pussy, a desire to be filled by it, a desire that no dildo or other sex toy could replace.

My mouth watered. I.wanted that cock. A girl's cock. A futa's cock. What was going on? "Am I d-dreaming?" I was surrounded by ice but wasn't cold, and she had a dick. A cock! "I must be d-dreaming." "You are," B said, stopping before me, her dick an inch from my hip, her big, jiggling tits drawing my gaze back up. Her nipples were fat and dusky, begging to be sucked on.

"But that doesn't mean this isn't happening. Because it is. You are about to get just what you need to motivate your workers." "What?" I asked, feeling my nipples harden beneath my arm and hand covering them. My pussy grew wet, my hand pressing tighter to keep me covered.

And brushing my clit peeking out of its hood, sending a shudder through me. "This," she said, making a dramatic gesture, like someone on a game show before revealing a prize hidden behind Door #2 might.

Only she made it at the girl-dick thrusting impossibly from her crotch. "Your.cock?" "Your cock," she said. "Your big, throbbing futa-dick.

Make a pact with me, and I'll give you your own big shaft." "A-and how will that m-motivate my employees?" My stomach twitch. "There is nothing more empowering than having a cock," I said. "Women respond to futa-cocks. They want them. Look at you, squirming, your cute cheeks getting flushed.

Mmm, I love Asian chicks. So petite and yummy. And your pussy. I can smell that spicy musk. Your cunt is on fire." I shuddered at the word cunt, my pussy clenching. "You want my cock, don't you?" B asked, stepping closer. The tip touched me, so hot, smearing precum across my hip. I swallowed. And, too my shock, admitted, "Yes." "And I bet you would do anything to feel this cock in you," she continued, taking my hand covering my pussy and pulling it to her shaft.

I didn't fight her. I shuddered when she wrapped my fingers about her girth. She throbbed. "Like making a deal with me." I swallowed, her hand replacing mine over my pussy. Her fingers sliding through my thick bush, finding my clit. She massaged it. "Yes!" "You'll make a pact with me?" I nodded my head. "No concern over the conditions?" she pressed. "You just want to feel my cock in you that badly?" My pussy clenched, her finger dancing on my clit.

I did. What was wrong with me. How was she affecting me so badly? "Yes!" "Then imagine how your employees will act when you unveil this mighty girl-cock. How they'll all want to please you. Finally, they'll get off their lazy asses and work. They won't have time to argue. They will all be earning the right to fuck that cock. They'll let you punish them if they're bad, and reward them if they're good." My hand tightened on her girl-dick. "Reward?" "Fuck them." She said the two words so slowly, emphasizing every syllable.

"With your big, thick girl-dick." I groaned, my clit throbbing beneath her fingers as she pushed me back against the window. She was pressing between my thighs, her girl-dick rubbing on my hot pussy. My arm fell away, exposing my breasts. "So make a pact with me and I'll fuck you." "Yes!" I moaned, not caring. My pussy was on fire. I couldn't think. My left hand, holding her futa-cock, guided her to my pussy, sliding it through my curly pubic hair until she found my entrance.

"I'll make a pact!" B thrust. I gasped as she speared her cock into me. That big, thick, throbbing shaft of girl-flesh buried into my pussy. I groaned, pressed against the frozen window.

I felt winter on my back while that huge dick burned in my pussy. Not because it was hot, but because it was so cold. My eyes were so wide, her breasts pressing against them.

These big, pillowy, huge mounds. So pale. Her nipples so fat. I gripped them, squeezing them as pleasure rippled out of my pussy, her cock stabbing so hard, so deep, into me.

"Oh, yes, you're going to dominate them with your futa-cock, Ms. Kim," groaned the futa-fairy, her wings humming away.

"You're going to show them that you're the boss. That you are in charge. And when they see that cock, they'll obey." I only moaned, engulfing her nipple. I sucked so hard on it, my tongue swirling about the nub. I nibbled on it. And that made her thrust even harder, driving her girl-dick into my pussy. It was so huge, stretching out my snatch. "You'll be strong," groaned B. Her dick plunged into me, the frigid friction burning rapture through me. My pussy clenched down on her dick, my thighs wrapped about her ice-smooth hips.

I bucked into her, drunk on the rapture shooting through me. It was more intense than anything I had ever experienced. I had never had so much pleasure from being fucked by a strap-on. And it blew away every time I had sex with my husband, his small dick pumping away for a few minutes before he had his orgasm, leaving me so unfulfilled. B would have me screaming. "Yes, yes, yes, you're going to be the dominating futa-boss. Your employees will respect the hell out of you as they worship that dick." B let out a throaty moan.

"You are going to get so much pussy." I sucked harder, trembling, my clit throbbing. It would be so wonderful to fuck them all, to motivate them with my big girl-cock. To have confidence. I humped harder, bucking into B's thrusts, clutching to the futa-fairy as I loved her nipple. My hands roamed her back, brushing the buzzing ferocity of her wings. They hummed away. I groaned, clinging to her. My pussy clenched on her thrusting girl-dick, the pressure building and building in the depths of my pussy.

An explosion that would detonate through me. "Oh, yes, you're going to have so much fun dominating them. Especially that bitch Britney." I shuddered. "You're going to punish her, aren't you?" hissed B. "For blaming you. For walking over you. Remind her that you're the boss." My lips popped off her nipple. I french redhead fucked and creamed in threesome up into her ancient eyes, the pleasure sweeping through me.

"Yes!" I moaned. "I will. I'll be so strong as a futanari! I'll make them all obey me. And I'll punish her. It's all her fault we lost the client!" "Yes, yes, yes," hissed B, her cock thrusting into the depths of my molten pussy. The friction stimulated me.

My pussy drank it in. My nerves conducted the pleasure to the core of my femininity. To that growing pressure of my orgasm. It was the final drop that overflowed the cauldron. I came. My pussy spasmed about the futa-fairy's huge cock. My body bucked and quivered. My moans burst through my frozen office.

Rapture spilled out of my nethers. It washed through my soul and poured across my mind. I drowned in boiling ecstasy. "Yes, yes, yes! They'll all respect me and my huge futa-cock!" .respect, Ji-Woo. a distant voice asked. .are you okay?. "Oh, yes, you will," groaned the futa-fairy. "And you're cunt is going wild on my girl-dick.

Oh, you are just aching for my jizz. For my gift. For our pact to be sealed." "Yes, yes, yes, cum in my cunt!" I shuddered, saying that word for the first time. That horrid, filthy, disgusting, demeaning word. But it felt so amazing right now.

So right as I was locked in the throes of orgasmic bliss. The words felt right. So wonderfully naughty. The kind of words a futa should say. And I would be a futa. "Cum in me, B!" The futa-fairy groaned. Her wings hummed.

Her cock rammed into me. Cum flooded my cunt. Hot and thick, filling me as her dick pulsed in my depths. I shuddered, the shock of it rippling through me, the feel of a woman's jizz flooding me triggered rapture. My pussy convulsed. My flesh milked her cock, drawing out not just the girl-seed pumping into my core, but energy. Her gift. I gasped, lifting my face from her breasts to peer up into her ancient eyes, to see the ecstasy burning in them, mirroring the rapture exploding through me as I changed.

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The energy surged to my clit as I bucked and heaved, writhing against the icy window. I shuddered, my pussy clenching, the pleasure surging through me. I gasped, my eyes throwing wide as such pleasure crashed through me. Such rapture. Such ecstasy as my clit grew. Transformed. Became a girl-dick. .what is wrong, Ji-Woo. that distant voice asked as I felt my expanding clit slid against the futa-fairy's quivering belly.

.what is that beneath your skirt. "My girl-dick!" I howled, the pleasure bathing my mind in such rapture, my flesh spasming about the futa-fairy's cock, milking out the last of the energy I needed. I craved. My own clit finished its transformation, throbbing against my hot belly and B's icy stomach. I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as delicate hands rubbed at my dick through something separating us. Something tight, reaching through the futa-fairy.

.this cannot be, Ji-Woo. "It's my futa-cock," I whimpered, the room spinning around me. "Enjoy," B laughed, her cock pulling out of my pussy. She fluttered away, hovering over my frozen desk, my pussy juices dripping from her shaft.

"Make sure you punish that bitch!" "Yes!" I moaned. .yes, what. .what is going on Ji-Woo. The hand reached through clothing, freeing my futa-dick. I stared down at it, thrusting from my naked crotch, convulsed by the contrasting situations. No one held my dick. There were no panties constraining it. And yet, that's what I felt like.

The room spun faster and faster. I groaned, delicate fingers stroking it. .how do you have a cock. .Ji-Woo. The touch sent such a shock through my body. As my icy office grew dark, my new cock erupted. Another orgasm surged through me. The distant voice gasped in shock as my new futa-dick throbbed in her grip, cum firing from the tip.

My eyes opened. I stood before my secretary, Natti's hand holding my throbbing girl-dick. There was such shock on the young, Korean woman's face, her slanted eyes bulging wide as my futa-cum painted across her delicate features. She shuddered, her hand stroking my dick. My new girth thrust out of my panties, my skirt bunched over my waist. Pleasure raced through me with every blast. I savored the powerful pulses of rapture surging through my trembling body.

It was so different than cumming as a woman. So much more intense and extreme. I shuddered, my pussy spasming, juices flooding out of my cunt and down my thighs to soak in my panties. "Ji-Woo," Natti moaned as the final blast of my girl-cum splattered across her lips. She gasped, drops ending up in her mouth. She swallowed them. Then she groaned, her eyes growing smoldering. Her tongue flicked out over her lips, savoring the flavor of my futa-cum. "Oh, wow, that is amazing." "Amazing?" I asked.

"You have a cock," she said. "And your cum. It's so yummy." I shuddered, looking out at the office, the rows of cubicles hiding us from the sight of my employees. I swayed, my body buzzing with the rapture of my first orgasm with my new futa-cock. Seeing the lust in Natti's eyes gave me such confidence. "What would you do to feel my girl-cock in your pussy?" I asked, feeling the magic in the air, the gift of the futa-fairy. She had enchanted me, my cock.

I felt so strong right now, so empowered thanks to the huge, throbbing shaft before me. "Do?" Natti moaned, her tongue thrusting out of her mouth again, straining to reach the girl-jizz. Her finger swiped across her cheek, bringing the cum to her lips.

My hand lashed out, snagging her wrist and stopping her from bring my jizz to her lips. "What would you do to feel my cock fucking your hot, wet cunt right now?" "Anything," she breathed, her hand pulling against my grip, her tongue thrusting out, desperate for my cum. I grinned. "I want you to tell everyone we're having a meeting in five minutes in the conference room about the fate of the company." I shuddered.

"Anyone not present will be terminated." Her eyes widened. She stopped, for a heartbeat, her struggle to lick my cum off her fingers. "Terminated?" I nodded. "Right away, Ji-Woo." I let go of her wrist. She thrust her cum-covered fingers into her mouth, her lips pursing tight as she sucked them clean. She let out a wanton moan, rising from her seat. Her fingers gathered more of the jizz on her face as she scurried off through the office on her high heels, her slim, tight ass swaying in her flirty skirt.

My girl-dick throbbed so badly. I pushed it against my body, holding it tight as I hurried to the conference room. I stepped inside and took my place at the head of the table, hiding my cock beneath it.

And waited. My dick throbbed so hard, twitching and aching as I sat, hands folded before me, my back straight, bursting with confidence. They would all respect me now. After seeing how Natti behaved, they would all do what I ordered. My girls would be so motivated. We would save Mizzytique.

Once they saw what they would earn, they would all be so eager for it. I wouldn't have to tell my daughter we were about to be homeless. Miley Mayes, the other woman bad-mouthing me with Britney, was the first to slink in.

She moved like a bitch with her tail tucked between her thighs, her cheeks pale. She flinched when I fixed my gaze on her, scurrying to her seat, her black hair bouncing about her face. Blonde June Spearing, my human resources director, was next. Her rush to take a seat caused her busty breasts to bounce in her top, making my girl-dick ache and throb beneath the desk.

She sank down fast, looking at her hands instead of at me. Florina Santos came in next. She didn't scurry but held her head high, marching with Latina pride. She was a curvy girl with an ass that made me salivate as she turned to take her seat.

I caught a flash of a whale-tail thong as her blouse rode up while pulling out her chair. Then she sat down, giving me a nod. She approved. Others filed in, taking their seats around the table, some squirming, some looking openly frightened, others looking guilty, refusing to meet me in the eyes.

It was a large conference room, able to hold all twenty-five of my employees with ease around the long table. Natti entered second-to-last, most of the cum cleaned up from her face, a big smile on her lips. She moved around the beauteous teen gets her muff checked smalltits and hardcore to take the seat beside mine.

Her hand vanished beneath the table, finding my girl-cock and stroking it. I gave her a wicked smile back. Yes, she looked so much like my daughter. What would she think of her mother becoming a futanari?

That was for later. Right before the five minutes was up, Britney Rakes sauntered in, her back straight, chin lifted with defiance. She had curly, brassy hair flashing with fiery highlights as it bounced about her shoulders. Her green eyes were bold, her hips swaying in those short, tight skirts she favored, revealing the tops of the black thigh-high stockings she wore.

She took her seat at the opposite end of the table, eyes locking on mine. I didn't speak for a minute, just staring back at her, not flinching, not retreating from her gaze. Her forehead furrowed in confusion. She was used to my capitulation.

My surrender to her will. My inability to stand-up for myself, to be the boss and run my company. I had left it to lesser women for too long.

"There has to be a complete change in attitude," I said. "If we are all not united, not dedicated to seeing the success of our product, then the company will be bankrupt by the end of December. In less than two months, you will all be out of a job." Britney said something beneath her breath.

Miley, sitting beside her, just squirmed. "And that is what I'm talking about, Britney," I said, slamming my hand on the table. My throbbing, aching girl-dick gave me such confidence. "You are not being a team player, undermining me at every turn." There was an actual flush to Britney's cheeks.

But she glared at me. "You have mismanaged this company and—" "I have. And that changes from now on." I stood up, my girl-dick bobbing out over the conference table, thrusting out at my employees. All twenty-five of them stared at my girl-cock, their eyes widening. Tongues licked lips, wetting them. Color spotted cheeks. Chairs creaked skinny redhead lady shona river enjoying nasty threesome sex smalltits and pornstars women squeezed their thighs tight.

Nipples poked at blouses. "I am taking responsibility for my failings," I said, looking at them, my dick dripping precum onto the conference table before me. My pussy was so wet. I so wanted to fuck. "I haven't been a good leader. That changes today. I am going to motivate each and every one of you to succeed." I moved around the table, their heads swiveling, all of them panting like bitches in heat, drooling at the sight of my huge slab of girl-dick.

None of them could look away. They twisted in their chairs, turning them to make sure they could still see my cock as I walked past them. "You do something good, you make a sale, you find us a new store to sell in, you satisfy an unhappy client, you'll get rewarded." I said, stopping before Britney. The redhead, her chair turned to face me, swallowed. Her green eyes were fixed on my dick. "Rewards.Ms. Kim?" "Why to enjoy this girl-cock." I shuddered.

"Have any of you my girlfriend is super hot even though she dyed her hair and recently became a brunette i love her t seen anything as sexy as this cock? A woman with a dick?

You can see the folds of my pussy, can't you, Britney?" She nodded her head. Her hand reached out, stroking down my shaft to the base, brushing my labia wrapped tight about my dick. I shuddered, her finger feeling amazing on the folds of my pussy as she circled around my cock and stroked lower, caressing my snatch.

"It's thrusting from where her clit should be," groaned Britney. "How, Ms. Kim?" I smiled at her. "A new.motivational strategy a.consultant gave me." I licked my lips. "Isn't it.stimulating? Doesn't it make that naughty, little cunt so hot and wet between your thighs, just aching to be filled?" "Yes," she croaked.

"Oh, god, it does," moaned blonde June, her big tits squeezed upward by her arms hugging herself. "I'd do anything for that cock, Ms. Kim," groaned Miley, her brown eyes so wide. "And you, Britney?" I asked, my girl-dick bobbing just inches from her lips. "Would you do anything for my girl-dick?" She nodded her head, her green eyes so smoky.

"Like admit you were lying when you said I just lost us a client." A hot shudder ran through me. "That you fucked up when you didn't send me the email to follow-up and were just blaming me." Britney swallowed.

"I did, Ms. Kim. I was lying. It was all my fault. I'm so sorry. It was so stupid. It won't happen again." I looked around at my women. "So when you do good, you're rewarded. But what happens when you do something bad?" "You're punished," sweet Natti moaned, my Korean secretary shuddering, her hands beneath the table. "That's right," I said, a bold thrill shooting through me. I grabbed the bitch's brassy hair, hauling Britney out of her seat. She gasped in pain and shock as I bent her over the conference table.

Her short skirt rose up the back of her thighs, almost revealing the bottom swell of her curvy rear. I hauled her skirt up, revealing the thong she wore beneath, the thin cloth vanished between her butt-cheeks. She wiggled, her lush thighs clad in those sexy thigh-highs. I drew back my hand, my girl-cock throbbing, my pussy clenching in anticipation. Britney squirmed, her gorgeous rump wiggling.

Everyone in the conference room drew in a deep breath as they watched my hand snap down. CRACK! "Ms. Kim!" howled Britney, a bright-red handprint blazing across her right butt-cheek. Her ass clenched. "I'm so sorry, Ms.

Kim!" "Good," I purred, cocking back my hand, arm tensed like a coiled spring. CRACK! I savored the stinging sound. A hot thrill raced from the aching tip of my girl-dick, to my sopping pussy, and then through my body.

It ended at my nipples poking at my bra. I shuddered, cocking back my hand. "Spank her naughty ass, Ms. Kim," Miley moaned, licking her lips, her hands squeezing her round breasts. CRACK! My hand slammed down again. Britney yelped, her body shuddering, her hips wiggling.

Then I noticed hot milf loves a mouthful of jizz thong. The cloth molded to her pussy lips, a dark stain bleeding through the purple cloth. She was wet. "Does being punished excite you, slut?" I asked. CRACK! "Yes!" howled Britney, her body quivering. "I was so naughty. And you're punishing me, Ms. Kim, just like a naughty, little slut should be." Other women in the conference room groaned, squirming on their seats. CRACK!

"Spank her naughty ass," moaned Florina, her cheeks burning dark, her eyes smoldering. "Yes, yes, yes," Miley gasped. "Keep spanking her, Ms. Kim. Punish her! She told me so many things.

I bet they were all lies!" CRACK! "They were," howled Britney, her body heaving, her ass glowing from my spankings. Juices bled through her thong. A trickle ran down her thigh to her stockings.

I could smell her tart musk perfuming the air. CRACK! "Yes, yes, yes, I was sooooo bad, Orkut 18 ator porncom dois penis. Kim," she groaned. "But I'll be good." "A good slut?" I hissed, pressing my girl-dick against her burning ass, sliding it down to her pussy covered by her soaking thong. "Such a good slut!" she moaned, humping her hips back against me.

"And the rest of you?" I asked, looking over my women, the soaked cloth caressing the tip of my girl-dick, pleasure rippling through me. "We'll be your good sluts," moaned Milly. "Such good sluts," groaned June, squeezing her big tits.

Other women gasped and groaned, nodding their heads. Such lust was in their eyes. Several were openly masturbating, hands plunged beneath the table, leaning back in their chairs as the pleasure rippled through their pussies. "I'll be a good slut, Ji-Woo," my secretary purred. She had moved while I was spanking Britney, coming up to stand beside me, her skirt bunched around her waist, her cream-colored panties tangled around her thighs.

She was shaved save for a landing strip of black, curly hair leading to her pussy. Her slit was virginal tight, just like I imagined my eighteen-year-old daughter's was. A surge of lust shot through me. I seized my secretary.

She didn't fight as I bent her over the conference room table beside Britney, my cock nudging at her naked, pale, dusky-olive ass. Her cheeks forming a heart-shaped mound. "I asked Natti to call you all in here," I said. "And she did a good job.

She has earned her reward." "Thank you, Ji-Woo," she groaned, my cock sliding down to her shaved pussy, feeling the silky heat of her flesh, reaching that slit dripping with her juices. "All of you," I said, surveying my horny women, "will get this reward if you do good. If you help me save the company." "Yes," the women moaned as I reamed my girl-cock into my first pussy. I shuddered, savoring the hot, tight, wet silk of Natti's cunt sliding down my cock.

She engulfed me. I drove deeper and deeper into her depths. She whimpered, her ass clenching as her snatch stretched around my girth. I groaned, buried to the hilt in my sexy secretary. My breasts rose and fell in my blouse. My hands went to the buttons, working fast. I couldn't help it. I had to free my tits before I continued plowing this sexy girl.

God, her pussy was so tight on my dick. My employees salivated as I peeled off my blouse and shoved my bra up over my tits. My small breasts jiggled free, still so firm and perky despite my age. My nipples were hard. I shuddered, drawing my cock back through Natti's pussy, all those hungry eyes on me. And thrust into her depths. "Ms. Kim, fuck the slut," moaned Britney, wiggling and squirming beside us.

"Yes," groaned Miley, her blouse off, her hands pushing up her bra to let her round tits fall out. She groaned, squeezing and kneading them as I plowed into Natti's depths. Pleasure roared down my cock as I fucked my secretary so hard.

I pounded into her snatch, her pussy clenching down so hard on my futa-dick. Friction blazed between our flesh. Her silky cunt massaged my dick, her butt-cheeks jiggling as I buried into her.

She squirmed and moaned, shuddering in delight. She loved it. She let out such passionate moans. The other women in the room all stared at me, masturbating now. Their hands were buried in panties, shoved up beneath skirts, or they had shoved down their pants.

June had her legs thrown up on the conference table and spread wide, her hand busy between them. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck her," moaned the busty blonde, her eyes so glossy with lust. "It's so good!" howled Natti.

"It's the best cock I've ever had. A girl's cock." "And so huge," moaned Florina, the Latina standing up, both her hands buried between her thighs, frigging her self so hard.

"You're hung, Ms. Kim." "Yes!" groaned the well-spanked Britney as she squirmed beside me. "You are so hung." There was such wanton envy in her voice.

The woman who had been the most headache, the most problem, for the last year was now the most eager to please me. All thanks to this amazing girl-cock the futa-fairy had given me. I groaned, thrusting harder and harder. I rammed my cock into the hot, tight cunt of Natti's pussy.

Bent over, her silky, black hair spread out, I could pretend she was my daughter. That I was fucking my daughter so hard. The pleasure surged through me. Every thrust into Natti's pussy, while everyone watched, grew the pressure in the depths of my cunt. My small breasts bounced and jiggled as I fucked her so hard. It was rapture. "Yes, this is your reward!" I howled, thrusting so hard.

"Save teen pussy fucked beautiful vagina linda joven cogida hermosa vagina company, and you will all get fucked! In your mouths, your pussies, your assholes!" "Yes, yes, yes!" screamed monsters of jizz katie cummings June, the blonde thrashing as she came hard.

Other women were moaning, groaning, their orgasm burning through them. It was so hot. The air was filled with the hot scent of feminine lust. That yummy delight of hot pussy. Most of them were straight, and they were wholly lost to the lust for my girl-cock. "Ji-Woo!" squealed my secretary. Her pussy went wild about my girl-dick.

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Her snatch convulsed about my shaft, writhing as I plowed into her so fast. I shuddered, feeling her hot juices squirt out, splashing on slim japanese wife sucks and rides hard shaft in pov own cunt. I groaned, the pressure building and building as I savored the ecstasy of her pussy spasming on my snatch.

I buried into her, the pressure peaking in me. The door to the conference room opened. "Yes!" I howled. "Take my futa-cum, you slut!" My cock erupted.

My jizz pumped out into my secretary's body as a girl gasped. I groaned, seeing my daughter standing in the doorway, wearing those demure skirts and schoolgirl blouses, her doll-face growing wide with the shock of the masturbating women, of seeing her mother fucking her secretary.

"Yunjin!" I moaned, crying out her name as the pleasure surged through me. Dizzy rapture rippled through me as my futa-cum pumped into Natti's milking cunt. "Mother?" she gasped in her delicate voice, color blossoming across her pale-olive cheeks. "You're." "Oh, god," I groaned, so dizzy with lust, swaying, wondering how my daughter would react to discovering I was a futa now all while drinking in the rapture of my successful meeting, my employees all motivated now to succeed.

Thanks to my girl-cock. I stared at my daughter, the last blast of futa-cum firing into Natti's pussy, and waited for her reaction. Would my wish work on her? I only wished to motivate my employees, and Yunjin didn't work for me. What would happen next? To be continued.